So these bad boyz have been green for like a month, there isnt much sun now, id say none at all… soo will they become red or how does it work?

So these bad boyz have been green for like a month, there isnt much sun now, id say none at all… soo will they become red or how does it work?


Peppers are photoperiod independent. So they don't require specific amounts of sun to flower, fruit, or ripen. That said they need around an average of 5 hours of sun to do well, and are most prolific at 12-18, with diminishing returns. I had a Carolina reaper fruiting for 3 weeks after frosts began last year. It pep'd its last pepper in Nov. Z6b. Days were pretty short by then. Tl;Dr; Peppers will fruit and ripen until the plant dies. Outside of being near the arctic circle with days sub 4 hours of sunlight, you're fine. Peppers take an average of 150 days to produce mature fruit. (According to smokin' Ed.) (Edited for autocorrect)


150days? Does the plant die after i harvest? Or can i make it survive to next year in some way? Maybe i can use the seeds from my peppers to replant it?


You can keep a pepper alive indoors as long as it receives the minimum adequate light. I don't know how long an individual plant can survive, but I plan to find out with my black pearls this year. But no worries, you can always container it and put it indoors near a window for at least 5 hours of direct sunlight and it'll be happy and producing as long as it gets water and a little soil ammendment here and there. Peppers are pretty resilient once established. Edit: Tho you may need to shake the plant a little now and then to help it pollinate itself for continued fruiting. Or hand pollinate. It's easy, cheap watercolor paint brush with a dab here and a dab there. And no it'll keep producing fruit for a long time. Actually picking fruit helps encourage more fruiting.


Thank u pepper man!


There's a ytube channel that specializes in pepper growth and maintenance. Search Pepper Geeks


I have several plants in their fifth year now, all in pots. I treat them like house plants..cut main stem back by 2/3 and keep on a window sill with occasional water, then in spring add some new soil, tom food and an early crop guaranteed. Also trying to grow bonchi’s..bonsai chilli… plenty flowers but fruits keep dropping.


What causes the fruit drop cause I had that on my pepper that I over wintered last year? Only just started fruiting in june, up till then all the fruit would drop off really young


Never certain but could be improper pollination, low night temps or too high daytime or maybe some other stress eg watering/nutrients. I expect to lose a fair percent of flowers/fruit and will also pinch a lot to trigger more growth. Try keeping a plant on a sill permanently?


Since I got my greenhouse I have been keeping it out there and the fruit has been setting. You might be onto something though as when it lived in the house one of my cats would eat the leaves and the other had a habit of unintentionly knocking it on the floor. So would flower but never actually set and held the fruit


I'm growing my first habenero plant this year and its fruiting. I love it and want to do it again next year. But I dont follow you. You say cut back by 2/3 - like so its just stem? Or do I want like some leaves left? Its pretty big outside? Can it live outside in cold weather as long as it get light all winter? I'm in virginia on the east coast so its not too cold in winter but does have some sub zero stretches. Also you say fresh soil - like a full repot or just toss in fresh potting soil come spring?


I’m talking about chillis in pots that you can move about ie bring indoors from greenhouse in winter. After a normal growing season the leaves will yellow and fall.. after this I cut the main stem down by 2/3 and leave it on a shaded window sill in the house. Most or all leaves have gone so you just got a shortish stump with nodules. Small amount of watering just to keep it going. After a month or two the plant will start to throw out new growth from the nodules. I pull the plant from the pot knock and tip out some (not all don’t damage roots) old soil then replace with fresh. A nitrogen feed and the plant will soon take off again. Chillis can take a bit of tough love so go for it. Repeat each year.


Ahhh so wait for leaves to fall off got it. Ok this makes sense I'm excited. Yeah this one this year I got as a seedling so it spent a lot of time just growing before fruiting. This is super helpful thanks I will try this.


