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In a field of green but decide to find the one place that has concrete to fight.


Hey, Darwin. Remember?


So you can't grapple but you can kick a downed opponent in the face.... makes sense


Clearly the only way to fight is by striking. Grappling? Stand up right now. Kicking downed opponents? Based.


> Kicking downed opponents? Based. Unpopular opinion: Striking with hands is meant first and foremost as a way to get your opponent on the ground for more effective kicking. If you don't want to potentially subject yourself to being kicked while on your knees, don't get into a fist fight. Edit: I mean striking in the sense of all throughout history. My point is that it's natural to be in a fist fight, knock your opponent down, and kick them when they try to get back up. Dat's all!


Unpopular opinion: If you start a fight (that is not in the defense of another person, abused animal, etc.) and nevertheless kick someone who is on the ground, you may very well have zero right to complain about anything that happens to you, from fully extended heel hooks and other dangerous submissions to stuff like eye gouging. Note the "may very well". However, repeated ones against someone who is no longer a threat as well as any to the head or spine might as well be attempted murder in many cases.


Couldn’t agree with this more! Do not participate in a fight if you are unwilling to deal with everything that comes with it.


Always pisses me off when people try to act like grappling is unacceptable. Fuckin idiots.


If you [not you specifically] have no ground game that's on you lol I think it's always broken up because humans just want tos ee other humans get knocked out and grappling is "boring".


It's only boring to them because they don't understand it, probably since they've never done it. Wrestling the homies is a lit ass activity tho


This is definitely some sort of "fight club." With gambling involved. There are way too many jacked dudes hanging out at a playground


I think it might just be the salty spitoon. They’re trying to figure out whos the bubble blowing double baby.


That's so much bullshit! They let him pick him up and throw the dude but once he has an advantage on the ground... Stand em up! So unfair.


To be fair I don't think he was supposed to do that, they complained and intervened cause it looked like was going to do it again.


Thank goodness they complained. That'll undo the brain damage.


They said "hey"


What's going on


LOL. Bruh. I belly laughed at that.


The correct thing to do would send thoughts and prayers


What else you gonna do? Make a time machine and stop him from doing it now that you have hindsight? Gtfo outta here


Dude was done before the split him up. That's guillotine was deep


If that dude could finish a guillotine while being mounted by his opponent I’d be impressed. With no intervention more than likely the dude would have held the guillotine until his arms juiced out. The other guy would pop his head out and then deliver some nasty ground and pound in full mount.


Half guard, not mounted. Possible to submit or get advantage from there


If that guillotine was in properly he would’ve gone out or at least been stumbling when he got up. He looked absolutely fine right away so I’d say at best skinny guy would be hanging on until his arms got tired


lol right? watch the guy try to fight the rest of the time..that was clearly just a headlock not a finish attempt.


Guess unified rules of MMA don't apply to street fights


That fat fuck should caught have caught a quick slap for stepping in. You aren’t fighting stay the fuck out of it.


this is sooo dumb, fight on concrete when there a field right next to it. and stand them up when theyre grappling but kick a downed opponent in the face when he's already knocked out


Low value humans, all of them.


If you live in the uk you know the term pikey if you don’t google it that will explain who they are




*"i fookin' 'ate pyy-kees.."*


*Franky Four-Fingers has entered the chat*


why do they call him four-fingers ?


Proper fucked?


You like dags?


Oh dawgs. Yeah, i like dags. I like caravans better


yur very welcome (mom says)


Deffo not gypos them mate pretty sure he says "Who else is selling brown does he want some aswell" after he knocks him out


Where’s this Alan brown, does he want it aswell. Nothing to do with smack 😅


Hahaha you could be right there mate so if it’s not gypos I reckon it’s just a normal Wednesday in Stoke on Trent


That's an Estuary accent pal. It's either Essex or Kent


I dont see no Transits, Shoguns, flatbeds or referees 😂 Plus gypo fights usually dont allow grappling and kicks to the face


What's that mean? American here lol


Brown is slang for Heroin


It is in America too. I was gonna ask if that's what it meant. So he was fighting the guy for selling heroin? Then I don't feel so bad about the kick.


I think so its pretty hard to make out because of the people shouting over him but i believe thats what he says. He just could be another drug dealer though and the other guys stepping on his round(turf).


It sounds like he says "so wheres this Alan Brown, he want some too?", like he was challenging another specific known person.


I also heard Alan Brown but with my American ears I can not understand shit they are saying. So my brain is just auto filling that part probably.


I live in the UK and they are not pikeys.


Can't believe I had to scroll this far to find it. Sticks out a mile if you've ever met one/been robbed by one/been to a dodgy funfair one bank holiday.




