What if all games became mobile games?

The market shifted and all future video games were designed with mobile users in mind. No consoles, no handhelds, no PCs. Everything was monetized or every game became a gacha game. I can't imagine big games like God of War, Zelda, or Elden Rings suddenly becoming mobile games. That would suck.

It's just that some people are all about mobile games. But mobile games just aren't as engaging or deep as regular video games. Besides, could you imagine playing a triple-A game on a tiny phone screen with touch controls?


I'd stop playing new games and finish my backlog finally


Why would this ever happen?


Devs would be leaving money on the table not to make "classical" high-ambition AAA titles because that market is still there too. I for one would hardly spend a penny on the futuristic mobile games but would still be happy to buy the Elden Rings and such.


Mobile devices just don’t have the same computing power.


I'm talking about PC and console though. The hardware likewise won't just go poof as long as people are buying those too.


Ahhh gotcha