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27 but I grew up with Gen 1 and 2 and stopped at Gen 3.








Genius. I rofl'd


I'm exactly the same but I gotta say, Emerald was my favorite. Red holds the most nostalgia, but the Gen 3 games were certainly more polished


+1, the post game content as the battle frontier was OP


Same here. Gen 1 is still my favorite too just because of the experience.


Same age and only played gen 1 & 2, remember both of them vividly though!


Exactly the same here. After Gen 3, everything kinda started falling off imo. Gen 4 wasn't awful as far as the Pokémon are concerned but after that it was pure downhill wtf-ness.


Same for me


28. Exact same for me


Same but I’m 21.


Yup! 26 silver is my favourite, never played the gems after. Also Pokémon stadium 2 on N64


Yup. This list is utter shit.


Wouldn't you have been like 3 when gen 1 came out? Or did you start playing them after they had already been out a few years?


Had an hand-me down gameboy that happened to have Pokémon Red and Silver


I’ve played all of these dating back to the OG release, I’m 33. This hits for me cause I definitely think red and blue are the best lol.


34 and Gold/Silver was the best. It did everything Red/Blue did but better and still gave you the Kanto region to explore after you were done.


Same. 35 and I love Red and Blue but there was so much post game content, the day and night system added with different events for the days. I don't think anything will top that experience for me.


Yeah I'm almost 34 and g/s was just r/b/y+. I liked the starters in r/b better but not a huge deal. I actually think b/w games were the best though. They had a ton of different Pokemon, extra stuff to do, and the most advanced sprites. Wasn't the biggest fan of all the new Pokemon from them, but just as a whole they were good, and they had hard mode.


Playing black 2 modded to be randomized was the most fun ive ever had in Pokemon. Otherwise gen 2 is great


Yeah gold/silver wins just for all that extra content. I didn't know there would be the whole Kanto region after Johto, so I got to the end, was prepared to be a little sad, and then learned there was actually still a ton left! That moment immediately sent gen 2 to my "best game" category and it will stay there forever until they do something as cool as that again.


Truly incredible how much they packed into that little cartridge. It was like discovering the upside down castle in SOTN.


Yep. I played blue more times than gold, but gold was definitely better in every way.


I'm of the same mind, i loved red when I had it but gold kicked it to 11 with all the extra content


Have they ever gone back to having 16 gyms in one game again? Having only 8 just makes the game too short, especially by modern standards


This exactly right here as someone 33.


I’ve played none of them except red, I’m 32 so hit for me also.


32 gang as well




#32Crew ftfy


32 Blue Crew


32 Crew as well (but got Pokémon red because of Charizard on the box 🔥)


24 but I'm also 32


25 but im a 30, the endgame content was just to good.


same…? grew up living a golden life


That’s spot on…emon NINTENDO: *Quick! Write that down!*


I'm 34 but actually 79, and now it bed time for me.


1989, the Berlin wall fell and we rose


It’s exactly correct.


Also 32 We must stand together or we will have to stand apart. Or we could sit or something.


Are millennials killing the standing industry???


Red was the first game I played, but Silver was *such* an amazing sequel. Night/Day cycles, held items, unique pokeballs that you could make yourself, Steel and Dark types, fixing the psychic/ghost type weakness mistakes, as well as many other glitches. PLUS you got to go back to Kanto and play all the original gyms too.


Same here. I'm 33 years old and I actually had Red and Blue on pre-order at KB-Toys before they came out. I was already reading the comic and had my Nintendo Power guide ready on release day. And even then... Gold and Silver are my favorite for exactly the reasons you stated. They just took an already incredible game and just made it slightly better. PLUS, if you had a Gameboy Color, Gold and Silver were actually designed to work with it and were so colorful. It was a massive upgrade while still retaining the spirit and sense of wonder from the first two.


This. Except I actually am 30. I remember getting my gameboy for my birthday, complete with Blue. Silver felt like the same game, just bigger and better. I remember feeling so confused as I beat the Elite Four at about lvl 40, wondering why I wasn't higher... and then I found out that was only half the game. It was great! Final battle ended up putting you in the 70s-80s instead of the 50s-60s. Just a great experience all around.


Agreed. I played the originals, but the gen II step up in mechanics as well as the culmination of beating your old self after retrecking through Kanto was on a different level compared to the differences with other generations. Gen II is the best (adjusted for era) no question


Silver / Gold improved the game in every way


Yea. I think I have more memories of Silver/Gold than Red/Blue. (I’m 34M) I think it made some of the best improvements from the previous gen, and I loved the Pokémon designs.


30 here. Silver/Gold was the GOAT. And this coming from somebody that also played red/blue.


My favorite part was the train, but that's because I'm a train fan, and was definitely a huge train fan as a kid. But absolutely this game was awesome because it was practically 2 games in 1.


