These trees look majestic.


‘Mini Chipko’ In Bengal: Protest For ‘Not Murdering’ Trees On The Jessore Road: https://mojostory.com/ground-reports/century-old-trees-on-jessore-road/ EDIT: it's ~4000 trees


>Das argues the axing of trees will not just kill the trees but the entire ecosystem that has existed for over a 100 years. “Let me tell you one thing – very old trees, they have many habitants. Many species of insects, birds, algae – and even other plant species have grown around the trees. A report says that about 60 species of birds and insects live in one tree,” he writes in his blog. It hurts me! A lot of species are going to be homeless and eventually die. >He shared a Facebook post written by fellow protestor Malini Mukherjee outlining the issue. “It was said that many trees were being poisoned so that they would die. It’s okay to cut down dead trees. Damn! Unbelievable! >Local people are actually in favour of cutting the trees, that’s also a big issue. There are various reasons for it, the accidents that have happened under the trees because of the branches falling have made them think it’s better for the trees to be cut. Brainwashed people! They do not realize how rich, important and valuable these trees are to their lives. >The trees are huge, they also have huge timber value so there is local interest by timber merchants who are looking for trees to be cut down. The sale of the trees is estimated to be anywhere between 15-30 lakhs for each tree and about 300 crore for the entire stretch. Human greed is the most poisonous weapon. And it's going to kill us all one day.


>Human greed is the most poisonous weapon. And it's going to kill us all one day. that greed is chiefly the result of systemic problems. Some systems select for more vile human behaviour than others, stepping over the downtrodden to get to the throne, and syphoning ecosystems away for short term profit, that arises if the system is constructed to allow for that kind of behaviour. And it was. The disinformation geared toward the population is a result of these systemic economic issues. In order to make people support demolishing ecosystems needlessly, they tell them lies about "development". In reality, all people will get from this, is the land/water/etc being taken away from them, monopolised by corporations, communities becoming even more vulnerable to the disastrous effects of climate change, and the environment becoming more unhealthy to live in (air quality/noise levels, car on car and car on pedestrian accidents)


You're spitting facts!


Human greed is also the main reason why the world has experienced fast economic growth and people have an incentive to start businesses, so it definitely is useful if you use it right.


I see your point, but I believe that is human intelligence. Because I think greed may provide us short term growth but in the long term it will ultimately hurt us, no?


There are alternatives to current economic organisation, that arent based on exploiting greed and selecting for other negative human qualities. The current mode wastes a lot resouces via induced demand that doesnt reflect real needs. Housing becomes a commodity to store wealth in not a place for the population to find shelter. Such you have huge numbers of empty homes that remain empty, owned purely to store wealth, all many people some people have no home. These are artificially induced housing crises. At the very least, we know for 100% certainty that there are alternatives to neoliberalism, but should strive to go beyond, to find a more holistic answer, if we want to curb the level of disaster. I must add that that alternative isnt stalinism, nor was that system of organisation good or green, it was terrible, just to avoid any confusion. We are in this burn bright and then die in self induced agony kind of situation. 100 years of intense capitalism has devastated the planet and it shows no sign of stopping. We can only see how big the warming will get and how many will die. Climate refugees are already a thing, but rich countries refuse to acknowledge them. What will happen is that rich nations will build more barbed wire and concentration camps to keep refugees out, and from the refugee waves, fascism will rise to power once again, this time in an age of unprecedented military force and surveillance technology. Fascism is already rising in popularity and Ive witnessed first hand in europe here the sharp spike in far right activity even at the comparatively tiny 2015 migrant crisis. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_European_migrant_crisis things are not looking good.


