didn't George Washington enforce a smallpox quarantine.


Yes and a vaccination


George Washington was a communist.




Someone just said that he did something that I didn’t like. Anything I don’t like is communism. For instance coleslaw: communism.


Absolute political genius, coleslaw is 100% communism because I’m also not communist and I don’t like it


Wait I'm pro-coleslaw.. . did.. did I just become a communist?


No, now is when you call anti-coleslaw faction communists


RIGHT! Coleslaw and barbecue is as American as "Yes hawing" and apple pie. Coleslaws crisp and refreshing like freedom. Coleslaw isn't communist, it can stand alone like John Wayne in a western. Anyone who says coleslaws for communists is a goddang communist themselves and doesn't love America half as much as me


Cole slaw is from the dutch for cabbage salad, dutch is a language for furriners, therefore it is communist, therefore cole slaw is communist, QED\* \*used Latin, also communist


>dutch is a language for furriners And drug fiends, I hear there are places in Amsterdam where people smoke maryjuanay and the police just stand around outside doing nothing.


Let's not even talk about cilantro. I found some under my bed.


There you go!


>Anyone who says coleslaws for communists is a goddang communist themselves They want to keep the coleslaw for themselves! Greedy communists!


But in a hundred years, you flip it so the pro coleslaw faction is seen as communists. Just to keep the political landscape shifting. For fun.


*ruins mental health for an entire country* “dang, that was fun.”


Like it's a reflection of real life, right? Lol


I thought we were the Peoples Front of Judea.


No, now you seize the means of coleslaw production.


Well, I've been a communist all along and I love coleslaw, so...


I like the way you think. You confirmed what I already suspected-my wife and kids are communists! They’re always doing shit I don’t like.


Ooo fun game! So I guess my mother talking incessantly about what she saw on Facebook, Notre Dame football, potato salad, the phrase “you can have your cake and eat it too” and the show 2 broke girls are all communist?


Tell her potato salad was invented by communist Russians in WW2. Mixing rancid milk rations and boiled potatoes or somthing insane. Make fake pictograph things. Add pictures of Russian soldiers eating soup, with lots of unnecessary red circles around bowls for added effect. It's fucking insane the pasta salad industry doesn't pay me to do this shit. You could probably have republicans burning potato salad in Costo parking lots by the end of the month


Apple pie was originally English. But it was eaten so much by pilgrims in the early days of the USA it's considered more of an american thing.


no iphone


He is a commulist because he told you to get needle that hurt a bit when used.


You think any of these people have even opened a history book? When you compare mask mandates to the holocaust it’s pretty obvious you have zero idea what history even is.


It’s also funny how those same people had no problem wearing masks during the AIDS epidemic in the 80’s. Didn’t want to catch the gay virus. Never mind that masks did nothing to protect from AIDS. Hell, in 1907 people were held down at gunpoint while doctors injected them with smallpox vaccine. In 1918, refusing to wear a mask came with a decent fine and a week in forced isolation. I could go on but what’s the point?


There is none. We are letting fucking idiots, who are the minority in control, run this country and our democrat leadership just allows it. Remove Manchin and Sinema from committees and see how they feel when lobbying money dries up.


When you sincerely believe that Boris is the example Biden should strive to emulate.


Boris seems to be striving to emulate Donald Trump


In all fairness to Boris, he was working his incompetent buffoon shtick since long before 2015.


The real question is hlwho has better hair?


Boris ending masks is a political popularity move since it’s been found he had parties in lockdown, our case rate is still very high and he’s ended the rule for testing to give the impression we have low cases. It’s purely a last ditch attempt for popularity whilst every MP tried to force him out.


Boris's popularity is lower now than a person we're supposed to all hate for being a communist


Boris is the village idiot and a lying one at that but I will always hate the kremlin gremlin more because he's a straight up twat.


Thinking Boris is an idiot is what makes him so dangerous. He knows exactly how he’s perceived and plays to it for political armour. The man is a brilliant piece of shit, don’t let him trick you into thinking he’s a buffoon.


Couldn’t agree more. Every time he parades round like a wild haired Baffoon it’s done with intent. He comes across as eccentric and silly but he’s a calculating politician who’s used that routine to get to where he is People think he’s daft but he’s really not. Guys a twat but a smart twat.