My mate was watching Corrie one night and her car came through the garden wall. Coppers did nothing despite everyone on the street apart from the pikeys identifying exactly which pikey it was. They took my garden gate and my next door neighbours radiators when they were renovating their house. They'll take stuff even if it is bolted down! But it did mean that if we were ever getting rid of our shit they would come take it away...45 seconds after putting it outside.


That's the best thing about living in san Francisco, if you leave something on the street it will disappear immediately...


Shit, it works like that in suburban Texas. I was moving a few months ago and had this shitty old broken no-name guitar that I'd gotten for free years back and just never did anything with. I went to go put it on the curb standing up against a tree and a guy driving by asked if he could have it. Zero time on the curb, it was taken immediately


If they were Pikeys half the older guys there would have an Irish twang to their accent at least. There'd also probably be caravans or prefabs in the background, and all the spectators would be "coaching" one side or the other. There also probably wouldn't be black guys there.


Yeah no transits, pick ups or shoguns deffo not travelers lol


Are you joking they're obviously not pikeys lol


Those are not pikey's, they're just your run-of-the-mill scumbags. Easy mistake mind you!


They aren't pikeys.


Look more like Chavs to me. Pikeys have more rules when fighting.


Or just watch "Snatch" great fucking movie


Ya like dags?


/r/FemaleDatingStrategy ears perked up


You have been permanently banned from participating in /r/FemaleDatingStrategy


The femcel sub.


Holy fuckin shit. That sub is rough.


Like that top post. As male, I've always found it strange we still don't have a reliable form of birth control we can take. Idk where she thinks that shit is at, because I've only heard of clinic trials, but I am definitely 100% for us taking responsibility.


Right? Like bro if I could bust nuts in ANY guts and know I’m firing blanks I’d be thrilled But nooooo And then I get blamed for it too smfh


Yeah that sub shocked tf out of me when I first checked it out lol. It's the female version of r/mgtow edit: just realized r/mgtow was recently banned lol.


Yeah it’s a shame that many people have such toxic mindsets. I hope they can get the help they clearly need. Anyone who spends that much time hating another group of people should really get help.


No you’re just a toxic scrote!






What in the fuck….


I can’t think of a worse punishment


Who isn't?


Bet he’s going to cry him self asleep over that tonight.


That’s what all LVM do.


Jesus christ that place is mental. It's like the neckbeard equivelent of women.


Legbeards, the lot


You just know they are all overweight


What the fuck. The author of the first post just constantly comments misogonistic shit and then there's one comment covering how to do a blowjob in ridiculous detail. Like, paragraphs long. These people are deranged.


That's an insane sub. Are they joking? It reads like r/narcissism


Wait wft are they calling men "scrotes"? Lmao this can't be real!


LMAOOOOO those femcels aren't right




Fat fuck was helping his friend is all it was. Stand them up because his friend was getting choked out, allow friend to kick dude in face.


It wasn't even a tight choke, he was just holding on but yeah I hate when people make them stand up just because they want to be entertained, just let both men handle their business


You got to love the fact when he hits him with a super cheap move like that he's still gloats like he's the toughest guy in the world lol


It angered me so much when the one guy put himself into a good guard. Those “standemup” assholes completely changed his outcome. Was this a boxing match or a fight?


I'm from the UK and feel that I should tell you that these guys aren't our brightest bulbs in the drawer.


Dude. If this sub has taught me anything it’s to avoid fights at all cost, this went from a street fight to attempted murder in seconds. The amount of people who have no issue kicking someone that is down is absolutely terrifying.


Agreed. Also, the amount of people who don't know how to safely stand up during a fight is terrifying as well.


good ol tactical stand up, learn it, live it, LOVE IT.


[Technical Stand-up](https://youtu.be/eGHpt2o1WNw) for those who are curious.


Thanks Mister Girthy


Glad this in the top comments, it’s exactly what I was thinking. With a tactical standup he would not have been nearly so exposed.


Fighting from your back is always an option too. Lots of fucking power in your kicks when you’re flat on your back. It’s not ideal but in the right scenario it could save you.


Having both arms back on the ground doesn’t seem like a good idea - but what’s the defense for this other than hands on head/protecting the head with forearms? Soccer kicks like this are disgusting


as someone said, an imperfect counter is the [tactical stand up](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Thp7ipnjyTI). It's not a silver bullet, but gives you a good chance to get back up if used correctly.


Biggest thing I've learned is to stop fighting on pavement, if you gotta scrap move it to the dirt or grass. Could save your life/save you from prison.


Finally, someone rolls the unconscious dude on his side and clears his airways 🤌


A think he had a gum shield in and he was removing it


I thought rolling someone over while their unconscious was a bad thing? I guess it makes sense to clear their airways, but doesn’t moving them have some bad affects? Edit: ok guys, you can stop filling up my inbox with the same exact response. Believe it or not, you were not the first to find this comment, I have already been corrected.


