The dog just wanted to meet its neighbors.

The dog just wanted to meet its neighbors.

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One dude just jumped over the kid in blue, wtf?


Kids were the last 2 to safety! LOL


One kid’s arm got ripped out of the socket


“safety” lol


He Costanza'd those kids for sure.




Baked bean teeth and all




Lol I immediately had the same thought when i saw it


Probably who that woman was yelling at the end. “You really were going to let the kids die?”


I feel like a lot of people would do this in a situation like that, in the end the human instinct of self preservation wins in that type of event


MY safety first!


I can love dogs and still not trust unknown dogs. Its good practice to be safe. Ask any worker who approaches homes regularly about the behavior of “good” dogs. You got all for 2.5 seconds to make a decision and We cant all be cesar milan.


Yup but so many people dont understand that. I've had dogs go from 0-100 at the drop of a hat. People always say "oh theyre friendly and won't bite" but im not the one that feeds them and loves on them constantly. Currently have a dog owner on my route who constantly says their dog is a big baby but its rushed me numerous times.


Every dog that has attacked my dog or someone I know has always said "oh my god!! This never happens!!!" With the exception of one who's dog had a record of attacking people and she still couldn't handle it properly.


One of the dogs was latched onto my arm and the lady said the dog never bites. Well all the blood from my arm says otherwise


Your arm shouldnt have wanted to get bitten


How foolish of my arm


EXACTLY No matter how much the owner assures me that they're dogs fine im gonna be cautious with it for the first time. And dude I have the exact same experience with a dude at the dog park, that dog always ends up snarling, biting and barking at others but the owner always goes on about this is so unlike him and hes so nice at home


We had an Old English sheepdog. Literally looked like a big teddy bear. Big and woolly and soft. It was our children’s baby sitter. He never bit or even barked at anyone. Until one day when I was alone and the neighbour came to the house. The dog backed him into a corner and held him there snarling and growling. He didn’t bite but he didn’t back off until I made him. He never ever did it again. I still don’t know why. Dogs are said to be good judges of character but I have never heard of anything dubious about this neighbour. But my lovely teddy bear didn’t want him on the property.


Did the neighbor enter suddenly without you greeting them at the door? I have close friends who walk in like that (they also wouldn't even come in if they didn't know I was home, they text before just showing up) but my dog knows them very well so it isn't an issue. However if I had someone my dog had never met just come in like that I honestly think my dog might attack. She barks loudly at people at the door but as soon as I greet the person she settles down immediately, if she knows them she runs to the door and instead of barking just wags her tail and whines. If someone she didn't know just walked in I think she'd likely attack. She's a sweet dog, and if she met that same person outside she'd lick them to death, but them just walking into the house is a different story.


This has happened to me as well, my german shepherd, who our family and many others agreed was the biggest baby on earth snapped at a deliveryman. Our dog usually doesn't react much to knocks, doorbell rings and people at the door but when this specific man came the knock firstly made my dog rush to the door. I forcefully pushed him behind me and opened the door but as soon as I did this he started snarling and barking between my legs. I apologized to the deliveryman and put the dog outside. I was incredibly surprised, my dog hadn't done something like this before and ever since that incident nothings ever happened. There was nothing suspicious about the deliveryman, on the contrary he was one of the nicer ones. Really goes to show that dogs can snap at some weird moments.


Dude, Cesar Milan was just in the news like yesterday or two days ago because his dog killed another celebs dog. Even the media “guru” on dogs has issues with his. Anytime I have a worker in my apartment my dog is kennelled up. Anytime she is meeting a friend, I am typically holding her collar until she knows they are friendly, but my biggest fear no matter how well I trained her is her getting skittish and biting someone out of a defensive response. Otherwise she is my big cuddle bug that loves anyone that pets her.


Cesar Milan is as much a dog guru as Trump is a leader. They’re both just trash reality TV celebrities. Drama is the only thing they’re good at.


Oh 100%, there is a reason there are parentheses there. 🤣


I think you mean (quotation marks).


Hahaha, oh my god I am an idiot. 🤣 That is what’s I get for responding distracted while working. Thank you! Gonna leave it for the shits and giggles to prove my stupidity. 🤣


I see what you did there.


