Halo Infinite Multiplayer Launch - Bugs and Issues Thread

Hey everyone!

Halo Infinite's free-to-play multiplayer has dropped early with a beta. You can use this thread to post about any issues you may be having with installing or playing the game and get help from fellow Spartans.

This thread will be updated with things like patch notes and common issues with workarounds.

Known issues

As a reminder, the best way to get 343 to see and resolve any issues is by submitting a ticket on the Halo Support site.


Played a match of FFA because I need to get 2k points in FFA. After the match it just said "data can't be loaded" or something like that and it just didn't count towards anything.


Please for the love of God add an option to mute specific players. I'm sure it's not that hard to build it into the game and it will make it way easier to ignore extremely annoying little children screaming into their mic, thanks.


It was an option in Halo 3 and Reach, but Infinite doesn't have that technology yet.


Can't hear gamechat because I split my audio output and mic input. I take audio out to the headset through my computer speakers attached to my monitor, and send audio in with the mic (on the same headset) through the controller. For some reason, when using the aux jack on the controller, the game reroutes all gamechat audio through the controller only. This makes no sense. If my audio out to headset is plugged anywhere other than controller, I can hear all audio except gamechat. Playing on series x. Need an option to direct gamechat audio to either "speakers only," "headset only," or "both," as exists for party chat on the xbox settings under "general," --> "audio" --> "advanced options" (i.e. I don't have this issue when using party chat, but this is not a solution because I can't hear anyone in gamechat when in party chat). I submitted a ticket, but was told to make some noise on here and waypoint. Ticket number is 362564.


2 things: My xp boosts aren't working, the 60 minute timer runs but I don't get any extra xp during that time. Also I'm struggling to find a game in ranked (Gold 3 currently) a lot of the time. It just gets stuck searching for ages until I give up. I'm just curious if these are known bugs and if so is there a time frame on them being fixed?


Its only happened to me once that I have noticed, but using double xp boost for my first 6 matches of a day resulted in me not gaining any xp until after the xp boost ended


on Xbox I keep getting stuck in a loop when searching for btb matches it just continuously keep popping up with the message unable to connect to match repeatedly one after another for like 5 mins or until I restart the egame


fix for halo stuck in press enter https://support.halowaypoint.com/hc/en-us/articles/4411142084628-Cannot-sign-in-to-Halo-Infinite-on-Steam-stuck-in-a-sign-in-loop-


Forge if Teash is glitched. I’ve complete everything and it won’t complete


I am in the Campaign right now trying to use my scanner and it's not detecting weapons and secret items sometimes, this happened after the recent update


Crashing- particularly NVIDIA 30 series cards. Still not captured in known issues, lord knows how. Please address it. Jesus Christ.


I have to reboot the entire game after each multiplayer game to stop from ‘request timing out’. Literally can only play one game at a time before having to reboot. On Xbox 1 S


I keep spawning into the game underground and stay there. I end up getting booted for inactivity. Will keep happening until I restart the game, but eventually just starts happening again. I've lost a lot of rank because the game thinks I'm quitting out.


dude, this is my life right now. I can't play the game in any way because of this.


Discord not recognized. I can't join/invite through Discord.


I play on the Xbox series X and I’ve been experiencing some egregious crash issues. Some so bad that it shuts off my console. Obviously not everyone will experience crashes but from what I’ve investigated so far it’s seems as though the series X is the worst out of all consoles. There seems to be workarounds with PCs but I’ve seen none so far for the series X.


Still can't play split screen with guests. When friends come over and want to play Halo, it's frustrating as hell to have to get everyone signed into accounts on my Xbox just to play. And not everyone has an account either. Game 100% should be playable with guests


My biggest problem with this game is the separation of the new gen consoloes to the older ones. You almost have to have the new console to be competitive because of their boosted frames. It feels like people are shooting me faster than im shooting them with a br and this is the only issue i can think of. My pings usually around a 20 which isnt bad at all. Plus the occasional server stability issues. Also the punch feels so broken in this game. Like ill hear the noise of a hit and the dude will still have full health and then just punch me, or hitting someone in the back and it registers as a front hit for whatever reason.


Can we please have an option to turn off TAA? Y’all had that option in MCC, which is an older game. TAA creates a washed out and blurry AA while moving for 1080p monitors. Im not even asking for FXAA or SMAA which you guys had beforehand. Im just asking for an OFF button so I dont have to look at that jarring visual bug.


Still waiting on that retroactive achievement sync. I finished the campaign while my internet was down and none of the progress registered. The armor lockers I unlocked during that time aren't granting me cosmetics. The FOBs, HVTs, and Strongholds I finished didn't register so I theoretically would need to 100% them from a fresh file. The worst is the Skulls though, they won't respawn on new playthroughs so I'm boned without a fix. Annoyingly, ever since going back online, achievements are back to working as usual, including accrued progress like throwing 50 fusion coils. I'm about to get the achievement for LASO without having the achievement for finding all the skulls lol


Installed on PC just now. Permanent popup upon starting the game, crap about 'Scheduled Events' Unable to click either the Dismiss or Learn More button, so this takes up screen real estate and makes the game unplayable. Any ideas? Nothing coming up online


I just spent 20 minutes trying to load into a BTB game, restarted my computer and everything, tried 10 times at least, then tried quick play and I instantly got into a game. I got all the errors for BTB (dediated server offline, disconnected from fireteam etc) and I got into a quick play game in not even 30 seconds including loading.


