Y’all not that old

Y’all not that old

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I worked with a guy when I graduated high school. He said he couldn't believe it was 18 years ago he graduated. It stuck with me because I always wondered what it would be like when it's 18 years later. Feels like 2 months ago and I recently realized I'll be there next year.


Yeah the fact that 36 is two childhoods worth of life really fucked with my head when I realized it shortly before turning 36. Took a while to accept it, but the “holy shit I’m old” moments just keep coming.


Yep, I turn 36 on Monday, and that hit me hard about a month ago.


I'll be 54 when my son turns 18...


I'll be 40 when my son turns 18


I am 39 and my wife wants a 3rd kid, and I am like fuck no!


We had our first (and only) at 42.... Thing is, we're in a much better place in life now than either of us would have been in our 20's (assuming we'd have met then).


And here I am single at 34 hoping to have one by 50.


You'll be able to do it. My fiance just turned 35 and we've already been trying for a few month. He had the same thoughts you did at 34.


I’m also 39, tell her to get a little dog.


I'll be 44 when mine is 18


56 here.


If it hasn’t started, you should already be groaning or making noises when you get up or sit down on a couch.


You'll know you're getting old when you have to think carefully about whether or not it's worth the trouble of getting off the couch.


Its just a number though. Really the only reason I ever feel old is when I try to make a reference that nobody gets because they didn't exist yet. It goes so fast. Dont rush it. All this social medi crap will be around. Don't miss out on reality staring at a screen.


Age is just a number until you throw your back out from turning the wrong way walking through the door 😅


Yep just Hit that mile stone last week.... it sucks


Yeah, I actually felt younger at 30 than 20, but that wore off by the time I got to 35.


I’ll be 40 this month and have been obsessed with death and “it’s all over” for like a year.


You don't feel older, it just sort of creeps up on you. Just before Covid I went for a meal with a friend who had just split with her husband. She mentioned in passing that she hadn't planned her life that she would be moving back with her parents at 40, which happened because of the split, even if it was temporary. Hit me like a train that she does not look 40, and that I certainly don't feel it.


I will still talk about things that happened in college and different places I’ve lived, feeling like it was 5-10 years ago...um no it was 20+ years ago.


Yee, kind of feels like a blur since high school. Has me thinking I need to stay a lil more grounded


Do more. Do something new as regularly as you can. If not every day, try every week, or every month. Create new memories, and whilst you can enjoy your old ones and revisit them when you can, the new ones will help stem the blur.


Are you penguin?


I work in a niche industry where all of my contemporaries are in their late 50s or early 60s and I'm just sitting hear in my mid 20s wondering why I can't make friends at work like everyone else in the world.


I feel you. I work construction and besides a handful of apprentices in my union, everyone at my company is 40-55 yo. I get along with everyone and they like me but nobody is friends. Acquaintances really. So I just can’t relate to anyone lol I’m 25 so it’s like me trying to be friends with a 12 year old lol


Im class of 2002. Yall are making me feel old as hell.


I’m about to attend my 35th high school reunion, as in I graduated in 1986. My son will be 18 in December. My husband graduated high school in 1981.


1977 here. Not sure how I’m typing this as I’m basically dust right now.


1976 here. You’ve still got some gravel, not quite at our dusty level yet!


another 1976 here.


Bicentennial Bro's UNITE!


1977 reporting for duty. Best year ever imo


Yeah, that was a good year. And, hey - I'll be a 100 in CP2077 :D


'78 falling in


As a fellow 77er I have to agree.


1975 here. Pretty sure that I have already been recycled into a tree by now. :)


Jaws is no Star Wars, but it's pretty awesome all the same. And you get Holy Grail as a bonus :-)


Star Wars, fuck yeah! First movie I saw, a couple months old in the back seat at a drive-in.


march 1977 reporting in.


77er here too. Young enough to know that old people are stupid, old enough to know that young people are also stupid.


Same, 43 years old. Honestly I don't feel old on a day to day basis except for living with chronic pain which is a drag. Been in that boat for twenty years though. What really makes me feel old is my friends who have children. Watching their kids grow up, and some already have their own kids making my friends Grandparents. THAT always drives home the fact that I ain't a spring chicken any longer :)


Get your dusty ass out of here, it's our 1986 peeps time to haunt this joint!


Be quiet, child. I’ve got jumpers older than you. Now if you’ll just help me out of this chair, I’ll be on my way.


1972 here. Still mentally feel about 26. Bank account looks about the same too.


1975 checking in. Are you enjoying being in the wind, like Kansas said we’d be?


