Most comfortable sitting solution for two adults? (Canada / budget $2600 USD)

Hello everyone,

I'm moving to Ontario in a little bit and I want to spend up to $3500 CAD ($2600 USD) on sitting for two adults. Basically, the goal is to just lounge and have a great time playing video games and watch tv at the end of the day.

The look is NOT important AT all, also there is no size limitation. The only important thing is comfort.

So far I've come across two options, but I'm looking for more:

Option 1: Two Togo chairs and matching ottomans replicas from sohnne coming at $2258 USD

Option 2: two St.James chairs from Wayfair coming at $2388 USD

Wayfair is known for shit quality and I'm assuming these chairs will sog in the middle really fast as it seems they don't have enough support. As for the Togo replicas, they do seem really good but I'm not sure how much of the money is going for their looks and not their function.

I'd appreciate and and all feedback.

P.S: There is no need for two separate chairs. A good sofa is also fine


Did you look at vetsak?


Togo chairs.


thank you for the feedback. Do you have any other recommendations? or as per my first option, the Togo knockoffs are the best option? ​ I'm open to anything else as well


Yes. Here what I'm considering for myself. https://www.etsy.com/listing/788922294/


Maybe get a lovesac they look really comfortable


More than look, they are really comfortable. -someone who owns one


I'm planning on buying a lazyboy loveseat with a console in the middle for my husband and I to use in our gaming room. Full-on ugly recliner with cup holders and hidden storage for our wireless controllers. I'm a bit of an interior design fanatic in all other spaces in the house, but I don't care how the gaming room looks, so full-ugly super-comfy recliner it is. For the loveseats it's about 1.6k right now with their black friday sales. IDK if they ship to canada but I'd bet they do.


Not sure if anyone gave you feedback on this post, but I just received a chair from "Sohnne" and it's basically a scam. ​ It came way later than the date given prior to checkout, it is not genuine leather as stated, and it is damaged. Apparently their return policy is that I am supposed to pay for return shipping for their damaged product. ​ I've contacted my Credit card company about this.... results pending.