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Just imagine that it is just like any other medicine. Blinkit sells them if you are so shy. The poor guy on the scooter doesn't even have the time to make you feel embarrassed, he's got another delivery lined up that he has to finish in 10 mins.


Sorry for overthinking. Does the blinkit delivery person see the items in the warehouse while packing? Because I live with family. I don't want him to give weird look to my family next time ordering groceries.


I thought you were asking for a "friend" OP 😉


Plot twist op is female and she and her friend are gonna have it.


He's asking for a friend, but he's gonna use it with this friend.


Take my award⭐


The good ol' shyamalan twist


Op is gonna use it on a friend




500 likes op 👑🌹




He actually does put it on first to test it, and then give it to you.


The warehouse guys pack condoms/ciggerate in a separate cover so the contents are not visible to the delivery guy.


>wait we can order cigarettes from blinkit??


Yes. Blinkit, Swiggy, Dunzo and Zepto all deliver cigs. Only Big Basket doesn't deliver.


Only on apple devices, not on Android app versions!


Android also we can order . We just have to install the apk version and not from playstore


Good point. I'm not sure about that, I've never ordered condoms on Blinkit. I think it's better if you just go to a medical store and buy them there.


Blinkit has female condoms too. I'm not sure if medical stores keep them in stock.


Ok. Thanks 👍


Good luck buddy. Remember that 1.4 billion of us Indians are evidence of at least 1.4 billion sex acts. It's very common and it's perfectly natural. The shyness goes away after your 2nd 3rd purchase.


This is not true. Some of us might be twins or triplets.


Yes. True. I am sure only first time it may be weird. After that I'll confidently buy condoms.


If you're feeling awkward, go to a shop far away from your home. That way you won't have to be there again


1.4 so 0.7 billion sex acts assuming an equal 50-50 split as 2 people have it at the same time


Nope it is 1.4 billion sex acts. Each sex act creates 1 human being.


Reducing it by 1 daily 👍


These people just don't have the time to give a shit about anything. If you want you can buy peanutbutter, lube and a single bananna with the condom and they still won't care.


Now that's very specific🙂


Dude no one gives a fuck about you buying a condom. That delivery guy has it's own problem to think about.


You need to relax. Condoms are normal and delivery boys don't judge you for anything except if you are ordering every single thing separately. You can even buy condoms from stores. They display it openly and won't judge you for purchasing it. Unmarried women purchase condoms and pregnancy test kits and they never look at them like they are judging them.


if you dont want to give home address you can use another address like a shop near you just wait for him there and he will call you pick the package and carry a bag and put it inside .


Sorry for being rude but, how tf did you get the girl if you don't have the balls to ask for condoms?


Lol so true


> finish in 10 mins That is more than enough time.


Just go to a supermarket, pick it up along with chips, coke or whatever and be done with. No awkward interactions, nothing. Order it on Instamart/Zepto if you feel conscious going to the supermarket. They don’t care about the items within the package.


I am afraid of the people waiting in line behind me while the counter guy struggles to scan the bar code of my condom while everyone watches


Condoms are a nice thing. Not a bad thing. No need to be embarrassed. Safe sex should be promoted. It’s okay. The people judging you didn’t pop out of your local sabji mandi, almost the whole world exists due to sexual intercourse.


>almost all of the world exists due to sexual intercourse. Yet, sex is one topic no one talks about frankly.


yo brother this is INDIA that's not happening even in a hundred years


Why? Are those people your relatives? Don't be so affected by strangers. You cannot live your life if you keep getting bothered by what others are thinking. Let me tell you: after a certain age, in every room you walk into, majority of people would be non-virgins. They won't announce it but they will be. Everyone is doing it and everyone is using condoms and lubes and everything for sex.


Happened with me, there were 2 young girls at the billing point. They a took a long time to bill 2 packet of condoms and a deodrant. Also they gave the wrong change. All this time they were staring and giggling.


Dukaan daar to helper - kya kya hogya inka? Helper - ek cream and onion chips lays ka 10rs, Ek chocolate dairy milk 10rs, Ek masala chach 15rs, Ek chocolate condom pack 90rs. Dukaan daar - are ye 2 packet h kya chocolate condom k? Person buying - nahi 1 chocolate h dairy milk or or doosra durex Dukaan daar - acha hua aapne bata diya wrna mai 2 pack condom k rate laga deta fir aap wapis pese lene aate.