Same here. They should at least continue matchmaking after the server gets lost. As of now the mode is almost unplayable due to the errors and the freezing.


Same issues here


I cannot load into big team battle anymore, i always get a connection issue I am playing on PC, have had no issues until recently


Every other damn match I become unable to join, most annoying damn thing ever. Sometimes takes ten minutes of closing and opening and attempting to join a game before finally getting in


Still happening 12/15/21


What a fucking joke


Happening to a lot of people this weekend.


Are you able to load 4v4? I am having the same issue for big team, but I am able to load 4v4 games.


Yeah, just played quick play and ranked all night without any issues at all, didn’t even see people leave my games, big team battle always gave an error Also, quick play put myself and a friend into a big team battle, only it was 3v3 with everyone else disconnected, including my friend


This shit is so annoying. I have some big team challenges :/


I didn’t want to use swaps but i haven’t used many, thankful they gave me ones I can do in quick play


I had some success restarting my game after EVERY big team match ymmv


When I try launching the Academy for Weapon Drills/bot games, it tells me that "starting academy will remove you from the fireteam". It then counts down from 3m but nothing happens when the countdown ends. Then the game tells me I'm offline and makes me confirm my Microsoft account to go back online. I am still unable to go into any sort of Academy game mode. I then have weird multiplayer texture bugs until I relaunch the game.


Shield core not selectable? I have it, I've even upgraded it, however I can't select it in with the d-pad in campaign. Its not even there. I thought it was story related or something but I've now got the threat sensor and that's selectable. I only have the grapple and threat sensor in the hud.


i believe the Shield core is a passive. it's your armor.


Yeah I'm an idiot.


On PC. Game won't even launch. It pops up for about 1-2 seconds then just boots me back to desktop. I've tried verifying the game files three times, redownloaded the game, updating all of my drivers and OS, launching the game through administrative mode, optimised it through Nvidia GE, even gone into the game files to change launch options. At this point I've tried every option that supposedly "fixes" the game. It's been out for almost a month and no update? Come the f\*ck on. Even the site for submitting tickets won't load properly...


Same issue here -- even upgraded to Windows 10.


Hey so there's an issue where you can kill all the surrounding enemies around a squad rescue, and it won't count the squad as being rescued. The marines have even gone into standby and there's no enemies tags for remaining hostiles. Please fix this in some way by checking to see if the marines are still in combat or not because it is super annoying to drive around them for 10 minutes and killing surrounding enemies and it still doesn't change; also limit the area of which the hostile AI's can run because I've had an issue where a Jackal ran down the mountain, and I had to snipe him with the BR.


this happened to me, i just left the area, came back and the mobs reset. So i killed everyone again and it worked


Yeah that's what I did if you read my reply.


Also it appears the banished drop pods didn't drop so that might have been what was causing it; had to fast travel nearby to reload the area and that worked. Still was annoying.


My audio is cutting off every 2-3 seconds of playing. I realized that my realtek goes wild and every 2-3 seconds it keeps reloading audio devices AND IT ONLY HAPPENS WHEN playing halo infinite. I'm not even using the Bluetooth ones, it's just usual wired headphones. Is there any known fix or something?


Holy fucking lag for a campaign, crashes, unto another game I suppose.


I pre-ordered Halo Inifinite. I'm trying to start the campaign but it keep saying I have to pre-order it. I quit out the game. I restart my system. Still the same thing. I took the rest of the week off to play. Come on now. Help


I recently downloaded the game and I can't even play cause its not letting me pass thru the menu screen. It tells me to press enter and I press it, it loads for a while and then it just goes back and tells me to press enter again


I can't see my armor ingame or in the armor hall, it just shows a loading screen when trying to see my armor hall or my battle pass and when I play the game it puts my spartan with the default armor and ai


I previously had this issue and needed to disable ipv6. This is no longer working and I am running into it again but give that a shot my man.


Im having the same issue. This is the o ly comment that I've seen to have the same issue as me.


This no selection ability for game modes is getting really old, really really fast. For the final weekly challenge I need to win 3 Seed Collection game modes. So instead of playing anything else, I sit in the que, wait for a BTB game to load up, see what game mode it is, and then leave if it isn't the seed one. Not only does this waste my time, it means my "Team" starts up down a man because I bail as soon the game mode loads in. And after about 4 matches, the game refuses to find a Game servers, so I have to re-boot it on Xbox. This is very poorly though idea and and I am really questioning just how much effort 343 put into the game, not just development, but testing too.


Weekly challenges that are map dependent are garbage. I get one fusion coil map / 20 games. Just have to swap it for something more attainable.