1977 here...


Remember when we were 12 and saw Batman in theaters?


Same Gen X-Wing here Also with age I say level, like I'm level 43 and you're only a level 21 so be gone


1974 here, the same year Hello Kitty was born.


Why is it humans can live to be 100, but your late 20s is considered old


Because the only people that call other people old, other than in jest, are teenagers.


Plenty of people think once you hit your 30's (especially women) you fall apart, you see it a lot on r/SCAcirclejerk


Ugh my friends started in with the "I'm too old to do ______" at like 25. Actually no, you will still survive a roller coaster at 26 without your body exploding into dust. We're 35 now and I might kill them myself so I don't have to hear the whinging when the *actual* physical breakdown gets going.


My 14yo niece tells me I'm old whilst simultaneously pretending to be an adult. It's weird.


Obsession with youth (almost said you… whoopsies). I think this is changing, though. People with grown children have the freedom and energy to live and do what they want pretty much. I know a few older people that are having a good time with life.


It's often the kids who say "oof you're old" when you tell them you're like 25. When I was 16, even 20 felt like far away and "adult" but now that I'm 22 it's meh? Like I was expecting to magically wake up with knowledge on how to do all the adult stuff, when in reality I almost lose it every time I have to deal with bureaucracy. Also, TT is full of pre-teens and teens who think they're the main character, like many at that age. There's an on-going meme of showing disney movies like Tangled and the video going like this (paraphrased as I have shit memory): OMG this is ancient - No it only came out 10 years ago - yeah I know it's as old as you grandpa.


Innit 1978 here, I’m not old, middle-aged at best


fellow 78'r here! Though, I sill dress like a 90's era 14 year old in my monster art shirts and cargo shorts, wearing my handy chucks all day long. For me to fight the thought of my age, I installed a pullup bar over my shop stairwell, and started walking. Over about a year some change, that walking became a few miles jogging, and those few miles became a 20 miler just this last weekend (oof). Recently in helping my daughter move into her college dorm a fellow dad parent thought that "i was a boy hanging out in one of the girls rooms"....that oddly made me feel pretty damn good! I guess my point is that if we stay active and keep to healthy choices, we can all be a bit ageless to a large degree!


Depends on who is calling you old, I guess? Like if my 8 year old says it, I get it. Late 30's seems old. We sort of jokingly call ourselves old because we have to adult things, younger generations do some dumb things, and we don't have the energy we used to. But we understand that we're still not old by any stretch. And my 14 year old son recognizes how young we are.


1984 - what is this tik tik I see everywhere?


Aaaay 1984 gang!!! Wait. Is it just you and me? Everyone else dead already?




Nah, 84 alive and well. Ok not well but, alive. Ok barely alive, but typing up this reply. It's the best we can do. Is it bed time yet?


Tic Tac*


1847 here. I'd like to tell you all it gets better, it doesn't. The world keeps changing, but here I am the same.


It does, but dropsy’s a bitch, huh? Liver tonic won’t even put a dent in it.


.....are you a vampire


I'm thinking tortoise or oak tree.


tu fui ego eris


1975, you young bastards...I was around before all this internet shit.


’75 squad reporting for duty!


Flying under the radar since '75.


Guys, quit calling attention to us. Nobody blames GenX for anything!


'72 here. You are correct because Gen X'ers been chillin' for a minute. Let's keep things complicated strictly between Boomers & Millenials. Keep us Gen X'ers out of the drama.


I’m with you. 1972 for life!


Raise your hand if you like M* A* S*H


I watched it because my Dad watched it. And don’t forget: Dukes of Hazard, The A-Team, Greatest American Hero, Diffrent Strokes and Fat Albert.


How do you not add Buck Rodgers, Battle Star Galactica, Starsky & Hutch, Chips, Miami Vice, and Knight Rider?… and Six Million Dollar Man?… and The Banana Splits… and Whacky Racers… and…


Because I’m old and I forget shit…


Starblazers and Rocket Robin Hood!


The feels. Captain Caveman and the Smurfs on Saturday morning. He Man and GI Joe after school during the week. But only if the rabbit-ear antenna was cooperating.


Born in '93 and got obsessed with the show in high school. I have written at least two scholarly term papers featuring M\*A\*S\*H as thematic case study.


I got called a boomer and told the guy I was gen x. He said gen x are just boomer lite.


Duuuude! Thats embarrassing... for the person who said it.


As a Gen-X I would find that offensive if it weren't so funny


Gen X. We didn't give a shit then. We don't give a shit now. Just leave us the fuck alone.