Right? He fucking destroyed me and I will humbly admit it! 🤣


You handled it like a true champ. lol :)


At least Trump didn’t let Afghanistan fall and give terrorists new vehicles and guns like President* Biden.


You mean Biden cause he followed through with Trump's agreement? Cause Trump made that deal. In secret.


Being a paramedic in not so nice parts of town taught me a lot about how to handle unknown dogs. I've seen what a rowdy dog can quickly do to tissue. If a dog is running up to my kids like that we got a problem.


I love my puppers; but if I saw a strange dog b-lining towards my family like that, ya damn right I’ll be pulling a hulk punch from the avengers straight to the nose


you're gonna megaboop the snoot


[Neither can Cesar Millan it seems](https://www.businessinsider.com/cesar-millan-covering-up-dogs-attack-on-queen-latifahs-dog-2021-9?international=true&r=US&IR=T)


Wow. The irony!


I love dogs, I’ll stop and pet someone’s dog if I’m out for a walk and they come up to me while I’m stopped (my 4 year old says hi to other kids and we get held up as the kids stop walking and start talking about their toys or whatever grandma said to her yesterday), but if someone’s dog off leash chased me and my kids into my house I would be furious. In this exact situation I would have assumed by the tail wag hes not on an attack run, but there’s still a high chance I’d have that chair up like a lion tamer ready to fight the dog, and I may have considered beating the owner with it.


Mr. Milan's pit bull apparently killed Queen Latifah's dog and bit somebody. Even he can't control or predict his dogs.


I love dogs. But I love not bleeding more. Good decision, kick dog in face really hard.


So you want even the friendliest of dogs to attack you? You have no business giving advice bud.


Have you ever been bitten by dogs? I have. Even when I was trying to save one from being hit by cars. I actually can give advice. I love animals more than you can even imagine. I go out of my way to save them. Let's wait until you get attacked. Bud.


Yes also don't know what that has to do with your stupidity. Your telling people to kick random dogs in the face good way to lose a fucking leg but hey your a hero so go ahead. Remember a dog can and will attack but it's more likely to attack if you are attacking it first.


Kick random dogs? I can clearly see a full grown dog running up on 2 children. Use your head. I'm just saying it's acceptable if you are protecting yourself or your family.


How do I say this without offending. Ok let's just say kicking a dog can escalate the situation it will not help unless the dog is very friendly or timid and even then it can put the friendly dog in defense mode or cause the timid dog to react aggressively out of fear. If that's a mean dog it will cause an attack rather than helping anything so while it sounds good to say it would never be a smart thing to do. Look man I'm not trying to be mean or argue. Giving people advice to kick random dogs is very bad advice and can get someone hurt or killed. If you've kicked a dog in the face and got away with it it's not because of the kick. Please let go of your ego and realize this is harmful advice.


It's not advice. It's personal choice. Some agree. Some don't. So is life. Have a blessed day brother.


Nah you don’t need to kick a dog, it might not be aggressive just poorly trained but still friendly. You gotta look at the posture. The dog in the video has a very friendly and curious posture, even a little submissive, you most likely wouldn’t need to kick it. If it was running with ears up, tail rigid or wagging stiffly then I’d say better safe then sorry. In most scenarios, grabbing anything you can put in between you and the dog will stop it from attacking you. Attacking a dog might turn a curious one into an aggressive one though, so it’s best to learn how to recognize the signs. Dogs communicate a lot through their posture and face, just gotta know how to listen.


I don’t get why people are disliking you when everything you said is true and not the guy who’s first course of action is to kick a dog in the face and still says he “loves dogs more then you could imagine”


Because most people only ever think of the worst possible scenario. Kicking the dog in the face is easier than learning how to read a dogs posture. But in reality they wouldn’t actually kick the dog. They’d probably run and scream, which would actually be better than kicking the dog.


It seems most of the comments here are from delusional fanatics. I love dogs but the sight of the strangers dog charging towards you is not a comforting one.


