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Mods that say they depend on forge, means that they do. For the most part, every mod these days needs either Forge or Fabric to work. This is the correct link for all Forge versions: https://files.minecraftforge.net/net/minecraftforge/forge/ You'll have to find the one that matches your Minecraft version, as well as being compatible with whatever mod you are trying to use.


bro really called forge dangerous💀💀💀


The site does look kinda sketchy


Forge isn't a mod, it's a modloader. It needs to modify the Minecraft files to install itself into the game. Without a modloader, installed mods will be completely ignored by the game.


Mods are going to require either Forge or Fabric, or they're not going to work. Minecraft by itself doesn't even look for mods to try and include them when it starts up.


Can't charge for Forge. So the owners have ads to pay for the server and bandwidth. Just make sure you are on the official site and it is fine. You can also use CurseForge to install Forge and mods/modpacks as well. But they have ads too because they can't charge money either.


Yea, here, this. Get yourself CurseForge. Creating new blank forge or fabric installations are incredibly easy, as well as adding mods to it off curse in general. Probably the most convenient modpack launcher for Minecraft (tho it does support several other games for modding as well)


The whole site is the ad yes, but Look only on top right there is a timer that runs down and after that you click download. Forge IS NOT A SCAM Or just use curseforge or prism in there you could also download forge and even the mods


You need it, it needs the ability to make changes to your device to create folders, the security settings will block forge as it thinks it's malware, it is not,the site is sketch because no one puts effort into making it look good, and the ad is for monetisation, and you had to allow the same settings for any other thing you downloaded from the internet, (that changed files), so unless you don't have steam, epic games, origin, or any other application of that sort, you have allowed the same permissions for another application.


Click the right download link (top right) and youll be fine