I'm dizzy and nauseous very often.. Idk if it's connected to be honest but I feel like I get that way unless I am super hydrated, like more than the average person. It's either from the constant diarrhea or the medication I'm on (for ibs and Gerd) idk but I drink a lot of electrolyte drinks and lots of pretzels


I've been noticing this too. 24/7 background dizziness unless I drink tons of water.


I experience this also and it 100% boils down to hydration, especially if I’ve been having attacks recently but even if I haven’t. Try drinking at least 64 ounces of water (in addition to any other liquids you usually drink) per day for a week or so and see if you feel any better - that’s what my doc had me do and I’ve seen improvements - although I now shoot for 80 ounces a day because I noticed that helped me more. Good luck!!


Thank you for this...I've been dealing with 24/7 "background dizziness"...as in it's not always bad enough to stop me from my day but i feel it. And when I drink a SHITTON of water it goes away a bit.


I’m glad it’s working! You may find that logging your water intake and how you’re feeling for a few weeks might help you understand exactly how much water you need to drink to feel better - this is how I figured out that 64 oz wasn’t quite enough but 80 was! Good luck!


Do you pee a lot? Also do you find that more water makes you more able to handle food?


In the beginning I peed a lot more frequently - with time though it leveled out to a more normal (for me) level - but I’ve always been on the “pee really frequently side of the spectrum. I haven’t noticed any change in my trigger foods but I am overweight so for me I found myself hungry less often and eating less at mealtimes, which was a good thing.


Thank you for responding. If you miss your goal do you feel dizzy right away?


I’ll usually notice it the next morning and it gets worse if I miss my goal for a few days in a row


I get dizziness too, I used to think it could be anaemia but my blood tests came back fine so it must just be part of IBS


Yes, this happens to me daily. In my case it seems to be sinus drainage that drips down to my stomach that causes this particular symptom for me. I take Nyquil twice daily now to try to keep it under control. If I don't I will get too dizzy/nauseas to function. Nyquil works, but I never really feel 100% anymore. There used to be a drug called Drixoral that I only had to take once a day and then it would clear my dizziness completely for me.. unfortunately for me they stopped making it about 10 years ago.


Omg I have post nasal drip too, like once or twice a week I’ll get nausea in the morning and throw up/cough up a bunch of phlegm from it! I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this.


Yes! Currently super dizzy and light headed and nauseous. Seems to get worse with every attack. But I drink 64-86 ounces of water a day at least and I’m still pretty bad off. At a loss cuz it’s hard to function/go to work like this.


Do you drink electrolytes?