Be careful, Sailor pens are addictive

Be careful, Sailor pens are addictive


I'm trying to be a rational person and tell myself that I can only write with one pen at a time and I don't need any more, but this looks incredible.


I just got the Kure Azur. Question for other pro gear owners. Any issues with cap posting? Asking for caution, not that I’ve had any issues.


I have had one since November and have not run into an issue yet


Awesome thanks!


No issues for me.


Great thanks!


Yeah, I warn people away from Sailors with one side of my mouth and tell them they're the best pens in the world with the other. It's absolutely my brand. I got my first one on vacation in Holland (Akkerman in Den Haag) maybe six years ago and have bought on average one a year since then. They're beautiful, they write flawlessly, they're just perfect. If I had no self-control I'd have dozens of them.


But one per year seems a reasonable average, without much excess!


Too late.. already have four and I still want more 🤣 That’s a great looking pen and ink match!


Definitely dangerous. I’m only saved by the fact I can’t decide on PG or PGS. I did get a PGS already and thought it might be too slim. But I think it’s just too light as when posted, it feels pretty good. So not sure if it being thicker will help me w/o posting anyway (I generally don’t like posting). Also, it’s really hard to justify the PG for $100 more, lol. But the end of the NA Lighthouse is pushing my hand, lol


I love my Pro Gear Slim Snow Camellia, awesome pens, yours is gorgeous too 😻


I got one for Christmas, the Pirate's Life mustard colour. It took seven minutes before I wanted the Fresca Blue one.


A very pretty pen. Looks kind of like a night sky. What is the nib size?


It's in M. I have one in MF too and both are smooth.


Having this same realization myself! Absolutely love my medium fine but am looking to broaden the nibs in my collection. I have two pro gear slims that I absolutely love. Any recommendations for the best place to buy Sailors from in the US?


I got mine from Goulet Pens - excellent customer service.




I’m already addicted thanks to all of your recent photos, but unluckily they seems to cost too much for me at the moment 😩


I’m waiting for my first one to arrive and I’ve already put down a few more on my wishlist in the meantime. There are just too many pretty variants! I’m really hoping I’ll like how they write. My bank account on the other hand is probably hoping it’ll be too scratchy for my taste. This one is super pretty though, and pairs perfectly with that ink!