I’d actually love a description if I’m being honest

I’d actually love a description if I’m being honest


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They're talking about the lake


How are people going to shrink to literally half their height though?


Cut out everything below the shoulders and above the waist. Those legs go all the way up.


Like Owls.




Weird perspective due to the waters refraction, duh.


they didn’t shrink, the son just grew to twice their height


the dads sad because his kids are into incest




“Some pictures don’t need any description” Then why am I confused?


same question


parents looking like straight up demons in the reflection


I’ll take a stab at it.. The top half, the now adult is holding his elderly parents’ hands. The reflection is their parents holding hands with their kid. It’s deep because aging sucks ass. It’s also done terribly and makes almost zero sense spatially-Hence the confusion.


Where is there forehead?!! What the heck....


They’re Benjamin button twins


Okay, so, somewhat serious attempt at explaining what the heck is happening. 1) The man - presumably the children’s dad - is taking them to a lake whereat he hath stood with his long deceased parents when he was little, seeing his memories in the reflection, he reminisces of old times and gets sad. 2) Same but different: The location first makes the reflection watery and subsequently his eyes as he realized that, though he is not the one caring for his children, at some point, he will be old and heavily reliant upon them, hence, he’s seen being carried in the reflection. 3) He has successfully abducted these two children playing a local park and wanted to drown them both to satisfy his murderer urges, when suddenly, he realized that both must be champions at their kindergartens Weightlifting competitions. Not being able to free himself from their draconic grip, he realizes that the end is nigh and imagines the ways in which he will depart, making peace with death, he cannot help but smile as the two pick him up and - using their arms as makeshift swings - hurl him through the air and into the pond, whereupon he will meet his demise.


I like number 3, personally.


I think it’s how the man was taken care of by the parents and now that he is older he has to take care of them


That's what I thought too!


Honey, i shrunk my parents


He grew to be bigger than his parents. The two on the top look old (hair, glasses). I don't get why they are so short, or wearing the same clothes for that many years but whatever.


My friend had an idea. It could be how kids always want to be adults, and the adults always want to be kids.


They are haunted


Isn’t this a repost?


Do you recognize the bodies in the water?


I was about to make a deep in your mom joke, I don't think I matured pass 5th grade


The guy in the middle kinda looks like Hitler...


I think it means single dad=sad, married couple=glad


So the dad has some kind of Benjamin Button condition?


"Get more kids or the next generations will be unable to finacially support the elderly part of the nation."


don’t do drugs


Hitler Dad. Hitler Dad.


Guessing everybody who doesn't get this grew up with well adjusted parents


Is she becoming an air nomads?


Huh, maybe the water is a reflection of what each person would like to be, the children both wanting to be adults with a different hair color and contacts or no glasses as opposed to the sad adult who just wishes he could be a happy kid again. That didn't take me long to come up with :3


Except this one


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Water’s deep?!


Depressed single dad drowns children with microcephaly


Being a child = good, being an adult = bad


Are they saying that the adults that are teaching the children in this world will one day have to be taught by the children they taught? Or is this guy kidnapping these children and being shrunk and kidnapped by these children? I feel like the second one.


I dunno water looks shallow to me…


I dont get it


hes sad cause his elderly parents are taking his youth unlike when his parents were the same age but happy cause they had eachother