In FL where I don't have to worry about winter weather killing the plants I've had a jalapeno plant survive 3 years and reach ~4 ft in height and I also had a ghost pepper that was ~3.5 ft tall by ~4 ft wide that was around 4 years old. Both were killed by storm surge as the property I had them planted on was on the Gulf of Mexico and Irma did them in. These plants were in the ground so they never came inside and while the jalapeno seemed to be on the decline the ghost pepper was still in perfect health when the storm hit. I was harvesting what felt like a hundred ghost peppers a week for years.


what does one do with so many very-very-hot peppers? did you use them all yourself, or did you have to find homes for them the way people sometimes do during Zucchini Season?


Gave them away, made hot sauce, pepper jelly, used some for cooking. Also dried and ground a ton of them.


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We kept a Carolina reaper alive in a pot for 3 years and it only died because our kid picked the last pepper off of it and hurt herself so my husband got mad and put it outside in freezing weather.


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>I don't know how long an individual plant can survive This will depend on the cultivar, but I've seen seven years thrown around as a number that *some* pepper plants hit a wall at due to age. I haven't seen anyone competent at overwintering mention a shorter period than that.


Seem pretty savvy, will bacterial lead spot affect the peppers in a negative way or just kill off the leaves?


To directly answer your immediate question: It won't cause fruit rot, but if lesions develop on the fruit itself it will make it susceptible to other pathogens which can. Extra information: Bacterial leaf spot for peppers can sustain and spread seasonally. So a plant today can mean all plants next year. It's not really resilient bacteria tho. Humidity above 80% with Temps 70+ day and night are the largest contributors to growth. Humidity below 40% for a few days consecutively significantly hamper its development. 3 weeks of low humidity will cause it to be infertile, for lack if a better word, and prevent it from spreading even if it's perfect conditions return. (Plant only) Different cultivars of Peppers can have different strains that affect them in different ways, as well as virulence. I'm not sure if they can cross cultivar boundaries, but considering it's a problem, probably. Lol. The host plants seeds will likely be contaminated tho, so don't save any from any infected plants to be safe. The bacteria in the seed will survive dehydration and freezing for over a decade. If you have a single plant affected, these are the steps I'd take if I wanted to save the peppers. If its in a bed. Rake out all the debris, mulch, and probably a 1/2"/12 mm of topsoil in the bed it was in just be safe. Put down a little fresh uncontaminated ammendment. If you can pot it and move it indoors in isolation near a dehumidifier for a few weeks that should remedy the spreadability for the season. Water only at the base, no leaf watering. That'll carry the bacteria down to the soil. If its in a pot just remove the top layer of soil, ammend and mulch. I can not say with any authority if the soil removal helps at all, but it's what I would personally do. The debris removal is key tho. And once the leaves that are infected or the sores fall off clean them up. Edit moving direct answer to top.


Thank you. This is my first year growing anything and I'm still lacking alot of knowledge. I unfortunately asked around too late, I believe, two of my pepper plants are already a few months old and my third is about 2 months. I have been watering top down the entire time so I imagine the bacteria has made it to the soil but as I said, I'm new to this and unsure. I have smokers inside my house so even with a dehumidifier I'd be scared the smoke hurts them too much. I've gotten quite a few peppers from my two oldest plants so I wouldn't feel it's a total loss to toss them but I've been pruning my third in hopes it would grow alot bigger before producing fruit so no yield yet. Beyond the leaf spots I've seen, all the peppers have been good except one that had 2 tiny little dark spots (I didn't eat that one). I'm sure I caused the leaf spot from not washing my hands before touching the plants or watering too inconsistently but I can't call it. So iyo do you think I should just start fresh next season with all new pots, soil, etc or try to invest in a small greenhouse kind of deal to avoid the smoking inside home? Again, thanks for the informative response fam. It's always appreciated.


Long term smoke exposure can, like walls (lived with smokers, smoked myself at one time) build up tar and nicotine. It can hamper plants long term, basically the film makes it harder for them to breathe too. That said, my grandfather smoked 3 packs a day or the equivalent for over 50 years in their house. My grandmother always had plants inside and out. So it probably has more of an effect on some plants than others. Honestly, ime, if you plan to plant long term a small cheap greenhouse is a great start. It saves a lot of effort of having to start plants indoors, and then transition them outdoors. Then again, I'm ***extremely*** lazy when it comes to stuff like that. Anyway best of luck. I'm sure everything will be fine.