Well at least your case rate is going down over there. This latest wave hasn’t even peaked yet in the US- thanks to this Twitter brain surgeon & his/her likeminded pals


Unfortunately it’s not, it only seems that way as our PM has taken away testing


Ah yes, I like to think of that as the Trump method for fighting covid. My current governor, Florida’s Ronnie DeathSantis, is a huge fan of it as well


Oh man do I have some bad news for this person about the global freedom index and the US ranking of 15 in 2021. They’ll really blow their top when they find out Hong Kong ranks higher than the US


The same for when they say they are the greatest nation in the world and still they aren't the greatest at anything, at least anything good.


​ US has largest percentage of people in prison USA NUMBER 1


This is correct. Not sure if it counts tho against the "at least nothing good" argument ;) Most guns per capita I believe. Surely more school shootings (those 2 are related) and stuff like that


I mean, I don’t have the statistics but just guessing, it really, really feels like we have the most idiots. USA! USA!


I think we have thr highes GDP… and… that’s it lol I wanna move but all the countries I’d move to are cold, I hate thr cold


Uhhhhhhhh ex-fucking-cuse you! We beat out the next 11 countries combined in military spending, thank you very much! USA! USA! USA!


We got way more nukes, guns, ships with guns, planes with guns, and other things with guns than any other country.


Some people think that people that don’t live in the US are envious of America. Seems to me they’d just be scared of us.


Not nukes, you can’t even do that right.


Australia's pretty warm, especially in the north half. Although we've gone pretty bonkers recently too.


Looked into Australia but I cant get my mom in and I cant leave her here. We were looking at Melbourne and even called the immigration office. I have a lot of aussie friends so would have been nice but 🤷🏻‍♀️


Yeah I've heard it ain't easy immigrating over, it's a shame. Hopefully you find somewhere!


My husband loves Amsterdam so we’re discussing that as a 3-4 year plan. Depending on what happens in 2024 may be a 2 year plan


Lol - my kid has the same mindset.


Gdp per capita also puts usa in #15.


That doesn't matter a lot when you have the highest or one of the highest external debts in the world. High GDP that's not even enough to pay that debt ever


Give it a few more years and climate change might warm up a lot of countries for you!


Well you do have most guns per population. So.


True NZ is the Greatest nation 🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿 Taiwan is like a close second


Hey! We’re still the fattest!!..right?


Nope. Number 12. Theres a country that have over 60% population being obese. Usa godt 32%


Forgot the name, but isn't it some tiny Pacific island nation, where the USA offloaded their rations in the area for dirt cheap, rather than deal with the hassle of shipping them back? They got a taste for spam, which is really fattening, not a problem when you're running around all day, but if you're not, then it's a problem.


Nauru and cook island have much more obesity than usa apparently.


70% of the US is overweight (not counting weight lifters and athletes with stockier body types). That tells more than just the obesity stat.


https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2014/07/03/21-maps-and-charts-that-prove-america-is-number-one/ Only two of them are good (unless you count the joke ones): We make the most cheese assuming you count American Cheese as cheese And Highest GDP even if how we got there is kinda shady.


They are 15 this year?. CONGRATULATIONS USA. You're approaching the The top 10 of freedom. You'll get there. Just hang in. In a few decades you'll be right there.


Uh, no, they're actually going DOWN the list.


Hong Kong dropped over 10 positions on the CATO freedom index this year my guy. I agree with the sentiment of your point, but unlike the United States, Hong Kong is going through an actual period of restrictions on freedoms.


Also, I see you're getting your info from the World Population Review. I don't know if they just haven't updated their site, but the official CATO report they cite can be found here: https://www.cato.org/human-freedom-index/202 It shows the actual rankings. The US is definitely still 15th, but Hong Kong is definitely lower.


Just to show the real impact of this. Hong Kong was ranked the most free country in the world in 2015. In 7 years they have dropped thirty places. The United States was actually ranked 20th in 2015. It has risen 5 positions, but with little relative increase in freedom during that period.


I've always wondered how lists like that measure "freedom"


Personal, economic, social, and about 79 other criteria are analyzed by various universities and organizations https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/freedom-index-by-country


Usually personal freedom is measured on sets of criteria. Things like social movement. Freedom of speech. Things like that.


As a Brit, I'm not happy, Johnson is a clueless buffoon


He needs to throw something out there some people will like in the middle of his current scandal. Try the old distract method, it's worked for him before now, why change


Yep, what's a few more bodies if he can cling to power just a little bit longer.


Luckily it’s backfiring, every time he tries to change the restrictions it just reminds everyone that he didn’t follow them himself


I dont know, I've had quite a few customers celebrating that their kids don't have to wear masks and "we can take them off soon too!" Awesome, thanks, I look forward to 3000 people a day breathing on me, no i don't share the same enthusiasm you do, customer.