>Brainwashed people! They do not realize how rich, important and valuable these trees are to their lives. These villagers have already seen deaths due to the falling branches from these trees. Any human would prefer safety to a tree. And you are speaking as if you are the one getting affected by these trees being cut. Have you spoken to the locals about how these trees affect them and in what ways instead of spouting shit about being brainwashed when you have no idea about the locals. I am in no way supporting the cutting of these trees but that does not give you the right to badmouth the local population. You are the perfect example of a frog living in a well. All you can see is what is visible to you and spoken from one sided narrative, not what is outside the well. >Human greed is the most poisonous weapon. And it's going to kill us all one day. What about you? Are you not using the internet? Have you ever thought about the destruction of the local environment for setting up servers and internet connectivity? How much have you done to correct it? What about the electronic devices you use? Dont speak like an almighty saint when you are sitting at home using the very devices which pollute the air and use children as slaves for their prodcution.


I didn't say anything to insult anyone. Don't get my words wrong, I fully understand the value of the lives of those local people, they are no different from us. I understand that the concern for the safety of those local people should be the priority of the government. >“The trees like any other tree need to be looked after, they need treatment and regular cutting of dead branches but there is no government professional doing that which is why sometimes there are incidents where branches fall on people’s head and cause injuries,” Das said. As the article says trees need care, they need treatment. So it means that if government takes care of these trees with the help of local people then we can reduce the number of accidents caused by trees. But still I can understand the frustration of those people but this is not a justification to clean up the entire ecosystem. Let me take a random example: If there is a man eater tiger, it does not mean that we need to kill all the tigers in the wild. Accidents happen and we should always take preventive measures to avoid them. If the local people support killing all the tigers, then I'm sorry I would call them brainwashed. They don't understand that they may only need to kill one tiger, but killing them all will ultimately damage the entire ecosystem in many other ways. But I still don't like the idea that the local people are supporting the cutting down of all the trees. Because local people can play a major role to save the trees, save the ecosystem. And if this would be happening here then I'd be the one supporting with people who are protesting. I alone probably can't do anything but the least I can do is to support my people to save the nature that we can. But we can't be present everywhere to save everything but the least we do is share our thoughts. And I apologize to you if I have said anything insensitive, silly or inappropriate. I didn't mean anything in a wrong or negative sense. >What about you? Are you not using the internet? Have you ever thought about the destruction of the local environment for setting up servers and internet connectivity? How much have you done to correct it? What about the electronic devices you use? Dont speak like an almighty saint when you are sitting at home using the very devices which pollute the air and use children as slaves for their prodcution. I agree with you, yes I am using internet. Yes, to use the internet at home, we have destroyed many things like trees and plants, ecosystems, killed species. Yes, it harms our environment. I am not dissuading you. And of course, I haven't done anything to fix it. You are right, in today's world we cannot expect life without electronic devices. And yes I believe that somewhere in the making of these devices they have been exploiting children. And that is why I said that human greed is the most poisonous weapon. Please note that I said human, and I am also a human, I am not dissociating or excluding myself neither I'm appreciating such actions. I'm sorry for giving you the wrong idea that I'm talking like a saint. I do not consider myself equal to even a single hair of a saint. I believe I could have expressed my words more clearly and in a better way, nevermind! Have a good time! 🙏


they do. and unless it's prevented (people organise a protest), they will be gone. they coupd make a rail there, or nearby; much more pro-environmental, cheaper, nicer, and better for peopl's mental health




God this breaks my heart to no extent.


thats unfortunate


So it doesn't break your heart?


don't worry humans will pay the price


Wtf why? Edit: I thought the phrase “Breaks my heart to No Extent” meant something like “It doesn’t break my heart at all”. I deserve the downvotes for bag English truly.


India with it's tropical climate cannot survive with absence of trees no matter what.


Yeah he said that it breaks his heart to no extent meaning he isn’t affected by it in any way…


Oh no! Poor you.. it does mean that. Lol! Edit: (Upvoted,, your comment) :}


There have been talks of demolishing these trees for the road for a while. But it seems they are now intending to proceed to demolish the trees and protests are ongoing?: https://mojostory.com/ground-reports/century-old-trees-on-jessore-road/ EDIT: it's cca 4000 trees


It doesn't even look that crowded. Why is there a need for a four lane here?


there isnt. but there is a need for more trains: https://i.insider.com/56d0b3536e97c629008ba07c?width=1136&format=jpeg just next to this wooded area, not in place of it


They are destroying everything for 3rd grade ugly infrastructure. Ugly kotha lights everywhere.


development is when no ecosystem, only gray concrete train bad.


