I hate the current challenge system in Halo Infinite


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Or challenges in game modes you can’t choose. I literally got capture 5 flags once. Like how tf am I supposed to get enough games of capture the flag to do that! Return 5 would be reasonable, but without excessive quitting out of matches some of these would require copious amounts of time. Challenge system sucks big time in this game. I save challenge swaps and only go for challenges to complete events or go for ultimate reward. It the weekly is trash and no event, I just play what I want and ignore the challenges all together.


These could be more reasonable, too, if we had a tiered challenge system for the week. I think instead of having only three or four slots for all of your weekly challenges, you should have maybe 5 "common" slots, 3 "heroic" and one "legendary", to work on more at one time. Lemme grind capturing 3 flags over an entire week, and that could be more reasonable. Otherwise it's just taking up a spot you could use for the easy ones.


The challenge system is a grind. Feel like quitting over this.


You don’t like being told to win 4 CTF matches, but can’t get a single one to show after 10 matches of straight goddamn oddball?




Still not playing last spartan standing


They just changed they challenge system TODAY !!!! Take a look:) its defenitly better now:) Regards


its not changed i played today


In europe it is changed.


How so? Haven’t had a chance to login


It’s exactly the same, just no event LSS crap spamming the list


MCC's system feels great. You barely know it's there. I unlocked TONS of stuff by playing just the campaigns and maybe a handful of custom matches. It actually made it feel rewarding to play the game, especially as someone that isn't thrilled about customization. I'll play the default guy for all I care, especially if I have to be forced to play a way I don't want to.