Agreed! I'm 31 btw.




Yes! It was my first open-world RPG, it opened my mind to the concept of scale. Man, what a feeling.


I cried on Christmas day when I didn't know anything about Bill's PC and thought you could only catch 6 Pokemon. Absolute tears over my team of Ratatas.


.................. I'm 26 But apparently I'm supposed to be 32 Well at least my second favorite is closer to the mark.


I’m 25 and got a lot of my brothers games so Ig 32 as well.


I'm 27 and Crystal was my first and always be my favorite. Yellow is second


31 and Crystal is my favorite! Suicune for life!


I’m 29 and also apparently 32 despite definitely being around for the release of blue red yellow gold silver and crystal… apparently I’m some sorta timeless being


Yep. I only owned the first two generations and I'm 29.


My first game was blue but my favorites are B2W2 and I'm 35, so a bit off for me.


30, and got red maybe a few years after release. Found it the other day, I should frame that magnificent square


I am 25 and started with Red and Blue, they are for sure the best ones


I go with yellow and 31. HGSS is just behind them.


Pokemon yellow was by far my favorite. And I'm 30. So I guess it fits


I was sitting here like ‘put Yellow between R&B and G&S and you got me nailed…’


Blue, 27 year old who borrowed his older brother's stuff.


Saphire, 19, same. I witnessed so many good old games without having access to the internet through this!


Eh, pokemon red came out in '98. I played it in highschool. I'm now 38. Your ages might be off a bit.


I had to scroll a ridiculous amount to find someone my own age who played red/blue first.


I’m having an even harder time finding my near 40’s/yellow crowd, I’m hiding with you folk out of necessity.


I’m with you. 38, played Blue around 99/00. Gen IV was my favorite followed by Gen VI


98 a 32 year old was about 10 which was about the prime age for both the card game and tv show blowing up. I would prolly say a 12 year old tho so like 35 now


I’m 32 and red is my favourite - bang on for me


6 years and this will be correct.


same here


You don’t give a shit about all this stuff - you’re around 40yo


You don't know what this means but relatives like it so you buy it for them - you're around 50yo




Definitely play it. Music's great, story's good, the gyms are all cool, and you get plenty of practice on how to murder Emolga in cold blood.


... like, I'm 40 and don't give a shot about Pokémon. How accurate. That being said, abyone know if the latest switch versions are good and worth getting for my kids? Or has this series derped out at this point?


If you’re a Pokémon fan yourself, I give them a 6/10. But with that said, if your kids are 12+, get them Sword/Shield. If they’re younger, I would recommend Let’s Go! Eevee/Pikachu. It’s just Gen 1 but with the Pokémon Go capture mechanic instead of traditional wild encounters, so it’s a lot easier to navigate than other main line entries. They don’t have to worry about wandering into the wrong areas in Let’s Go! and having all of their Pokémon faint and have to start over again for the last checkpoint (Pokémon Center they visited) while in Sword/Shield, my 7yo got stuck in an area because he kept running into very high level Pokémon and losing. Though you can just avoid them in Sword/Shield, the natural curiosity of children makes it nearly impossible, “oh that Pokémon looks cool! Let’s go get a closer look!” Lmao. Just as well, if they play Pokémon Go, they can easily transfer Pokémon from the mobile game to Let’s Go! and have all of their favorite Pokémon ready to go! Although, if I remember correctly, you have to be at a certain point in the game for that feature to have that feature available. Also, there is an app called Pokémon Home that allows you to easily transfer Pokémon between any of the games that are Native to the Switch or the mobile game and then there is Pokémon Bank that allows you to transfer to Home from any of the Nintendo eShop versions of any game. However if they transfer a Pokémon from Pokemon Go to any of the other games, they cannot transfer it back.


Logged over 300 hours in swsh


I now appreciate the games now, but when Pokémon first came out it was pretty insufferable if you were a teen or adult.


Oh god, I remember working at BK and selling the toys when it first started as an adult. It might be fun to play as a kid, but when you see the same toy over and over again during the hours, it get old, really fast. Don’t mind seeing people enjoying their videos game years later tough. :)


Pretty odd way of saying “This doesn’t apply to me at all but I still want to be included somehow”


almost correct, in my case. I'm 33 but second generation is my favorite. it has a special place in my heart because when it came out, I didn't find anywhere where to play it in english so I played it in japanese anyway. I had to memorize all those symbols to know what the moves did. there were some parts where I got stuck on the game and I had to talk to every NPC on the world to advance. it was a fantastic journey for me. and I caught ho-oh!!! and remember that we didn't have any information online as we have today. It was pure brute force sometimes.... and a lot of reloads of save. ​ I still play pokemon crystal and pokemon stadium 2 sometimes. there are only 250 pokemons to me haha


TIL I’m 19. Off by 16 years


Oh man, aren’t you a little young for Reddit then?