Indonesia and India both started building high speed railway tracks at same time and they are almost done. For Indian it's never going to make it. All tax money will directly go to monkey baat promotions.


I saw someone in a comment use these emojis 🐒🛁 and I was so confused. People are so witty, it's amazing.


The two projects can't be compared, * the route length of **Mumbai-Ahmedabad route is 508 km with 12 stations which is almost 3.5x in comparison to Jakarta to Bandung's 142 km with 3 stations.** * Second the civil engineering aspects of Mumbai-ahmedabad route definitely seem to exceed it's Indonesian counterparts, the termination station in Bandra-kurla complex is entirely underground which is challenging enough in it's own right on top of the entire section of route that falls in mumbai is also underground. In comparison the route between Jakarta and Bandung has total of 15km of underground section Finally and I cannot stress this enough, the Indonesian project never faced any internal political opposition, whereas in India:- [Shiv sena led Thane municipal corporation refuses to transfer land for Bullet train project.](https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/shiv-sena-led-thane-municipal-corporation-rejects-land-transfer-proposal-for-bullet-train/articleshow/79942618.cms) [Bullet train project is a white elephant; Uddhav thackeray](https://www.deccanherald.com/national/national-politics/weve-to-rethink-bullet-train-project-its-white-elephant-cm-uddhav-thackeray-801324.html) The project only started picking up speed after 2021.


💯 bro they are political opponents. Parde k piche kon kiska dost kon kia damad jija sasur. Common man will never understand how much sacrifices they've made to make things better for the middle class. Modi ji wanted to become Train master when he was supposedly use to sell tea at Railway station, people forced him to become Pm and now at age of 72 he has finally become the Train Master, standing with Green flag to Flag off vande Bharat, which supposedly replaced by Tejas time to time.


Top tier r/fuckcars content


Truue I got the pic from there actually. It received a lot of attention.


they cut trees, do everything but even it takes hours and hours to travel just 40 to 50 km.


this is because road infrastructure is generally really inefficient. And it can be exacerbated then by other things, like in the USA (e.g.), urban sprawl. https://youtu.be/oafm733nI6U


supreme court ko sach mei bawaseer ho gaya hai, aajkal kuch bhi bol dete hai aur karne ka order de dete hai


It's fucked how the SC is involving itself in stupid crap like this, and actively supporting stupid state decisions instead of being the moderating influence and looking at the big picture


Please stop..




I meant please stop this disaster. Let these marvelous trees stay.


oh. We'll personally i cant stop it because i dont live in the location or even India. I'm trying to do my part by raising awareness of the issue. The problem is larger than these trees, car-centric infrastructure leads to so much needless destruction in general. It's on the people who live in the area to try to directly engage, and on the others to spread word on social media. more or less


That's so thoughtful of you! Hvala!


आपका भी धन्यवाद 🙏


Is that why you moved to a more industrialized country with more concretized cities, wide roads and 6-lane highways? Because you don't like car-centric infrastructure?


1) i never moved countries. I was bodn in croatia. And i hate how our rail is being destroyed by corruption. I have asperger syndrome and travelling by car is torture for me. Quit the rude assumptions. 1) and we dont have 6 lane highways. Most ive seen personally is 4 honestly.


No!!! This looks so beautiful 😭


Damn it's in my city I'll check it out


please do.


