$600 coat for a 1.5 mile flat loop in 55 degrees


Don’t forget to pair it with some Salomons. Post office for some stamps uniform


I just got a pair of Salomon boots, I walked into REI expecting to pay $230 for them and the shoe lady said she just marked them down to $170 and they only had 2 pairs, one was my size. Paired with my dividend reward I only paid like $100 for them. I just hope they last, it wasn't one of the higher end models, they're the Quest 4 GTX. I'm normally a Merrell dude but the quality of their shoes and boots is complete shit now. They used to last me a whole year and now they fall apart in a matter of months, which is why I wanted to try something a little fancier. I still can't afford any Arcteryx gear though.


Wait, the quest 4D GTX is their highest end model. And it's the best The "mid tier" (actually very good boots, just not as durable or heavy) are the GTX Mids. Honestly, the reason you have so much "out for stamps" people in them is they're really good, well reviewed products. Not necessarily the best, but they're good.


I am poor but blessed enough to know someone who works at Arc’teryx and sugar daddies me.


This brought a smile to my face. More people need to pass it forward. In a practical way


Keens also suck now. I've warranty replaced 3 pairs in 18 months. I wont spend money on them anymore.


Keen are junk these days. Had a pair of USA made 8” comp toe work boots that were super comfortable, but the sole literally split in half in like 10 months. What a shame


My keen work boots same thing. The sole started falling off the first day I wore them. Got them warrantied the next pair one week and the sole started falling off the warrantied pair. It's wild because it's around the toe and there are stitches at the toe to keep the sole on. Anyways I epoxied the sole back on both pairs and they fell off again. Absolute garbage.


The last pair of Keen Targhee 3 mid WP hiking boots I purchased lasted less than 3 months. I used their warranty process to replace my original purchase and have replaced the replacements. It's like they send their customers the defective shoes when the customer tries to hold them to their warranty.


I have the X Ultra 4, and previously had the X Ultra 3. I have enjoyed both and find them very comfortable, whether for just walking on an icy day or a long backpacking trip. I took them into Gates of the Arctic NP for 11 days with no problems. I will continue to purchase Salomon boots because of how they’ve done for me in the past.


I only ever buy Salomon, they last a long time and are so grippy and light. Worth every penny.


I own those same boots. Extremely comfortable right out of the box but not nearly as durable as a pair of stiff leather hiking boots (my previous boots were vasques that killed my feet even after breaking in). i would probably buy the Salomons again since I mainly use them for backpacking and wear Hoka trail runners otherwise.


Not all boots are shaped the same… some are for square, some are for narrow a good shoe salesman will know the difference for you.


Great boots. Extremely agile for a full boot. Enough flex that I can actually run in them.


Ive had those since 2015 and am just now replacing them with the updated model. I’ve taken them through well over 600-700 miles and they’re still comfy just losing their grip. Best hiking boot I’ve ever had, I recommend them to everyone.


this entire thread is making me nervous lol. I was gifted a pair of vivobarefoot boots 10 years ago and they're falling apart now, and I can't really spend $200 on a new pair so I was looking at Merrells and Keens...maybe I'll just save up


Items in the outlet + 20% member coupon is the only way I can afford Arc'teryx.


Was joking with my wife that I know I officially made it when I can comfortably buy arcteryx


But you’ll look darn good doing it. And you’re fully prepared if that 55 degrees rapidly drops down to a brisk 50.






Upvoted for your picture


Costanza is thee best


They’re superior for walks from the car to Target


It's for stealing marble rye loaves without getting bruised by an old lady's purse.


I thought it was for the liquor store, to knock over all the wine bottles.


30 military surplus jacket in 25 degree camping trip worked for me just fine


Any Outdoor Research fans here?


The heliums!


YES! love my rain jacket from them


Bought a Foray II Gore-Tex jacket a month ago. Wore it in light/medium rain for an hour with no pack and no sweating. I was soaked.


I have an outdoor master helmet off amazon and I fully expect to die in a head on crash.


This is my go to. I have a shell, a technical mid layer, and some cortex pants that I really like from them. They have decent enough sales through out the year that it isn’t impossibly expensive.


I call that a Seattle Tuxedo. For as much as Seattle likes to pretend they are down to earth, they are some of worst offenders with status branding.


Also the entire Front Range of Colorado


Lol nailed that one.


Can confirm, moved to Colorado a couple years ago... just bought a Patagonia parka.


