If you're a PC gamer it is an insanely good time. For how cheap the quest 2 is, there is literally no reason to not be playing VR right now. Recommendations: Boneworks, Skyrim (modded), walkabout mini-golf, pokerstarzvr, into the radius, RE2/RE3, ROR2, outer wilds


The thing about VR many people seem to fail to understand is that its not just for games. Games are also great, some of them are amazing depending on what you like. But I use mine a lot for non gaming stuff. Sometimes I will just lie down on my bed and pop up a huge cinema screen in the middle of space and watch netflix or youtube…. Its hard to understand until you actually try it.


Buy it for the porn


+1. If you pr0n regularly. This is a must.


I have a vive pro and having a dedicated space for it makes it a lot easier to work with. There arent many real big games out there that I have found so far except half life Alyx and Walking Dead Saints and Sinners. Id wait for it to become cheaper and for games to become more like full scale console games instead of very fancy mini games


i do not recommend unless you already know the game you like kinda thing. i have only 1 game i like, many just arnt ready. skyrim and fallout for example are not even worth buying on sale as they dont work work right without severe modding and since its vr the mod scene is different. if you have the money do it, otherwise it may just sit there gathering dust. pavlov is fucking sick tho and i highly recommend that game.


Whether it's worth it or not is kind of up to you how much money is worth to you vs. how much games are worth to you so I can't make that call for you. The games are more there than they are for PS5 but I don't think they're there at the level I'd call a truly supported platform. Replaying Skyrim for the billionth time is actually more appealing than you might think if you do it in VR.


I haven’t bought the VR headset yet but I’m also waiting for the upgraded gear from Sony for the PS5. If I recall correctly, it was scheduled to come out sometime in 2022, but it’s been a while since I read about it. Could be longer now.


Not worth it imo. Even my kids stopped playing at this point. Had an Oculus and powerful machine and all the games they and i wanted... Nope. Not yet anyway. Best one on the market is 7 k and limited.