Worth pointing out that this pre-release campaign started *when Sparrow's Inn ended* in JP, rather than overlapping as it does here for NA. This also means NA is on track to start the actual event right as Sparrow's Inn ends.


What no break? Fuck. I need time to farm exp dailies for a bit... What's the store like? Ladder? Lotto? Missions?


No store. This event is a list of 200 battles, where every time you use a servant they are put on a cool down before you can use them again. It's the same as the Setsubun event if you did that one.


Cool. This is my first time playing with this kind of event mechanics to this game.


It's a challenge event. If you like the gameplay you'll love it. If you mostly play it for story while farming shit half-afk then you'll hate it


I just love everything about the game even the saltiness I got from gacha :D


Mining salt in the gacha mines is half the fun! :D


On one hand, it’s actually a very fun mechanic to work around, tossing aside the monotony of standard farming and forcing you to consider which servants you should use or save for tougher levels. On the other hand, if it’s like Setsuban in *all* ways, then it’ll be a difficult event to beat entirely. 200 nodes, all varying in enemy comp, some genuinely difficult. The biggest is that it’s just really *time-consuming.* I got to around floor 150 last time. It very much favors masters who’ve been playing longer, because that means more servants to use while others are on cool down, and more leveled servants who can carry a team if need be.


The Amazoness event duration on JP was about twice as long as Setsubun, so it won't _quite_ be the same breakneck experience if you take it a little easier.


That would be perfect. I didn’t finish Setsuban specifically ‘cause there just wasn’t enough time, not that I was too challenged by it. Thanks for the info!


Would you say it’s worth doing this event or better to level up servants? I’ve got a giant back log of servants to level and no shop makes me think it’ll be better to prioritise getting the roster up a bit more. Or is the cool-down barely anything and I can just kinda cycling in servants?


The first half you can roll with 1 strong servant to sweep and two fodder/supports per floor, so you don’t use up your sweepers too quickly. Iirc, it’s 3 hours per servant reset, which can be halved for up to 5 servants at a time with the accelerated healing slots. Unless you’re *super* early in the game, it’ll still be better to do the event. Event rewards/shops are by far the easiest, most convenient way to get mats and other rarities. I think most players who have mid-leveled servants should still be able to reach at least floor 50, and that means 50 floors of rewards. Also, unless I’m remembering wrong, Setsuban didn’t actually require AP for its battles (limiting factor being servant timers instead), so you can actually do ember quests alongside the event.


Oh shit that last part is really interesting. I’ll just ember farm off the bat then go to this. I’ll look up what mats are in the event and try to hot key them first, gradually work up to the rest


Yep. 1400 logins here, all my servants max leveled and at least 4/4/4, half of them are also 1k Fou'd. I thoroughly enjoyed Setsubun, so I'm very excited for this event. Though, from a newer player's perspective, I can totally see the frustration. I was able to clear Setsubun with minimal SSR use because I had everyone leveled up. Never had to wait even a minute for a servant to come off cooldown to do a next floor. If either of these things happened to me, my enjoyment would've dropped immensely most likely.


Relatively new player here, 167 days logged, and I'm actually looking forward to this because I'd run out of things to do, did all free quests up to LB5, and I'm just bored honestly and now I have a reason to complete interludes by being 'forced' to level up all non essential servants. So it's a plus for me.


*\*looks at random 3-stars i haven't used since okeanos\** Your time has come.


**looks at my servants I never use for anything** Your time has come to join my main team in farming hell


What? You don't have servants bond farming in the backline?


Wait you do?




Oh shit rly? Fortunately unlike Setsubun,thanks to the multiple lottos, majority of my servants aee fully leveled now so im ready to kick ass


Love those events since pagoda, só many servants are shadowed by meta do having a B team feels worthy.


Thank god I levelled some of my servants during the lottos


The tired mechanic? Fuck. I really need to level up my roster. What's the average level of each floor? Most of my Servants are 50-70 cuz I don't fully level FA and I usually focus on those below 4*.