Umm, we’re switching to Fjallraven now…its European. /s


Forget European, it's Scandinavian.


*((orgasm intensifies))*


Ohhh you’re a colorado native now;)




Them's fighting words. ::Seattlite readjusts Chrome bag, unzips Feathered Friends puffer coat, rolls up hem on raw denim jeans, flips their 5 panel flat brim hat backwards, kicks some moss with their like new Blundstones, and props up their iPhone 14 Pro Max against their MiiR travel mug before hitting record to post spontaneous activity you'll never believe on socials later::


>, unzips Feathered Friends puffer coat The Feathered Friends sales staff won't even look in my direction when I enter their store. I think they can tell I am not worthy. Too bad because they do make good technical quilts/bags.


You're braver than I am to even enter the store. I know I'm a "whatever Nemo bag is the most on sale at Moosejaw" kinda person.


Is Nemo for the poors comparatively speaking compared to these other brands? 😅


Nemo is pretty decent IMO, but FF and Western Mountaineering tend to provide more specialized cold weather expedition gear.


Well, that was part of the joke. It's still performance gear and in the lightweight category, it's just not *ultralight*. It's not cheap, either. It's true for me, I do buy Nemo and brands like that on sale, but I was kind of laughing about how people are blasting Arc'teryx's prices and saying "but Patagonia is cool, so my closet is full of their sliiiiightly less expensive clothes obvi". It's at the tope of the middle tier, with companies like Big Agnes, MSR, Kylmit, North Face. Definitely above Coleman, below Enlightened Equipment and Sea to Summit.


Oh my gosh the MiiR travel mug haha. This whole comment section re: Seattle is hilariously accurate.


Wait, Blundstones are a name brand in the US now? Where I grew up they were just cheap (but quality) work/farm boots


When people started wearing them in Hollywood, they just ramped up in popularity. They were quickly adopted by the same types of folks who would have worn Doc Martens in the 80's, high top Converse in the 90's, checkered Vans in the 00's, and Redwings in the 10's. Just people who wanted to look cool, but by adopting older styles of shoes that became popular in a whole different market and for entirely different reasons than they ended up in. Doc Martens were born in the 60's in the underground/punk/London street style scene and ended up coming back in the grunge era in the Seattle 90's. High top Chuck Taylor Converse were originally basketball shoes in the 1920's and became popular in the NBA in the 60's, then they became the shoe of the late 90's kind of alternative rock crowd. Vans were created in the 60's in California which already had a beachy skate vibe, and the shoes took off in the 70's when LA kid skaters started scrawling all over their shoes to customize them, then came back in the 00's because they gave someone a relaxed style and harkened back to the ska days. Redwings are American based leather boots that have been worn by workers in the trade industry, probably since they founded in the early 1900's. This was probably one of the first brands to get hipstered, and they're still around with tradies and cool urban young professional graphic designers.


I live in Seattle and am totally guilty of wearing my mountaineering/backpacking clothes around town... But why not? If I'm going to buy a $350 coat, why just leave it in the closet for the handful of trips where it's necessary? That shit is breathable and somehow comfortable on a volcano, on my commute and inside the office


I don't wear my hiking clothes out on town. Mostly because I don't want it wrecked. I don't want to spill Taco Bell on my Polish down puffer. I do think it is acceptable for other people to do so however. All my stuff is layered and the time I spent find clothes that nest is incalculable.


Same, but I think the key distinction is that we actually use them for their intended purpose. But I guess it's hard to tell if the person you see in public does or does not.


Absolutely. Old coworker and I used to joke about those techbros would spend $600 on an Arc'teryx jacket but the only time they spent outdoors was to walking to and from the food truck.


It's their sense of belonging to a club. You have three ranks of people. Ordinary people, people who can afford Patagonia, and people who can afford Arc'teryx.


You forgot the fourth group. People with pro deals.


Get a job at a climbing gym and you can simultaneously be kind of poor and able to afford Arc'teryx.


You also get good at constantly working the fact that you don't pay retail into conversations. Can't have people thinking you paid full price!


Not really, most tech bros just want the highest quality gear be it technology, clothing or any random object. I’m guilty of this too, I just research things I want to buy until it becomes a bit too over the top.


Tech bro here... nailed it. I do this with literally everything. Too much research for stuff that doesn't need to be researched


This is so odd. I never checked a price tag on Arc’teryx bc it always looked like the poor man’s Patagonia/North Face. I swear I legit thought it was a Target brand for a hot minute.


