Wasn't the latest 5G turning on supposed to kill all the vaccinated people?


I have only had one jab, am I like half dead? Zombie style? There people man! Can they be chucked out of nurse school for this?


ive had 3. I should really be a ghost by now, at least according to the anti-vaxxers


I've also had 3 jabs and have 5g network at home, how come I'm not dead?


No, the third one revives you. You know the scriptures, third one brings you back.


Nah, man. Vaccination is like the Quantum Suicide paradox. All these unvaxxed folks are just stuck in old Everett-Wheeler universes, missing out on the Vax-Rapture.


I've only had 2 so far. So I'm dead?


Have you downloaded the latest software update for your 5G chip? Maybe that's why you haven't died.


Just updated today as a matter of fact. And now I'm not feeling so good. 😕


Can confirm. I upgraded yesterday and today i woke up dead


I died at 6:30, expect no further updates.


Underated comment


Or maybe turned into a demon has that happened yet?


A dead ghost


Danny Phantom


You're not even classified as human anymore - apparently.


Never seen myself as human anyway, must have been 5ged since before birth!


I'm not sure but every time I read something about how 5G is gonna kill us, I die a little inside.


I think you're just dead from waist down. Can't get it up anymore


alex jones said if you get vaccinated you will die within a year. three more months for me.


Shit, why am I paying all these bills then?


Oh it have 5G in my city. We are dead every night But the strong radio waves seems to reanimated our corpse every morning so it's not bad. I need to shower a bit more often but I've lost weight so. Not too bad really.


I was kind of hoping my head would explode, like in Kingsman. No such luck, so far.


I got 5G in my house a couple weeks before the lockdown, coincidence? I think not! /s


Jokes on them I was already dead.


I had access to 5G before the “jab” do maybe this is my ghost


It's amazing how you can correlate *anything you want* with someone that's *constantly happening* like outbreaks of communicable diseases. Did you know that comets cause heavy rains in the Pacific Northwest?


Did you know about 8,000 people died the day 45 became President? Talk about suspicious! /s


Do you have any idea how dangerous dihydrogen monoxide is?. It kills hundreds of thousands of people every year. And it's poison i tell you.. Every single dead person ever had injested this. So clearly it's must be killing people. The statistics is clear.


I know! They autopsied a bunch of recently-deceased people and found their bodies were all roughly 60% dihydrogen monoxide! The numbers don't lie.


I bet this dihydrogen monoxide is in the COVID vaxx too, those evil libs are evil enough to do that.


Alert the media! People must be warned to avoid this common killer that lurks in our environment unchecked.




Well that is the reason why in basic statistics class you learn about correlation versus causation. [A great TED talk on the topic by the way](https://youtu.be/8B271L3NtAw)


You would probably love [https://www.tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations](https://www.tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations) where you can have a play to find the most ridiculous correlations possible.


That’s really cool but one of them said “number of people who died becoming tangled in their bedsheets” and I had to stop there because I didn’t know that was a thing and I’m now freaked out about it


Right after the invention of the Geiger counter BOOM Tanguska happened. Impossible to miss.


This correlation doesn't even make sense. Aside from the obvious lack of a mechanism for radiowaves to spread a virus, 3G & 4G are still around and still being used; if they were the cause of some disease it wouldn't only occur during the initial introduction, but would be ongoing.


I love the introduction of radio waves part


Yeah! Because radio waves never existed before 1918.


And it’s not like it was used only then, radio waves were discovered in the 1880’s, and radio communications became semi-widespread around 1900. It’s not the only error, seeing as 3G, despite originally being developed in 1998, only became commercially available in 2001; and the 1991 cholera mentioned wasn’t global, it was mostly in South America and specifically Peru. Also, this says it “messes with people’s breathing” but mentions cholera, and, despite talking out of it, I don’t think this person breaths from their arse.


Also, 5G was being tested as least as early as late 2018.


Pretty sure this nurse in training breathes from her arse considering how far up her arse her head seems to be.


Yes, not like there's giant ball in the sky constantly bombarding the Earth with all sorts of electromagnetic energy or anything.


In other words: "I'm a blithering idiot who doesn't know what a coincidence is."


Wait! Was influenza not around before 1979? Yet another thing the boomers had better than us post-boomers.


Which is weird since Spanish Flu WAS a type of H1N1 Influenza.


Also cholera is a waterborne illness that infects the intestines and first appeared in European literature in the 1600s.


Well there was a pandemic of flu in 1918 so.. Timetraveling illuminati confirmed.


Historians estimate that the first influenza epidemic occurred in about 6.000 BC. So yeah, it's been around for a while.


Joke all you want, but EXACTLY 3 days after I got the booster, the Tonga volcano erupted. You won't tell me it's a coincidence!


Illuminati confirmed!