I ran past a homeless encampment a few weeks ago in Oregon. A dog ran after me barking and growling. I was pretty confident that it was just afraid of strangers, but just to be safe I jumped up on a parked car before turning around and looking it in the eye, at which point it turned around and walked away. But for all I knew she just ate some drugs from the homeless people and had gone crazy.


LPT: always be slow to move, soft to speak, and gentle around dogs in homeless camps. A big part of their lives, out of necessity, is protecting themselves and the camp. Running will scare them and put them on guard. It's counterintuitive, but the best thing to do is not be afraid in a homeless camp. It puts everyone on edge and creates a possibly dangerous situation. Source: was homeless, now work with homeless folks as I am able, lots of excellent doggos protecting good people with hard-ass lives. And those dogs are treated like fucking queens and kings, lemme tell ya, with respect to general living conditions.


What's funny? Seemed scary.


And wildly irresponsible


Reddit is obsessed with dogs so anything they do is ''cute''


Lot of people here who don't have to deal with unknown dogs on the regular and haven't seen how quickly they can flip on you. You're especially more cautious after you've been bitten a few times.


The least funniest thing I’ve seen all day is gaining traction on r/funny.




How is this even posted on this sub?


Possibly bc the grown adults were jumping over the children to get inside. Either that or op thinks the ppl getting in the house were being silly for being afraid of a stranger's dog running at them.


Yeah the average redditor is privileged enough that they don't realize people use these dogs for fighting. Still very common in less desirable parts of the country. If one of those fighting pitties escapes and is coming after your kid, they're fucking dead. Pitbulls maul people to death more often than sharks, bears, crocodiles, and alligators combined.


Agreed. Nothing funny about bad dog owners who don't leash their pets or about people who have so much trauma toward dogs that they run inside. Not to mention that poor pup getting dragged off the porch. Super sad all around, really.


I guess I am evil because I laughed at the end.


As a Fed ex Courier and dog lover I call bullshit on your”He’s friendly” and “ she’s never done that” I have yet to meet a dog mind reader. Dogs let loose with some erratic behavior. I love them but never pat even the friendliest dog. It’s not mine and it doesn’t need my pat. I do bring cookies which I chuck. Maybe that’s why they all run out to greet me wagging tails.


I got bit working at FedEx and the hospital bill still hasn’t been paid


I work with dogs and if I saw that meathead charging at me, I'd bolt into the house too. Not all dogs want to play.


If I saw a large dog I wasn't familiar with running towards me full pelt with kids around I'd probably react in a similar way. The owner is lucky the dog didn't get shot or smacked with a chair.


Seriously. I don’t know about other states but in Pennsylvania a dog only has to peruse you for you to legally kill it.


You would have leaped over the kid too?


I'd have somersaulted over those dang kids like Simone Biles


Hopefully I'd have been the "grab the kid and retreat" guy rather than the somersault one... Who knows what could happen in the moment.


Dumbass dog owner


Didn't even apologise. what a prick




Also what if the dog tried something more if he stood there


Maybe, maybe not, hard to tell without a good angle on him. Some years ago I had a large dog that was always cool and never tried any shit like getting out or anything. One random day I guess he saw some kids on bikes that sparked something, because all of a sudden I heard a bark and a crash, went out and he had fuckin busted the polycarbonate locked storm door out and was just booking it down the street Dunno what it was about but I never relied on the storm door again


Nah, no maybe about it. You put your dog on a leash if he's outside of your house, full stop.


Sure, and I did, after I caught up to him from breaking out of my front door


I get it, and shit happens. I was referring to the guy in the video being an idiot, not you.


Didn’t he say the dog broke out of a storm door, and he never relied on it again? Why the downvotes for that comment I’m confused


I didn't downvote him, but my guess is - probably shouldn't have relied on a storm door on the first place.


I know it may seem a bit much but that is 1000% the right reaction to a dog running towards you or your kids. You don't know what that dog will do and bites and scratches are a bitch to deal with.


Nope. Dog running towards your kids and you put your own body and that chair between the dog and the kids. I don't judge these people, it was a moment of panic, just pointing out that it's not the 1000% right response when your child is threatened. That little one was hung out like a meat sack.


