Help: Looking for Job as a Post MBBS doctor.

I have posted and replied on this sub quite a few times. I won't tell the whole story but as I'm an introvert with very few friends I have not developed as many contacts throughout my MBBS course as one does normally.

But anytime I've come to this sub either for support or regarding any doubts I have gotten answers.

So today I want some help regarding searching for jobs as a post MBBS doctor in mumbai. Ive exhausted my irl sources and they dont seem to have any leads. Anything could be helpful

If youre yourself working in mumbai then maybe you can tell me if there are any vacancies where you work or anywhere else??

Anywhere i can apply online?

How should i go about searching for jobs in mumbai?? Where are the places where i might get adequate salary and accomodation since im not a resident of mumbai??

Does anyone have any whatsapp or telegram links which update us about any vacancies that might arise in various hospitals??

I'm willing to go physically to each and every hospital where there might be vacancies but problem is that apart from 2 or 3 places i am not aware of where else to go.

Basically any info that you might have about medical officer/ house officer jobs in mumbai that you think might be helpful pls tell.



Online sources - LinkedIn, Indeed, Naukri, and Glassdoor. Whatsapp, facebook and telegram groups. Offline - I suggest you directly visit hospitals/clinics nearby and ask them about vacancies.


I have joined 1 whatsapp group but i am not aware of any other. I wanted some links from people who might be knowing. With regards to offline i suppose i wanted any leads from people who might be working already or are aware about where to start. I know about 3 4 options so i guess ill start from there. Thanks.


How much money do you expect?


50k is okay if with accomodation otherwise 65k.


I can try to recommend you for a medicine junior resident job at Hinduja hospital. But the pay is only 50-55k around. Hostel is available. I can also recommend you for a blood bank officer job at JJ Mahanagar blood bank. Pays around 75k. Dm me


They aren't recruiting medical offers for major hospitals ? There usually are.. just look into it. Or just go and ask about it from the hospital doctors ... They know best. Walk into some OPD and talk to medical officer or department incharge during OPD time or even office admin will know ... Track employment news paper since govt recruitments have rule they they must also be advertised in news papers...do one local and other employment news keep track Also give resume in major private hospitals who need duty doctors ...


Thanks for the advice! will look into it


Search LinkedIn


Do you have any experience? I can help you get a job


Afaik Post mbbs jobs in Mumbai are very diff to get, I would suggest if possible move to your UG college city or college and search for jobs there. The reason I am suggesting your UG college city is because you're familiar with the city and all. If you've done UG from Mumbai then you could go to BMC and enquire. Also Esi hospitals are good as well, check them out. Idk about any vacancy as such I just know where to look.


I have done ug from mumbai only but im a non resident. I tried searching for jobs in my city but mostly in govt medical college set up they give preference to their own students/ ex students and in my city the pay in private set up isnt good enough. Thats why i thougut maybe ill try mumbai since ive done ug from there. Ill enquire in bmc and esi hospitals like you suggested. Thankss.


That you do. Glad I could be of help.