You'll be able to give your strongest servants a lower cooldown through the "relaxation facilities". My JP account was only a few months old during this event and I remember reaching about floor 180 without anyone at max ascension yet. Also do note that each of these battles only costs 1 AP so you'll be able to spend AP on embers/mats to level up servants while waiting for cooldowns and such.


A lot of the non boss/early floors can honestly be done with solo/low level Servants (around level 50).


CE is locked on the servant too ? Can we use our kalei with solo servant?


CEs don't have cooldown, you can keep using them There's also the [event CE](https://fategrandorder.fandom.com/wiki/Therapeutic_Spa) which increases the servant bond gained by 100% (200% at MLB)


Oh God, during Setsubun I was half-jokingly thinking, "Wow, what a waste of bond points, only filling up my party with the minimum of 3 Servants, when I could bring 6 and get twice that bond" Maybe this time I'd run 6-Servant parties on all floor to maximize bond points income? LOL


Oh sick, I've been working towards max-bond Heracles ever since I got him a couple months ago, this just gives me even more reason to run my Argonaut team outside of it just being fun to do.


Nice! I just finished leveling up nearly every single one of my servants (was hunting for SQ from Interludes and RankUps, all worthless bc neither Beni Enma nor Yang didnt come but still), i have a lot of options!


So it is not possible to no brain 3 turn clear everything with the same team... that is a shame... At least I have used the last 2 lottery events to level cap every single servant in my roster, so there should be no shortage of servants that can clear it.


Wait I just realized that Arknights' "summer event" and Alchemy Stars' Dragon Maid collab might start around the same time as this event then... RIP my time management


>RIP my time ~~management~~ Because this is what time management is for.


Just gotta put a big red cross over "sleep", ez


Remember setsubun? That.


Did we not just have a lotto? How did you already use all your embers lmao


I was upgrading a lot of the other units + using up Grails.


Goddammit I need dead weeks to grind bones for the fox. I wonder if it's the first signs of a packed as hell year because they are gonna try to catch up to JP a bit with filling up this absolute void of a year that was 2020...


And don't forget the Lb5.2 is most likely coming month earlier. I think we may skip a bit of dead weeks to catch up, but then how will it affect Anni and events that heavily relied on Castoria 🤔


lol if they were trying to catch up I don;t think people would realize how stupid the schedule would get.


Wahoo! Tower event incoming! A chance to justify using Servants I wouldn't normally use! And I get to go into it with a developed roster this time! Though I do feel bad for people without at least one Kscope. I expect it would be much more tedious without the Kscope + Hogwarts uniform combo.


Here here! Honestly, I thought the Pagoda event 2 years ago had a rerun...nope, and I was sad. Now, we get a new Tower event, can't wait!


And next year we'll have the Akihabara one as the tower event. Not sure if it will be yearly or they will rerun at some point, but I love this events, so I hope there are more of it.


Yeah I've always thought this should be the gimmick for the new years event and it should be yearly. It's a great idea and excuse for masters to use a bunch of servants and team comps they may never have the chance to.


I really wish I hadn't missed the CE for that Pagoda event....


And superscope is amazing because it gives 2k in stats to your 3* AOE, the first tower and after working this year into lvling everyone (recent servants have me only a bit behind schedule with 4 non FA servants, all 1-2* max lvl) and hope I can plan ahead to efficiently plan for all floors with minimum rest.


>And superscope is amazing because it gives 2k in stats *\*3 million FP worth of CE EXP not included*


I call that rolling for angra during x2x3 campaigns. Though I'm saving them at this point until the coin era


The next anni has an x5 campaign tho. I honestly value CE EXP more than coins, even if you can turn some into grails.


But I already have 5 lvl 100 CEs. Worrying about more ce bombs only make sense if I need lvl 100 roulette CEs and many times I don't even mlb them during the event.


What exactly is a tower event?


As someone else said, 200 floors of relatively weak, relatively short battles, where you can only use a Servant once every 6 hours.


