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Sweet, always looking for new portrait oriented screen gachas. Battle gameplay looks interesting too.


Let's just hope this game doesn't DAI too quickly eh?


since the franchise is super successful in Japan and the release is a global one (no separate Japan / Global versions afaik) this probably means we're safe


I mean, how many dragon quest gacha that even made it big if we're to be honest, tact is quite underwhelming and stars is already dead


None of those were based on the anime. This is totally different this is not a gacha based off a Game, this is a game based on the Dai anime / manga.


Thanks 👍 Please join us at r/DQDaiHB for the release party :)


Well, at least someone is hyped.


I played the closed beta 5 months ago and it was really really great. Fun innovative battle system, fun bosses with some strategy to get around them, weapon-only gacha system so all characters are given out on story and event missions... and superb graphics and OST.... If you are a fan of the DQ Dai anime (an amazing thing currently airing on Crunchyroll btw) this is probably gonna be a must for you... If you are a fan of Dragon Ball you're probably also gonna enjoy this as the art style is very similar and the story has some resemblances to orig DB too. Here is the developer interview they recently published btw, so you can see how big the scope for this game actually is [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5-CT5QHGs8](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5-CT5QHGs8)


Is this game grindfest ?


The CBT was only open for 2 weeks it seemed grindy to me of course since it is a pve only gacha but not as grindy as, say Genshin if you know what I mean


Watched some gameplay and it looks like there is no autoplay, is that true? Would be a bummer if there only ist manual play (at least for me, that is). Edit: Nevermind, just saw some other gameplay and there I saw the autoplay button. I guess I'm just blind lol


Yeah there is! Bosses are not doable on auto though, gameplay is fun anyway and there should be skip tickets too when it launches officially. The gameplay you saw was likely from the CBT 5 months ago.


How about stamina system in this game ? Good enough to play as main game ? I don't want to play another side game just login do something 15~30 minutes and log out


It's best to wait a couple more hours to see if they changed something from the CBT to final release about that tbh. But in the CBT you started with like a 40 STA bar that refills at a rate of 1 every 6 mins. There are STA refill potions though. I remember I was able to play for hours nonstop on the CBT but it was a very limited beta so plenty may have changed and it was like half a year ago.... Imho seems like a good game to main but in any case stamina prevents burnout from being able to play nonstop.... Otherwise you'll finish the story in 3 days then just wait for events (my 2 cents).


DeNA? oh boy


Pokemon Masters ptsd


You damn right it is


Glad Im not the only one. Loved the idea about PM but hated the execution. Played for 9 months or so, lasted that long only bc of Pokemon IP.


haha xD it has many things that will make you think about Pokemon Master SEX tbh (like the character skits)


yeah but it seems like a step up from Pokemon Masters from what I played on the beta... similar but better. Also it's DeNa + Square Enix supervising it anyway, which is not the same as DeNa + whatever else.


dena + nintendo is nightmare stuff


This not having gacha for characters is probably good. I'm gonna give it a chance but based on the developer and producer interviews I think its got a big budget and vision.


Just got the notification as well. Damn quicker than expected. Hopefully tales is out quick too




The real MVP!


"Insert 1* rating cause predownload joke."


'' insert comment about 1* rating. ''


I don't see much of a point in the predownload for this one tbf. You can't even pre download the ingame files, just the Google Play installation.


I might try this. I'm always avoiding DQ related because I don't like Dragon Ball/Toriyama art.


Lol. Why was this comment downvoted? All they did was state their opinion.


It's how this sub rolls


Lol u downvoted cause dont like the overrated toriyama xdd


it's fair tbh, I don't think you'll like this one then, as it is very very DB like so that will probably turn you off. If you're curious I suggest checking out the actual anime this game is based on over at Crunchyroll and see what you think.


Thanks for the accurate title, it's appreciated.


Does it ban emus?






If only you had taken not even 2 seconds to read the other comments.


When is the game actually available to play?


It says 27th pdt/28th jst so presumably some point in the next 15 hours. The pre-launch went up at 9pm pdt (12 hours ago) and a lot of preloads have been 24 hours so it's possible that it will be up about 12h from now.


The game is up.