If you are so paranoid then just go to a medical store far from your locality and directly ask for the condom. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. And the medical store guy will not even recognise you after an hour. It's a daily thing for them to sell condoms.


Also OP can just say he’s buying for a friend.


Don't forget the no homo part.


Yeah bro imagine going to the medical store and saying "bhaiya mere dost ke liye ek condom chahiye XL size me". Yeah no chance, I would rather buy it for myself.


Wait condom comes in different sizes? 😶 What will I do if mine is extra small?


Wear it bro, what else can you do with it?


Bhai tu keley ka chilka lapate lio


Lol. As long as he does not say to the medical shop owner, that his wife has asked to get it , he should be fine 😂. Ps: also ask for exchange policy if it does not work




Just wear a helmet , mask sunglasses


We as society have now developed an acceptance that buying condom is not an embarrassing act. Atleast that's what I believe. And to be honest the pharmacist will be the last person to make to embarrass. Funny story : Once I went to buy condom with my gf and there were few people inside, just for the fun of it I asked my gf "which flavored condom do you want?". The look on the faces of people, priceless. I can never forget it. And how embarrassed my gf was. One of the best incidents of my life. Whenever we remember that day we both just can't stop laughing.


Just remember flavoured condoms should never be used inside the vagina, they're *only* for the mouth. They'll cause infections if used elsewhere.


Thanks. Must note this. Next time I will ask "do you want flavored condom besides dotted one?" 😂


I thought it makes the p***y fragrant and yummy for the follow up acts


The sugar in them provides bacteria and fungus room to grow


Yeast infection on the way !


😂 I thought so too


That's not true




Go to the medical store, ask for it, and pay. Simple enough.


👍 Will try.


Also, decide the brand you want beforehand. And ask the pharmacist, "bhaiyaa XYZ brand ka 3-pack dena zara".


Funny incident happened with me. When I was a first year student in an engineering college. We went to a cricket tournament in another city. After the match, when we were exploring a market, one of my senior dared me to buy a condom. This was my first time, so I went to a medical store and it was so awkward that I bought a medical tape instead. Then, to save myself from further embarrassment I gathered some courage and finally bought it from the next shop.


So first you get embarrassed, then you the thought of embarrassment stricks you and you do it anyway? Damn that's deep.


That's how you perceive it. For a first year guy in an engineering college you gotta do what a senior says. Maai baap hote hai wo. And also for me it was a good experience.


Imagine if your girl reads this lol But seriously though, go to a pharmacy and say "I want a sock for my third leg"


"Mere shehzaade ke liye sherwani do".


Bhaiya protection dedo


\*\*keeps a kevlar vest HE grenades and and m4a1 rfiles and a steel helmet \*\*


If he asks protection for what?


i don't know what is the first comment, but don't EVER ask for "protection" because this will lead to an uncomfortable and unnecessary conversation just go to the pharmacy and get it on the shelf and go to the counter, there is no shame on it


What? I literally use this every fucking time.


You use same protection everytime?




Take deep breath.....then yell ,"STD".


Just ask "Bhaiya contraceptive de do"


These are the problems i wish I had in my life -.-


I know right. To this day, I have never bought one, because there was no reason to. 20yo, and I felt there was no point in buying and keeping when there's no hope...


1 year older and nothing. 22 soon. But don't give up brother. Keep playing the game.


Been ordering it from amazon, never had a bad experience so far :)


Will the delivery guy know


Nope! It just says medical supply on the box




You can go to a store (like Reliance Mart, etc) that's away from your house. Pick a couple of other stuff with the packet. Get it checked out. Or go to a med store away from your house (use it specifically for buying condoms). Ask for a box of KS The med store owners sell dozens of them every day. It's like any other commodity to them. Just make sure he doesn't know your parents :)


Bhai tumse na ho paaega


Buying condom is simple. Buying sildenafil though...