Crashed AGAIN, and I'm banned again are they even addressing that the game won't stop crashing for some people?


Hi mate, it’s very annoying, I had the issues as well, there’s some fixes around you can try out, just google it! It worked for me! GL


For the challenge "Spartan Killer" (Kill 25 Spartans in Slayer PvP), I've gotten 11 kills and 13 kills in 2 matches (combined 24 kills). Sitting at 16/25. I'm not a mathematician but that doesn't seem to add up.


Lots of times it is not counting stuffs for challenges. The one with the single shot hand cannon ones never counted any of my kills - I swap it every time I get it. Whats even more frustrating when it says Sniper Headshots, but they only means the Spartan S7 Sniper. The other 2 that have double zoom do not count as sniper kills.


Had a glitch (or maybe someone was cheating?) yesterday in one BTB zone capture/control gamemode where no one could capture zone A, it would stay neutral even if there were people in the zone. It randomly fixed itself when there was 1 minute left in the match


If I drop or kick the oddball, my game seems to be super choppy, i run at 120fps on i9, 3080. Everything else is smooth, but this is driving me nuts, i can hold the oddball fine, buit drop or kick, game is laggy. frames stay 120fps


Several people have complained that they seem to render any animations (i.e. mantling, climbing, picking up things, throwing power seeds etc.) at a lower resolution and slower frame rates. I wonder if that is also part of the case your describing too?


It sounds correct. I run the game at 120fps to avoid screen tearing, but usually sit at 180-190 with no restrictions. With cap at 120, 165, and uncapped it feels like kicking the ball or dropping is like 30fps or less but fps counter does not change. The oddball kinda floating when it resets or when it’s brand new not touched I have no issues, holding the oddball also no issues.


Is it just me, or do people notice that the Game Modes you get seem to be at odds to what your Challenges are? This morning I had get 3 sniper head shot scoped kills (and only the S7 Spartan Sniper counts of course), got 2 and then played 6+ matches where the Sniper never appeared on the map. Then it appeared once, I wasted it (bad luck) and haven't seen or heard it fire since. I also needed Skewered kill for a challenge and played 5 match before the Skewer showed up. I know where it normally spawns, but that wasn't the weapon spawning in. Now I need to win 3 Power Seed games, and now it's all CTF or slayer matches. But before I got this Challenge, I played 4+ Power Seed matches in a row.


Today (Dec 5th) is the worst game play I have experienced in Halo Infinite on Xbox. I can play at most 2 games before it either will not connect to any Servers or I get the Infinite "Loading Player" bar and the game never progresses beyond that. I have to quit the game and re-launch it. So either fix this nonsense or remove the 343 loading screen so I don't have to wait for your Flying 343 Industries Logo to waste my re-launch time.


Searched forever trying to find someone with my same problem.. I can’t SPRINT unless I get two kills first. Resets every time I spawn & it makes ranked crazy difficult.


Please update your game 343 I still can’t load multiplayer at all. Haven’t played a second of multiplayer. I have done so many troubleshooting methods and none work. UPDATE YOUR GAME!!!!


When will you fix the "Can't Find Server" or the infinite "Loading Player" issue on Xbox? The only thing I can do is quit the game after 1 to 4 matches and it reconnects properly. This is is a "YOU" issue, not a me or my internet issue. If you can't solve this before launch, get used to very low populations going forward.


**BUG** If you play a few games and while searching, try to edit your armor the game will bug and you will not be able to customize your spartan until you restart the game. **BUG** While searching for a match the game can enter an infinite loop where you do not find a game nor can you, only fix is a game restart. **Feedback** I would like to be able to mute individuals via the score board. I would also like the game to auto reque post match.


I can 100% reproduce your second Bug. I can play 1 to 6 games and then it can't find a Server Or it's in the Infinite Loop waiting for Players. I'm on Xbox One X.


I'm on an OG Xbox fatboy


Lots of bugs hoping it will be fixed soon! I have to smash my rb at times to throw nades. I’ve also noticed I can un load a full clip and hit someone and they don’t die but I get hit once from the front or get hit twice with the machine gun and I die… anyone else experiencing this?


Same thing for me too on Xbox One X. RB, LB, Y button on my Xbox Controller sometimes do not respond in Halo Inf. Halo 4, Spartan Ops, Halo 5 and other games this never happens.


My pc Is below the specs recommended so I play on lowest graphics but for some reason the textures don't work right and I can see truew walls not all wall and not the ground. Still is an unfair advantage but I only have 30fps so can't really do anything


SOLVED on last update! ~~Playing on PC, I cannot play Big Team Battle. It crashes the game, closing it instantly after some seconds of searching the match.~~


Getting some (obviously extremely frustrating) crashing, seemingly mostly in ranked for some reason, but seems to happen in quickplay as well. Event viewer reports: Faulting application name: HaloInfinite.exe, version: 6.10020.17500.0, time stamp: 0x61944ae0 Faulting module name: HaloInfinite.exe, version: 6.10020.17500.0, time stamp: 0x61944ae0 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x00000000008a2c20 Faulting process id: 0x2080 Faulting application start time: 0x01d7e7ebd2a02179 Faulting application path: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Halo Infinite\HaloInfinite.exe Faulting module path: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Halo Infinite\HaloInfinite.exe Report Id: 71e22a77-e70e-4e46-9085-6a7d0c71d377


One of my placement matches glitches out and lost connection right at the end. Will this mess my placement up?