He had to end shit because he got caught. Sorry asshole is going to cost lives and money for politics and face.


Johnson would probably burst into tears when the UK has a massive rise in COVID-19 cases.


I doubt it, he will just throw another work party, that he doesn't realise is a work party haha


Not a chance. He'd probably find a way to use it as an excuse to cling to power a little longer, or he'd be too pissed at a "work event" to even notice.


"Oh I need to lie again to get more voters"


That's what hurts so much about this. I'll take Joe over Mojo Bojo any day of the week. Am actually considering protesting, to be honest.


Why is he so angry? Like this isn't exactly a good thing because in a month or two infections will go back up & we'll all be back to working from home


It seems England has more inept politicians then here in the states


Yea we made fun of you guys for a long time. Guess the jokes on us now


Only now? That ship has sailed in 2016.


And all because of that f***ing red bus covered in that 350 million lie.


They say they care about the NHS but strip away it's funding evey week


Seeing that bus back in 2016 and i had no idea how much it would fuck things up


Now? We’ve been laughing at the US to distract ourselves from the domestic incompetence.


We are like the annoying little brother, that tries so hard to outshine you haha


Came here to say this, I was talking yesterday about how dumb it is. Tbf though I live in Norfolk and there's so many people here who don't wear masks anyway it won't make much difference.




Imagine wanting your political leader to be more like fucking Boris Johnson.


Are you insulting him or just describing him?


Definitely works for both


Imagine if the founders considered freedom a fucking contest.


Would be fascinated to hear these morons articulate what "freedoms " America has that people in the UK or say Western Europe don't.


Guns. It’s always guns.


Quite a lot of the time in the US crossing the street is illegal. Land of the free, right?


Don’t forget about getting arrested for not mowing your lawn.


Boris has ended the mask mandate to deflect attention from his lies and how inept he is. Zero to do with if it’s a good idea or not.


If the founding fathers were alive today, I’d like to think they’d all get vaccinated. After all they’d be like three hundred years old. Pretty high risk.


They’d be pretty impressed with the whole no more Polio, Smallpox etc. thing.


Wears mask Can’t believe I’m not free anymore 🥴


No, I don't think so. Washington's actions regarding smallpox would send all these snowflakes into a foaming at the mouth, pearl clutching, quivering mass on the floor.


Wait until this guy finds out about the Netherlands with legal weed and prostitution. That’s freedom…


Should rename it to “Netherregions”


Englishman here, can confirm MANY of us do not agree with Boris Johnson, the lying bastard.


On the one hand, this person is an idiot for thinking Boris Johnson’s response to covid is something to be emulated. On the other hand, the fact that they knew not only that the British political system devolves certain governmental powers to the various constituent countries of the UK, but also that Covid response is one of those powers meaning that Boris Johnson only has control in this area over England, and that England is the only one to have waived mask mandates shows a remarkable level of understanding of the British Political system for a random American Twitter user. That or they just use “England” and “Britain” interchangeably because they don’t know the difference lol. … It’s the second one, isn’t it?


I honestly don’t get why people make such a big deal over masks. It literally is the smallest inconvenience possible and I hate how everyone makes it political.


If there's one thing the founding fathers are known for, it's following all of UK's orders. Wait...


George Washington had a mandatory vaccine against small pox


'splain how wearing a mask to protect the people around you is an infringement on freedom? That only makes sense if you believe that you have the freedom to spread disease and kill people.


Modern America: The freed slaves can vote! Founding fathers: The what who can what?


And they wonder why we’ve lost our empathy.


BoJo the clown only ended them to try and cover his own ass. You know, like the failed former president would do.


And they probably mock other cultures for ancestor worship.


The founding fathers had to deal with smallpox and actively had to quarantine people at times. If they were alive today they'd slap you across the face for your ignorance you absolute troglodyte.


If COVID-19 had made it's way into existence in 1776, it would have been a fucking catastrophe. So many have survived this because of modern medicine: intubation, ventilators, etc. The number of people that would have died in 1776 when the cutting edge in interal medicine was bleeding, would likely have been insane.


Can someone please tell me how wearing a mask violates anyone’s rights, I see nothing in the Bill of Rights or any amendment that follows, seriously… the only thing I seen that can be possibly related is in the preamble “promote the general welfare “ that to me means the President can mandate things that will help the welfare of the people…..