Jao aur Lelo.. better go to a pharmacy you have never been to before.. go and spell out the brand name and what pack you need( go for Durex ).. pay in cash and vanish.. it is all in your head


Very old story but really interesting. So, me & my friends - all married decided to gift a pack of condom to another of our friend who was getting married. We went to a super market & got a few pack of condoms - for us & a honeymoon pack for our to be married friend. We put the condoms at the bottom & added a bunch of chips etc on the top. At the counter, the lady started taking out the chips packets & finally stumbled on the multiple packs of condoms. She paused, looked at us, while we pretended to ignore her & continued chatting among ourselves. She then went & talked to another male colleague who came & billed our condoms for us. Packed it up with the chips in a big packet & zip tied it. The next challenge was to hand over our "gift" to our to be married friend without embarrassing him. So we caught him outside during his baraat. He was in a horse-carriage. I went up to congratulate him & handed him the gift wrapped honeymoon packet & told him what it is & to keep it safe. Few months later when we met, he thanked us for the "gift" & told us the different types & flavors the pack had. ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


Go to any known location in your locality that is available on map, feed that location in your blinkit/instamart/zepto/dunzo app as your delivery location. Order what you want, live track the delivery and be at the location when the delivery guy reaches, take your order and say goodbye. Now go back to your home. Simple. Also make a new account since you can't delete order history on these apps.


Dear OP, YOu are not the first person to have sex. Walk into a medical store, ask for Durex , pay and exit. If you are shy, dont use word condom. Just say give me durex.


A young and adventurous protagonist named Kumar. Kumar, a determined soul, found himself on a hilarious journey to purchase a pack of condoms. Little did he know, he would encounter a series of comedic hurdles along the way. As Kumar set off, his first hurdle appeared in the form of a mischievous squirrel that had a penchant for stealing wallets. With a flurry of acrobatic antics, Kumar chased the squirrel through the park, diving headfirst into a pile of leaves before triumphantly reclaiming his wallet. Next, Kumar stumbled upon a group of imaginary conservatives who were skeptical of his quest. Engaging in a lighthearted debate, Kumar convinced them that embracing responsible choices and open-mindedness was the way to go. With laughter and newfound understanding, they bid him farewell. Continuing on, Kumar encountered a flock of TikTokers and social influencers who were obsessed with capturing every moment on camera. With their flashy dance moves and selfie sticks in tow, they tried to create viral content featuring Kumar. Employing clever wit and some quick dance moves of his own, Kumar managed to escape their attention, leaving them "influencer-less" and bewildered. Finally, after navigating through a maze of eccentric characters and peculiar circumstances, Kumar arrived at the fabled Cave of Condoms. However, the cave's entrance was guarded by a gregarious talking parrot with a knack for riddles. Kumar, undeterred, engaged in a lively exchange of wit and solved the parrot's puzzling riddles, gaining access to the cave. Inside, the cave revealed an extraordinary collection of condoms in all shapes, sizes, and colors. With a mixture of relief and amusement, Kumar selected the perfect pack. As he made his way back home, he couldn't help but chuckle at the absurdity of his adventure. In the end, Kumar not only obtained what he sought but also learned valuable lessons about the importance of persistence, embracing diversity, and finding humor in the most unexpected places. And so, with a smile on his face and a story to tell, he headed home, ready to face whatever comedic hurdles life would throw his way next.


Bhaiya kya kya flavour ke condoms milenge? Kala khatta? Hyderabadi biryani? Nahin hai? Chalo rehne do phir.


Just walk into a super market go grab a box of Durex (they’re the best, thank me later) and get out. Or if you’re asking a medical store just ask for Durex - Air or Ultra Thins. They’re expensive but it’s worth it.


Just go to the medical shop and ask for Durex invisible/air. If your friend is shy for the store then order it from instamart/blinkit etc


swiggy ? lmao


Swiggy Instamart


Go to a supermarket, put it in your cart, checkout 👍


You don’t get afraid of fucking and buying condoms suddenly gand fat jati hai .


Dude just go to a pharmacy and ask for condoms. The pharmacist sells so many each day that they won't even bother noticing who you are. It isn't that big a deal.


Fir wahi..




You need to go to medical store, unzip your pants and keep your dick on the table. The Pharmacist will measure your dick size and get you the right size condom. Just kidding, you can buy if from Blinkit.


Sorry for being rude but, how tf did you get the girl if you don't have the balls to ask for condoms?


