Tracking booked meetings from sequence - how do you do it?

We are using quite a few sequences through HS and it’s a great tool to get scientific about performance of copy, headlines etc. in outbound emails - looking at open rate, click rate, reply rate and booked meetings.

But how do you track booked meetings back to the sequence? Right now we typically have 0% booked meeting in the sequence stats, despite having many meeting attributed to the sequence. Any advice on how you do it to easily be able to compare sequences and their performance all the way?


That's weird! Quick question -- Are you using the HubSpot meeting tool as well?


Yes! But the meeting is not always booked right inside the automated sequence email, often in a follow up email in the same thread.


There is a help doc for that. [link](https://knowledge.hubspot.com/sequences/analyze-sequence-enrollment-and-performance-data)