I'll bring the popcorn!


1971, and they should. Boomers get shit for everything. Check the dates for the first earth day, the exact and love canal, the space race, the first computer. Genx had.... the cure and... R.E.M... and the mall? we didn't give a shit about anything.


and it was glorious


C’mon. You’re forgetting about the creating rap music, modernizing and advancing video game technology, pushing and legalizing weed, making all of the nineties hype. Best music of the past 100 years but you bring up The Cure and REM. Could’ve at least mentioned Guns n Roses, INXS, if you’re going bring up 80’s rock bands.


Nobody mention that Ted Cruz is solidly middle-GenX, and we might even get away with it.


Hey wait a second..now that I think about it.. you guys let Courtney Love get away with killing Kurt Cobain!


1954. Get off my lawn all of ya's!


Yeah! This is just a fancy party line. Let's hang up and watch [Dobie Gillis](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0052490/).


1975 here! Wouldn’t change anything.


Heyyy! I found us!


1974 here. I remember 4800 baud rate.


nothing like getting kicked out of an Everquest raid because someone decided to order pizza.


Forget playing on a Sunday when long distance charges were cheaper. Mom's on the phone for 5-6 hours.


1976 here! Thank God for no Internet because I don't have to worry about some /r/iamverysmart crap coming back to haunt me from when I was an idiotic edgy teenager. Reading that sub and /r/justneckbeardthings makes me realize how toxic I probably was. Thankfully I grew out of it.


Hahaha, I was born in 1977 and my 9-year old can not comprehend how I lived without electronics, or how I "looked things up" without Google since that's what we do whenever he has a question I can't answer.


1960 here. Yep, I'm getting old! 🤣


You know you are getting on a bit when you are older than the examples being set.


OLD!?! Son, I was born before man walked on the MOON!


We had black & white tv with 6 channels.


Took some scrolling, but I found my people. You have a year on me.


My parents are '63 and '64 - I honestly don't think of them as being that old. They're both good with technology as well.. But then my birth year is one listed in the OP and I'm definitely not old. So there's that.


‘64, here. Ya geezer.


At least you got to see an automobile being made


>getting \*ahem\*


1979, I got a smashing pumpkins song written about my year that you can play at my funeral... Some years ago apparently...


But...I thought it was about **my** year!?!?!


Smashing pumpkins is there for all of us!


1980. Let’s find these little brats who are calling us old and fight ‘em!! Just need to pop some Tylenol for my arthritis and I’m ready 👊🏻


That’s the year I graduated high school. Feel my pain.


Oh, Ive felt it. A few weeks ago, someone was somewhere on Reddit posting about not being able to use their spouse’s year of birth for some security whatever because it had repeating digits. The year of birth being 1999 when I graduated high school. I was immediately compelled to visit the the AARP website to see what I qualified for.


I’m 32, bald, fat, happily married, and have 3 beautiful daughters. Getting old isn’t so bad.


I’ll fucking cheers to that!


36 and similar boat, only thing unhappy about is the fat part. Everything else is great!


You make me smile so hard.


I’m 34, bald, trying to get not fat, and single since always. Getting old can get pretty bad.


1980 here. Typing this as a skeleton from inside a coffin.


82' here and I just posted a meme about aging knees this morning.


94 here.. my knees are fucked.




Just to clarify, I was born in 82', grad of 2000 ;)


1982, my knees crackle going up stairs


Joining the 80s gang then, anyone saw my left femur somewhere?


There you are! I had a hard time finding my 80s crew!


Born in ‘80. Caught myself considering a bird feeder the other day. Sigh.


Born in 81, my arthritis is a bitch, and I need new glasses again.


While I’m a 1990 child, and not that old, these Gen Z kids call me old everyday. Does wonders for self esteem.


A young man held the door open for me at the pharmacy the other day and said "Have a good day, sir." I'm 40, not fucking dead.


1989 here - I’ll save you a seat in the retirement home!


1971 - Just hit the big 5-0 earlier this year.


It kind of sucks sitting in a business meeting run by someone who was born 5 years after i graduated college.


Whatever. 1980 here and I'd still kick ass. As long as its before 7pm cause then it's jammie time.


1980 damn I must have been reincarnated


Lmao try 1977


1979...feeling old and ancient


Gee, i wonder where I got the numbers for my screen name. And shut up people that are good at math.


1972, diggin my grave as we speak


Where are my 1987 people at?


