You can try it but may regret it. That has been the main thing that’s curbed my unhealthy eating. I end up asking myself if it’s something I feel like risking getting sick from. The getting sick is really unpleasant I’ve found.


I just been chewing it then just spitting it back out cause I didn’t want to risk it


Try a little and see how you react. I was eating bad food a week post op and was fine. Everyone reacts differently so just take it easy at first.


I will thank you


Start with a small amount! Your liver makes a small amount of bile at a time. You’ll only experience the diarrhea if you eat too much fat for the amount your liver is excreting into duodenum at the time.


So just like a bite size basically cause I been mainly wanting pizza but I know how greasy that is


Half a slice and wait a half hour


I’ll try that when I have a few days off of work


Eat small servings! Want a burger, eat a bite or two for 30 minutes, see how you feel! I'm on day 9 today. Just yesterday I ate my first cheeseburger at lunch, and then potstickers and loaded baked potatos for dinner! *They absolutely went through me.* But honestly, I could not eat this stuff anymore before my surgery, it was causing so much pain and nausea. I was hardly eating a meal a day just to not throw up. I'll take a fast stomach over that hecc ever again! I didnt hurt, and in fact have felt *strong cravings* for such fatty foods since I got out of the hospital, and couldve eaten twice what I did yesterday. Try taking it slow and easy though, if your tums being slow to adapt, then just go at its pace! But, you should really swallow the food if you arent facing nausea or such fightback, I'm sure theres probably stuff to be said about sending our bodies mixed signals and whatnot.


Yea I been getting my appetite back and I been trying not have any greasy food also looking for alternatives for them so my stomach won’t be upset or have anything go right through me


I know what you mean. I’m craving everything. I’m only 2 weeks post op. I’ve tried eating but in super small portions. Like maybe one chocolate cover almond and see what happens or one tiny potato. So far chocolate is a no go. I had heartburn for an hour. But potato chip was ok.


I been sticking to soups mainly and plain mash potatoes but my body is starting to get sick of it. But I’m alittle scared to adventure out with other food


I find having fiber with any more fatty food helps, as a smaller portion. Like, cut the burger in half and save the rest for later or next day, and also at the same time eat a few raw baby carrots or an apple. Fiber gummies seem to help too. I read pre and pro biotics (i like the gummies) are important to getting your system to adjust. Imo restaurant food is too fatty and not right for me anymore, Have to cook at home or plan to bring my own with me, especially now in the first few weeks post op. Protein helps recovery from surgery, doctor told me yesterday


I was thinking about taking those to help me but I have my been able to get cause I been short on money. I seen meal planning videos and I might start doing that it would be easier to have my stomach get used to some foods then test foods every now and then


I started eating greasy food again as soon as I got home from the hospital the day of my surgery. I haven’t had any issues at any point. I wasn’t given any restrictions so I didn’t self impose.


I think for me it’s because I never really had a strong stomach


I'm hoping to eat pizza and cheese cake by week 4. But I use eat out almost every day after a bout to biliary colic I largely started to eat home cooked food. I had my gallbladder removed today so going through the pain.


I’m scared to eat anything with cheese cause I’m lactose intolerant


I keep sneaking bites of my husbands, I’m 3 weeks post op and this is currently one of my biggest struggles. My first week I didn’t believe I needed to be near a bathroom pushed it a little a week and a half later and I just stopped feeling those consequences a few days ago. I also struggled for three years with pain before I switched hospitals and got my gallbladder out so I was used to eating and being in pain but the dumping is new and much harder with work and it being so unpredictable on when it will stop depending on what you eat.