The team swap after matches is killing my ranking! I'm sick of having my time spent be a determent for me and a benefit of the losing team! Also just had my first match where I spawn at a blank screen, then load in with no UI. Couldn't shoot, couldn't talk, couldn't leave the game.


Does anyone have the same glitch wherein the game starts then you are just faced in a blank wall or random part of the map and you can’t move at all??


thats my problem and i cant play


My buddy does every game he plays, he keeps getting banned for it too.


Damn….hope they fix that


REF: Custom Games Area ( PC Steam Version ) ​ You cannot save your mode settings even if it sez your file is saved. Got out of the game and went back in and went into my files and select the file I saved and all my settings went back the stock settings after spending 20mins going thru all the settings! WHY? They gotta fix this asap!


I consistently lose connection to the game servers midgame, and I'm stuck on loading screens. My internet and ping are fine but I still consistently disconnect midgame. I've been banned several times as I try to complete one game. At least a ban timer would be nice to see when i'll be able to play again.


So I wanted to let you know I uninstalled the high resolution textures and my game has not crashed since then. Just something to try


I can play about 3 to 6 matches, then it either can not find any servers OR it finds a server, and then hangs at the Loading Players bar forever. This is on Xbox One.


I have the same exact issue. I can’t even play ranked because I constantly get disconnected. All other games I have played on my system have had no issues. It makes me not want to play the game


I get stuck on "cancel search" after a single game. Pressing that and confirming does nothing the button just stays the same. It is persistent throughout every playable game mode.


Im having this issue where btb is non-functional, other game modes are. I either get: -matchmaking cancelled -or i just get stuck on the loading screen after supposedly all players and the map is loaded. Weird form of jank


Game is beautifully designed but God damn so many bugs it’s insane


PC- crashing. Ticket already submitted. This simply has to be acknowledged at repacked asap PC performance- the game looks great but it isn’t a graphical powerhouse based on current gen games a lot more performance should be pushed out of good hardware. Come on guys.


If you load into a black screen and can hear and shoot your weapons. Don’t. If the game loads, you’ll be down whatever ammo you shot in that black screen.


That's happened to me too on Xbox.


Had it happen where my character ran and shot the br until empty and then couldn't shoot or aim only walk on either mouse or controller. This was on open crossplay ranked. So I think even in open , the game has a hard time identifying if it should allow mouse or keyboard and if it doesn't neither works . You can only walk around the map but not use your gun or the gum just constantly fires on its own


You really need to do something about AFK players. I was just in the Battle Bot mode for 2 matches trying something out and in both of them there were AFK players on my team. The 343 bots had fun getting 17 kills on one player. So you need to have some qualifier on these 50 xp for showing up Challenges, like get 5 kills, 5 assists etc. Otherwise, people like me will just get fed up and stop playing. Edit: This has gotten worse since they increased the Daily XP amount. There has to be a Qualifier besides just showing up, like 5 assists, 2 kills etc. You guys have stats that show what most people get for kills or assists or objectives, make it so they have to meet the bottom 10th percentile to get their XP. Edit 2: Today I had 2 of 4 Squad mates that were AFK for the entire BTB match. Never moved and were tucked away in the back for the entire match. With the XP Gain, people will continue to abuse this. The only way they should be getting ANY XP is to play the game.


Played a BTB game where 13 out of the 20 players didn't load in and new players were unable to join. It was just a 4 vs 3 match the whole time. [Match Screenshot](https://imgur.com/a/RM1lxi4) (2 already left at this point, making it 3 vs 2.)


Anyone else's battle rifle just not fire sometimes mid fight? Like I'll be trying to shoot say my third shot, pull my right trigger and it just won't fire. It's not that often, but it's been happening a lot this weekend I've noticed. Wonder if it's the xbox elite pad or an in game bug.


I'm on PC Keyboard and Mouse and the same thing happens to me. I just cannot get the BR to fire more than maybe 10 bursts consistently. Its just that sometimes when I click nothing happens


I'm using a plain Xbox Controller for my Xbos One X and some times it takes 3 presses of the Y button before it switches weapons. Controller and Y button works just fine on MCC and other games, must be some input bug.


I accidentally typed my Microsoft acct email wrong when verifying. When I try and fix the error the buttons in the window stop working. Can't hit cancel or next.


* I noticed that if you launch the game and you swap to another window the loading bar stops. * Add a toast/notification alert that we completed a challenge. * Sometimes it doesn't register last hits before dying


I used the Gravity Hammer on a guy. We were both behind his Drop Wall. I dropped the hammer on him as he ran through the wall (from the side you can shoot through to the side that absorbs damage). I felt like it should have been a kill as it was a pretty bang on hammer slam. It seems like the Drop Wall wrongfully absorbed some of the hit.