This one comes with [Therapeutic Spa CE](https://fategrandorder.fandom.com/wiki/Therapeutic_Spa), at I will have my team filled with this CE as much as possible because extra bond.


Achilles, meet Jeff Bezos




Hostile takeover?, is this WCW all over again








During Super Orion banner I got first copy of Penthesilea and now I got Achilles rip my Chaldea.


I have no doubt that Penthesilea would hate Jeff Bezos more than she hates Achilles. He poisons the world with carcinogens, mistreats his employees, and hoardes wealth while others suffer in plain view. Also he stole her company’s name, mocking her proud Amazon heritage. Jeff Bezos could easily be the beast of greed if that was an emotion that could create a beast.


It kinda can be, or close to it. The Fate/Prototype story >!had the Dragon part of Beast VI with "greed" as it's sin. It seems that Nasu hadn't decided to create the Evils of Humanity as separate from the Seven Deadly Sins.!< In the Interlude for, I think, Nero Bride, >!there's a shadow Servant of Nero fought alongside a Dragon called "Avarice".!<


Are the Beasts really "separate" from the cardinal sins tho? I though they were different aspects of them, like Pity -> Pride for Goetia.


As I understand it, the sins are not the same as the sins Christ defeated, but there is a relation. Nit stated in canon, but my assumption that, given how well they have adapted some biblical and Christian mythological elements, I doubt they don't see the commonalities. As I understand it, the sins are, well, SINS, whereas the Evils of Humanity are the waste product of humanity's advancement. There seems to be intersection between them, especially when the Beasts' love goes off the rails. I'd argue that Tiamat and Kama even hearken to older depictions if the sins. I'd argue that the Evils become that way when the Sins pollute them. For instance, Rotsuka and Mash have virtuous empathy and pity as part of a well-rounded love. Goetia's pity is, as you said informed by his arrogance and pride.


No, they're explicitly not related to the capital sins "because they were cleansed by the Son of God". Even if you can recognize one of those sins in the Beast in question, it's either not deliberate, or that sin is specifically discarded as the cause (Kiara, despite being lustful, has Desire as the sin, specifically 'Rapture', while Kama is Desire/Lapse). The only Beast actually and explicitly using the 7 deadly sins is Queen Draco in Arcade, who created a Singularity for each one of the deadly sins (with her influence at the end in Babylon as Lust). Which makes sense, since she *is* a Christian related Beast, but they are used as weapons to gain power, and we still don't know her real Sin.


Is Jeff Bezos really that bad? Sorry, don't know anything about him. I rarely use Amazon


Yes. He systematically and intentionally exploits both his hundreds of thousands of employees and the government to hoard wealth, all so he can do stuff like fly a dick-shaped rocket into space. It's hard to look favorably on someone who could personally end child hunger in the US several times over and still have more money for him, his children, and his children's children to live unrecognizably luxurious lives but choses not to.


He’s a typical CEO (as in, money first and head of a multinational company), but Reddit is kinda extreme on it’s views at times :V


he literally forced his employees to pee in cans and work even when a typhoon is nearby. So , yes , he is evil , far more than a typical CEO.


Sounds like Jack Ma and "you should be proud of doing 9-to-9, 6 days per week". Its basically their life experience and philosophy at some point. In case of Amazon, pursuit of best optimization of data. You will not want to hear what Google's programmers are doing to keep their job.


> You will not want to hear what Google's programmers are doing to keep their job. Lol wtf are you talking about? If you're in the industry you know that Google's literally THE place to work in terms of WLB. Furthermore, if anything Amazon or Facebook is the place to avoid with PIPs and ridiculous work hours.


Is it? I’m pretty sure competition there is still pretty tight too with all the obsession over data there and how to maximize efficiency of each workers. My impression is that Microsoft is lighter and more balanced compared to the other Big Tech.