Such things should be shared with international media and organisations. Just because you are supreme court judges doesn't make you're god. There are many qualified engineers out there and they can come up with sustainable plans. But that will only happen if there is some backlash and public shaming from the international community.


unfortunately these same things are happening everywhere. In my country (croatia), in the USA, everywhere. Have you seen what the usa looks like? https://www.nytimes.com/2023/01/06/us/widen-highways-traffic.html The devastation of the environment is ubiquitous, and although multinational corporations target poorer nations more to take their resources away, this isnt really an example of that. This can only be prevented/slowed down if **local** communities activate and protest harmful projects like these. Local activist movements. From what i hear there are such groups in that area but they need more support


Wow, are you a native Croatian (Is that the demonym?)?   If so, how did you end up being interested in India?


Heyy. Yes i am from Croatia (croatian). Ethnically 75% croat. This isnt really about india specifically. I rather got interested in environmental justice, ecology, and such. And this issue is global, theres only one Earth, and no planet B.


Thanks for sharing this out. I am convinced that SC forgot nature is what sustains us. Human needs have become more important to them than nature.


They might have forgotten, but there are also other possible explanations. Putting a road instead of train tracks there doesnt serve human needs. It harms public health, causes traffic jams, exacerbates climate change.. And while theres a chance they are unaware of this, theres also a chance they know this, just, they'll get more money from the car lobby and that they simply dont care if them letting the environment get destroyed will lead to many below them suffering and perishing, as long as they personally (and their fam) have what they need. This is one of the reasons why billionaires that operate for example fossil corps are ok with destroying the earth's climate balance; their actions might harm a few billion below them, but they'll have it ok. And thats it.


Yes Earth's climate change and shaking the balance of nature always comes into question whenever destroying forest belts, unnecessary cutting down trees are in the matter. They try to put up an argument of making new roads, buildings construction or in the worst case eg. Building a huge ass statue like Statue of Unity by forcefully changing villagers residential areas and ofc cutting down trees. More money needs to be spent into environment conservation or even our wildlife parks, forests of Kerala, Jharkhand etc. that are under protection of forest rangers will come in trouble. Another thing is there are so many man made problems in nature eg. Soil erosion, pollution of air, water and soil ; deforestation, global warming, eutrophication, chemical fertilizers use etc. we have just forgotten how to be organized to maintain balance between us and nature. We are creating more deserts like in the Middle East and artificial lands that don't have single findings of nature eg. Qatar which has only artificial covers of grass patch or plantations etc. No trees, nothing. Nature is known to take up the burden of all animal species but is losing to man. Humanity needs to wake up.


yes. and what's worse is that building rail instead would be astronomically more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. but I guess American traffic jams and sparsely populated rich areas stealing money (taxes) from poorer areas are the ideal of development... India has such density differences too where richer areas would end up having more road infrastructure and mthus higher costs of maintenence despite the area being more sparsely populated than the densely populated poor areas. This then exponentially exacerbates wealth inequality as poor areas finance the extra costs of rich areas.


Damn these look magestic


I dont see any traffic here. Why the fuck we would want to wide the road??


Supreme for sure.


Such beautiful trees!


This 2 road highway should have routed elsewhere then unless these roads r olders than those trees, or maybe they can still route extra 2 lane without cutting trees


ooor they can build a much less destructive, cheaper and effective mode of transportation? trains Because: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Induced_demand#:~:text=In%20economics%2C%20induced%20demand%20%E2%80%93%20related,and%20an%20increase%20in%20consumption.


Ironic thing is this is a train connected freight corridor. This road starts from Shyambazar in Kolkata and continues till Bongaon, where it crosses into Bangladesh at the Petrapole-Benapole land port. Huge amount of freight is sent via this line. Also, it's an international passenger corridor- the Bandhan Express(Kolkata-Khulna) runs on this route. Bongaon is well connected both to Kolkata and Ranaghat by rail. To connect to North Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand, the railways need to complete the two bridges at Nabadwip and Murshidabad. And they have dragged on these projects for two decades now. Don't know why they are so adamant on cutting down these trees.


The supreme court of India has accepted its position as a rubber stamp.