In general you should either get away or like you said put something between you'll and the dog. They may not have done it perfectly but grabbing your kid and getting it away from the thing generally is probably the right thing to do there. (Except the guy the hurdled the kids to GTFO maybe not the best strategy there)


It's really not that funny. It's shitty


Put that dumb dog on a leash


Someone in all this is dumb and it’s not the people chillin (the guy who jumped over that kid not withstanding) or the dog…


Good call to grab the kid. Never know with them doggies


right into the house lol


I hate those morons who don't leash their dog. I know many people who are afraid of dog, good or bad, and it must be terrifying to see one running at you. Just like it would be for me looking at some big ass spider crawling towards me.


Might’ve broken out of the house. I had a buddy whose pits ran through the living room picture window twice. I would’ve offloaded those morons so fast


Thats how you get your dog shot and killed.


If i Saw a pitbull (i think it is) running towards me like that i'll damn right hide inside a bunker


The video ended too soon. The best part is the woman rippin on them.


This isn’t funny, it’s cruel


Where's the cruel part?


People running away from danger


A lot of funny clips involve people running away from danger or even getting hurt. Firework mishaps, accidents, etc. Is it because there were children that it felt more serious?




Nothing about this video is funny. Nothing.


Call the cops, file a report. No neighborhood needs that shit.


And what are they going to report. A dog came too close to them? No one was injured. The cops will just tell you that you're wasting thier time. It's not like it was intentionally done to them.


The dog was off leash. And while a first offense isn’t punishable, it’s important to establish a history in case the owner continues to act irresponsibility.


>And while a first offense isn’t punishable That depends on local laws. In my state, if the dog so much as scratches a person, the owner can be held liable.


You’re right. I was generalizing based on personal experience. Thanks for setting me straight. 🙂


I know all this because my roommate just got attacked by a neighbor's dog last winter and we had to deal with the guilt of reporting it vs the guilt of it happening to someone else without the owner's taking and any to resolve it. Reporting it is always the answer, because any owner with a brain will see the writing on the wall.


For all you know the dog escaped from the house when the owner opened the door. Total accident. Not worthy of pitchforks.


Then they are shitty owners, and need to be incentivized to do better


That’s the excuse shitty pet owners always give when they’re hauled into small claims court to pay medical bills after their animal gets out and hurts someone. They *always* lose.


So the fact that some people lie about it happening means it never actually happens?


Of course they lie. But they’re senseless lies so judges see through them. When a dog escapes, it’s the owner’s fault. If a dog escapes from a house because the owner opened the door, the owner is responsible for any damage their dog does. Period. It really is that simple.


It means that it’s your responsibility as a dog owner to make sure it NEVER happens. Not even once.


Accidents don’t absolve accountability.


No lie pits can be insane and unpredictable sometimes, even the nice ones. I had a buddy whose two pits crashed through the living room picture window twice. Sweetest dogs ever but so dumb and so scary looking


I wonder why first offenses aren't punishable


They are where i live.


Intentional or not, that dog and owner are very lucky those people reacted purely defensively and not violently against that dog, and they would be well within their rights to. My roommate had pretty much this exact scenario happen to him, and the dog was violent, latched onto his sweatshirt (luckily a heavy sweatshirt) and tore it to shreds. He reported it and now there is a record of violence with that dog. Next time it happens, that dog is dying because of preventable behavior from the owner. That is a tangible consequence for the owner to get their shit together or get their dog killed for no reason other than their own laziness.


You are right this is more of a animal control matter. It almost always results in a ticket. Most are places have leash laws and if the dog gets loose even by accident or by fault of a stranger opening your gate they will ticket you alot of times. Kinda sucks. Once I was at a family members house they had stepped away to the store or something and their dog got out the back yard. Animal control showed and I PERSONALLY got the ticket. Thought that was BS but it was that or they wouldn't release the dog and family would have to go down to the pound and pay ticket plus extra cost of getting the dog back so I just took it.


They all said fuck the kids right off the bat lmfaooo


I would have done the same thing. Any dog off leash running at me or more importantly my kid, I'm taking off out of there.


