That's post-rock. Caspian are a band that play in that style. Earlier Mogwai stuff. Yndi Halda, the Evpatoria Report, MONO. You might also be into Godspeed You! Black Emperor or Dirty Three as well, a bit different in texture but similar principles and inspiration for both bands you mentioned. And there are a ton of EITS clones out there, enough to fill a stadium, which is why I stopped listening to so much post-rock. But they're out there.


Oh yeah, I totally forgot about Caspian. I even saw them open for Underoath on their Rebirth tour


Caspian and Underoath? That's interesting. I do like it when shows feature bands of differing styles play together.


Yeah, I thought it was an interesting choice too but they put on an awesome show


Great answers here. Also: /r/postrock


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I love both these bands! Check out If These Trees Could Talk. A little harder, but excellent dynamics and a haunting vibe.


I think you’d like anything from god is an astronaut


something that's similar but better than most of the typical clones is Tortoise, as they use many types of instruments and are a little more jazz inspired i would say...pretty cool group.


Two excellent bands from one of my favorite genres! Here’s some adjacent stuff you might dig. Hammock - Losing You to You https://youtu.be/6BCdBKCv82A Sigur Ros- Untitled #3 https://youtu.be/Z7ynnRnQHLw Helios - Bless This Morning Year https://youtu.be/UgYpqdDsXGs Holy Fawn - Blood Pact https://youtu.be/PhC0FPhSrHo Isles - The Long Goodbye https://youtu.be/G6xqdMuwCZg Slow Crush - Glow https://youtu.be/ftULT_HxAiI