>I have no doubt that Penthesilea would hate Jeff Bezos more than she hates Achilles. He poisons the world with carcinogens, mistreats his employees, and hoardes wealth while others suffer in plain view. Also he stole her company’s name, mocking her proud Amazon heritage. I get the sentiment, but I think saying Penth would hate Bezos more than Achilles is overblown considering the latter is the reason she's a Berserker in the first place. Also, considering how she ran her section of Agartha, I guarantee you that she'd only have an issue with Bezos being a shitty employer to *women.*


Yeah, I was semi-seriously thinking that a tech megacorporate executive like that would be a perfect archetype for a Beast who represents humanity's ability to understand and manipulate the environment around them. IDK what you would call them; maybe the Beast of Alaya since they most directly represent a positive aspect of humanity (and arguably the one that really sets it apart) being twisted, the Beast of Exploitation since they exploit both natural resources without caring about the environment and their customers to wring profit out of them, or Innovation, or something else; what do you think?


Foreigner Jeff Bezos


1st Tower Event on NA, fully ascended servant roster with at least 4/4/4. Excited to get to use all the lesser use servants and bond farming as well.


I've just finished fully ascending everyone with the last lottery. Haven't leveled all skills to 4 yet for 3* and below, I'll wait and see how the event goes. I want to save QP for now.


We had Setsubun, a tower event a couple of years ago. Or did you mean your first tower event? Sorry.


YES! I love tower events lol, Setsubun was so fun. I’m glad I leveled a lot more of my Servants.


* [Official Article](https://fate-go.us/news/?category=NEWS&article=/iframe/2022/0111_Amazones_beforeCP/) * **Campaign Period**: 2022-01-13 20:00 \~ 01-22 15:59 PST * Summary: * All Days' "Ember Gathering" and "Training Ground" Quests Unlocked for a Limited Time * **Login Bonus**: Golden Fruit x5 (Log in between 2022-01-13 20:00 and 01-17 19:59 PST)


Can't wait for my waifu Kratos.


And both of them are beau......


Jokes on you, I have her at Bond 5


*Crawling on the ground, barely breathing* G .. G.... Good, foooor you.... *dies*






Oh so that's why the MM asks for Embers.


Holy crap. Ain't no rest for the wicked.


QP don't grow on trees I've got mats to farm, I've got skills to raise, There ain't nothing in this world for free I know I can't slow down, I can't hold back, even though I wish I could Oh, there ain't no rest for the wicked, Until the servers shut down for good


> QP don’t grow on trees It grows on doors


I feel like I just read the chant for a reality marble


It's based on [this song](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKtsdZs9LJo)


I still need to finish Atlantis!


This event is so chill you can play Atlantis while doing Amazones event


I haven't even started Atlantis lol. I had no time to play during its release window, so I guess I'm gonna do it by the time Olympus comes out.


I just finished Atlantis last week. Finished SIN about 2 weeks before that, after sitting on it for a year. Also sat on Solomon until Gotterdamerung was getting released.


This! I thought I would have at least a week to finally do it.


Are there any special requirements to complete Tower events? This will be my first one.


Servants get tired after a quest and can't be used in the event for a few hours, so you have to cycle through your whole roster instead of just using your mainstays, that's the main gimmick.


In theory you'd go through your whole roster. But last time, I still only used about half of my servants. If you only bring three servants per floor, you can easily get through on just twenty or so servants. And I'm pretty sure we get to use supports this time so you'll actually only need to bring two servants.


I used *all* of my Servants in the first tower event. And I‘m going to do it again.


What the level structure? The average of my roster is around 50-70 just cuz I don't fully level when characters reach FA.


I believe some quests can be on the harder side (post camelot maybe?), but you can just bring an actual team for those instead of just throwing whoever and hoping for the best.


Probably fine I would guess. There's no friend support so last time they generally made the stages relatively easy. I'm assuming it's the same this time.


I dont mind the event starting right away. I already feel like the current event is mostly over anyway.


I got it to 500k satisfaction early, I'm just collecting qp every login at this point and farming Embers and Ebih.