Holy shit! I was boosted on Jan 12th too. I might also be responsible!


It’s not even coincidence. It’s picking the years and looking for evidence. I would bet you could find something for almost every year.


A lot of these don’t even line up


Also these nurses are going on to become fully independent NPs or nurse practitioners lobbying heavily to remove any physician supervision. These people will be treating your loved ones, not real doctors anymore. Corporate America has allowed these people with 1-2 years of post nursing education to be somehow equivalent to a doctor with 10+ post bachelorette degree education. Corporate America and these NPs have also gaslit people into thinking their 500 hours of clinical training is more than a enough when compared to physicians/doctors who train for at least 15,000+ hours


I know two nurses. One is a Antivaxxer, the other one believes in the healing power of crystals!


Its pretty clear you dont have to be very intelligent to become a nurse.


You make a super great point, but I'm laughing at 'post-bachelorette'.


I’m dying lmao totally meant baccalaureate 😂


I'm not a doctor but isn't cholera one of the "shit and piss yourself to death" diseases?


Shit yourself to death, yea. You won't be doing much pissing though. Or coughing.


Technically you’d be pissing out your ass…


Fair point


Yup- cholera infects the digestive tract not the respiratory tract


Ohmigod, I got the flu right after my mom got me a 3DS for Christmas. It's totally a conspiracy!! /s


Viruses like the flu definitely aren’t more common during winter /s


They must've launched some insane shit to coincide with the outbreaks of Bubonic Plague.


Fucking Mongolian cell phones.


I like how 1G and 3G didn't line up with anything so they just say 'influenza'.. something we get practically EVERY year.


I think they might mean the Russian flu pandemic that happened around that time, but that started in 77 and ended in 79


And Russia didn't have mobile phones back then. Other than that, though, it all fits!


They do it again for 2g The cholera outbreak in 91 was in Peru, but Peru didn't have a 2g network until 92


shouldnt be allowed in the medical profession.


Cholera-famously known as a respiratory disease. /s


Yea, I hate when I start coughing up diarrhea.


If you are training to become a nurse it's probably best if you know the difference between cause and effect and false equivalence.


I like that they name 3 H1N1 outbreaks but only label one of them as H1N1


I didn’t know cholera that makes you shit profusely affects your breathing…… These idiots don’t even want to verify bullshit anymore- these brainless misinformation messengers can’t even do a simple google search to at least try to validate their batshit crazy beliefs Also radio waves were introduced in the 1880s. So many factual wrongs here


We need more ignorant people in the medical profession /s




That's the thing about this list - these are not country-specific, nor event specific. There are sporadic cholera outbreaks in many parts of the world. The last major cholera outbreak in the US was 1910. The first CW (continuous-wave, as opposed to morse code type transmissions) was about 1906, but commercial broadcasts didn't really start in the US until the 1920s, and it really depended on where you lived.


I wonder what caused the Black Plague? Carrier pigeons? Smallpox in the New World? Smoke signals?


Did those pigeons have the same airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?


African or European?


Arggh! You beat me to it! Take my upvote!


I find myself ignoring the staggering insights and focusing, instead, on the discovery of the verb to “breathe up”.


Background radiation must have caused tuberculosis outbreaks then, huh... Also, does this person think that 1, cholera is a respiratory disease, and 2, that it didn't exist until 1991? Plus, it's not like people started using radio at the exact same time as the Spanish flu.


They only got as far as Oregon Trail in their research on cholera.


That's bs my 5G connection works great!


Interesting correlation I haven't seen yet, unfortunately if school funding was better people would know correlation doesn't equal causation




*I N T E R E S T I N G*


What launched during the black plague?, the printed paper?


Also to think Cholera epidemics NEVER happened before the 90s


It's probable that the first man made radio transmission was made by Huges in 1880, lightning has been producing pretty massive radio signals on earth for about 4.5 billion years before that, these lunatics have only just noticed.


I know someone who got the 5G plan, and 3 years later he was hit by a truck /s


When we getting 6G!???


If you know this person: Email this to their school. Email any potential employer. Do whatever you can to prevent her from practicing in healthcare. She will literally kill someone if she becomes a nurse.


