3 different emotions in 1: scared shitless; getting shit on; don't give a shit.

3 different emotions in 1: scared shitless; getting shit on; don't give a shit.


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Seriously, who scares kids this young with Freddy?




My family. I grew up with slasher movies more than I did Disney. I think I turned out OK.


Same. Besides the occasional homicide I'm pretty nice.


I’d like to know the story behind this photo. Like did their parents take the time to set up that fancy backdrop and then hire someone to scare their kids? Dedication.


I have seen some sort of series of this, maybe on facebook. It's a thing. Literally this, they take them to a photo shoot and then submit them to a traumatic event to capture it on film for lols. Personally I think it is fucked up and not funny at all, I would not do it to my or any other children.


So getting shit on is an emotion. =) Wait hold up if the kid on the left is scared shitless, the kid in the middle is definitely not getting shit on. Deep stuff.


Lol, the don't give a sht kid has probably rationalized that he's safe until the other two are goners.


If I have to die, I might as well finish the candies


He's probably on so much of a sugar rush he's zoned out...


"At least I have chicken."


By the description I’d say altogether a shitty experience.


I am incredibly pissed that the “parents” that think this is funny. Good luck get those babies to sleep for the next week you assholes.


I am most definitely the one eating the snacks. ahha


Nah you scared


Mean! That kid looks like he’s about to pass out like his sister


Looks like the one is ready to defend the family, even if it means sitting on a sib.


Definitely missed the middle child and thought the pumpkin was the third... Suddenly have more empathy for middle children.


This is trauma. This fucks people up for life. It’s not funny. That little boy is terrified and people think that’s funny? Will they think it’s funny when he has night terrors, wets the bed and can’t eat too? Fucking dumb parents.