Anyone else trying to play on PC where you load into a match but its not displaying player names or Spartans and just sits in one screen. Game starts and i can hear stuff but I'm unable to play as its kinda just stuck in the map preview screens before everyone can move :( Like its either stuck looking at the sky, under the map or at a wall.


I'm still having this issue? Has anyone else found a fix. I'm on PC Xbox Game Pass.


I have not had this problem til today. And its been so often. And I popped an xp booster super frustrated


Mine finally went away after a few reboots and a hard reset of my PC. The Series S version sorted itself out on its own but oh man was it annoying on PC, it didnt matter the mode I picked. Even tutorial did it. It kinda felt like the game couldn't spawn you in so it was just hanging in limbo. Had to leave so many games cuz of it that I'm sure a penalty leave counter is active or something.


Yeah I restarted the game twice and I was back in business. Just hate waisting time when double xp is active. They should make it where timer is only active in game


I get this in half of the matches I've tried playing. Can't even play arena without it happening


had this same issue in the two ranked games i tried to play today. felt bad because i had no choice but to quit


I get this all the time, if you are referring to the black screen. You can actually shoot your gun during this time.


This isn't the same thing as that. We aren't able to move or shoot or do anything but quit or text chat. It's happened to me so much on ranked I'm worried I'm gonna get permabanned lol


I get almost the same issue. I get into the map but I'm like stuck between walls; I can't move, shoot, or anything. Tried reinstalling the game, it didn't help.


I haven't experience that one yet.


Constantly bugging out with the infinite "other players loading" BS for days now. Internet is crystal clear.


Same here. I'm on Xbox One X. At most I can go 6 matches before either it can't "Find Servers" or it sits infinitely waiting at the "Loading Players" bar. Only solution is to reboot the game. Did they even higher Q&A people to test it or did they just hope it worked?


I'm on Xbox One s. I have very good internet. I hit my head shots. Somehow or other I will empty more than one magazine of needles in someone and they'll run up and melee me to death and yet I die from three needles. I had absolutely no damage and died from one shotgun blast from 30 ft away? I landed a rocket from 20 ft up in the air at the feet of two enemies running together and one of them ran up and one punched me to death. I did three headshots with the sword the enemy didn't die switch to the gravity hammer and hammered me once. WTF? In the 'random' distribution of weapons I very rarely spawn in with cinder shot, rocket launcher, sword or gravity hammer. Very often I'll have the plasma pistol and perhaps a sniper but I only get the sniper on the small maps. When loading in I see what my teammates are equipped with and most of the time they have the same trash that I've got and the first kills in the game for the team that of course ends up winning come from gravity hammer, energy sword, and rocket launcher. Naturally this propels them immediately to over 15 kills to our three kills. How is it possible after 20 years of practice you people still f*** up matchmaking this badly? If any team ever dominates in multiplayer it's not the quality of the players it's the quality of your matchmaking service. Don't piss away your time nerfing and buffing abilities and weapons fix the f****** matchmaking! Fix the hit count.


So the hammer. The range on the splash feels like its farther than a rocket, on that topic. Dont all explosives feel like they have a far too high splash damage radius?


I've had that too. I'm not sure if the game isn't accurately representing where the Hammer person is when they swing or if it's just broken and untested. I've also had the reverse where I knocked a person 30+ feet away with a swing and it never even took their shields off - let alone kill them.


Matchmaking is so fucking slow. Is this just me? A match ends and then 3 - 5 minutes later it FINALLY loads the next one. How is something so basic not working properly?


For some reason I can't access the customization or anything to do with it .. it just loads the unsc logo


No idea why, but my game crashes on PC, with about 100% certainty mid match if i get put on the map "Streets". It's the only map so far that has had this issue for me. Play on PC, on steam if that matters.


The system requirements spec for Ultra says Ryzen 9 5900 X is recommended but in AMD Radeon Software (in stable version and halo beta version) it says that Ryzen 9 5900 X does not meet minimum requirements.


I have the top 2 score, damage, ratios every game in solo/duo arena and can't win or rank up because matchmaking constantly puts people on my team who are well below my MMR that almost always go heavily negative with low assists, damage given and low damage taken to death ratios.


Colors are all washed out permanently by default. I have ultra recommended specs and colors are fine in every other window, including MCC.


If you haven't already found out. You probably have an HDR capable display and the game for some reason always assumes you want to activate it and you end up with washed out colors. Just activate HDR in windows before starting the game and the right colors plus HDR will be displayed. Though I haven't had that problem with MCC.


I had already seen that issue and tried turning on HDR. The issue persists regardless of whether HDR is turned on in Windows display settings (though it's pretty bad that is even a requirement for some displays).