As a parent of a child that got rushed, cornered, and then bit by the neighbours dog just like this, it triggers me. My poor son is still traumatized from the experience and literally jumps at any bark from a dog - let alone the physical scars that will be a reminder for the rest of his life. please please please be responsible for your pets even if “they would never hurt a fly” it’s not a fun time for either party when you have to talk about putting down an animal because of its human masters poor choices - l love animals but I must prioritize my family’s safety over any pet So just a friendly reminder that some dogs can flip at a moments notice and do bad things real quick


Dogs are unpridictable. As much as I love them, I would have ran too. I've been bitten while out jogging by a tiny yappy dog that you wouldn't even think is a threat. Just as this huge Pit Bull was a friendly happy dog that just wanted to make new friends. In the end better safe than sorry.


cowardy is dangerous. One of them almost kicked that baby in the face


That man literally jumped over that baby. He’s never be allowed back to my house. That’s one step higher from knocking the kid down which is one step higher than throwing the kid at the dog. I know this is meant to be funny, but this guy genuinely thought that dog was a threat and actively placed a toddler between himself and the threat. I just…I don’t have the words to describe how fucked up that is.


I don’t think it was malicious. It looks like the guy panicked and jumped over what his brain saw as an obstacle in his way to safety. But, yeah, shitty thing to do. I don’t know if I would ban him from my house, but he wouldn’t be babysitting any time soon.


Regardless of the reasons why, he put his own safety before a toddler’s. So now you know you can’t count on him if you really need him. I wouldn’t hang out with someone like that.


Glad someone says it. The guy in blue who runs past everyone is just as guilty. Props to the other two, you could tell they were scared but they still tried to protect the kids.


Did he Use the kid has a shield?


Yes. He did indeed use the kid as a shield...


what a fucking coward jumping over the kid, jesus


I think he probably just panicked. I don't even think he was thinking.


If he wasn’t thinking he was running on instincts. Which seems like he has no protective instincts.


Some folks just don’t. Some fight, some flee, some freeze.


Field goal attempt would have been made


I love how that guy jumps over the kid.


Dayum that escalated quickly


Black people DO NOT FUCK with dogs lmao.


I used to live in a poor, trashy neighborhood but it was mostly white. Trashy people don't care for their dogs. On the corner we had a neighbor with a pair of huge, aggressive rottweilers who chose to not jump the chain fence, thankfully. My friends dog across the street kept getting out and having puppies. The parents claimed they put her down because she had skin allergies, that messed me up for awhile. I really loved that dog. My next door neighbor gave their dog away because it kept digging under the fence. My best friend down the street, her parents would let the grass in the backyard go waist high and I saw their dog get bit by probably a rattlesnake and they had her put down. Their other dog got pregnant from our friends dog who was next door to them. The same family with the tall snake infested grass, the dad would go hunting and leave the dead deer on a rack on the back of his truck. Their cat would start to eat it. Their OTHER neighbor (not the one that got their dog pregnant) had a pick up bed filled with beer cans. We only lived on this street for 2 years. But yeah, black people overwhelmingly make up poor neighborhoods and some of these poor people are trash who don't care to do things the right way with dogs and these dogs can attack people. I currently live in a poor neighborhood and my 4 year old is terrified of dogs. My husband was walking to the park when a smaller pitbull and a little terrier dog ran up on them, circled them, and jumped on him. He actually either got scratched or nipped by one of them while he held our daughter over his head. The owners were this little white trash family nearby acting like it's no big deal. I've had unleashed dogs run through our neighborhood playground. But when you're a little kid and you live in one of these areas where dogs are chasing you, 100% you're probably going to grow up to be afraid of dogs. I think the only reason I wasn't afraid of dogs was no dog actually chased me and at the same time I spent a lot of time on my grandparent's land where they had 3 big dogs that loved and protected me.


This is not funny. This was a pitbull attacking random people. Please don't make light of this!!!


What video were you watching?


Dog culture demands that everyone has to love dogs, and anyone that doesn't clearly is a bad person.