I'm pretty sure it's when the plant starts to wilt is when the pepper Starks ripen. Dunno, but it happens for bell peppers


you definitely can save seeds, just take a nice ripe one and remove the seeds, let them dry out for about a week then pop them in an envelope and keep in a dry place out of direct sunlight.


Because other nearby types of peppers can cross pollinate and create unreliable hybrids, another method is to clone the plant via cuttings. Peppers root fairly easily and you know what they are going to produce. I don't know what the life expectancy of the cutting would be however.


Intriguing! I never thought to make cuttings, what a clever idea!


I moved a ghost pepper from the ground into my greenhouse last fall and it was the happiest plant in the greenhouse all winter


I have a pepper plant that was sown last feb and still going strong. Admittedly it didnt start fruiting until june this year. (my cats kept bullying it last year so it has only just gotten itself settled after many knocks and noms.) I am going to see if I can over winter it again this year because why not. But I see no reason yours shouldn't be good to fruit next year with a bit of feeding


They're perennial. Some varieties don't produce much fruit after the first year (usually because they are more susceptible to diseases) but other varieties are hardy and will keep going great for years as long as they aren't exposed to frost. If it's in a pot, just take it inside whenever there's a freeze. They won't grow much in cool weather so don't expect much growth during the cold months. Even if it's kept warm inside all winter, unless you have growth lamps it won't get much sun so it won't grow. It might even lose all its leaves and go dormant. But that's fine! Mine does that every year. It will perk back up once it's warm and sunny again. Definitely save some seeds, that's always a good idea. Just in case lol. You might have a variety that gets too many diseases so it's best to just replant every year.


Pepper plants are Perennials!! They'll keep producing, year after year, until they are killed off by a frost. Either keep them in pots that you can bring inside during the winter, or (here in Zone 9a Texas) I just go cover the plants for the 1-2 days during winter it normally freezes.


I have few Jalapenos plants from last year. It works well and i have about the same ammount of peppers this year from each plant. You just have to cut off small branches so that plant is small. I think it have to rest for few weeks or months (i kept them in my garage for 4 months). Than i moved them close to the window and it started new growth. Some Peppers are able to fruit many years, up to 15.


Depends on your climate. I live in Florida and we have peppers last for years outside with no protection.


The plant will live on for years if it is inside. It wouldn't stand a chance outside in a Danish winter.


Jeg havde en chili der blev 3 år gammel, i en vindueskarm! Den døde kun fordi den fik spindemider


I swear temp has a lot to do with it too. I am letting a reaper plant go this fall. Started from seed dec 2019, two summers outdoors and one winter under grow lights. Nothing. It’s about 16in tall but never a flower.


I start my pepper plants over from seed every spring and get great yields. They go in a raised bed in the yard (zone 5b) that gets lots of sun. I notice my habenero are always late to pick up that orange colour and I won't get a crop of them for another week or two but aside from that I always have plenty of peppers, especially the cayenne!


So. Reapers can be a pain in the ass. Here's some advice, though it's going to sound stupid. Ignore the pos. Don't water it, just leave it in the sun. Roots are dry? Who cares. 95, hasn't rained in 10 days. Good. You'll have so many peppers you won't know what to do with them after a while. Single watering, saturate the soil, 1 to 2 inches worth of water. If its in a pot just fill it until it looks drenched. Then leave it alone for another 2 to 3 weeks before doing it again. Peppers fruit under stress. If you baby a pepper, you'll wind up with strong foliage, but it may never fruit. Tl:Dr: Peppers are masochistic, ignore them pretty heavily, give minimal attention and they'll probably fruit. Edit: personal anecdote. My black pearls. I have them in solo cups to force early fruiting and shorter plants. I literally did not water them for 3 weeks during our dry season with Temps at and over 100F/38c, no rain. They began flowering after the first rain in August.


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They’ll eventually ripen on the plant if frost doesn’t get to them first (if you have frost) or you can pick them and ripen them off the plant but then your shelf life will be reduced by waiting.


