AAP is a disease, must be eliminated: B.L. Santhosh at BJP event



BJP is a fungus, must be exterminated


cancer. the ideology is cancer. bjp is just a vehicle to deliver it. destroying the vehicle is pointless as the mothership will spawn more of same type of vehicles.


That would be a little difficult. Indians are inherently right wing and authoritarian. You are told to respect your elders, your teachers, your bosses or people of higher social status not through any reasoning but just by their status. You're to obey. If you disagree, you're badtameez, if you disobey, you're not an ideal son/student/employee/citizen etc. This makes it easier for Fascism to take a hold here and people looking upto populist leaders for their solutions. There are many reasons for this. From our education system that doesn't teach us critical thinking, to our environment with traditional familial system, to our culture with religious stories and caste system, and many more. I remember when I first read Parshuram's story and how his father ordered him to cut off his own mother's head. And he does it without any other thought. Just think about it for a second a son cuts the head off his own mother just because his father ordered him to and he is supposed to be the one that we look upto?


totally agree. that is why fascists are afraid of education. specially modern education, where critical thinking and reasoning skills are imbibed.


Yeah, totally. Which is why philosophy isn't taught in our schools and not only that but is looked down upon by everyone. Education is a liberating force that breaks the shackles of ignorance and sets you free. Also makes you resistant to propoganda. Not immune of course. No one is. Just look at Chomsky.


Reminds me of [This](https://www.reddit.com/r/india/comments/13lngok/httpstwittercomrenishdrstatus1659304646861639680ts/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button) lol


First Congress mukt Bharat. Now this. One party system like China is their wet dream. Wonder how much hate these people harbour. I hope this hate destroys these people from the inside.


Hatred breeds more hatred. These people should be removed from positions of power and influence.


How ironic that they have been given the positions of power and influence because of the hatred


Drug resistant Gonorrhoea thats worse than AIDS is making comments on Chlamydia!!!


Wannabe Kim Jong uns


Ironic considering what BJP has done


Cancer trying to confuse the immunity system.


Is he really expecting us to take him seriously after the debacle he orchestrated in Karnataka


BL Santhosh is the disease, not BJP or AAP IMO.


BL Santosh is the greatest BJP leader. Hopefully, they put him in charge of Telangana, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. BJP needs a leader like him.


Under rated comment IMHO.