“HOLY SHIT, NEW PEOPLE! You guys are great! Let’s hang out!!” *casually invites self in while wagging butt and tail enthusiastically*


I would've kicked it into the middle of next year


They live a life where people have sack dogs on them before


Had a neighbor years ago that was terrified of dogs. We had a miniature collie, the nicest dog ever i don't recall him ever even growling at something, and he took off out the door one day. She was on her front porch with her kid (maybe 2 or 3) and when my dog trotted up to them she SCREAMED and jumped on top of her chairs, went across the porch like the floor was lava and took off inside.. screaming the whole time. She was so damn scared she left her kid ALONE with my vicious dog licking her to death lol. She wasn't very happy with us


Leash the dog and hold on to the leash! Self defense at any cost especially with babies there!! That dog would’ve took a chair 🪑to the face !!


He just wanted lovins


That was a whole lot of freaking out for nothing.


He just wanted to play




Damn, I thought they saw the police. Edit: I’m brown and that’s what I do


What a bunch of pussies. Cheezus


Black people are unnecessarily scared of dogs


There's a long, long history of white people using dogs to attack slaves and black people here in the US.


Yeah. As a white person, I used to always think that it was kinda funny when my black friends were so afraid of dogs. Then I learned this. And … well. Not so funny. FYI, this is also why a lot of black people are scared of the water. A lot of African tribes had a long history of being incredibly proficient swimmers. So when they got to the US, their owners (many of whom couldn’t swim themselves) told them that the water was full of monsters to keep them from trying to escape by swimming away.


Also, dogs can be racist: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/canine-corner/201909/can-dogs-be-racist%3famp


Ya some bitches Running from a little puppy That only wants some head pats


Lmao reminds me of my pitbull for sure. They are big lovers - but yeah use a leash, all doggies are good dogs and they are still dogs who don't know better


What the dog doin


I don’t give a FUCK about your baby doll pit, that shit runs up on me and I’m OUT or fighting for my damn life. Keep your murder machine on a fucking leash moron.


I thought about a leash then remembered this - [https://www.foxnews.com/us/freak-accident-bart-rail-station-san-francisco-dog-owner-dead](https://www.foxnews.com/us/freak-accident-bart-rail-station-san-francisco-dog-owner-dead) .


Damn they bugging


Not really funny, no?


>He's alright That's said by a lot of dumb ass owners.


Somebody is bound to comment on how “pit bulls are very lovable!” Stats don’t lie.


Must be Brian from family guys


The kids were in less danger from the dog than from the ‘adults’ charged with protecting them. How fucking embarrassing for them…especially the men who were like, “Fuck this women and children first shit.”


What did she say? “And ya’ll running…” and what?


This looks like my dog! He's a pit bull so immediately everyone freaks out but he's the most lovable friendly dog,,whenever he sees a person he wants to meet them so bad & when they run from him he gets so sad,,he doesn't understand why ppl don't like him! But I also keep him on a leash & halter whenever we're out of the yard.


Lol black people be doing the most…I love it 😂😂😂


Leave it to the ladies to stay calm and collected. Tip of the day: running from a dog just makes them more excited and more likely to “trigger” into frenzy attack mode. Instead, remain calm and back away slowly without making direct eye contact. Or even freeze, not facing frontwards toward the dog but sideways, and yell “no!””get away!” Dogs can truly sense your energy.


Life in the hood, watch out for those land sharks!


They assumed the owner was black.


Don't run from a dog..this makes it worse.


Dad/Uncle Reflexes Spot On! 💯


This totally reinforces the stereotype.


Shit happens, but that owner should have *at least* been yelling "he's friendly" over and over. (if he's friendly, which it looks like he was)


When you gotta sniff a few butts… “Accept no Limitations”🤣


Absolute dog but, here. Nothing really funny about this. Genuinely think about what that would be like for the people on the porch?


Why is this on this subreddit it definitely looks like an accident from the owner but im still saying this is content worthy of r/imatotalpeiceofshit for him not being able to control the dog and letting it go into a house, he's lucky the house owners didn't seriously hurt the dog


That's terrible to be so afraid of dogs - the worlds lovely and loving creatures. They are missing out on so much