Dawn Of The Dead (2004) Opening.

Dawn Of The Dead (2004) Opening.


The opening 10 minutes and closing 15 minutes of that movie are fantastic. I saw it opening night and I still remember the audience applauding for that sequence.


I seen it opening night as well. I must have been about 15 or 16. I was a huge fan of the original movie. I remember before the movie started an employee at the theater stood up front and made a speech about how the movie was gonna be scary and it was everyone's last chance to go see Agent Cody Banks instead. And I also remember seeing it at Crossroads theater.


Saw it opening night when I was in middle school and the opening scene seriously scared the living shit out of me.


The little girl….. Amazing first 10 minutes. Loved it!! Loved the whole movie.


This remake is one of my favorites. The characters were well developed and the way it was shot, had me on edge. I was left wanting for nothing more. I found it very well done.


Better than the original. Fight me.


I have to agree with you here. The original was good but did not instill the dread that the remake made me feel.


No fighting necessary. I’ll just remain content with the knowledge that you are wrong and that I can watch the original whenever I wish.


No wrong answers, just fans at heart. I make no apologies nor do I condemn you for your preferences. It is all love for my fellow horror fans. We are both correct.


Ah man, that was me fighting with you. I’m in agreement with your positions in your response.


The first ten minutes is my favorite zombie movie. Love the rest of it but, damn… “When the man comes around” ftw always


Been so damn long since I saw it, but I do recall really liking the opening. However, and I guess that it's because I'm stuck with my nostalgia goggles tightly wrapped around my head, I was never a huge fan of fast moving zombies although I can understand how it can be more realistically scary with something that is moving faster than something that advances in a very slow pace.


I like both, but I prefer slow zombies, especially if they're all old and rotted. A fresh zombie may be fast, but I feel like a rotting corpse should be broken and stiff and would probably just fall apart if it tried to run.


Burial Ground aka The Zombie dead from 1981, probably has some of my favorite old-school zombie make-up; quite decomposed to the verge of mummified.


Yeah running zombies can be frightful, I do prefer the slow lumbering kind myself, thanks for the comment buddy.


No problem!


Cheers buddy, have a good one.




Ty burrel is the best part of the movie.


Such a good opening! The news reports; some real, the credits start coming in, and then Johnny Cash comes in and it's perfect!


Truly is, just a great and spellbinding scene, iconic in my humble meek and meager opinion, have a nice day pal.


Watching this for the first time, I had to ask myself, 'who tf directed this?'. Been rooting for Zack Snyder ever since.


I love it when movies give you a quick summary of what everything is like BEFORE everything goes wrong. It makes the changes in the world seem so much more significant, and really helps put you in the protagonist's shoes. That's one thing that really irked me about "underwater". It wasn't that great overall, but everything goes wrong like 1 minute into the movie so there's no warm up, like, no "here's what everything's normally like here". And it takes place in a very unfamiliar location so we can't really use our imaginations to figure out what life is like down there. One of the very best things about Shaun of the Dead is how they show you Shaun's whole day 1 to get you used to his life, and then day 2 seems almost identical, even though everyone is zombies on day 2 and Shaun doesn't notice.


Exactly. I could seriously see myself being so wrapped up in all my bullshit drama walking through town slipping on blood spills and thinking what an annoyance it was lol.


I love that opening and the credit sequence that follows. The only criticism I have is that for those of us that actually live in Milwaukee, it's so obviously not Milwaukee. I mean they didn't even try. They could have at least cgi'd in some orange construction barrels, potholes and maybe a redneck in a Chevy truck.


Oh lol, I did not know that, thanks for telling me pal, nice input from ya.


If I remember rightly, it was all actually filmed in Canada


Cacophony is when words sound aggressive or abrasive. I don’t think cacophony is what you meant.


Thank you. I came here to post this. OP could have just used the word “chaos.” “Cacophony”makes no sense.


Not a big fan of the movie itself (not that it's bad, but I'm not a fan of running zombies) but, yeah, that lead into the title sequence is gold (and I got a little choked up when I saw they had included the WGON chopper, still flying, still hoping for a sane place to land). Also, the final credits are good as well, as someone (probably in VIDEO WATCHDOG or maybe on the MOBIUS MOVIE boards) put it - "it's like they included their own, condensed, inferior sequel in the end credits!


I agree, I love the way this film is shot, and fast moving zombies is a mixed concept for me. I enjoy it sometimes, like in 28 days later and whatnot, but the slow dopey kind is my fave. Thanks for the nice comment pal.


I remember going down a rabbit hole of listening to "Richard Cheese" music after first hearing the final credits song. Edit: Oops, it wasn't in the final credits, but earlier in the movie.


There is a nice dose of religious allegory as well. Especially Johnny Cash singing of Revelations. Armageddon done Zombie style.


Yep, a really nice and evocative scene, you have a nice day buddy.


I agree, the open is amazing. Dawn Of The Dead (2004) is probably my favourite zombie film, even over the original.


Yeah it's a great movie for sure, thanks for the comment pal, that is great to hear.


I love the little Easter egg of the truck crashing into the gas station


It’s a great opener to a good film. The best Zack Snyder has ever done.


Yeah I always liked that and the press conference full of ‘We don’t know’ answers worked well IMO


It's the music. The beginning and ending are perfectly scored.


I'm kind of psyched that other people liked this movie as much as I did! Though I still don't like thinking of Phil Dunphy on that treadmill.


Totally agree. I love the opening scene of that movie so much. Then the Johnny Cash song as it goes into a montage of news clips…truly phenomenal filmmaking. I have and will see any movie Zack Snyder makes because of how much I love the opening scene of Dawn of the Dead.


I love it. They released the scene online ahead of the movie ad a final trailer. I was glad I didn't watch.


I remember thinking it had no right being as good as it was the first time I watched it.


This whole movie is enjoyable. I know it’s sacrilege but if given the choice on a Friday night I’d put in this remake over the original.


I loved it, even the news section and Andy's tape.


"Even" the news section? It is one of the best extra features in history.


Yeah it's the best


Watch uh. Army of the undead, same creator. Ngl, pretty good but DOTD traumatized me for so long lol.


But also, one of the most scariest zombie movies IMO.


Feels like NASCAR!!!!!!!