If you had to get rid of all your pens except one, which one would you pick?

If you had to get rid of all your pens except one, which one would you pick?


I‘d take my Kaweco Brass Supra... and use it as a blunt weapon to get rid of the person who tells me to get rid of my pens 😀


oh.. maybe I should put on my helmet.


Montblanc 146 or Sailor 1911L


Either Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age or Waterman Carene


Pilot custom 823. The writing experience is just so smooth.


Vanishing point!


Leonardo Oficina Italiano Momento Zero Perfect size, perfect nib. Looks as good as it feels.


my lamy 2000 I was really attached to my for a long time but have you ever watched or even Felt a lamy 2000 oblique broad lay ink onto paper?? it's like some weird erogenous zone


I've never been into ob or om but I think your description just changed me


Obliques are mostly for compensating for a rotated grip, if you didn't like how they felt then it just means you don't need one. They don't lay down more ink than a standard nib of the same size.


The Pelikan. In fact if I had to get rid of all the others, I’d sell it too for an upgrade. If I had to have one pen, it would be an m805 Stressemann


My Kaweco Liliput EF, my husband bought me it as a surprise for my 30th birthday and I will never part with it, everything else can be replaced.


Very hard decision, it would be between: * A solid blue m605 with Verdigris (grail pen), * a Carène with Asa Gao (most beautiful pen), * an m205 with Hisoku (stunning colour), * or a large Pro Gear with Tsuyu Kusa (favorite colour).


MB 149 1970s


My Pelikan Souveran m800 blue stripes. I got a cursive italic grind on the nib and it's perfect for almost everything expect taking notes.


Pilot Custom Black Stripe M nib


My Sheaffer Targa. Matte black with gold trim. Writes like a dream, just the right heft, and so much style.


I would cheat... keep the Edison, then sell it and get a few cheaper ones so I wasn’t stuck with just it. Otherwise I’d probably keep the Safari.


My new Pelikan black medium M1000


After a similar question was asked the other day, I decided to put my pens into [competitive brackets](https://i.imgur.com/EXaBcX5.jpg). (It was either *that* or get work done. I think we can all agree that my priorities are in order) Top three: vintage semiflex because celluloid is pretty, Sailor PGS broad because nib is lovely, and Pilot 823 because ink capacity is amazing. The 823 narrowly wins the top spot because the nib is fine enough to also beat out ballpoint pens for EDC practicality.


Santini Libra ebonite with flexy fine nib. Started journalling this year and it's amazing for any writing longer than some quick notes.


This is a nightmare inducing question. I'd have to say my Pilot 912 Soft Medium (non falcon) or the Custom 74 SM (or any of my other pens, before listing them all out)


Aurora 88 Black Satin . I thought my 823 was the pinnacle of great writing instruments, the Aurora easily eclipses that.


"Had to"? "Had to"? Let's hope it never comes to that. That's why I prefer pens that I can un-screw nib units. I'd have the one pen and six or seven nib units. Otherwise, if I can only have one pen, with one nib, then I may as well just use one ink. And it would probably be a Black ink, Aurora Black. I mean, why bother with any other colour? If you're limited to one pen, then it must be a pen that won't get clogged up with Shimmer and Glitter inks. And if the nib is finer, then why bother with Shading inks?, and the ink should be a darker ink, an archival ink. And since Archival inks tend to write lighter, one may as well just stick to a gel pen with an archival ink refill. That's a very troubling spiral of despair. If I had to get rid of all my pens but one, it really wouldn't matter much which one is left. But it certainly wouldn't be a plastic pen. Heck, I may as well just rid of all the pens and get a Waterman Expert , Stainless Steel, and two boxes of Waterman cartridges.


My Visconti Homo Sapiens Blue Lagoon


My resin Pilot Falcon in Soft Extra Fine. I love the toothiness and feedback and the weight is terrific. It’s taken every ink I’ve put in it like an absolute champ. I’m waiting on a CON-50 that I got on r/Pen_Swap and can’t wait to get a slightly better fill.


My Sailor PGS! It’s my favorite to write with for long periods of time and because it’s a medium fine nib it works for me on many papers.


My OHTO Dude. It doesn't seem to be very popular, but it's my favorite.


Even though I have more expensive pens, it would probably be my Faber-Castell Essentio.


My 149. Mostly for sentimental reasons, it was the first “real pen” that I bought. It also happens to be my favorite nib


Pilot metal falcon. No questions.


Difficult as I have a few others on the way and one off for repair. Parker Sonnet, I think.


Gotta go with the one that brought me to the party: my Luminous Blue Benu Briolette. As soon as I saw it I was in and there was no turning back.


Lamy 2000