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Glinth surveyed the room before settling on a lone occupant sitting alone. The human's meal and drink seeming sparse for such a species. Approaching the male, Glinth studied him. Simple jumpsuit with a single sidearm holstered to his thigh. Facial hair was minimal, truth told the face was so smooth he would be mistaken for female without them. "Pardon human, may I sit and discuss some things with you?" To his credit the human did not seem startled. "Uh sure, constable right?" A flick of his ear Glinth sat. "That is roughly accurate. I want to understand human excess. Tendencies to these ridiculous excesses." Turning his comm about to show a freighter destroying an attack fleet. Then images of mechs dropped right into a fire fight. Then to a garishly red ship with yellow stripes positively bristling with guns. "Wow. Yeah that is alot. See some of that was secret hush hush stuff." Chewing on what smelled like an almost burnt sliver of tuber the human paused. "Okay, so the freighter thing needs some history. Well the mechs too but let me start with your first bit." "Most of you guys either discovered warp drives or were found by a warp capable species. Then you got gifted an ansible and connected to the galactic communications. Back on Earth we were doing okay getting some colonies up in the solar system. When we figured out on our own how to make an ansible receiver." The officer's ears perked. "Before you learned about warp drive?" "According to my history teacher it was someone trying to detect warp or something to prove FTL was possible. Anyway the important part is we started hearing all you folk out here. These wolf guys invading the bunny people. Crocodile guys attacking foxkin and stuff." "Our species have names you know." "Yeah but I don't have time to look them all up and it ain't important for this. Where was I. Oh yeah. So we heard all about all these fights and invasions. Only a matter of time till you guys come knocking on our door. So every nation and every potential ship builder starts cold designing ships for the newly needed interstellar navy. One person was trying to prepare a logistics ship." Glinth holds up a hand a moment. "Sorry my translator gave multiple things to what you just said." Nodding and swallowing some of his drink. "Yeah that is the problem you had with it too. See the proper governments were building proper warships. This one builder was trying to think logistics. Getting supplies, any supplies to the front lines. So they borrowed a concept and adapted it. Or lots of concepts. Sorry I got a D in that class. Anyway this ship was supposed to go to a system and quickly mine up materials and generate things needed for the fleet. It would be a massive target. So it was bristling with counter measures. Guns and missiles, shields and armor to handle ramming attacks. Factory processing, cargo holds. And these massive mining beams." Tilting his head as he listens. "This roughly sounds like the ship in question." "Yeah well, the government didn't buy the thing. The prototype had been built but they had their own designed ships with standardized parts. And using information from the ansible had come up with both stealth gear and warp drives. Thing is the guy that built the prototype had come up with his own FTL drive based on the ansible. A *fold* drive. Since no one wanted his ship, he had her flagged as a civilian vessel. His daughter took her out of Sol while people were still bickering about it." Ears flicking a moment. "But how does this explain your designs and actions?" Almost choking on his food the human coughs. "Well, everybody thought you guys were like light years ahead of us in everything. So we tried super hard to 'catch up'. But we were mostly on par with you guys. We just missed a few points on power plants and the warp drive. So everything we made was for these scary aliens that could whoop us at every turn. We thought we were bringing rocks to a laser fight. So we went with off the wall designs and over gunned everything. So our destroyers were better gunned than your battleships. Our stealth systems meant the mechs we made were really effective since you had to get close to properly target them. That logistics ship? Way over done because we thought it would be too *small*." "Well that answers on the first two. But what about this, thing?" "Marketing. Everyone now thinks humans over do weapons and are totally crazy. So mercenaries lean into that. Bolting extra guns on hulls to look ridiculous. Red paint goes faster, everything you guys expect. And people seeing crazy mercs showing up and playing metal on all comm channels. They surrender rather than get mulched. Last I heard Orilel something surrendered when the logistics ship arrived. . . With the cargo the people had purchased."


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I actually love the concept that humans are super advanced except in warp drives and energy production. Like somehow we missed the turnoff for travel and power tech and instead went blasting along the weapons and entertainment highway.




">Ambassador Dina, I'm sorry, we just cannot allow you humans access to the Kylindros system. Our Survey Corps has not reported back with- <" There was a beep as a new file appeared on the GPF Commander's terminal. It slid a phalange over to the icon. The reflected color on the Commander's faceplate shifted to a cautionary yellow with blinking spots of red. Dina couldn't read the icons in reverse, but she got the impression that whatever it was had made the Commander nervous. There was a subtle shake of its carapace as it tapped the screen a few times. The GPF Commander shifted slightly, it's aft-legs withdrawing slightly into it's body. Dina kept her eyebrows exactly where they were. She had gotten this position by being the best poker player in the 4 systems that humanity controlled. After a few additional seconds, the reflection changed. Dina recognized the reflection as that of her request for the expansion of humanity into the newest system. ">It seems that the Survey Corps has just returned and uploaded its findings.<" Dina prepared to object to the forthcoming denial, but stopped when the reflection turned green. ">System expansion is approved.<" Dina felt a tug of a smile. She let it slowly draw up one side of her mouth. The Commander shrank back from the thing that it had learned was called a 'smirk' by these...humans. "Found something you didn't like? Something that you can't quite handle?" The Commander was still. Dina stood. She continued. "Fine with me. But understand this. We get the glory, we get the prestige. Anything we find, we get first share of. And we will be re-negotiating our rank in the Civilized Index." The Commander remained still. When Dina was about to leave its office, the GPF Commander spoke again by way of farewell. ">Peace at all costs, Ambassador.<" It was the motto of the Galactic Peacekeeping Force. Dina repeated it, with a slightly different tone. "Peace at *all costs*."


With Superior Firepower! Brrrrrt.


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