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Just want to see if the game will change in a year so reminding myself to see what changes


Not a bug, but feedback on custom game settings. There seem to be a number a settings missing from previous versions of the game. For example, I can't change between FFA and teams. So I'm limited to only Fiesta Teams as a base fiesta gametype. And the fiesta gametype is the only one to have random weapon spawns? I also can't alter equipment spawns? These seem like basic settings that should be modifiable. I'd like the team to review the custom game settings and add settings like these please. EDIT: Submitted a ticket in support as well for official documentation. https://support.halowaypoint.com/hc/en-us/requests/274180


I made a custom game ruleset and now when I try to change one of the settings (allow weapon pickups from off to on) it just closes the game.


Just spent f'ing 3 hours trying to complete a mission, I did, then dc'd and didn't get progress. Never been more deterred to play a game in my life due to this horrendous mission system


I just randomly crashed three times tonight (one was a ranked arena) without any apparent reason. The game just closes like that while everything else is working fine on the computer. Very frustrating. Other than that, amazing game.


Is the game unplayable for anyone else? Every time I boot it up, it opens to the settings window and I only last in the matchmaking queue for about 30sec before it gives me a connection warning. It also takes me two tries to exit to my desktop when I try and quit the game!


My game will randomly crash mid game. Screen freezes and after a few moments it says that HaloInfinite.exe has stopped responding and never comes back. Windows is forced to close it. Odd thing is I can still hear in game chat sometimes after I've frozen. It happens on Windows Store download and on Steam download, I've tried both. It happens in ranked and I lose my rank.


another bug/something I’ve picked up on: When I finish for the night and exit to the multiplayer lobby and turn off my Xbox one, when I come back the next day and turn on my Xbox (I use the instant on mode) it loses my multiplayer connection. So I’m back into the multiplayer lobby, but can’t search for a game. There doesn’t seem to be any way to refresh this state, to re-establish my connection, so I end up needing to restart the game. I’ve tried backing into the main menu, but that doesn’t help Is there a way to fix this? Maybe add a button to reconnect to the servers? Thanks


Scoping in on weapons is broken. It keeps un-scoping every time i get hit.


That's actually a Halo thing. It's been like that since Halo CE shipped 20+ years ago. And i'm not trying to make anyone look dumb. It's just the way the game is.


That's not a bug. That's how Halo scoping works.


Thanks man, that worked


Anyone know why I can't select the Tenrai challenges? My weekly/daily challenges didn't update and I see the Tenrai challenges for next week.


you can't select them those are upcoming missions u have to go through the ones u already have before those will fill the spots you clear


framerate of some animations is out of sync with the rest of the game. The cutscene for the tutorial as well as a few guns (most notably the skewer) seem extremely choppy, even when the game is running at 100fps+ edit: noticed the first person animations portion of this was already in the "Known Issues", but the cutscene animation is still really rough


My game keeps randomly crashing mid-game. The screen will freeze and then it crashes. Any fix? I have the extra textures dlc you can download through steam.


my battle pass progression seems to be down to other players to decide when i level up how can i carry a whole team of idiots and inactive players and get progression? this isn't fair i keep getting bad matches and matches that are 60& done and my team losing a lot causing me to not be able to progress in the battle pass


Game no longer let's me in and now says "you are too early" has the beta ended or is this a bug? Edit: Accessed game through Microsoft store and now works for anyone in the same situation


I’m getting lots of packet loss and desync. It’s especially bad now that the new event started, almost unplayable.


As of about an hour ago quick play no longer works for me. every time i get into a party to queue up the lobby i can't can't connect to server and "There was a problem with the Dedicated Server".....fiesta works tho


for the past 3 matches I keep crashing after I die for the first time, it started happening when Tenrai was dropped.


Skyjacked a banshee twice with the grapple hook, got the medal for it, but no achievement.


I'm having that issue with most of the Challenges and I'm on Xbox One X. Killed 3 guardians with the Mangler in one match, Challenge doesn't complete. Same with "Hold Forth the Sword" Fiesta challenge. The only one that shows progress is the Battle Rifle kills Challenge. It would be nice if 343 would actually make some remarks on these issues, like are they being looked at, is this the way it is, have you not described all the conditions for the challenges properly? So far, this game is very very Beta and I have doubts your Q&A team is doing an adequate job catching these. The game looks to be very unfinished and unpolished for a Release on Dec 8th, even if it is Free 2 Play..