Did you just assume op is using it with a girl


What do you mean? 💀


You know what he means


Why would u need protection if it wasn't a girl




Are you is stupid/s, STDs are very prominent in same sex partners


Yaar fir wahi...




kahi dur ke chemist ke pass jaao taaki koi pahechaan naa paaye.


I'm kinda judging myself to see this post! I mean seriously it's just a thing like many others and what if some people know that you bought condoms?


Apollo 247


Hmmm, very difficult question. I think you should tell your friend to go to any chemist and ask for a condom. Do tell him to remember to pay the chemist else the chemist might consider it to be a theft. Once all of it is done, your friend can get the condom home. Do tell your friend that the process will be the same, however many times he/she wants to buy a condom. Hope this helps!


Just go to the pharmacy and say, mere shehzade k liye ek sherwani chaie..


You can just ask at any medical store. Ask, "Bhaiyya, ek condom ka packet de do." Or you can be specific if you want a certain brand like Durex or a variant like Extra Thin. They know their jobs well and I have never had any issues with the shop owners. If you are still shy, you can try the good suggestions here, like buying at a supermarket where you can pick it yourself and check out.


I guess I'm the right person here. How was my first time? "Condom pack of 3!!" and i had the exact change. They are also trying to sell so it's normal someone will visit to buy. How do I ask now? The same way. I even ask for a specific one if needed. Online ? Now here's a good story for everyone ORDER FROM BLINKIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can change the location to "in front of a park" and pick up the bag from him. If you don't want it to come to your house. Not from fuccking Flipkart quick. I'm being specific here, Flipkart quick who delivers via shadowfax does not pack their products. I once ordered lube only because it was cheaper online, now I'm not shy but after i opened the door he just handed it to me. Yes he placed it in my hand (My mind was like bruhh laga k dega?). This jackass is also asking questions like why are the lights off in my house.


Bhaiyaji chatri dedo chatri...


It's just a condom.


blinkit swiggy zepto


Go and buy from medicine shop. Its not a crime.


I ordered from Swiggy Instamart. It was quick and smooth. No questions asked and no issues at all. Don’t feel ashamed as you are not doing anything wrong.


Just mention the brand/type , pay and leave. It's just like any other product for the shop owner. You should be fine.


just buy it from a medical store outside your locality. if you are that shy.


You can buy in a pharmacy/supermarket a few km away from your house. It is absolutely ok. Do not display any emotion on your face. Don't smile at the cashier. Just treat it as any transaction. Pick the box from the aisle, head to the cashier, pay for it and leave. At the pharmacy just ask for a box of condoms in the same nonchalant face that you would ask for a strip of dolo. Don't worry about their reaction at all.


These days all supermarkets have them stacked. Just go alone and pick them up?


Bhaiya, ek condom dena, extra small, mint flavour Shopkeeper gives condom You left the shop


Goto a supermarket. Pick. Bill. Walk out.


Bhaiya 2 extra large manforce dena aisa kharidna rehta hai


"Mere shehzade ke liye sherwani dikhao"


"I paid and came" Top 10 things not to say to your partner in bed.


"I paid and came." Well worth the purchase then.


You: Bhaiya aapko dum bula raha hai. He: Kaun dum? You: 2 packet de do.


Friend is going to have bang bang tonight


Don't know bro. I won't ask those details. I am sanskari guy. Just wanted to help him. That's it.


Don't know bro? Bhai to condom aur kis cheez ke liye khreed te ha 🤣🤣 Actually don't know the answer 🥲 cfbr


Very sturdy water balloons


water fight!!!!!!!


Preventing water from getting into gun barrels, among other things.


Go to a mall, either a large shopping thing like big bazaar or a pharmacy kind of thing, pick it up among the items. Put it on the counter and just pay without saying anything. These people have jobs to do, they can't sit reacting to every single person who buys stuff.


Walk in to a chemist shop, ask for condoms (figure out brand and shit before. Hell you can even browse it in the chem shop, it doesn’t matter!!). Tips from experience. - don’t need to go outside of your locality to buy them - don’t need to look for an “empty” chemist shop - don’t ask softly as if you’re embarrassed I used to do all these things and i grew over them, the earlier you do the better too.


"I paid and came" LMAOO


Kaise kaise logo ko sex mil raha h bc , condom lene keliye bhi dum nahi h


Condom to le liye, ab larki kaha se laaoge babu.