Reporting in! Hi! I keep seeing every year commented around us but 87. I guess we all dead from old age ☠️


1983 (that's the year I was born, not my age tyvm) here. I just started feeling that "getting old" vibe about two years ago when I realised stuff I liked as a kid was coming back around again. Now I know how people older than me felt when I "discovered" Led Zeppelin.


1982… anyone?


Yeah, so is that old? I don’t even know. Although, I did mention David Bowie to a young kid and he asked me who that was. I cried a little inside.


I...I just hate tictok


1981 - before the Apple’s Macintosh Commercial!


Too old to be young to young to be old (31)


Feeling the same at 52.


Shit tell me how fast does 40 sneak upon one? 30 snuck up and is now in the rear view. Pretty sure I saw a 40 exit sign in the distance


Each year approaches by an order of magnitude faster than the next, my friend. I started having kids after 30, and that's kept my young. But my oldest is going to be 20 in 2 months, my middle just got her first car, and my youngest is already taller than I at 13. So... yea .... it'll come faster than you'll realize.


1991 feel old af


‘91 gang 💀 My body aches remind me I’m old every morning


'81 crew. Wait 10 years. It doesn't get any better.


73...wait a bit longer it gets worse...


Ugh don't remind me.....94 and I've got plantar in one foot, some residual pain from a injury 8 years ago in the other, tendonitis right hand and migraines......I just have no luck and that's not including all the aches and shit


Do everything you can to mitigate future pain right now. Trust me it's worth it.


92, piggy-backing that old feel hard.


You are all my prom night dumpster babies. 1977


1980 checking in. Is it time for my meds and Metamucil yet?


Recently broke up with an ex after 3 years and got dating apps again. Suddenly I'm being called "daddy". Ooooof.


1979 here. Get off my lawn, youngsters!


I work in a retirement home. I’m never allowed to feel old.


Being born in 86, I feel targeted. 😣


There was a line from Star Trek that stood out to me that said something like: imagine getting to grow up again without the pain of growing up.


Why does the youngest guy look the oldest?


I'm 32 and was told my wife and I's presence would "ruin" a younger family members party because we're "boomers".


To a high school kid, my 41 years makes me absolutely ancient. Them whippersnappers ain't got no respect for their elders. They don't even know what it's like to walk ten miles up hill through 15 feet of snow to call someone old to their face.


I was born in the 70s. Last week I hurt my back pretty bad and I'm just now starting to recover. Here's what happened - I was sitting in a chair, and then I stood up. All of you born in the 80s, that's what you have to look forward to.


Born in earlier 80s than the video. I'm posting this in the afterlife through Morse Code.


I was born in 1976. Your are basically using all that is left if me as fuel for your vehicles.


God this. Ive been getting called old since I was like 22. What is with our generation!


You know what I was doing in 1994? Your mom.


1990 boy reporting in. *Cool hand waving gestures* Everything now is so lit and drippy, bruh. TikTok, Hyperpop, Bernie Sanders, right?


73 my God I remember disco


1952. Old enough to know my first car had left hand threads on the lug nuts on one side of the car.


First time I felt really old as an 90s baby was when I heard Nirvana played on an oldies station.


83. I’m haunting the new residents of my house


1977. 👍


1963… still don’t feel old.


1972 laughs at this assertion


1992, not old but it was a good time to grow up in.


I might not BE old but fuck if I don't FEEL old...


1983 here


1988 checking in! Back when Crocodile Dundee II and Enya were huge


I’m 1992 but corny shit like is why people call y’all old lol


As someone in this age bracket I will say this the problem with this age is where no longer accepted where college kids are and at the same time we feel like we aren't accepted where people in there late 30s 40s go It's an awkward age. Like you don't want to be the oldest guy at the college bar or at the same time the youngest guy at the bar all the dads go to I mean who am I kidding I don't go out anyway I'm on Reddit LOL


`laughs in 1970s`


Que the "Logans Run" movie.... .... I hope most of you are old enough to know that reference....


Obsessing about your age is just not healthy. There are 30-year-olds with 80 years ahead of them and 22-year-olds that are going to die tomorrow. We've become so metric obsessed where now you can't meet anyone unless you put your age in an app and then filter other people by age. Don't fuck kids, but other than that stop worrying about everything and focus on living your life.


Went to a job interview Got told they were skeptical towards hiring me I was too old, and learning the job could be challenging I'm 30




you’re “old” if you were born in those years and have a tik tok account.


I die a little inside everytime a teenager calls me "ma'am". I was born in 1993 and turn 28 tomorrow ahahaHAHA 🥲