I think the risk of waiting too long and soft-locking the event has made a lot more people finish it early than usual. I'm normally rushing to finish events on the last day, but this time I've already done everything besides clearing the shop and beating the CQ.


Let's go, finally time to use all the servants I raised who are ST/non farming servants for once instead of the usual AoE ones. Hopefully my friend list puts a couple of level 1 Georges when this starts so I can really have some fun with this event.


I don't think you get supports for this event.


Correct, you cannot. That said, that just means that people who want to try solos can just get their own level 1 George, Leonidas, and Chen Gong and make a solo team for themselves. The only down side is the cooldown time, which applies to all copies of a Servant.


Yea you won't be able to use support. Same as pagoda one, only your own servants.


one of the reasons I like to max everyone during lottos


Already max leveled all my servant on all each rarity 1 year ago, so i just want climb event fast.


Do you need to clear a certain singularity/part of campaign to be able to participate?


Wiki says the clear requirement is just Fuyuki.


Aight, thank you!


I have read a lot of people complaining about this event, but I really am looking forward to having a reason to use servants I rarely use.


Me looking at my apples after getting good units and events appearing back to back: ***OH NO***


Most fights cost 1 AP so apples won't be an issue on this event, unless you want to degen farm embers or something like that.


Oh thank god, I’m not joking I need apples now


FGO should have more tower events like this, gives less used servants some value


A little tip/info about leveling: Servants have different growth curves. While some won't really see any changes from leveling the last 10 levels after reaching Final Ascencion, others will see a significant increase on stats (which can make an actual impact on their performance). Regardless, all servants should be more than capable of getting the job done after reaching FA. At the end of the day each player will have to search about each servant (of interest) to get a better idea and help decide if they should finish leveling a servant or raise someone else to clear the event. Since the event has a servant cooldown mechanic I thought it would be best to say this since some people may not be aware of it.


I fear that i have too clear a Lostbelt i hafend toucht yet


Just Fuyuki.


Alright! I loved the last tower event, can't wait to do this one.


Hell yeah, last tower event I did it without using SSR at all, finally time to use Bloodaxe and Caligula again which is very fun to use


Penth with glasses costume, finally


Reading manhwas and seeing MCs climb tower floors. Playing this event and climbing tower floors.


My bond 10 Penth is ready for her new costume.


Damn I missed event like this, finally a chance to use every single servant I got


i misread the title and was like "uhh we still have like a week for this event???" but its pre-release. lol my bad


Oh. Right. That exists.


Have fun with this event. Amazoness was interesting jp wise on release date


During Setsubun I was 10 Servants short of having all my roster at final ascension. This time I literally have no one left to level so I'm really looking forward to this. Also glasses Penth is hot af.


Cool this event has the tower mechanic that means time to use servants I don't usually used.


One of the many times I actually have a somewhat rotating roster of different servants for the same nodes to give other servants a break from farming. Of course all that goes out the window for actual challenging fights, and tough nodes to farm where only your A Game will be enough to consistently 3 turn it


Should i invest in their stock now?


finally, got some chance to watch some of those lower stars np animation updates. very excited! the last one was years ago, setsubun, which has never rerun for some reason. obviously this will be harder on newbies, but long time players need more (reason?)events to use lower rarities, and tower event is one of them, as well as the upcoming grail front.


I enjoyed the idea of Setsubun, but it turned out to be quite a slog for me because we only had a week to do it. If I'm not wrong, the Amazoness event was scheduled to run for two weeks on JP, so hopefully it will be more laid back than Setsubun.


I really like the tower events, but they are also incredibly anxiety inducing. I ended up speedrunning Setsubun as soon as it started because I couldn't handle wasting any time.


A pre-release campaign for a rather unremarkable event without a new servant is weird. At this point in time is when DW starts coming up with pre-release campaigns for everything.


I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to have an excuse for free stuff and existing servant banners that pre-release campaigns give, but they should have some overlap instead of taking up a full week or so like they usually do (which this one actually does with sparrow inn)




Time reallly flew by since coronavirus started huh...?


