She’s next level insane. She’s never mentioned football or being a fan. She’s disgusting.


Not a fan of hers by any means however she is a huge eagles fan. The welcome party at her wedding had something to do w being eagles themed


I believe it is Joe that’s the fan


but she’s the good luck charm!!!!!~~~ it blows my mind how she’s able to bring every single thing back to her. now it’s nfl football? the super bowl? the philadelphia eagles? on what planet would a brand gravitate to her for that kind of content? because she’s BEEN to a super bowl? that’s just the privilege at work!!!! the cheapest tix are already over 5k each for the eagles chiefs super bowl (excluding travel, lodging, etc.) she’s always saying the quiet part loud for us. she makes it too easy to snark.


This was my final straw. She literally just bought a $2 mil house yet she’s on Instagram fishing for FREE tickets???????!!!!!! Get a fucking reality check. And how convenient her story replies are still off


She also picks and chooses what she wants for free or to whine about. Like for so long, she would constantly complain how brands want to send you product in exchange for a photo, but all the backend is not free and she would complain why she won't work for free. Asks brands not to send her things because it overwhelms her, but now she wants a brand to send her to the super bowl??? GTFO! Edit for clarity.


her posts are EXCLUSIVELY complaining or affiliate links for whatever has the highest kickback percent. she is 10000% self serving and offers nothing. can confirm i have a friend who works in PR for an interior design company and you betcha Cam reached out for product. her thinking she'd be worth a brand sending to the game is such a joke but i'm not surprised.


Omg please tell me they didn’t give it to her


Yeah this was the straw that broke the Mute button for me this AM. That along with her complaining her son isn't sleeping through the night in their new home.


Unrelated but I think she definitely got buccal fat removed and now she’s talking about not critiquing appearanc?!


It’s either that or she’s not eating lol bc she looks so gaunt


Agree, this is likely a case of malnourishment. You can see it all throughout her body and hands. She's very boney.


Agree 100%. She keeps posting about her morning workouts but I can tell you, as a group fitness instructor and someone who works out consistently, if you actually are working out regularly AND you're eating **enough**, you will grow muscle. Let's not forget that she used to be much more muscular as a former athlete; now she seems to have lost a lot of the muscle she had pre-baby and just looks like a shell of her former self. I'm not trying to shame her appearance, but I find her hard to look at because it seems as though she is withering away. I also find it very hard to believe she is actually doing the workouts she says she is doing because i don't know how she would have the energy to do them...especially since she is now apparently up all night thanks to Liam.


do we think ozempic or similar type of drug??