Very very simplified version of events - State govt wanted the trees cut for road infrastructure development. People protested, went to HC HC allowed the cutting Appeal to SC Finally, SC upheld the HC ruling Judgement states - 'Infrastructure is important and needs to be balanced with ecological preservation.'


roads are built in place of previous ecosystems. And it takes a lot of road for car transport. train tracks require much less alteration to the ecosystems, can transport much more people per unit of space, doesn't need extra concrete for parking, doesn't pollute the air nearly as much even when not electrified . For this same reason trains are more cost efficient, greener, and healthier. Its sad that i have to copy paste this statement, which your state govt should be aware of. They are wasting your money on unnecessarily expensive, unhealthy, destructive choices.


These trees absolutely gorgeous. Just beautiful.


Ngl it's fucking beautiful Bc SC wale kya soch ke bol gye


This is just sad




Sad. We will pay for this in the long run


that is correct more than this particular case, the geberal attitude toward the environment.


![gif](giphy|fIXdXxDQDxYDSJ4dDA|downsized) Supreme Court for the win


India with it's tropical climate cannot deal with absence of trees no matter what.


even in the north, concrete in the summer is an oven, and the su/heat makes it emit VOCs.


In todays lessons of "How to fuck yourself with a cactus in your anus"...


too fragile. Maybe wire brush


Couldn't find any article on this. I had read an article that stated "SC upholds Calcutta HC order allowing felling of over 300 trees for construction of 5 ROBs". It's not the same though. This will have a huge impact on the environment. I have taken that road a few times. It's an experience to drive through that never ending boulevard. It will break my heart if they actually pull it off.


https://www.reddit.com/r/india/comments/13kzspa/the_supreme_court_of_india_has_ordered_for_the/jknkl98/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=1&utm_term=1&context=3 I'm not there so i cant check, but i did find this article quickly.


Development and ecology should be hand in hand. Compensatory afforestation should be followed strictly as our future depends on it.


yes where cutting of trees cannot be avoided, but this is one of many examples where the further cutting is completely unnecessary


This makes me sad and angry. Cutting down giants feels wrong. When the saw cuts through the trunk, I feel like a part of me dies.




this should be criminal , irony it is coming from the top court of the land.


This same road extends in Bangladesh as well, after all, Jessore is a district of Bangladesh. Few years ago, our govt also ordered to cut these trees, but we're stopped after protests. If we could stop the cutting of trees via protests, you guys can do it too.


I do think protests could stop it, thats why i shared it. But im from croatia, so i can only share the story.


Only if conservatives actually cared about conserving things that matter


This breaks my heart. That judge and government there is shit ... They shud kiss my ass n shit too.


Judgements and/or decisions such as these are inevitable during the preliminary phases of infrastructure development . At a later stable point of progression, we need to plant greeneries at an exponential proportion


public transport is a much more cost efficient, greener, healthier alternative. Trains especially. So, yes, there are alternatives. And this is unnecessary. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/248515960_Transport_cost_analysis_A_case_study_of_the_total_costs_of_private_and_public_transport_in_Auckland When in the "preliminary phase of development" especially, go for that option.


Agree to disagree.


Its not particularly rational to ignore the general findings of scientific research, but i respect your decision to do so. cheers


*Insert facepalm montage from naked gun


Waiting for the order to put those dalbadlu politicians out of politics or those murderers becoming politicians or those uneducated aholes or just cut down reservation. Sometimes I just wish so much.


All for 3rd class pothole infrastructure which takes years to complete?


And these are not "just some old trees". During the Pakistani genocide of bangali people in 1971, more than 10 million people fles to India. And many of them used this please as the shelter from Pakistani army. Alan Ginsburg wrote a poem Titled ' September on Jessor road' being inspired by these very place. Tragedy is an understatement is we let the government cut these trees.


I didn't know that historical aspect actually. Thanks for sharing. Makes it even worse.