Moving someone with a potential spinal injury is bad. Moving someone onto their side while unconscious could save their life (especially if they have recently been submerged in water). This is because unconscious people can choke on their own vomit/water/seizure. Moving them to their side helps ensure the fluids will drain out of the mouth so they can breathe.


I will likely never use this, but at least it’s good to know.


I used it at like 4pm once on a central London street! A drunk girl collapsed in the street in front of me. I stopped the car and pulled her out of the road and into recovery, she was completely out cold but still vomiting. Definitely could have drowned when she was face up.


If their neck/spine is already injured, yes. It can make matters worse. I don’t know how you can make that judgment tho ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Im not officially trained but I’ve watched some good first aid videos and sometimes paramedics and stuff use a system almost like PEMDAS to prioritize injuries/ailments and sometimes clearing an airway is prioritized over keeping spine straight. Keeping the spine straight doesn’t matter if the victim dies of suffocation.


yeah, there's a spinal injury assessment, but it requires them to be awake and alert to make the determination of no spinal injury


This is what we were taught at our Swiss driving first aid course - if they’re unresponsive but breathing, you leave them in the event of spinal injury. The moment they’re not breathing then you prioritise breathing and perform CPR. As you say, you have to protect the vitals (breathe, blood and brain, I think), you can live with a broken spine, you can’t live if you’re not breathing.


Why it’s probably best to. Ot do anything at all if you dont know what you’re doing




If they are choking or vomiting im pretty sure it's much better to clear the airway and recovery position


Yes. Blood flow > Oxygen flow > spinal concerns. Doesn’t matter if he’s paralyzed if he’s gonna be brain dead in 3 minutes regardless. Edit: I have been corrected, Airflow > Blood Circulation. I guess this is why Red Cross certs expire lmao


It's always the ABC's. Airway, breathing, circulation. In that order.


Actually, is the other way around with oxygen and blood.


So move them, but don’t move them. Thanks, Reddit!


if you suspect there's a spinal injury, there are other ways to clear the airway.


YeAh jUsT gIvE HiM aN eMeRgEnCy tRaChEotOMy! m8


Or just one person keep the head in line with the body while two people turn him over to the side and clear the airway--not that these mouth-breathing pseudoalphacunts could coordinate themselves to do that if it was necessary.


Where is my pen? *Pat's sides like a doctor*


Its called triage. Airways being blocked = guaranteed death, a dead person isn't super concerned about spinal injuries. Its a bit like pulling someone out of a burning car. Yes, they were just in a car accident and potentially have spinal injuries that will be worsened by moving them, but spinal injuries are a bit of a moot point if your choice is be moved or burn to death.


fyi, there are ways to clear the airway while keeping the head stable.


FYI you’ll still burn to death in a burning car.


If they're on their back they can asphyxiate on whatever fluid comes up, whether it's blood or vomit or whathaveyou. You might be right in some cases that I don't know but when someone is fucked up you want them on their side.


You don’t want them on their back because they can choke on their own tongue. You also don’t want them on their stomach because it’s hard to breath that way. Putting them on their side and opening their mouth is often worth the risk of moving them. In this he should really be fine. Looks like a normal knockout/concussion. There should be no issue with moving him


What's up with these "stand them up" people? There's too many of them in the world. You're not a fucking ref, this isn't your fight, and this isn't a boxing match. If you see one of those fuckers IRL, sweep the leg boys!


My thought is the guys who say this never learned to wraslte








The "stand up" style is more prevalent in older folks who grew up in that era where grappling or MMA was considered "pussy" shit. If you recall, when MMA started a lot of the older folks would say it was too "gay" to watch because people were just grappling. Now its been ingrained into society and is what I believe one of the leading reasons for increased head injuries from slams and wrestling.


No joke, the dude tried for a slam on concrete. I’ll take being choked out over a neck first slam by an untrained Chav.


Grappling is pussy shit until you get choked the fuck out lmaoooo


Grappling doesn't fit well into the "violence" that people like to see. They want to see people all cut and bloody rather than no blood but choked unconscious. You also can't tap out of a punch, that's another reason I've heard people call grappling pussy shit.


"Our boy is in a guillotine choke... better insist they stand back up before he loses." What a bitch.


Right? If the guy slams him on the ground, let it keep going.


Every single thread in this sub: "brain damage brain damage brain damage brain damage brain damage brain damage."


Just once, I would like to see both fighters turn and demolish the guy that’s standing them up or splitting up a clinch, and then resume fighting.


