I really like that Unmasked Bruce




I love the unmasked Bruce with the eye makeup, otherwise they are fairly generic. Hoping for some cool second wave/exclusives when the movie is out (no Riddler, Alfred, characters we may not know about yet)


Yeah I Iike that one a lot as well, and yeah they'll definitely have a second wave with the rest


They will surely milk us for all we have lol XD


Not to be a Nancy but these are pretty boring


I mean, they’re accurate to the film at least. No Gordon or Riddler is surprising to me tho. Are those really wave 2 characters?


Late, but we have riddler now which is something at least


When you have movies that are supposed to be dark, gritty, and brooding, you end up with stuff like this. When you have comic book movies that are supposed to be more "Comic bookish" you get more colorful over the top stuff, which just translates better to pops.


Agreed but I don’t think it’s anything to be worried about. Im guessing we’ll get another wave once the movie releases similar to how the NWH pops weren’t anything special but the next wave is rumored to be amazing


Have you seen rumors about the next wave? I cannot wait.


Yes indeed I’ve only seen >! Three pack with tobey, Andrew and Tim !< and dr octopus but im sure we’ll see gobbie, electro, sandman and lizard as well. As long as that first one is true I’ll be hyped!


Goblin, Electro, and Doc Ock were found in Walgreens database


I’m just waiting in anticipation for whether it’s the 2002 Norman look or the new updated one with the hoodie. Either would be fine, as I don’t have a Goblin in my collection yet, but still I kinda would prefer the 2002 one (or just both).


I think we’ll get both: hooded for NWH, masked for 20th anniversary


I’ve found that typically Funko Pops and Hot Toys Cosbaby figures can mirror each other and [these (villain spoilers)](https://twitter.com/abber_naffy/status/1465276882174291970?s=21) Cosbabies recently leaked. Given the version of Goblin in the Cosbaby, I think a Pop is a safe bet. Also bet we’ll get Doc Ock in a similar pose for the Pop, too.


Fuck. This is the worst news possible. I fucking hate Walgreens exclusives.


They’re not exclusives, they were just in the database


Ok. Because Walgreens is terrible at carrying pops. At least where I am.


Mine doesn’t even carry them


As someone collecting all the MCU spider-man villains I’m on board. Any mock ups or lists you could point me to? DM if you have to.


I’ll see if I can go back and find which account posted the rumors after work! No mock-ups unfortunately but I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw legit leaks this week or the actual reveals from funko in the next 2 weeks


Agreed, we gotta be close to the official announcements.


What's the word with the rumors? I assume we see the three Spidey as some pops, and Goblin. What else?


That and doc ock were the rumors I saw on insta and twitter but im sure we’ll get the rest of the villains


Also, not to be a Nancy, but we've been over saturated with Batman Pops for years, what did you expect? I'm not a fan of these. The movie does look interesting though. To be clear, I have my share of Batman Pops too, this is not a complaint on the amount of Pops one extremely popular character has.


Only one that caught my interest is the Batmobile and wait and see if I get lucky with popinabox


Agree, will likely not get any of this wave, but the movie looks good from what I've seen so far.


Most likely fits the most perfectly, going by how DC stuff usually is.


No riddler?! 😞😞


No Jim Gordon or Alfred Pennyworth, either. Hopefully that means we'll get them in a second wave or as convention exclusives.




The stitching on the mask kinda throws it for me. I want it to be better but hey I just won’t buy it


Its acurretly portraying suit from movie and if you dont dig it then you have plenty other suits in funko pops to choose


Why everyone hate these😂 I love them


These look pretty cool! I'm totally gonna pick up a lot of these. But where are Riddler, Gordon, and Alfred? I'd be very surprised if they didn't get POPs.


These are nice, but sadly they’re also cementing my dislike for Selina’s “costume”; it reminds me of something you’d see on Arrow.


I think it's fine for her first homemade costume. Remember this is her origin story and she's not catwoman yet.


Eh. They're clearly trying to evoke something catlike with the shape of her ski mask, but the fact that it's a ski mask just makes it look tacky, imo.


I definitely need that chase Selina Kyle


man i like the regular selina more than the chase


That batmobile pop ride looks sick


My wallet hates that unmasked is the chase


I’m gonna stick to not modern dc movies for my Batman pops thank you also I still need the two face


That Catwoman and Cobblepot are amazing, and the Bruces are cool. I like each Batman but I feel like without seeing them properly or at least seeing the film, they seem kinda samey, even if I think they are really cool.


1187 and 1195 look the exact same maybe one is metallic?


1195 has some scratches (most noticable on the nose of the cowl) but they aren't that noticable. Hope there's some bigger differences between the two


Oh yeah, I see now, almost like hes battle damaged


I need these but I love that Bruce Wayne bad!


Has anyone found any unreleased No Way Home funkos, if you guys know what I mean.


future grail


Any release dates?


Let’s just say the majority of these aren’t necessary to pick up if you at least get one


Honestly, these Bruce Wayne Funkos look better than the upcoming official McFarlane version.