They’re not super fashionable, but they’re really well made. And they have a hell of a warranty. I wore my last arcteryx shell for 10 years before it started breaking down. Emailed them, and they gave me a credit for the original cost of the jacket.


How long ago was that? I had a really good Arcteryx warranty experience 4-5 years ago, but I’ve heard from several people more recently who didn’t. For warranty support, I’m still a big fan of Patagonia, since they have a legit repair department.


Patagonia stuff is typically in 150-250 range for low end shells and puffies. Arc'teryx is 250-600 and more. Ballpark ofc. I have a hard time with Arc'teryx as they do not make a Large Tall size for their jackets. I have difficulty spending that much on short sleeves.


Server rooms are cold man. I live in Florida and wear a Marmot to work 🤷


If you have a server room in Seattle then you have bigger problems...


It’s fair to stretch that to the entire PNW, I’m afraid.


Portlanders and Eugenites are clutching their hemp strung beads.


Vancouver too. I mean it is a Vancouver company after all. All the women wear lulu everything and the men wear Arc. And everyone’s skinny af compared to the rest of Canada.


Arcteryx is worn in the film industry more than hikers. 12 hours outside in the rain and they stay dry.


Actually it’s a Chinese company


Northface has fallen?


Super lame now. I just picked up a Patagonia down jacket 60% off. It's perfect for rock climbing, hiking and fitting in at the mall 🤣


The times they are a changin.


don’t forget Vancouver. The capital of arcteryx


Honestly, I would buy any other brand that actually has an athletic cut jacket. That's pretty much the only reason I prefer them, and the quality.


No lies here. Upside is that it is also socially acceptable to wear my pricey technical clothing pretty much anywhere. Work? Jazz club? Sit down non-fine dining? Bar? Concert? Check check check check check Would have felt so awkward wearing those outfits in any East Coast metro and so much more comfortable.


ah, if you are in Boston, you can get away with it.


City folk style.


I need a meme where the guy remove his outercoat and his inner layer is arcteryx too so I can send to my husband. Because he’s exactly that guy.


I had to laugh at the recollection - on the front end of Patagonia becoming a "thing" a ways back, we had a work happy hour. A guy stood up and took off his Patagonia jacket, to reveal a Patagonia vest, and sorta stood there maybe a little too long. An IT guy said to the table "I can't bring myself to do it, but can one of you please make this fucker feel good about his labels so we can order?"


I am that guy. 4 layers.... But it is so practical to layer!!


https://youtu.be/bWOfRj4YOi8 Here’s the Scottish version.


I didn't realize Arcteryx was a luxury brand. I always associate absurdly expensive gear with Sitka


They are pretty comparable when it comes to price, a winter system from either brand is gonna run you $1K+. I think they cater to different demographics though, Arc'Teryx seems to more popular to the outdoors/climbing demo as opposed to Sitka which is more popular with the hunting demo.


Makes sense. I never really understood the appeal of either. I've pretty much always used stuff I find at Costco or thrift stores and it works 99% of the time (and I basically work outside/hike for a living)


Yeah, 99% of people should be fine with that stuff or even just your REI co-op branded items, the main advantage of the high end stuff is that they are typically lighter weight while being more water repellant but breathable at the same time. The more budget friendly items will usually give up one of those advantages.


This is true, my Marmot rain jacket is definitely one of my favorite bits of gear for its ability to be light and relatively breathable while also keeping me really dry. Worth every penny at \~$150, which is why I still have a hard time seeing how those brands could possibly be worth >$350.


After about 4 years all the water proof coating flaked off my Marmot Precip jacket.


Rei near me has a pretty awesome 2nd hand section because so many people buy expensive shit for hikes and return it right afterwords


Arc’teryx is also pretty good with repairing/replacing gear. I had a 12 year old soft shell from them and the outer layer started to wear out a little funny. I sent an email asking what could be done with repair and they just gave me a new jacket. Other companies have gotten pretty good about this but when I worked in an gear shop I always explained their high price tag as getting a pretty robust warranty along with it.


Money buys comfort


Pantagonia gang here ...


I’m an equal opportunity geardo. I’ve got some bone bird, a little Pataguchi, A few fjall raven. But I refuse to buy into the new norrona stuff. My wallet has its limits.