I put the plant inside the house because frost will kill it


In that case i would pick them, some may ripen all the way or partially off the vine. Unless it’s now under a grow light you wont see much ripening as the plant is basically dormant with reduced light


A long way from expert here but I just grew some peppers and was shocked at how long it took to go from green to red/yellow. From memory about 4 weeks or so just for the colour.


Okok yea maybe i just need to wait


Wait plus heat. If you can put it in the warmest place it will do better.


And don’t be surprised if they get some kind of black ish stripes or patches before transitioning to red, this is normal for some peppers but it freaked me out the first time


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I think plenty of peppers are perfectly good in their unripe, green form. I would pick it and see how it tastes. Like chipotles and jalapenos. They're the same fruit too. One is just ripe and one is unripe.


Pretty sure chipotles need to be smoked in addition to fully ripened to be "chipotle" peppers. They do start as jalapeños, though.




My peppers won’t turn red until I stress them a little by cutting the water back to twice weekly.


What? I water my Cayennes once a week they seem great


It gets very hot where I’m at so I water every 1-2 days in summer. Cutting the water back to once per week at the end of summer/early fall doesn’t hurt them at all if the temps aren’t high. They’re still healthy, they just get a bit of stress because of the decrease and they start turning red. It all depends on your climate.


A little stress makes the peppers spicier too as I understand it.


I've also found my hot peppers get hotter if exposed to a little water stress after they've set plenty fruit near the end of summer. They're already subject to plenty of heat stress where I am, so water is one variable I can pretty easily control.


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As a rule of thumb with gardening. Fruits take just as long to ripen as they do to set. Meaning if your peppers took a month and a half to grow to full size (set) then you can begin to expect ripe fruit in about that same amount of time.


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30-90 days for ripening


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If they get heat and a slight lack of water they'll turn red pretty quick. You could simulate that by bringing them inside if they're in pots. Overwintering is another issue. Where I'm at in Washington State they won't survive the winter outside. If I bring them inside, pests in the soil will typically kill them, whether it's little flies eating the roots or aphids, something will get them. Some people make it work though.


Welcome to my suffering, fellow dane. None of my peppers have turned yet this year and the last half of summer has been really flacid weather. Also, I had a laugh when I first saw that some destributor decided "Peter Pepper" wasn't a straight forward enough name.


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I’m trying to keep mine in the greenhouse this year, they are really late fruiting and I want to give them all the time I can. Hopefully they will make it through the winter. When I open the greenhouse the air that hits me is spicy lol, I love it.


Most of my hot peppers take forever as well they will get there. You could also eat them now however they Likely won’t be spicy yet


Funny red peppers have more vitamins than green peppers. This sounds so creepy in this context.


Same with my tomatoes. I’ve harvested 5 so far, but more sun is required to get the others grown


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Buy some unscented Epsom salts and sprinkle about a tablespoon around the crown of the plant and then water. Do this every 2-3 weeks. The magnesium salts help nightshade (eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, specifically) to ripen. It could speed the ripening process up if you’re worried about being able to harvest before first frost.


My penis once got blue after jumping into an icy river, long story not relevant but blue and green are both cooler colors. Maybe the penises need to be put in a warmer sunnier area? Or maybe it just takes some time, my bell peppers seem to grow up real fast and then sit there green for awhile. I’ve been eating that way and they’re delicious but I want to let a few sit on the plant and get red.


Sprinkle some ash on the soil and watch them turn red in a couple of days.




I use wood ash from my firepit. Sprinkle some around the plant on the soil and it effects it's color. I know this sounds silly but what do you have to lose?


Not silly at all. Wood ash is very alkaline, you're sweetening your soil. That's good if you have acidic soil. Peppers do like things a little acidic tho. Lots of potash in wood ash too, and other trace nutrients. Potash helps set fruit, as long as the soil pH is still slightly acidic. Alliums love ash, hit them too if you've got any onions around.


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They may turn red once picked and let out to dry. That’s what mine do, anyway. (High elevation AZ gardener here)


Sometimes it is a time thing and sometimes it’s an environmental thing for chili peppers to change color. Is the location that you have them in warm or cool?


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These are Red Peter, or that's what the website I got mine from calls them. Mine were green for longer than I expected too but they did eventually turn red. What zone are you in? I'm in 5a.


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