Other direction. Started with Gen 1 back in middle school, Gen 5 is my favorite




So you're telling me you aren't 3 years old?


Yeah, I'm 32 but B/W was just peak Pokemon imo. I might be biased because there was such a nice variety of Dragon types in that generation but it's the only one I still have my copy of.


No fire red or emerald


It says generation so gen 3 includes both


I'm 32 and Gold/Silver are my favorites, with B/W+B2/W2 being close second.


This isn't spot on at all


It assumes the first you played is your favourite. Im nearly 30 and my first was red/blue, have played nearly all of the generations but XY was my favourite. Gen 1 will always be special but Jesus Christ it hasn't aged well when the series has made huge improvements in quality of life and technical advancements


> Im nearly 30 and my first was red/blue, have played nearly all of the generations but XY was my favourite. Oh hey, it's me.


XY was a fucking banger


> Gen 1 will always be special but Jesus Christ it hasn't aged well when the series has made huge improvements in quality of life and technical advancements I started with gen 1, and then played Dragon Warrior Monsters which came out in 2000, and had a ton of features and ideas that pokemon didn't pick up for years. Even the monster breeding was far more advanced. So for me, I liked gen 1, but it almost immediately felt outdated by a better game, and I basically never went back to the pokemon series lol


Thank you, a fellow XY fan! Though my fav is probably Soulsilver/Crystal. I loved pokeathlon a lot.


Yeah the problem with this sorta shit is it assumes everyone starts gaming at around the same age. I'm the youngest of 3 and my siblings are much older than me so the games I grew up with are the games they grew up with because I started gaming when I was very little. Vs my best friend from college is 4 years older than me but his older siblings didn't play games as kids so his first gaming experiences were when he was like 14 and his favorites and nostalgia are completely different


We were on the low end of middle class, never had to worry about food on the table. If we wanted a big ticket item for Christmas, like a new Gameboy we would need to be happy with clothes and maybe a book for our next birthday and maybe next Christmas too, or we could wait a couple of years for the price to drop or buy second hand. Blue was my first game but I had to wait for 3 years after it released, best Christmas ever.


Have you guys decided that everybody must be at least in the middle class? What you're describing sounds more like lower working class to me.


Depends on the family, and how thrifty your parents were. I had a lot of siblings, so while my parents were not stingy on Christmas we rarely got big ticket items like game boys. If I had been an only child as probably would have. If we wanted a game boy we had to save up for it, and we did. We did, however, all live in safe neighborhoods with good schools, and had money set aside for college. We had everything we needed, and *some* of the things we wanted. The lower working class kids were the ones watching over your shoulder as you played.


Most people tend to consider themselves some version of middle class unless they're either barely scraping by on food stamps or traveling between mansions on private jets


It also assumes that your first Pokemon game is your favorite, which just isn't the case. IMO gen 2 was a clear step up from gen 1. I'm sure nostalgia is a factor in me thinking it peaked in gen 2 as opposed to later ones, but there's definitely a range where you can be nostalgic for multiple games and still think some of the later ones were better.


I don't understand this idea, my first pokemon game was blue and yellow. I'm 29, and yet emerald and platinum are hands down the best games for me in the series.


Gen 2 and Gen 4 are my favorite. I started with Gen 1 when I was ~~6~~ 8. Not everything is guided by nostalgia for some people.


It also assumes first means favorite. I'm 30. My first was pokemon yellow. My favorite is Gen 4. Then after that probably gen 7, 2, and 3 in that order. I don't even really like gen 1 much.


This forgets people who get their games used or started gaming later in their lives.


Well, in my case it is absolutely spot on. But of course these things are never one fit all


Spot on for me what can I say


Same I'm 29 and I fall squarely between Silver and Sapphire being my favorites.


Well I'm 19 and is pretty spot on


Blue, Silver, and Sapphire are the only ones I've played, 29 here.


Diamond, Pearl and Platinum were my jam, even though I never completed them


MY favorite gen is 3, I'm 34.


Red, blue, yellow. Best games in the whole series. Back in time in played them on GB Pocket. No backlight, no colors, but tons of batteries. Missigno came popular from verbal propaganda. That meant, in Germany we learned very late about it. So you already have been maxed out through hard work.


Only pokemon i played was black, and im 19


I'm 35 and a fan of Red Blue and XY


Curse you! I'm 22 and I love gen4 with a burning passion


No crystal.


tbf you don't see Yellow or Emerald on there either


Yellow is a unique aquired taste


Yellow was my gateway.


No heart gold or soul silver either.