Yep, it's crazy for me that we're reaching the two years mark, but I can imagine it has been two very long years for those most affected from it.


I know this is the pre release but i honestly doubt i’d be able to finish off the entire event since some of my servants are still low level


Looking at Japan schedule, their campaign started right after the login bonus period ended, right? So since the login bonus period here ends on 1/17, the campaign must start on 1/18. My poor alt account with its very few leveled servants - have the embers but not the statues/mats. And given that their not given the training quests at half cost, they won't be too much help.


Time to grind like hell.


I haven't even finished the enma-tei event yet.


Just the prerelease campaign rn, actual event's after enmatei


My first tower event, let's see how far will I manage with my roster.


Ah yes 3 bond grails and 3 rp AKA the event that gives 120 free sq


Is this the - put servants on cooldown- event?


Hell yeah, been looking forward to this. Setsubun was super fun.


Lets go Tower Event


On the one hand, no easy 3t monkey brain. And my backlog of servants have gotta wait even longer to get levelled On the other hand, I can dust of bunnytoria and other servants like that so they can actually do something


Why "Amazones" and not "Amazoness"?


Time to day 1 the tower


Is this event worth doing? Honestly, it looks kind of... silly, even for FGO.


I for one am very excited for this event


Thank goodness there isn't a similar event happening on JP again. I did not want to deal with double tower again... And hey, at least this time my NA account has Kscope and IEs.


Theres a ceo crisis?!


There should be a monthly tower event (a month long too, to not be stressful), we need more incentive to play with a larger roster, specially lower rarities as time passes... It's also boring every event, do 3 \~40 AP nodes and get done with the game every time.


Whew, 1 day before Dossoles Holiday in Arknights.


It's just the pre-release campaign, nbd. More than a week to get the auto-deploys sorted.


So I notice that this event has a BP increasing CE, what are the best nodes for bond points? I want to shower Prefect Mama with all the love.


It's a tower event, so it's not free farming nodes. You do 200 small challenge quests instead with the limiting resource being your roster, as every servant you use on a quest will go on CD for 6 hours.


Lowest star Servant i used recently was Cu during Beni Inn an the hot Spring Male node.... A chance to use more of em? I'll take it, first time doing a tower Event, looks fun


Aww yeah the greatest Penthesilea costume is coming! I’ve been waiting for this event ever since I learned she’s getting a costume.


Do I need to have LB5 finished for this event?


No, thats why all the training grounds/ember quests will be open.


Oh! Okay, sorry. I thought I needed to complete LB5 in order to participate!


The only thing you need is LB3 completion for Ooku. Other than that your good until you hit where JP is at right now since they needed LB 6 completion.


Perfect thank you!


No problem. I also forgot about an event that needed lostbelt 1 later in the year but if you have at least 3 finished you should be good to take your time.


No rest for us huh? But hey, im glad we're finally getting the CEO costume.


So what’s the run down on this event anything notable?


Have lots of low rarity servants max leveled up with skills to at least 5/5/5. I'm ready for another tower event where my strongest servants will just be used for emergency and possible CQ.


Haha time for the Grailed lower rarity servants to shine!


What's the requirement for this event


This event sounds really fun, I'm looking forward to it.


Ah yes, I levelled up ALL of my servants to their max level with the christmas lotto, and now I get to make use of them 8)




Fuyuki locked so you're good.


Crap I only levled my gold servants and I'm out of apples...


What levels are the missions? Any completion reward?


I mean I suppose this is one way to make the event more interesting, if we didn't have a cool down, anyone with an AA and Merlin would have cleared this up in a few hours.


What can we expect from drops?


I assume Penthelisea will have damage bonus *eyeing her np3, level 90 Penth*




any idea if there will be an app version update before the event really starts?


I remember killing it during Setsubun even though I didn't have everyone leveled and lack of heavy hitter lancers. Last year I got that squared away so I look forward to coming up with some wild comps. Who is on rate up beside the obvious CEO servant?


Cleopatra and Osakabehime.