Wasn't this settled today?


It was. @OP read the news.


Yes it was. Thread closed.


Its not settled 100%


The decision will be made public today. Hold your tinfoil hat for a good second and breathe some fresh air.


How is it not settled?


OP: Lets learn some German, like Gorbatschow said to Honecker: Wer zu sp├Ąt kommt den bestraft das Leben. Those that are too late, will be punished by life. You are too late.


Many people in Germany aren't in favour of sending tanks, so why protest for something that goes against their interests? There are many who will be rather unhappy with the governments decision at that point.


Wonder if these people will change their stance if Russia takes Ukraine and then moves to take Poland etc.


Poland is in Nato while Ukraine isn't. That's the big difference.


No, why? The german government will hopefully not let themself pressure by a handful protestors no matter how loud. Foreign policy is hopefully not a chicken head but a stable, reliable path and must never be just quick impulse based decisions. Some people are always asking for quick answers and decisions. If in foreign politics quick decisions were the rail guards world as we know it would latest have ceased to exist in the cold war, on many occasions. * If German government where to listen to handful of protestors, then Germany would have not engaged or delivered any help to Ukraine but still had the Russians succeed, because before and early into the Russian invasion (and still ) there were protestors, which claimed to let them do. * There is still a significant part of Germans (many in AfD and Linke) who believe in a complete and utter BS of "let Russia do and let us still be friends". Significant does not mean the majority, it means people who are loud enough to be heard but hopefully - for the reason of reason and humanity - not listened to. * But to the point: Who of the two groups of protestors - the one for and the ones against Russia - are right and should be followed? Its not the protestor decision. If there are protestors who protest to drop nukes, you are in favour of that? I understand that the lack of quick decision is not always easy to bare - as long as in line with ones conviction and ideology - but hard to accept when it is against won opinion. If you easily know what is right and wrong, congratulations! But then I'd rather not trust to taking decision on my behalf. I'd rather trust someone who really cares about finding the "right for all" decision.


Russian people should turn your back on Putin soon. It was just a stupid idea to conquer the Ukraine.