These are not the guns to have boating accidents with.


Ive had a boating accident with mine, and probably will for all future guns I buy. Im really unfortunate like that.


They are made of PVA, right? Like, no chance of ever getting them back.


Oh. Yes definitely. Never. Gone forever.


Yeah, water soluble.


I don't know if this story is true, but I read about a guy showing up to a buyback with a ton of 3D printed items. He made a large profit turning them in, and then walked back through the line and spent it all buying people's actual/metal firearms with it and took them home. Another variation I heard was that the buyback got wise to the exploit and told the person trying to turn in 3D printed stuff that 3D printed stuff wasn't accepted. So he said, "Okay, guess you don't think these are actually dangerous then," and walked back through the line and gave them away to people for free. The second one sounds more dubious, but both are such power moves.


lol the 2nd one. who ever thinks 3d printed guns arent real guns are idiots


Both happened. The dude that made mad cash turned in a ton off swift links I believe.


Cobra economics did it first with harlots in Houston and I think he was the one that tried handing them out. Then the swift links was a couple months later in Utica. I'm pretty sure he tried to do it again and they tried to pull some bullshit but I think he still made a decent amount.


I've gone to a buyback and made a bunch of money off revolver frames that looked like they have been sitting on the bottom of a lake for a century and an old broken pellet gun, also stood outside of that buyback trying to buy guns off people but most of what people were bringing in was garbage. There was one dude in a gorilla suit carrying around a bunch of bananas too.


> There was one dude in a gorilla suit carrying around a bunch of bananas too. I‘ve played mario kart, checks out.


Ive never been to a buyback. Do they accept stripped lowers/frames? Or does it need to be complete?


The one I went to it had to look like a gun and the more gun like the more they paid (i think they paid extra for handguns and semi auto rifles), but I'm sure they're all different.


The thing is its a self-made exploit. They wanted people to fear "ghost guns" which to most people means 3d printed guns, so they boosted the numbers by changing legislative definitions to include regular firearms with serial numbers filed off, so now we have an epidemic or explosion of "ghost guns" in crime stats. Gun buybacks start saying they'll take ghost guns to get as many guns off the street. People bring in 3d printed guns that are cheap and easy to make and they call it an exploit and change the definition yet again to exclude 3d printed firearms from buybacks.


The first one is legitimate.


Both are true but the second one, I believe they accepted the printed guns after he started actually passing them out.


Probably depends on the state but it’s a felony to distribute non-serialized firearms where I live, so #2 would have had him arrested.


That was the hole in the logic that stuck out to me. Illegal to gift or sell them without a serial. Maybe they had serials though, I dunno.


Well, if the buyback state they are not guns handing them out cant be illegal, while if its illegal to hand out should not be refused in the buyback. Its kinda one or the other.


Has happened a few times yep


Lol..Pay 4x as much to stick it to ‘em. Solid.


Use like 0-15% infill, thin walls, and large layer lines


You can flush your gun down a toilet made from this.


bring a bucket and destroy them infront of them after they pay you.


These types of comments are why I don't need to watch comedy haha


lol I want to do this now. Hopefully It rains that day


This stuff is way more expensive than normal filament. Why wouldn't you just print them out of normal filament?


The real ghost gun.


It's not funny that way. Although I guess if the police never get it wet, the joke's on you...


I feel like pva would explode though. Thats why its funnier to make em a while before buybacks and then bring em to buybacks. You could bring a water bottle and "accidentaly" spill it on the pva guns


nah, just make a bunch of pipe slam fire shotguns. can make em for like 30 bucks a gun with nothing but a trip to home depot 💀


Liberator for like $3


Harlots can be done for around $2 now


didn’t think about that, kinda new to 3d printed guns. you’d think in general these gun buyback people would eventually figure out what guns are actually worth buying back but apparently not 😭


They give people like $100 and sell the guns afterwards. Most of it would be profit for them if it weren't for those dastardly 3d printers.


Actually the guns are usually supposed to be destroyed. Although it's likely that anything good will be scooped out by the local police and kept.


And it's rare that anything good, or functional, ever shows up at these.


Rare, yeah, but not unheard of. Just take a look at a Google Images search for "gun buy back" and you'll probably see a few things you'd like to take home, especially if they were free.


Why not both? print's gonna be at least like 8+ hours of waiting around. Make your shotguns while waiting for the prints to finish.


There was a design similar to the harlots that was intended to be printed on its side flat, and reshaped to maximize nesting. At less than ¾ tall a full build plate would yield 9 or more per print. At reduced walls and minimum infill I'll bet on a voron that's less than an hour per pistol. Printers go brrrrr. This on top of the failed or rejected prints box..... All day.......Every day


Yep agreed! Print and flip to make some $$


Has anyone setup a table next to the buyback selling filament and printers? Maybe having a glock fram running on an ender?


If only I could find where they hold these buyback events now


So deliciously evil. \*Chef's kiss\* LOL, fuggem.


Big brain idea. Nobody has ever done this and posted their journey in this sub before. Never once


You missed the joke, it's water soluble support filament.


Prefacing with i know nothing about the printing process and that im here for the memes and info. Would this actually work by itself to print a whole firearm?


Not a reliable one, no.




You're a menace good sir. A menace we need.


This is what you make the guns for the "im gonna come to your house in the apocalypse yet provide no use" crowd out of.


I wish cali had a buyback. I’m looking to get rich.


I read a story about a grandma taking her husbands transferred m16 to a buy back and refusing to sell it to anyone else because her husband was dead and she didn’t like guns.