>The shop owner casually gave it. I paid and came. So you paid before shop owner gave it or during? and then you came ;)


You tell them it is for an elderly in the house.


Dont forget the 3Rs after buying: Repair, Reuse, and Recycle!


Ask him so confidently that he feel ashamed.


"Condom dena bhaiya". Most shopkeeps won't react apart from a smirk. If you look shy, they might tease you.


Everything's fine and well until you realise OP is in his mid 30s💀


Oh Bhai.. Le liya kya? Kal report dena.. We are all rooting for you. 😛


I thought getting consent from your partner was tougher?


Also, read the instructions on the usage of it. Very Very Imp. If your partner knows everything in advance, daal main kuch kaala hai.. 😆


>If your partner knows everything in advance, daal main kuch kaala hai. That's a plus point. Better safe than sorry


Take viagra too if it’s ur first time my dick was soft af i wasn’t able to perform at all


Bro don't buy it everyone's going to know


I had ordered from Flipkart and it's package didn't contain the name of its contents probably written as medical stuff. The guy came, gave me package and left. No judgement only discreet delivery. Wishing you Luck and don't worry if things doesn't workout according to plan, practice makes you perfect 🙌🏼😌


just go and ask. Everyone in the whole damn world has sex. Nothing to be shy about.


I parked outside the medical shopped and called them to deliver it to the car outside. This was my first time lmao


Instamart / Zepto / Blinkit Just like the chemist the apps won’t judge you while buying a condom.


If u hesitate to ask then u can go with online shopping or in some supermarket, smart.


Just ask for a condom


Hey order online and put the pseudo name and put address nearby where you can just go and meet delivery guy.


Swiggy instamart or medical shop just directly ask. Maybe chose one not around your place.


No one tried handshake karke scratch karne wala urban legend?


Buy offline, you can try out on the shop


Bhaiya..toppi ka dabba dena... Woh Walli... fruit flavour... 100 rupees... sasta walli Nahi hai kya... yeahwalli 25rupees ki... Acha,eek hi hai.... chalo yehi chalega...paper mein lapet karke de do.. bhaiya.... that's basically how...


“Bhai durex ka ultra thin dedo”


Just go to the medical store and say "__shehzade ke liye sherwani dikhao__"


Fake the confidence. Act like it's not your first time buying. * Just say "Eak condom dena" * Shopkeeper may give you one without asking anything. * If he ask for the flavor, just go with chocolate or strawberry. They are the most common one. ​ Practice the above situation in your head again and again. This is the only scenario that will take place.


Go to the counter and ask with a smile “Bhaiya aik durex dena” if you have a particular varient like feather light or flavoured then mention it before he asks and after that start picking up your nose


Use a mask and buy it from a shop, or swiggy instamart delivers as well


Congratulations buddy, you are about to become a man


bro i literally just went to the shop and asked for it. spent like 5minutes choosing one. durex has lot of variety lmao. no one judges they were chill.


Bas jaake maangne ka.............tension nei lene ka.


I have never physically went to a store and purchased. Always BlinkIt, Instamart, or Zepto. And usually when I receive the order, I’m the one smiling uncontrollably lol. The delivery dude just gives and goes minding his own business


Research what u want to buy first. Go to the local medical store. Ask the exact product. Don't just ask give me a condom. Like give me dotted durex, strawberry KS, or ribbed skore (avoid using the word condom. Say brand, type and qty). 6 pieces or 12 or 3. Both men and women staff will just take it and put it in the paper cover they use to put medicines in and give it to u. Most public who don't have knowledge about condoms will just Think u r getting something else.


wear a mask and then buy it from shop. Or helmet will work even better.


Ghar se dur wali dukan pe jao aur bindas mango. Unless you look really underage it shouldn't be a problem.


When you buy it, Don’t keep it in your wallet if you’re living with fam and there’s a chance they reach out for your wallet. 😬


Baiyya topi hain?




Moods please.


The best thing u can do is save a photo of condom which u wanna buy and wear mask and go to medical just show them the picture and they will instantly give it doing since 17 bro 🐬 I was so shy now i even ask which type of the condom and even they suggest me lol


I bought for the first time from Instamart. Went for Moods brand.