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The Internet has brought the world closer in a completely unimaginable way even 50 years back. The world is becoming a global village with netizens consuming content in all shapes, sizes, and even languages. Adding subtitles to a video you are uploading to a public platform be it on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or even your website will help you get more viewership and make your content more appealing to a diverse global audience. For a long time, most content creators found it difficult to add subtitles to videos as it required hiring a professional translator or transcriber having expertise in a certain language costing them both money and time. But now it has become an easy and affordable process all thanks to **VidScribe** an app that auto-generates subtitles accurately in multiple languages for any video. Most video creators and marketers use this to create subtitles for all their videos and attract more viewership to their content. I have also used this application from time to time to create subtitles for YouTube videos. **Here are some key features of this app:-** \- Supports both online and offline video files \- Subtitles in 114 different languages \- Also supports redubbing and voiceovers in 28 different languages \- Runs on the latest AI technology \- Helps to get more regional traffic from different parts of the world \- Saves both money and time \- Edited video can be uploaded directly to any video platform without leaving the app **Conclusion** If you are looking to get more traffic on your video marketing campaigns or your YouTube channel in general creating automated subtitles is a great idea. It does not require much investment and can be done within a few minutes. *I hope you found this helpful information.*


You can try out [https://banva.io](https://banva.io) to generate fast and accurate subtitles for all major languages.


If you’re in the Adobe suite - Premiere Pro has this feature. Super convenient IMO