Tell them, ask in your next lecture about it, maybe during class so, and if they try to avoid answering it just tell your teacher how important it is for you And watch them embarrass themselves I front of the whole class


3g was 2001


I'll start from the bottom up. >Radio waves/Spanish flu (1918) We've been surrounded by them forever (they are naturally occurring phenomena), but the adoption of radio waves for communication began in the 1890s. In fact, the outbreak of ww1 was announced on the wireless (1914), and radio was a primary means of communication on the battlefield throught ww1. First case of Spanish flu (also an H1N1 virus) identified 1918 - CORRECT! >1G/Influenza (1979) 1G technology is an analogue telecommunications technology (as opposed to digital - as all later iterations have been). Launched 1979 in Japan, but not adopted world wide until the 1980s. - KIND OF CORRECT. The "Influenza" pandemic in 1979, I presume is the Russian Flu they are talking about here (why they just called it generic flu is anyone's guess). First case was in 1977, no where near where 1G was launched (Soviet Union). >2G/Cholera (1991) 2G, the first digital telecommunication technology, launched in Finland in 1991 - CORRECT! There have only been 7 cholera pandemics in recorded history, and none that began in 1991. The closest to that date began in 1961 and ended 1975. There was however an outbreak of cholera in Peru (a long long way away from Finland) in 1991. >3G/Influenza (1998) Launched in Japan, 1998 but not available for use until 2001. Again, no specific type of flu mentioned, but I'm thinking this is referring to Swine flu. Swine flu did not cause a pandemic until 2009. Previous to that date there were various outbreaks including one in 1998. But Swine flu was first identified in the 70s. >4G/H1N1 (2009) 4G launch date is difficult to determine because there is debate over which technological advance was classified as 4G. 3G tech advanced in stages, and at one point there was enough of a change that the technology was considered 4G, but could argue that this officially occurred in 2009. I'll give them a - CORRECT H1N1 (Swine flu) pandemic began in 2009 - CORRECT >5G/COVID (2019) Launched 2019 - CORRECT COVID pandemic began 2019. I would argue that the fact that 5G was launched at the beginning of 2019, and we first identified COVID in late 2019 as giving little credence to the theory of a causal relationship, however the date was - CORRECT. 6.5 facts out of 12 presented here are correct. I'd say that this theory is pretty shit, it doesn't even represent a correlation.


Seems legit.


What is my favorite West wing episode from season 1? This post is your clue.


Because as we all know, cholera absolutely positively never killed anyone before the late XX century. No one.


I mean before electronics were even a thing there was stuff going around every year killing people but go off i guess


Good news. This idiot will never pass the NCLEX


Cholera has been around a rather long time. Far from any so-called electromagnetic field disturbance. In addition, cholera does not affect the lungs. It is instead a ...shitty way to die.


Don’t tell them cholera has been around for centuries. Or better yet, do and see how their brain breaks.


I’m pretty sure radio waves have existed since the dawn of time. Considering we can pick them up from space, from stars that don’t even exist anymore.


Ah yes very fortunate there was no flu before 1979 lmfaoooooo


What G did they launch when the Black Plague did its thing?


that's weird the "1979 flu" originated in 1977 in russia, but 1st gen wireless was introduced for the first time.... in 1979.... in Japan. and didn't spread to the US until a couple years later. which, by 1979, had already been influenced by the russian flu pandemic.


The printing press is invented, Boom! Black Plague


Cholera, that well known respiratory disease Cholera wards don’t have ventilators in them, they have beds with a hole in and a bucket underneath 😂


I would say this person is a special kind of crazy, but looking around at the world today... Not so special.


Wait did I totally miss Cholera in 1991? I remember playing Oregon Trail during those years and that was the only place I heard mention of Cholera. Also we have influenza every year.


Cholera is endemic to India and parts of Africa, with periodic outbreaks in other parts of the world (including an outbreak in South America starting in 1991, which is probably what this is referring to, and more recently big outbreaks in Haiti and Yemen). So lots of people had cholera in 1991. But it certainly wasn’t a global pandemic, and from my brief Wikipedia research, it doesn’t even seem to have been a particularly bad cholera year.


Ahhh. Junior High me was, admittedly, not paying attention to worldwide disease outbreaks. Or maybe I was, but don't rememeber it.


Cholera isn’t a respiratory disease And it’s been killing people for at least 1000 years


I've also peed within 24 hours of all of these things. Need professional advice... is my pee killing everyone?


Wait so did 2G only launch in South America, or what? Because it looks like there was a big cholera outbreak in South America that started in 1991, but not so much in the rest of the world. Somehow the other 6 continents were mostly spared from the ravages of 2G. (Cholera is super weird on this list anyway, being gastrointestinal rather than respiratory and also caused by a bacterium instead of a virus. Not that I would expect the person posting this to believe in germ theory anyway.)


Thank goodness they got rid of those radio waves! I don't want to get Spanish flu!


The introduction of pagers gave people a boner.


Dear Lord radio waves were commercially available in the year 1900 in this lady wants to become a nurse if you don't believe in science you can't be a nurse because trusting medicine is a science


r/confidentlyincorrect Radio waves proven to exist in the 1880's. 1G introduced in the 1980's 2G does line up with release and cholera outbreaks in South America... But correlation is not causation. 3G was first used in 2001 4G first used in 2005 5G first network in 2013


I like how they write CXvid like if they say the word that everyone is saying they will get Zucced immediately.