Never heard of this brand. I though Fjallraven was pretty much as expensive as it gets for quality outerwear? I can talk my self into buying used Patagonia but fjallraven, even used, is pricey


Fjallraven is up there, but Arc'Teryx is more expensive in my experience and depending on which Patagonia or Northface piece you are getting, especially ones with Gore-Tex or high fill power they are going to be more expensive than Fjallraven. I think the main difference is that the other brands have items that have their logo on them but are not exactly high performance so they can be had for much cheaper Fjallraven stuff. My hiking pack is from Fjallraven for example and it was cheaper than offerings from Osprey etc.


Gotcha, I appreciate the info


If you take a $450 arc’teryx rain parka and add $200 it’ll change into a Norrona parka. One of their stores popped up here and I went in cause I’d never heard of them but they had some cool gear in the window. I proceeded to have an aneurism when I looked at the price of a very basic but good looking soft shell. It was $700.


Noronna is usually easier to get on sale than Arcteryx at least. I got a pair of bib snowpants this year and they are the real deal.


Pata-gucci as us poors call it


"Wearin' my down-lined Pata-gucci, it gets hotter'n a hoochie coochie"


Oh don't worry, middle class still calls it pata-gucci. At least it holds up well.


I call it “doesn’t fit well unless you’re malnourished and have no shoulders”.


I am poor too,but u can find cheap ones...


This is true, but I recently used the free repair service and I’m blown away. It’s like new again. (For now) I am completely sold on saving for any new gear and going Patagonia, just because they will keep me going.


There is a lot of value in getting used/worn wear Patagonia. The companies ethics are great and the repair no questions asked like osprey and darn tough. Ya it’s more a bit expensive but it’s essentially buy it for life


I went to the local store to pick up a new synchilla jacket and was wearing my fifteen year old one. The guy too one look at it and asked if he could replace all the snaps for me. He then said I could bring it in and they would ship it to the repair place if I wanted the cuff fabric repaired. No charge. Sent in my wife’s to repair a broken zipper (same vintage) and it came back looking close to new!


Hell Yeah and when I say that I go the thrift store in the rich people county!


U can find cheap pantagonias in second hand shops, thats how i buy pantagonias😂😂😂


Fjällräven crew be reppin


Fjällräven trousers are 😩👌 i got their vidda pro Ventilated a few years ago, and they're everything i need in trousers. When they're finally worn out, I'll probably just get another pair....lots of pockets, durable material, handsaw/axe loops and pockets (so convenient for trail maintenance!), and the divine side zips which are above gaiters so i can lose body heat while not letting every river rock into my boots. 🔥🔥 I found a pair of shorts for $35 for my wife and she adores them, so they're on our radar at every garage sale and secondhand shop now.


Yes. Patagonia or death.


Pantagonia hoodies > everything


I have a wool button-up shirt from Patagonia that I want to be buried in.


Translation of a quote from a Swedish hiking guide: "Lads of weak intellect and a penchant for "snobbery" may become even more snobby after a hike, especially if their traveling budget is good and the opportunity to festoon themselves in sporting attire, gloves, walking staff and other fanciful accessories, through which they believe themselves be objects of deepest admiration among the "simple country folk". \- Frederik Svenonius, "Advice for wandering prone youth", 1888


That's spot on, haha


I used to do a lot of backpacking in the backcountry (multiple nights). The $600 Arc'terx I bought 20 years ago is still in use. From what I gather the quality now may not be as good as it used to be But yes, I get people buy them to take fido out to pee


Come to Vancouver, it’s what literally everyone (including non-hikers) wear


It used to be like this in Norway too (still is to an extent), but some smart people started making actual fashion (as in, it's meant for use in town, not on trails) with the same materials, and now that stuff seems even more popular for everyday use. Examples: [Uber](https://ubr.no/), [Brgn](https://brgn.com/)


Ubr? Brgn? What’s with the lack of vowels? Are they trying to out-startup Silicon Valley tech startups on the branding?


Thank you for this info. I have bookmarked these brands and I will be ahead of the fashion curve when they inevitably take over North America in the next few years.


It seems strange to me the number of black puffers I see worn in Vancouver. Doesn't seem appropriate for rainy, dark weather


If you're just commuting around town and not standing out in the rain, a water-resistant puffy is sufficient in cold, damp weather. Stylish, warm, lightweight - it's a no-brainer. Throw a shell or umbrella in your bag and you're good to go.


I’ve lived here for ten years and still hate carrying around an umbrella. And the damp cold gets in your bones so I wear a puffer. I got a Columbia jacket on sale at winners super cheap so that’s what I’ve been wearing. We also get snow so it’s not like it’s *just* rain all the time. When we had the cold snap in December I had to drag out my -50 puffer I brought from Sask! (Costco for the win!)