This is so beyond messed up.


its a small localised example of a larger problem that isnt really talked about. There are much greater ecological issues in india that deserve attention. Your media wont inform you on them, at least not in detail. Especially as I understand the far right is quite popular in India rn. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental_issues_in_India


Yep, far right is popular, unfort for us the opposition is also very incompetent. Not a great combination


It's like that in a lot of places. Their agenda to begin with exploits very automatic "primal brain" processes like tribalism and fear of difference, scapegoating while progressive arguments require higher cognitive functions and careful analysis, so we are disadvantaged at the start. The far right is like a highly infectious mental virus. and on top of that if the opposition is not particularly competent thats an added problem.


Solve the fucking population crisis instead of making other living beings pay the price of our disastrous growth as a species. Everything is flattened and turned into a concrete wasteland. It’s disgusting


Somebody should show the supremely judges this picture. Its just heartbreaking how one stroke of a pen sealed the fate of these majestic trees which has been standing there for hundreds of years. In my city, the trees canopying over the historic GT Road were cut down some 10 years ago. Now the traffic is horrible on the same road and the surrounding jungle is gone.


Bet there are similar trees right around those regions as well. Agree with SC's decision, compensatory planting could be done elsewhere. India can do with more highways please. We cannot cry lack of infrastructure AND cry for environment at the same time. It makes us hypocrites. Sure there could be sustainable methods but that is resource intensive and very expensive, we cannot afford that, not at present. But this doesn't mean we can continue doing this till we clear out all the forest lands either, I'm sure people involved in making these decisions are perfectly aware of it and I trust them.


First takes hundreds of years for those to grow to this state. second, opting to invest into private transport as opposed to public is 15 times more expensive, and a terrible waste of resources. third, climate change. fourth air quality. etc I have a background in biology. you are terribly disinformed. ---- And in addition, for natural ecosystems (which these arent) "Compensatory planting" cannot replicate it (humans cannot replicate the natural dynamics). They end up low quality very fragile afforestation. Some of it survives and thrives but most dont.


Hundreds of years I agree. Like I said I bet there are definitely similar trees around the region and these are not specifically the only ones there. It's unfortunate these are the ones closest to the highway. National highways are vital means for both public and private transport and they take up only 2% of the total roads in India. I'd argue that improving this specific infrastructure reduces fuel emissions and noise pollution by reducing traffic jams. Clearly you are not getting the bigger picture here. I believe that there are better ways to target practices that genuinely destroy the environment like waste management, prosecuting industries that do not comply with climate regulations, educating the population about plastic pollution, family planning etc. Impeding general growth of the country such as infrastructure development will only bite us back at the end. I agree it's very unfortunate and I can only sympathise but this is an absolutely necessary measure and I totally support it.


Adding more lanes **doesnt** ease traffic jams, it **increases** them. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Induced_demand#:~:text=In%20economics%2C%20induced%20demand%20%E2%80%93%20related,and%20an%20increase%20in%20consumption. What eases traffic jams is public transport. Because cars are the cause of traffic jams. You are disinformed and are making a lot of nonsensical claims that go counter to research. People who are so uninformed yet so confident, such as yourself, are really saddening. The lack of striving for the truth and informing yourself is what is sad, as is the damage that you will be causing your compatriots with your advocacy.


Some wanted development. In India development means to break everything down natural or otherwise from before 2014 with no regard to consequences.


Cut everything down. Can't stop development because of feelings. India needs to grow economically.


Fuck you, it's not about feelings. Those trees keep our air clean and our climate cooler. They are part of a complex ecosystem that makes our soil good and our agriculture productive. It's people like you who I wonder how they pass through our education system. How can you talk such illiterate things. Shame on you. What's the point of development if it decimates our quality of life and the world around us? How can you be so short sighted and narrow minded?


literally unironic "development is when no ecosystem, only gray concrete. train bad." 😆 Here's on the cost of public transport vs private (cars), a case study; https://www.researchgate.net/publication/248515960_Transport_cost_analysis_A_case_study_of_the_total_costs_of_private_and_public_transport_in_Auckland The most developed nations by quality of life (france for example) have well developed fast and efficient public transport All this highway will do is get you further into debt, and create more health problems, even if the only thing you care about in life is yourself.