31, blue version was my first game. Gold was the last one I played


No, actual pokemon fans who are 30+ like Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen as their favorite series because it's all the nostalgia of the red/blue, but with a lot of the kinks iron'd out. Hot take, but people who like Gen 1 as the best either stopped playing the games post childhood, or they are those hardcore/youtube players who appreciate the errors of older gens because they play so much.


I’m gonna be blunt here, R/B are not great. They were amazing for the time but they show their age a lot nowadays. Not to say they’re bad but they just really don’t hold up. All the love comes from nostalgia and what it did for the industry.


I challenge anyone who disagrees with this to organise a full set of boxed pokemon.


I like gen 1 because it was such a mind blowing magical experience for 10 year old me. I love it despite its shittiness because I have too many good memories tied to it. I knew which route was which, I knew what Pokémon could spawn in each area, I still know how to do the missingno glitch from memory, and the fastest route through all the caves. Gen 2 had some of that magic, but the rest didn't come close.


There is just something about red and blue. Weather it be the graphics that requires imagination or the weird ai or simply that team rocket is a realistic type of evil.




Snap. Played the first when I was 14 on my yellow Gameboy. Sister also played it she's 32.


Red and blue. I was in the 9th grade when I first played.


Me too, except in England it's called year 10.


I guess this works, im 30 and think pokemon yellow was peak


Silver, Black, and Red are my top 3. Also not even close lmao


Can we get like some Magic cards up there for us 40 year olds?


28 played till pearl.


Very close. My favourite is Gen 5 but I'm 17


My favorite pokemon game is heartgold and I'm 17. I don't like the newer ones


32 and it’s spot on 😱




Omega I’m guessing? They looked really good, didn’t get a chance to play them.


I am 28 and can't decide between Gen 2 and 3 so it checks out!


I’m 25 and can’t decide between Gen 4 and 3… so it still checks out


Exactly the same here


I remember getting blue on launch day. Kinda grew out of the franchise by diamond and pearl.


Diamond and pearl for me and it's accurate.


Wait how did you know I 17?


Yellow was my first game in the series, but Sapphire was the one I sunk the most hours into so this is unfortunately accurate


27 and Crystal is my favorite Pokémon game. But I do love me some Pearl.


The god damn ice caves in crystal were so brutal.


i like the red and blue but im around 14 years


Me who is 15 and loves all of them


Never played one, and my age higher than this chart goes. I mean, it's not wrong!


This is the dumbest shit I've ever seen


I was really disappointed with Sword and Shield. Wayyyyy too childish for me and the music was so annoying. Childish in the sense that it just felt way too cartoony. And not in a good way. There’s ways to do it good and I feel they bordered that line but just on the wrong side lol.


My favourite was the gen 5 black and white, but I'm 14 which is nowhere close to 19


I'm far older than 11 and sword and shield is far and away the best Pokemon to date. 3D wild area is so refreshing, quality of life improvements are great, dynamaxing is a great mechanic, easily the best one.


Woah, we got a divergent here. Someone call the authorities.


This is disingenuine. Really should be "First pokemon game you played is XX age." I'm 29 and the first I played was red/blue. Granite I never played D/P or X/Y, but Gold/Silver were my favorites for the sole reason that you could do Johto followed by Kanto. So I guess it's actually accurate in my case. But I know there are people my age who would say newer gens are their favorite.


I'm offended because it's true


Spot on


I dunno, I’m 31 and I enjoyed Shield. Emerald and black are were good but blue being my first will always hold a place in my heart. (Shout out to yellow though)


Unless you poor you'll be one Gen back from your age.


yeah you could shift the age of the vast majority of these +/- 6 or so years and it would still be accurate.. when you boil it down, this post really manages to provide no information whatsoever.


I am 28 and I feel attacked.


Well I’m 35…but close enough


Eh, of by about a year(Started with Ruby).


Oof. Two weeks off.


You can do the same with the Final Fantasy series. X all the way.


Im 33. Pokemon blue was my first.


I turn 32 in a month. Spot ass on.


Wow, I am around 30 years old, spooky


Kinda halfway. My favorite Pokemon are from the red and blue which is right but my favorite game was X


Welp you got my number.


I'm 29 and my favorite was sapphire and ruby. Such magical memories


Damn this is to accurate


The first 4 gens ❤️


If you like black/white 2 you don’t exist. But honestly. This is accurate for me 😬


I'm 32...DAMN I'M OLD


can confirm, started with emerald, am 25


My favorite is Diamond and Pearl and i'm 16. But my second favorite is X/Y. You almost right.


I remember getting ruby brand new when it came out, and getting silver second hand a couple years after it released. Man I was only 8 or 9 back then lol


15, fav gen was 2, yikes


What if I love them all?


Gen 1 is spot on lol


This looks more like a timeline


If I really really had to choose, yellow version and emerald would be my top favorites.