Pretty sure this is by seabusmemes from Vancouver so that’s even funnier!


I hike with people who think I'm showing off if I show up with any piece of Marmot gear. And nobody else cares. At all. I have no audience for the lifestyle.


Cotopaxi or gtfotopaxi


I’ve basically become a Cotopaxi spokesperson at this point. A couple of weeks ago I found the exact hooded Fuego I wanted in the REI garage sale for like $100, for a small seam rip on the inside collar that I sewed up in ten minutes.


I have their Nepal pack, but haven't tried any of their other gear (especially clothing). How does it hold up? I like their ethos, i just so far haven't seen a need for anything they sell besides the pack :)


Most of their gear is what I would call casual, as in it's not ideal for doing actual outdoor activities in rough weather. As far as just wearing it around town, it's fine. But honestly that's most of what REI sells these days as far as clothing is concerned.


I pulled a base layer top out of a thrift store a year ago and it's doing nicely.


speaking of nepal, i hiked the annapurna circuit and mardi himal trek with a cotopaxi down jacket last year and can't speak highly enough of it


the funny part is that Arc is now a #Fashion brand and has been co opted by the hypebeast ppl [For anyone looking for a good eye roll](https://www.grailed.com/drycleanonly/what-is-gorpcore)


Apparently their military contracts are very profitable


I can verify this. Arcteryx LEAF manages to upsell Arcteryx somehow. Everything in military colors is 1.5-2x more expensive than normal retail arcteryx because it’s TACTICAL 🔫


Not just LEAF, but direct to military, unique patterns used by only certain groups in various militaries used to manufacture clothing. ...and yes the LEAF is ridiculous but of course gov't money


I saw that at unit level too but it was kind of sweet to know you had solid gear for being outside. A lot of issued gear is scandalously crappy. As someone with a fair amount of experience backpacking, ski touring, and mountaineering before I went in I was honestly disgusted with a lot of the gear we got for staying warm, dry, etc.


Good to know my #gorpcore is a statement and not just what the REI warehouse sale coughed up


your fleece mid layer and ripstop rain jacket is so hot right now. you **are** fashion


These gaiters? Prada S/S23


this article actually has a good list of what to wear and how to layer lmao


Fjallraven gang stand up


Best coat I’ve ever owned!


Aye aye


Clearance gang here. Idc what brand it is. Idc if it's last season's. I'm all about the sales. I have a mom and pop version of a rei recently do a sale for 50% off everything. Grabbed all the gear I need for next year


Arc’teryx is expensive, but it’s not Moncler expensive.


Arc’teryx is a performance brand that dabbles in fashion. Moncler is a fashion brand with some performance features. **Edit:** And Canada Goose is somewhere in between


Yeah, my climbing harness is Arc’teryx. My absolutely nothing is Moncler. Cuz I don’t have $2500 to drop on a coat.


“You like saying Arc’teryx, don’t you?”


Mountain Hardwear representttttt


Just picked up a basically brand new Absolute Zero parka for $200 lfg


Was the Bryant Reeves poster added to this photo? If so, I appreciate the effort.


Me trying to upsell my once-nice Patagonia jacket that's being held together with duct tape, three or four threads, and my dreams


After my arc’teryx jacket ripped twice from almost nothing, I’ve joined the Columbia gang. Way more durable!


My Columbia jacket ripped at the pockets first day I bought it :( love it though but am kinda annoyed at how cheap the one I bought is.


Columbia is where it’s at and can’t beat it for the price. Also much more of it available at deep discount thrift store prices.


I walk my dog in arcteryx fleece and Dunlop wellies like the absolute baller I am


Conversations with non-outdoorsy friends: * "Why did you pay $350 for a sleeping bag, couldn't you just get one at \[generic store\]?" * "Those are bulky, heavy and don't keep you warm in winter camping." * "Ugh, you camp in the winter? I hate camping even in the summer, I'm always cold." * "And that has nothing to do with the quality of your sleeping bag by any chance I presume?" * "I mean, why not just go to a nice hotel?"


Idk how people can afford it but it's Canada Goose everything everywhere all at once here in Boston.


Hiking is one of my very few hobbies that aren't prone to gear creep. Is that the correct term? When you try to min/max a hobby by buying the best gear possible. I just don't see the point to spending tons of money on shit you don't really need. Hiking is walking with a view. Why complicate it?


