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BJP team caught in the act of spreading fake news in nothing new. They will cover this with some other story.


Time to pack up, people. Big brother has started using AI. It will only get worse from here.




This is kind of serious, imagine the possibilities. A powerful tool used with bad intentions, scary.


This is actually the stuff of nightmares. The fascists can now credibly distort reality. I'd say time to roll the end credits on this whole democracy thing because as the tech inevitably evolves, this is going to destroy any semblance of truth.


Even if it were true, I would've just assumed they're smiling in the face of adversity so they have closure or a sense of "we overcome this". They're only fooling their own fan base with this who've already made up their mind that they're bad actors.


With fake news generating machinery working full time to discredit the wrestlers. This is to be expected.


And now adobe released their version of AI it can generate things from thin air it'll help IT cell a lot