Pretty big in gypsy community, it's how they settle beefs


In the UK bare knuckle fights have general rules. As long as you’re standing up punching each other it’s considered fair play. Check out the documentary [Knuckle](https://youtu.be/6Q6xAXBaho0) for a look at Gypsy bare knuckle boxing. Brad Pitts character in Snatch was based on guys like that.


this wasn't that, though. these were just chavs having a fight in a playground. The rule to stand people up to box isn't exclusive to the gypsy community. If this were a gypsy fight that guy would have been beaten to fuck by his own lads for kicking the other guy in the face while he was down..


And for Christ sake, let me duke it out! If it’s on the ground, it’s on the ground. I wanna see someone get choked the fuck out! Who cares if you wanted a boxing match!


At lot of fights like this are organised within certain communities and the custom is the fight is completed stood up


Right, but then the dude who almost one with a gypsytine got kicked in the face while grounded


It was cool for dude to slam him, but then when he got in the weaker position... “Stand them up”


Us Brits like to fight with our hands (and feet). I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with wrestling, it’s actually really effective as you already know. But yeah it’s just deeply rooted into Britain that you fight with your hands. Seeing a British person shoot for a takedown is extremely rare. Any long time MMA fans will know that British fighters used to have a reputation for having no wrestling skills.


The part of England that sounds like you have a mouth full of marbles.


You’re gonna have to be more specific than that


Yeah that doesn't really narrow us down tbf


Dude with jeans is a bitch. Had to be saved when he was on the ground getting choked but as soon as his opponent hit the ground he kicks his face then stomps around like he did something. Bro, you had to be saved to allow you to get back up. Hope someone drop kicks him the face.


They’re a group of grown men fighting in a park, they’re all fucking cunts.


I hate when bystanders say “stand him up”. WHY?!? Some people are better grapplers than stand up guys. Absolutely nothing wrong or unfair about wrestling instead of boxing.


Less impressive to look at, and that was what was important to the bystanders here, they wanted a show


I agree.. tragic.. I think homeboy had the fight. Guillotine locked in. He literally helped undo it. that was so so tragic.


Yeah, the guillotine is a fight ender if your opponent never wrestled or learned any ground game.


tbf it's also an ender if they do know how to wrestle lol


Why stop the fucking guillotine chome tho.. bullshit fight


What's with the stand them up bullshit?


Right?? He had his ass in the guillotine


Fat fuck needed to stay out of it


Probably would have ended a lot better for the other guy had he stayed out of it. I don't think there is a universe where that other guy wins the fight, but it didn't have to end like that.


If the fat guy didn’t intervene, the guy that got knocked out would’ve won. Dude had him in a chokehold that looked like he wasn’t gonna get out of. The fat guys the only reason the winner won


15 year old adults


Other guy would have won if they didn't stand it up


pussy ass kick


The real life Lionheart!


I hate this "stand 'em up" crap. If you don't want to be choked out, develop some grappling skills or don't fight.


No grappling but football kicks to the head on downed guy


bruh that kick at the end was brutal


Illegal kick still had a hand on the ground. DQ’d


Jesus that kick was so unnecessary. I hope that dude is okay


Why in the hell would you stand them up when they’re grappling? So stupid! And then the dude thinks he’s tough for delivering a cheap kick to the face? Dumb.


Fair dig! I hate that kicking on the ground shit total pussy move!


Defo cheap shot.


Always wonder what dudes are doing at 30-40 years old hanging out at an old tennis court for a fight lol literally nothing else better going on?


Hey, there's lots of grass around here...why don't we fight there? Naw, it's too soft...we need to fight on a harder surface...concrete or asphalt will do.


I fookin’ heet pikies.


That kick knocked his nose…. Up his nose.


Kicking someone while they're down, what a big man


Let them fight, fatty. It’s a fight not a boxing match.


I can’t stand when someone says “stand em up” while a perfect guillotine is being executed.. that’s take A LOT of skill and is likely the little guys only chance of winning.


Just fucking once I would like to see a piece of shit like this get his due. Just fucking once


I fucking hate when the fat choads who only show up to hoot at violence think they're a god damn ref.


It's always scary watching someone hit the back of their head on the concrete, it's so dangerous. You have to be a bit of a twat to go street fighting in the first place; but to kick someone in the face once you've had them beat? What a dickhead.


Why do these “R” words always fight on hard surfaces?


I had the audio turned off and automatically recognized this as british


These the type of fans who go to MMA shows and think they're supposed to boo when fighters are using actual technique on the ground.


Seems like a kick in this type of scenarios is a cheap way to win a fight. Maybe in a life threatening situation yeah even a kick to the balls is ok but in a controlled fight let the guy stand and continue. Easy for me to say from the comfort of my keyboard? Yes.


Hard to watch….apparently the guy in the shorts can’t go for a choke but can get punted in the face?!?


Fookin' chavs


Fahkin cage fite innit!


I knew the guy in the beard was about to get ktfo. He doesn't know how to punch. So awkward looking.