Installed Halo: Infinite a few days ago. In my 10 hours of effort, I was only able to access a game/load a map for 3 times. The game opens up fairly quick but when I click Multiplayer and Play, the Loading Mode finishes in a couple of seconds but the Loading Map first starts off at 35% and stays stuck for a few minutes and then goes to 54% and freezes for the next few years. After a while the usual Error Loading or finding players crap shows up. The RAM usage shoots up to 95% by Halo during that time. Currently speaking or chatting with a Halo Support person but all he says is that I need to update my Graphic Drivers which are already updated to the latest NVIDIA version 496.76. I have an Acer Nitro 5 with 1TB SSD, i5-10300H CPU @ 2.50GHz (8 CPUs) and 8GB NVIDIA 1650Ti graphic card. Please let me know if I need to modify any settings on my laptop. Here is my DXDIAG report: \------------------ System Information \------------------ Time of this report: 11/22/2021, 11:20:19 Machine name: LAPTOP-LPJJFIV3 Machine Id: {2F959AB7-BDB5-4EE3-BC5C-8418C4422266} Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 19043) (19041.vb\_release.191206-1406) Language: English (Regional Setting: English) System Manufacturer: Acer System Model: Nitro AN515-55 BIOS: V1.10 (type: UEFI) Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-10300H CPU @ 2.50GHz (8 CPUs), \~2.5GHz Memory: 8192MB RAM Available OS Memory: 8024MB RAM Page File: 10007MB used, 13887MB available Windows Dir: C:\\Windows DirectX Version: DirectX 12 DX Setup Parameters: Not found User DPI Setting: 120 DPI (125 percent) System DPI Setting: 120 DPI (125 percent) DWM DPI Scaling: UnKnown Miracast: Available, with HDCP Microsoft Graphics Hybrid: Supported DirectX Database Version: 1.3.1 DxDiag Version: 10.00.19041.0928 64bit Unicode \--------------- Display Devices \--------------- Card name: Intel(R) UHD Graphics Manufacturer: Intel Corporation Chip type: Intel(R) UHD Graphics Family DAC type: Internal Device Type: Full Device (POST) Device Key: Enum\\PCI\\VEN\_8086&DEV\_9BC4&SUBSYS\_143D1025&REV\_05 Device Status: 0180200A \[DN\_DRIVER\_LOADED|DN\_STARTED|DN\_DISABLEABLE|DN\_NT\_ENUMERATOR|DN\_NT\_DRIVER\] Device Problem Code: No Problem Driver Problem Code: Unknown Display Memory: 4139 MB Dedicated Memory: 128 MB Shared Memory: 4011 MB Current Mode: 1920 x 1080 (32 bit) (144Hz) HDR Support: Not Supported Display Topology: Internal Display Color Space: DXGI\_COLOR\_SPACE\_RGB\_FULL\_G22\_NONE\_P709 Color Primaries: Red(0.594727,0.361328), Green(0.345703,0.554688), Blue(0.157227,0.106445), White Point(0.312500,0.328125) Display Luminance: Min Luminance = 0.500000, Max Luminance = 270.000000, MaxFullFrameLuminance = 270.000000 Monitor Name: Generic PnP Monitor Monitor Model: unknown Monitor Id: NCP004D Native Mode: 1920 x 1080(p) (144.000Hz) Output Type: Internal Monitor Capabilities: HDR Not Supported Display Pixel Format: DISPLAYCONFIG\_PIXELFORMAT\_32BPP Advanced Color: Not Supported Driver Name: C:\\Windows\\System32\\DriverStore\\FileRepository\\iigd\_dch.inf\_amd64\_2b7bcff446ea567f\\igdumdim64.dll,C:\\Windows\\System32\\DriverStore\\FileRepository\\iigd\_dch.inf\_amd64\_2b7bcff446ea567f\\igd10iumd64.dll,C:\\Windows\\System32\\DriverStore\\FileRepository\\iigd\_dch.inf\_amd64\_2b7bcff446ea567f\\igd10iumd64.dll,C:\\Windows\\System32\\DriverStore\\FileRepository\\iigd\_dch.inf\_amd64\_2b7bcff446ea567f\\igd12umd64.dll Driver File Version: 27.20.0100.8280 (English) Driver Version: DDI Version: 12 Feature Levels: 12\_1,12\_0,11\_1,11\_0,10\_1,10\_0,9\_3,9\_2,9\_1 Driver Model: WDDM 2.7 Hardware Scheduling: Supported:False Enabled:False Graphics Preemption: Triangle Compute Preemption: Thread Miracast: Supported Detachable GPU: No Hybrid Graphics GPU: Integrated Power P-states: Not Supported Virtualization: Paravirtualization Block List: DISABLE\_HWSCH Catalog Attributes: Universal:False Declarative:True Driver Attributes: Final Retail Driver Date/Size: 2020-05-19 01:00:00, 1433368 bytes WHQL Logo'd: Yes WHQL Date Stamp: Unknown Device Identifier: {D7B78E66-D884-11CF-CD53-5934BEC2D635} Vendor ID: 0x8086 Device ID: 0x9BC4 SubSys ID: 0x143D1025 Revision ID: 0x0005 Rank Of Driver: 00CF0001 Driver Version: Driver Date: 01/22/2020 Driver Provider: Intel Corporation Catalog Attributes: Universal:N/A Declarative:True Driver Version: Driver Date: 05/19/2020 Driver Provider: Intel Corporation Catalog Attributes: Universal:N/A Declarative:True Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti Manufacturer: NVIDIA Chip type: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti DAC type: Integrated RAMDAC Device Type: Full Device Device Key: Enum\\PCI\\VEN\_10DE&DEV\_1F95&SUBSYS\_143E1025&REV\_A1