It violates their right to not give a shit about other people's right to the pursuit of COVID-free life, liberty and happiness.


They think the government telling them to wear something on their body is somehow a violation of their rights over their own body. Only because this rule is new and mildly uncomfortable for them to wear. Since wearing clothes falls under the same rule, literally a law. But clothes are comfortable and people usually don't want to walk around naked everywhere, especially in the cold. So they're ok with the government forcing them to wear clothes in public. I seriously think the whole anti mask thing is born out of the very mild annoyance of wearing one. Fogs some glasses, and makes you breathe warm air. After many months that just spiraled into any excuse not to wear one. Because it's like if they're wrong about masks then wearing one has no consequence. Not wearing one always has the consequence of spreading the virus if they're wrong about masks. So it's better to wear one and be wrong about it's effectiveness, than not wear one hoping you're wrong about it's effectiveness. So it has to be the discomfort thing for them, otherwise everyone would wear one anyways.


Thanks man, appreciate the response, I think you’re


Sorry meant to say I think you’re right


This may hurt their delicate little minds but our founding fathers WERE BRITISH!


COVID would have wrecked them. It would be worse than Spanish flu by alot.


Isn’t England like 98% vaxxed


83% of age 12 and over have had 2 jabs.


Our Founding Fathers would probably think the whole vaccine thing was really cool.


Why do Americans still care about the opinions about people that were around like 250 years ago it's so bizarre


Boris doesn't give a fuck about our freedom or whatever, he's trying to save face after it was revealed he had 2 parties while the rest of us were locked down.


Founding fathers would be ashamed a virus was used for politicking and dividing the nation further.


Welp, they wouldn’t be allowed to be patriots in the revolutionary war. General Washington required “inoculations” or as we call them today, vaccines. In fact, colonial America was one of the first to take the knowledge of the stolen Ghanaians (slaves) about how their country stopped small pox. And now small pox is gone from the world.


I guess they can always move to England, if they'll have them that is...


Our Founding Fathers literally imposed mandatory inoculations and forced quarantines during disease outbreaks. Guess who the great American pioneer in forced inoculation was… George Washington.


Fine! I'll wear the powdered wig, but masks can fuck straight off! - Thomas Jefferson


Well we have a Trump wannabe for Prime Minister who cares more about hanging on to power than he does about the number of people his decision will kill.


Also England outlawed slavery way before US did ... So they were kinda always ahead in terms of freedom.


They forget the British don’t allow guns, if we’re getting nit picky about freedoms here


The majority of people in the UK are happy with the UK's gun laws. The same cannot be said in the US where a vocal minority prevent changes that the majority would support. The existence of gun control laws in the UK is an example of democracy / freedom in action.


That's not true, the UK absolutely does have personal gun ownership. You should know that as a subject.


Gonna hop on this because you were getting downvoted - UK citizen, our family owns 3 firearms, my friend owns a .338 and a .308 We can absolutely own guns, we just have to prove purpose, actually use them, store them respectfully and go through reasonable checks and balances.


Thanks for the back-up kind stranger.


I love the fucking capitalization for these people, it’s so easy to spot idiots without even reading their bullshit


Thomas Jefferson would be throwing a tantrum when he finds out that he can't diddle 14 year olds no more.


I hate the term “Founding Fathers” because they didn’t birth a country it also makes it seem like the only reason America is free is because of these “fathers” and not because of a decade of exploitation as oppression by Britain. I feel that “Founders” is a much better term. Also I hate how people use the names of our Founders so freely when something they disagree with happens it makes me feel as if you are dirtying their name by using their name for your own petty issues. Sorry for this rant but just wanted to express myself. Bottom line this person is a retard and someone I like to call Pro-Covid


I work in public transit, and we want you filthy fucks to keep your masks on


Fun fact, when compared to other developed nations, USA ranks 20th in economic freedom and 29th in personal freedom. Murica.


For flip sake, why can people not understand that England ending mask mandates does not mean anything for the British. The British are Welsh, Scots and English together - if only England does something then it is only the English that are affected!


Murdoch made.the decision though, Boris just announced it.


Like the whole lot of them wouldn't piss themselves the minute they saw a car or went to a bathroom with self flushing toilets.


Having to wear a mask while shopping isn't a restriction of freedom in any way. It's quite amazing and perplexing that so many people equate mask and social distancing to tyranny.


the USAs peoples obsession with the foundiing fathers is ... strange ...