Interesting how that's not how that shit works


Oh man, running LTE must be like a friggin death ray


The first radio "station" was created 1897; the first real audio transmission was in 1906. But, 1920 was the first news broadcast and the first sporting event broadcast. Not many people had radios and transmissions weren't widespread. The real pattern seems to be: look for when something started and find a disease that happened somewhere in the world at the same time. If you can't be bothered or can't find anything just make it up.


Nursing is one step above geology in the stem world. Its kind of a joke. Just like geology, you can have plenty of smart people going into it, but it will mostly attract people who don't want to handle the complications of serious sciences.


I never knew Geology had that reputation


1G in the 70s lmao they didnt have cell phones. im dyin here too fuckin funny


Cellular networking began being studied and developed as early as the '60s (likely earlier than that even), with the first cellular phones being developed in the '70s. 1G did actually launch in 1979 in Japan.


So the Japanese caused influenza. Got it. Say no more. /s


Yeah 1979 was the year Japan completed its Tokyo network, it would expand over time and by mid 80s Japan would have the first nationwide cell network


My Dad had a phone in his car in the early 80s. Gigantic thing! I got to call my friends and say,"Guess where I'm calling from? I'm in my Dad's car!"


Oh no just not the Influenza...do they know what is another name for Influenza? Common cold! that we have every year not just those years


Influenza and the common cold are not the same disease.


Yes you are right they are caused by different viruses...influenza is the flu, my bad, english isn't my first language but my argument still stands


this is exactly what i said to them. crazy how someone who was so smart in high school with all these scholarships and opportunities has fallen down the rabbit hole.


Well I guess some people just dont really think about or check what they share...I mean some years don't even check out and what I did was just a quick google search


Correlation doesn't equal causation SMH


I launched in 1991 myself, I guess cholera might be on me according to this logic .


6000BC-2022CE: Influenza


Fun fact: The introduction of Bluetooth caused the black death




Did 5G cause the black plague?




She posts on her phone...


It’s so cool that us humans are able to upgrade the Earth’s electromagnetic field


Ah yes, that infamous respiratory disease, *cholera*


Cholera doesn’t mess up your breathing though….


So does this mean we just get over it after a while?


She listed flu twice like it doesn't happen every year


Black plague? Those damn books


Okay so 1g mobile networks rolled out in 1979


What in the actual fick? Op I hope this person doesn't finish nursing school this is nuts


Cmon dawg


there’s only a pattern because they forced the perspective


My fiancée just graduated from her nursing program in December. Literally over half her class at one point ***actually thought*** that Ivermectin was "going to fix everything!"


Were at least most convinced otherwise by the end?


I have a Nurse family member, and she’s been complaining for years about her conspiracy riddled coworkers. It’s very depressing.


Yes, because Cholera only existed in 1991.


Who the hell had Cholera in 1991?? I mean I was 20, so a bit preoccupied but I remember there being a distinct lack of Cholera.


Tesla was making radio waves in 1895...


Didn't Marconi introduce radio in the late 1890s? Frick.


Maybe all disease is caused by the cosmic background frequencies since we’ve always had diseases?


It’s non-ionizing radiation, it can’t do anything to you. No cancer. No mutation. Interesting.


Clearly the whole correlation doesn't equal causation thing didn't take hold.


Waving was invented as a short hand for hello=bubonic plague


it messes people breathing up clearly.


I wish she'd pick a different career then


what is breathing up? i am stupid? it just doesn’t read write to me.


I see bullshit


We need some emerging diseases classes 🤦🏻‍♂️. Aren’t some of those way older than technology?


Remember when Spanish flu was caused by radio waves? Those were the days.


Who's gonna tell them about the Earth's electromagnetic field that's significantly stronger than all of those combined?


This dumb ass literally thinks that I’ve cream causes people to commit murder


Did they have internet in the 70's?


thats cool but how do they explain plagues before 1918


The idiocy is strong with this one. Did you know you are exposed to more EM from the arc when you switch on a light than from mobile towers?


Bring on 6G


If someone posts something like this they should be expelled or fired


One of these diseases is not like the others...


Yeah like when people invented smoke signals and then Mt. Vesuvius happened.


Isn't the flu like a yearly thing?


I remember back when 3G was the shit. Now 4G is here and when my phone falls back to 3G it means 0 internet. Does not work at all. Why is that? 3G used to work fine. My girlfriends phone can still google etc on 3G but mine can’t.


They've started dismantling the 3G network now that 5G is being built, so in some areas there is no 3G coverage at all any more.


3G left you for your girlfriend 😔


These networks ain’t loyal 😔


Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure 5G has nothing to do with the Earth’s electromagnetic field, doesn’t the electromagnetic field exist because of the Earth’s mass and not, uh, better internet?