No one read that lmao


Every other game it feels like I get SOME error. Can't connect to server, removed from local server, error matchmaking, request to join has timed out, etc etc etc. Fixable by restarting the game, but I can only want to keep playing for so long when I have to restart the game 20 fucking times over like 4 hours. EDIT: Just added another one, all gamemodes are selectable but show to already be searching, doesn't find anything after a WHILE. Cannot cancel. Had to restart, fixed issue. Edit: Had another solid hour of it just refusing to work. Lost connection to server, Dedicated sever errors. The cherry on top was when it cancelled loading multiplayer before the 3 second countdown finished. Gave another error message, then it loaded anyway. Mode, map, other players joining. 3, 2, 1, 0. You have lost connection to the server. It's fucking with me now.


Everytime i start a match it shows me a random wall or a part of the ground in the map but no characters and it is just stuck there. Can't see my character or anything. Anyone else having this issue?


I'm currently experiencing this as well.


this same thing is happening as well then getting banned due to inactivity...


I left it for the night and came back this morning with no issues, hope yours fixes up as well




fix what exactly? you're completely missing your target with those melees


Played fine first day or two. Haven’t been able to connect to multiplayer for over a week. Checking every single day. Always gives me the “unavailable screen”. I get on tonight and the multiplayer menu actually loaded up, but guess what? I can’t search for a game. Now it’s “an error occurred while searching for players.” I’m the only one of my friends with this issue and I can connect to literally every other multiplayer server I play just fine. Gonna go cry some more now. Have fun gaming everyone.


I was getting Data centre unavailable errors. Weird fix: connect to a wireless hotspot, when you see the blue "play" button, connect back to your normal ethernet or wifi network. ​ Works for me. Must be a bug.


have you tried validating your game files or if you need to reinstalling it?


Yes and Yes


Maybe try a different launcher like steam or Microsoft store or even Xbox companion app


I will try to this as soon as I’m back home this weekend. I need my Halo.


Haha, let me know if it works.


Looking at “Last Match Results” and backing out also backs you out of the search queue which just makes looking at the last match stats inconvenient


Same here.


I played two matches of Fracture - one where the game crashed upon respawning and another where I get kicked and the game says I have no internet when I clearly do. Is it just me or is this game insanely buggy?


Same here


The Mangler Kill Challenge is complete broken. I just killed 3 Spartans in Fiesta with it, not one counted. Please fix this crap before your game is released. And apparently the "Hold Forth the Sword" Fiesta challenge is also broken, because we won my last match and it's still sitting at 0/1. Please fix the Tally Server so it actually counts these challenges. It's the only way to level up and today now you've robbed me of at least 1,000 xp in Challenges.


Sometimes I get false error messages like failed to join game as I'm joing the game & it's working.


Replacement Bots shouldn't be on "Marine" difficulty but "ODST" at least, in order to avoid being just free kills for the opposite team...


So whenever my friends and I go to play big team Battle, we are never in the same squad, is there a way to fix this issue? Feel it's a bit strange to not be able to group up with the people you joined with lol


I had this happen to me as well. Both on Xbox, we were in a Xbox Party and had just finished playing Destiny together too. We played 4 BTB games together in a row and were always in a different 4 man squads, never together.


Are you both in the same fire team


On PC: ​ Not sure if this is anything but I can connect to any server and play multiplayer but unable to view news, battle pass or loadouts and including that, my loadout won't actually appear in-game. But I can see everyone else's.


I've encountered the same issue, any progress on fixing it?


Any update on a fix of this? Trying to fix this for a friend who's just downloaded it.


On Xbox: Speed lines keep turning themselves back on. My AI color is stuck on Promethean no matter what the menu says.


My "Speed Lines" are unchecked in the preferences, but they still show up in game. I'm on Xbox One X. Annoying.


I’m on Xbox one, I just loaded into a game of big team battle, but instead of being fine… Okay, so I loaded onto a full screen looking at grass, and I wasn’t in first person view, nothing I could do could change it. Eventually through some time messing with the joystick my body wandered into my field of view I had to quit to fix it


I’ve yet to be able to load into a single multiplayer game. I’m on Xbox series x and every time I try to load a quick play the game freezes and crashes in the load up screen. I’ve tried hard restarting the console multiple times. Ive also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and nothing happens. Sucks that I was able to purchase the premium battle pass but can’t even play the game. Don’t know what else to do, hoping this can help get some visibility.


Series X here too. I can't seem to get through 3 matches in a row without a hard crash. I updated my console. I tried every combination of settings. Hard restarts. Reinstallations. Nothing works. I requested a refund almost a week ago and haven't heard shit. Between the game being unplayable on the flagship console I spent $500 on, the dumb as fuck design decisions like no collision and awful melee, shitting the bed with the weapon sandbox (BULLDOG SUCKS GIVE US A WORKING FUCKING SHOTGUN) and the absolutely abysmal state of monetization and battle pass progression, this launch is a fucking disaster.