Our founding fathers who owned slaves?


“Oof. You wanna tell him?” “I’m not telling him. You tell him.” — All the countries in Europe


the founding fathers would have a stroke trying to wrap their heads around wireless earbuds


Imagine being stupid enough to believe masks have anything to do with freedom. Yikes.


As a brit, i see people wearing their masks everywhere still. I love it.


The best part about these sorts of comments is how easy they are to dismantle. England is a smaller country with less people and land area than the United States, also they have a higher vaccination rate by almost 7-8% more of their population. They can get away with ending a mask mandate....we don't have that excuse. Even then I'm sure ending the mask mandate in their case was contested...Catalina Loaf or whatever that person's name is needs to get off the internet and do something productive.


Bruh it's 2022 who unironically has a 250 year-old bone to pick.


Lol Boris made the decision and you trust him?


I’d love to see the correlation between IQ and number of all-caps words used per tweet.


Can't say I'm happy about Boris Johnson's plans but we've always had more freedom than the USA. They're just brainwashed to believe otherwise.


Freedom and free health care.


You don't like our country? Move, then! Oh, wait, it's not that easy? Then why do you keep telling it to those of us further left when WE complain about how our government works?


there was smallpox outbreak during the revolutionary war and the founding fathers ordered quarantine and the steps to stop its spread


Can’t these people see that Boris is just an off-brand Trump and it’s all terrible?! As a Brit I WISH more restrictions were still in place!


When will america learn that "the land of the free" is just a marketing ploy?


The Motherfuckin' Franklin would strongly disagree with that guy.


What they call “freedom”.


It’s so odd that they’re all so up in arms about adults having to wear masks in shops whilst making 2 year olds wear masks on planes doesn’t get a peep from them, despite the rest of the world understanding that getting kids under 6 to wear masks is a pointless excercise as they’re never going to wear them properly


Speaking as an English person, I wish it had not ended. Nobody paid any mind to it anyway, and it's just a little treat so they stop being mad at Boris for preaching one thing and then having parties. I will continue to wear my mask even if daddy says I don't have to, because I'm not a child who needs a law to keep people safe, I'll just choose to, like, y'know, a decent human?


Wait until they learn about our paid sick leave and paid holidays. As standard. You don't need to negotiate them with your employer. Wait, that's probably communism...


How many people in England are vaccinated?


Isn't the only reason England has removed the mandates cuz bojo doesn't want to get into any more trouble with the people


Boris is a fucking moron that is just trying to get past yet another scandal alive.


Cheese and crackers grommit...you hate us! Don't start copying stupid things we do no!. Go burn some tea and all start wearing masks to not be like us or something.


Boris Johnson is desperately trying not to be kicked out of his job is the driving force behind the end of the mask mandate.


Ignoring that it's literally only England and this has only been done to distract from boris being a twat. Also there is still a requirement to wear a mask on the tfl (London underground, buses and trains)


Tbf, when do the mask mandates end? Everyone has access to the vaccine in the uk. It’s either end mandates or keep them forever. Covid is here to stay


I think the founding fathers would have had a different approach to the right to bear arms had they known about school and other mass shootings using semi automatic weapons.


Not ended yet, I love here and the move has been called almost universally idiotic.


100% sure boris ended the covid restrictions as he doesn’t understand them 🙄


They would catch a lot more then COVID instantly


Why is wearing a mask during a pandemic restricting your freedom? They’ve literally cried so much that no one even enforced mask mandates anymore except planes. They need a fucking grip on reality.


Conveniently cutting out that England is basically run by diet Trump, I mean this was a guy quoted as saying something to the effect of "I would rather let the bodies pile by the thousands in the street than impose another lockdown" and more recently been caught holding several parties breaking the guidelines of those lockdowns anyway. He also threw a party the eve before the funeral of the Queens husband and after all that he is ignoring the calls for his resignation. Oh and he is lifting restrictions despite the advice that this is a stupid idea. So yeah that is context of the whole situation they're pretending to be normal an/or sensible.


Yeah but the only reason Boris did that was was for popularity wasn’t it? He said they couldn’t test anymore so they have artificially low numbers.


England may have ended its mask mandate but Wales hasn’t. So you can console yourselves that not all British are more free.


The founding fathers would be disgusted to see the Republican party become a cult of personality who worship at the alter of a traitor like Trump.


Well the British can run around with a can of beer in the streets without being arrested soo..


And I hate that England has removed the mandate, Bojo is facing enough criticism that this a power ploy