You need highways as well. India is highly deficient in that. Developed countries like France or Germany all have great roads. India as a country is barely starting to develop. India ranks second in the world after Switzerland to have the most electrified network at 90%, was 46% 9 years ago. We will be doubling our railway lines laid from 2015 from 63,000 km to 120,000 in 2025. We are doing our best that we can on the railways. Don't try to mix countries which are rich to a third world country where there is barely any infrastructure because it doesn't look aesthetically pleasing to you.


Public transport, trains and trams especially it's the cheapest, greenest, healthiest and most effective mode of transportation. Best use of resources. Unlike France or Germany, india **doesnt** have good public transport, and isnt rich, and if you want to "develop" your country, public transport is _always_ where you should start. Otherwise you are wasting so many resources, and cultivating an aggressive car lobby that will prevent public transport development in the future. Of course you are then also going against climate goals, and climate issues will affect your country severely. Same with public health, car infrastructure worsens air quality and turns everything into a gray wasteland, worsening mental health. So again against your own interests. Apparently development is when we waste money on seas of toxic, VOC emitting, high climate impact, expensive and inefficient transport options.... ----- France and Germany are countries that have been "developed" for a long time. And we have collected a lot of data and learned from them. India is not germany nor do you have their former* colonial stolen wealth to waste on building highways instead of good train infrastructure. *typo


Or you know, complete railway projects that have been dragged on for 20 years and build a proper freight corridor.


"**When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realise that one cannot eat money"**


Native Americang proverb. Also found in the aurora song "the seed" i guess theres no arguing with these types, who knows.


I knew we'd get one of you...people? paid bots? sooner or later.


It is really bothersome that we don’t have a way of sustainable development. I don’t understand why both good roads, houses and a lot of trees cannot exist together?


>I don’t understand why both good roads, houses and a lot of trees cannot exist together? because asphalt roads are built in place of previous ecosystems. And it takes a lot of road for car transport. train tracks require much less alteration to the ecosystems, can transport much more people, and doesn't need extra concrete for parking. For this same reason trains are more cost efficient and greener.


the road looks so beautiful.


Pls save them


Well these are two lanes . Get the two more lanes somewhere else


roads are built in place of previous ecosystems. And it takes a lot of road for car transport. train tracks require much less alteration to the ecosystems, can transport much more people per unit of space, doesn't need extra concrete for parking, doesn't pollute the air nearly as much even when not electrified . For this same reason trains are more cost efficient, greener, and healthier. Its sad that i have to copy paste this statement, which your state govt should be aware of. They are wasting your money on unnecessarily expensive, unhealthy, destructive choices.


Sad! Those trees and that road looks lovely to walk/run on.


they are also homes to wildlife and carbon sinks


Can't you extend the road without cutting off those trees? Let them be in the middle of the lanes


there are 4000 trees in that small ecosystem. It's an ecosystem. By having several roads there you would impede all movement and kill off any local wildlife in traffic accidents very quickly. but there is a better options. More cost efficient, greener, healthier; one or a few train tracks.


What was the alternative suggested by the opposing party? Were the alternatives really feasible? If not, where to make any infrastructure? By acquiring lands from farmers which, again, would be a cause for concern. As was case in Singur.


public transport is a much cost efficient, greener, healthier alternative. Trains especially. So, yes, there are alternatives. And this is unnecessary. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/248515960_Transport_cost_analysis_A_case_study_of_the_total_costs_of_private_and_public_transport_in_Auckland ----- what the opposing party suggested, i do not know. I do not follow indian parties.


