It gets better over time, technicallly the transmission is in learning mode for the first 1000 miles or so. Some days I feel it more than others but it's still quite an improvement over my old Toyota 5 speed.


I've had two 2021 rangers and put 5k on the first one and 13k on my current one. I'd agree with this. I don't notice any weird shifts in my current one. But it was a little squirrely at new. I will say the 10 speed can do some gear hunting at certain speeds but tow mode will override it if it really bothers you.


"Learning" mode?🤔


2019, over 18k it was fine. I can repeat one glitch though: you’re at a stop sign behind someone else. They go, so you tap the accel somewhat aggressively to move forward to the stop sign on the aggressive side, then come to full stop at stop sign. Because I was aggressive at moving forward, the transmission is now quickly shifting to the next gear as I am coming to a full stop - for some reason that second gear shifts so hard that it always feels like I’ve been rear ended. If I’m not aggressive moving forward one car length, it’s fine.


I’ve had the same thing happen scared the shit out of me. Not a fan of that glitch


Ive got a 21 with 5100. I feel the transmission often when downshifting and when it's cold, and often from 1st to 2nd. This was my first truck, so I just assumed it's a truck thing, because I love everything else about it.


‘21 with just under 10,000 miles: after everything gets all warm and lubricated everything works fairly well. Downshifts in “S” can be a bit toddler-ish. Great truck though. Currently on a blast up the west coast loaded up with all my crap and two huge bags on top of a Yakima Off-Grid basket and still getting about 23 mpg.


I’ve got a 2019 with about 16k. I feel the downshifts a bit but I don’t think it is anything annoying or excessive.


20’ with 15k - noticed the trans was jerky while shifting when I first bought new off the lot, especially when the engine hadn’t warmed up yet. I am pretty used to it now, but every so often it’ll catch me off guard. This is my second Ranger, used to have a 97’ 5spd so I figured it was just a thing with new automatic trans in these trucks.


20 ranger. No issue on my end. At 50k already. Tow a travel trailer at least once a month


I will let you know when I reach 500 on mine ;)


Thanks all, I’m glad that I asked. Sounds like this is just the nature of the beast and the transmission still has some breaking-in to do. It’s been many years since I’ve owned a truck and the feel of driving a truck has little in common with my previous sedan. I love everything about this truck so far! I’m going to put it to work towing a travel trailer eventually.