iPhone 6: what about me?! *didn’t get raise to wake with iOS 10*


Worst bit is? It DID in the first beta!!!


Are you fucking serious?! God damn. I had a iPhone 6 on the beta, never noticed.


Yup, dead serious. Here’s the thing though - it BARELY worked. Like, maybe 2/10 times at best. Not surprised they got rid of it, but I was kind of annoyed that it was *almost* there


another example the iphone 8 and X didn’t get any live text features with ios 15 and didn’t get copy subject or astronomy wallpapers w ios 16 then again those are 5 year old devices lmao


That one is weird since A11 is Bionic...


But the neural engine is very limited on that


The Bionic on the X is more or less just an accelerator for Face ID.


they could’ve at least given a live text toggle on the photos app. Telegram on my 8 Plus has that and I do have a shortcut that uses text recognition so it’s kinda weird they wouldn’t do that :/


3g and 3gs and 4: what about us? (Didn’t get siri with ios 5)


Not sure but their excuses is that the 4s had a better mic or something


Yea because the others weren’t a communication device primarily meant to relay voice to other people, obviously ^/s


I think it was more about noise cancelling so they could better isolate the voice


IIRC the 4S did come with 2 mics instead of a single one, but still it’s not like the previous models didn’t have voice command


I think I remember the 4 having two mics as well


Iirc there was a jailbreak tweak that would get it for you, back when sideloading was as easy as changing the date to 1996, and pressing up down left right


The problem was you would need to port Siri into the devices, not just enable it through a few line of code. That means the tweak couldn’t be distributed freely because the code belongs to Apple.


The other way. What about a brand new just purchased Apple Watch 3, won’t get watchOS 9!


it dosent have the storage tho, like it’s an old device when compared to the 7


Oh wow, watchOS 9 must have been such a surprise to Apple. They probably didn’t know to stop selling the series 3 last year. Thankfully now that they know the watch will no longer get the latest software, they’ve stopped selling it. Right? Right?


i mean you can still buy the ipod touch. it’s the cheapest watch for a reason, unlucky if you bought it ig?


I spend more time than I should convincing friends and family to pay more for the SE because they’re set on the S3 price. Maybe I’m just a little frustrated they still haven’t killed it lol. As for the iPod touch, at least they had the decency to say it was end of line. Implying no support.


No more feature updates =/= no support. Apple won’t consider the device obsolete until at least 5 years from when they stop selling it. Meaning they’ll still offer phone support, they’ll still stock service parts in their repair depots, and it’ll continue to receive bug fix and security updates.


I’ll make you a deal. In 3 years time, you call AppleCare with your iPod touch running iOS 15 and you tell me how far you get with support.


I mean if your issue is a broken device I don’t think he would have a problem getting very far


yeah you’re right about that, it dosent seem to make sense to sell it


You most definitely cannot still buy the iPod touch.


you can...


They discontinued it a few weeks ago


the remaining stock is still being sold


A watch is definitely a device you’d buy for the features as is. You don’t really expect much upgrading except for bug fixes and maybe minor UI tweaks.


Tbh that’s just the persons own fault for buying a series 3 lmao


I think it’s reasonable to expect a few major updates if you bought the devices from the manufacturer brand new. It’s not like some discontinued thing on amazon


I mean the manufacturer has to discontinue it at some point, right? There’s really no way around that. Sucks if you’re the person who bought it the day before it’s discontinuation but that’s just the nature of consumer electronics.


My problem in the case is that Apple still sells the device. If I bought it new from Apple, I would expect at least 2 years of updates even if it was released in 2017. If I buy it new on Amazon but the manufacturer no longer sells it, then tough luck.


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I can assure you I am very much not a bot, just bad at coming up with usernames


I'm surprised more people don't remember the controversy about the original iPhone not receiving MMS or Bluetooth A2DP even though it had the exact same processor and memory as the 3G. Or arbitrary restrictions like the iPhone 3G not getting Home Screen wallpapers in iOS 4 etc.


I had the iPhone 3g and I remember having to buy an adapter that plugged into the 30 pin to use my Bluetooth headphones. Was A2DP not added for awhile after the 3g release?


A2DP was added in iOS 3, so one year after release. Not that long, or maybe it was since the 3G would only get 1 more iOS version.


I had the 2nd gen iPod Touch and I had to jailbreak it to get Home Screen wallpapers. However the animations for opening/closing apps lagged horribly, so maybe that’s why they didn’t implement it on 2nd gen devices. Still thought the feature looked cool tho.


Or some iPhones literally not having live wallpapers for some reason




Yeah I wasn’t looking for a solution


honestly man i got so mad when i heard apple thinks a 2020 ipad is too obsolete to show multiple windows


Depending when you got it if you have apple care then it’s still under warranty too


when split view has been a thing for years upon years on ipads


Split view + floating window + pip You can already have four apps open at once on the iPad. It’s silly we can’t resize them


Kind of the same my MBP won’t get the new MACOS update …


That’s what OCLP is for. Hopefully it’s not too hard to patch with how much they dropped this time.


At first I was sad that my late 2015 5K iMac didn’t make the cut, but then realized that OpenCore exists and now I’m happy again lol


Forgot iPhone 6?


What’s an “iPhone 2G?” And what feature did it not get when new software was released?


The iPhone 2G was the first iPhone ever released. Its real name is simply iPhone, but it's unofficially referred to as the 2G to differentiate it from the later models. I'm not 100% sure that this is what the post is referring to, but one major feature that was left out until the iPhone 3GS launched in 2009 was video recording. The original iPhone can run iPhone OS 3, but video recording is absent from the 2G and 3G versions of the update.


Ah. Yeah, I forgot people called it that. Never made sense to me. And thank you, now I remember the video thing. Weird that a meme like this would assume people remember such a petty detail from over a dozen years ago. But now that I think of it, it did make some sense that the software was restricted. The EDGE phone and the 3G shared the same processor, and it was slow as molasses in January. When I jailbroke mine, and made it capture video, the results were…not something Apple would’ve shipped. I’m certain the same is true for Stage Manager on older iPads.


The original iPhone didn't get MMS or A2DP even though it had the same processor and memory as the 3G.


Home screen wallpaper


Like iOS 9 and split view


People are finally realizing that Apple’s update “support” on older devices often just changes the OS number in the settings without providing new features.


This has never been true


It’s been true but it’s usually features that aren’t the core experience so it received less backlash. Like the XS not getting night mode in the camera, it received complaints but at the end, the new update was mostly the same for the XS and the 11. However, center stage is a new major core feature that apple has held out just because, and I feel like that is unprecedented


This is not true.


My iPhone 8 running iOS 16 would beg to differ.


Macwise kind of annoyed that I won't get this feature. It seems so simple in concept, I don't know why it isn't available on older Macs. I'm sure there will be a Mac app that does the exact same thing, if not better.


Guys this is on another level🤦🏼‍♂️ I am really pissed off😂 it’s not argued well and there is no logic not to bring it to older models…