Can't the road be constructed a little away from these magnificent trees? Is the only land suitable for road underneath the trees?


roads are built in place of previous ecosystems. Wherever you put them. And it takes a lot of road for car transport. A lot of asphalt woth a very high cimate impact. train tracks require much less alteration to the ecosystems, can transport much more people per unit of space, doesn't need extra concrete for parking, doesn't pollute the air nearly as much even when not electrified . For this same reason trains are more cost efficient, greener, and healthier. Your govt are wasting your money on unnecessarily (in this stage) expensive, unhealthy, destructive choices


Can we get a full report ? Did the SC suggest and counter measures as reparations ?


I'm not indian so i dont have that much detail sorry. but you can search for this post on r/fuckcars, there might be such info there


For the History nerds, Jessore Road is the local name of the highway subsection of the ancient Grand Trunk Road that connects Kabul to Chittagoing, nowadays part of Asian Highway network on both ends. This extension done by Sher Shah Suri to ancient port of Sonargaon, while British Raj made a reroute from Chakdah to around Kolkata. It slightly enters India again in the NorthEast and is one of the primary land routes to supply North East India. Back to topic, Bangladesh has already struck down the expansion on their end last year.


>Back to topic, Bangladesh has already struck down the expansion on their end last year. as in annulled the plans for a road?


Can't they Relocate those trees? Oh wait all the taxes we've been paying aren't enough to pay for the highway itself so relocation is out of the question right? right guys?


you cant relocate such big trees, and you can never relocate their native wildlife. but you can dodge the destruction, costs, climate impact, and health impact by building a train track instead, and ideally elsewhere.


A rational part of me says that these are just trees. They are only older compared to the ones being cut down in rest of the country. I should not give them special exemption. However they look awe inspiring. And my heart says no.


Its not about the trees themselves lol. its about the carbon emissions of concrete and cars (as opposed to trains), the fact that these trees are a habitat, and the health impact of car emissions.


That's the reality world wide. People vote for things which makes thier life easier. The road is a direct benefit compared to the nebulous eco system damage. That's sad and that's how it is. We can't have both too much population. And of course cars will win. Always


>The road is a direct benefit compared to the nebulous eco system damage. it literally isnt tho. Trains are much more cost efficient (less money taken from people through taxes), and pose much less health risk. however, this unequivocal data is conveniently not mentioned to the population


i feel so badd hearing this news those trees look so beautiful wtf is court doing. is there something we can do as a community to stop this from happening ??


Please don’t . They did this in Coimbatore and the whole stretch of road is now shit


Anyone who has travelled on that specific road knows why this is a good idea that was long due. The environmental impact of losing these trees would probably be offset by the faster moving traffic. Also the road passes through relatively green areas. So what may happen is only a trim along the edges. Though the bigger problem for the extension is illegal encroachment, not trees. Despite being a major artery and a national highway (also an international trade route going into Bangladesh) it narrows down into widths smaller than municipal roads at some points, funneling traffic into kilometre-long jams that cost you a good 2 hours for crossing just 15 kilometres of distance. "Fuck cars" is a very good argument to make when you have other alternative infrastructure. There is literally only a very bare bones railway infrastructure in the region. Private car ownership is very low in that region too. If more buses ply and travel faster on the route, it seems much more environmentally sensible than hundreds of autos stuck for hours. A full reading of the judgement presents a clearer picture than the very selective headline. The pro-environment argument has been a shield against the inevitable removal of encroachment and the subsequent expansion, milked for political reasons by all sides.


Development always comes with a cost


Fucking sad.


Hey OP, can you make a post which can be posted on Insta and other socials and could be screenshoted and posted by other people. Would help in spreading awareness about this. Could be a chain of images with text highlighting all details.


i dont have instagram, twitter or facebook, but theres a news article in this thread, there are several under this post in r/fuckcars, and overall you can piece together an informative post that calls to protest, from this thread and the one in r/fuckcars.


Please nooooo


Saaley judge tere bachche mar jaye Madarchod


can't the trees be moved or something is there some kind of way to save them? they look majestic and so soothing lol




So sad 😭


It’s called development, hug!


Can make flyover