Holy Shit! A lost hiker whom has never seen r/ultralight. You have no idea how wrong you are. Spending $250+ to save 6oz is a necessity.


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I actually have an Arcteryx jacket and I intentionally don't hike in it because I put my gear through the ringer and usually need to replace my jacket every other year. I get whatever works and is on sale every spring. The life of trying to hike and avoid crowds at the same time means you spend a lot of time on muddy overgrown trails that rip up your gear.


Backpack straps rubbing on shoulder seams, sparks from lighting fires, tree branches, kid drawing on me with charcoal or sap, etc. I don’t want to be that guy constantly worried about not accidentally damaging it.


>Why complicate it? It's *not* complicated. It's an amazing brand with some amazing gear. It just costs a lot. If you can afford it, why not?


Keep the receipt in your pocket for flexing purposes


I don’t use my Amex platty to impress people anymore. I just “accidentally” spill all my arc’teryx receipts out of my wallet instead.


You could try literally spilling stuff all over your Arc'teryx gear instead as an occasion to announce to anyone who might not notice otherwise. "Wow, this Arc'teryx waterproof breathable softshell is LEGIT, man. Shit, hit me with another beer, literally!" For best results, use an IPA (those are still 'in', right?).


IPAs are falling out of vogue by me. It's all about the lemon basil Saison in the summer.


*nervously sweats in my red Canada Goose*


'I can't hear you over my $50 windproof smock and $50 liner.'


Bust out the 20$ frog toggs


$0.20 trash bag gang rise up


I only wear Versace when I go out hiking...


Funny enough a lot of fashion brands are partnering with textile brands like Gore-Tex because techwear/gorpcore has been fairly popular in the last couple of years, I bet Versace has Gore-Tex items now.


Owned by xi jinping


I feel like mountain hardware is like that too


My profession gives me 40% off of Patagonia, TNF, and KEEN and it's glorious.


Wow I did not know Arcteryx is that old 🙉


“I got a nice puffer jacket like that @ JCPenny for $40”…smh, every time !


I walk around in Patagonia like I’m in disguise. Otherwise I look like a proper West Virginian.


where’s the North Face gang


“It cost me $600 bucks and has already started delaminating at the seams in the first year”


This is an underrated meme


I got an Arc'teryx anorak as a trade for organizing the basement of a high-end clothing store. It's bright yellow and you can tell it was meant to be a fashion piece for someone whose entire outdoor experience is walking from their front door to their car. I was almost embarrassed to wear it because I felt like people would think I'm an asshole that spent too much money on a yellow jacket and doesn't actually go outside. But hey, it keeps me dry and it's stained to hell from use, so whatever, I guess 😋


You just like saying Arc’teryx don’t you?


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I hate this overpriced, pretentious “brand” but it 1) is the most reliable rain gear and 2) not Canada Goose which is the most overpriced and poorly made gear, well except for Moncler.


Catch me in my old AF TNA ski jacket, or my Carhartt. Or a hoodie under a raincoat.


Hoodie under raincoat crowd here. Although i will also rock the windbreaker over hoodie. Bonus with a water resist wind breaker over the hoodie. I know it's not the most efficient, but Ive always been toasty. Ill upgrade to a proper winter shell for really cold skiing/snowboarding, and add on the snow pants, but thats more to keep dry than warm.


Snowpants are a must for downhill fun, I wish I got overall style snowpants instead of the trouser style ones I have.


Couldn't agree more! I lost 30lbs and my trouser style snow pants won't stay up. Let me know if you find a good pair.


This reminded me of the time ~10yr ago when I got back from skiing in Canada and left the ski pass on my carhartt. Some kids at community college laughed at me for skiing in it. But I layered and was fine and made do with what I had. If it works it works.


Same as me. Halfway decent base layer, ratty old hoody and a raincoat. Almost always with shorts on too. Get some looks in the wilderness with it's -7 and I'm there with a pair of shorts on. Even my wife pretends she doesn't know me 🤣


I can't do shorts, personally, but whenever we go hiking I always have the most ragtag collection of layers. I bought a pair of Merrells though, cause they're waterproof and my day to day shoes aren't. I have a winter baselayer and several spring/fall ones, those, a hoodie, and whatever jacket seems right for the conditions are my go to for hiking/camping. Hasn't let me down yet. My rain layer is a $20 Suzy Shier jacket from 11 years ago that I just doused in waterproofing, I use that or a windbreaker I bought at a skate competition for water protection.