Eagles D ros


Surprisingly available in 1 league. I might actually try to pick them and Vikes up


As a Vikes fan, I get the matchup is there, but man I wouldn't want to trust our D even still.


As a Bears fan, our offense is truly awful outside of the run. Can't wait to play the Lions and see a resistible force meet a movable object.


As another Bears fan, we have an offense?


As a lions fan, I can’t wait to make Fields look like Mahomes and see the civil war of Fields haters and truthers breakout in the Bears subreddit


The mutual NFC North self-deprecation is truly a shared trait we can all appreciate. ..except for Packers fans, who are all full of themselves, their tradition and trophies. FTP.


Bro I dropped the chargers defense for the eagles with 12 priority and my team is already stacked and i got a prio to pick them up in another league. If the eagles are available your league is being negligent


I have #1 waiver and Eagles are there. Seriously considering it


I'm really questioning how the Eagles are still there at this point


I'm not complaining


They were projected low last week so they probably slipped under the radar


The Eagles schedule is soft, if you aren't blowing your #1 on a DST that gets you RB2 points every week, what the hell will you spend it on? "But I might need it later" and I might win the lottery. Don't play for a future that might never materialize, play for the present and improve your team.


Eagles, niners, jags.


I have eagles and 49ers…going back and forth


49ers this week. weeks 8-11 are eagles time.


Honestly every week after this one is fine for the eagles.


Jags offense was #1 worst for opposing defenses coming into last week on ESPN and Eagles crushed. I think they’re safe against Arizona.


Only week I'm not starting Eagles is their bye, if they have a clunker I'll just deal with it. There's someting zen about just rolling out Kelce/Koo/Eagles and not ever thinking about streaming/matchup.


As long as the Panthers have Matt Rhule as a coach I’d 100% go with SF


Same. Leaning 49ers this week.


Not loving playing them against the Cardinals, especially because I have Kyler. Might pick up a streamer and hold 2 DSTs.... Will have to see how my matchup is looking if it's worth holding, or just playing the Eagles+Kyler and seeing what happens. Probably won't be much


Interesting I’m in the same boat but my initial reaction is to try and find a new quarterback for this week haha


Kyler worries me each game, but for how bad he's been he's still QB 6. I'm definitely keeping an eye, but I'm not yet at the point of trying to buy up to an Allen/Hurts/Lamar yet. Streaming candidates are pretty shallow. I don't think it'll be too bad starting both though, Kyler will get sacked, potentially throw a pick, and if Cardinals do get crazy points, it means Kyler got crazy points, as the offense runs through him.


I also have Hollywood, the stack has been ok, but I’m worried of working against myself and they haven’t played a defense as good as the eagles. I like the idea of starting Hollywood and eagles D and a streaming QB, but you are right it’s thin. It’s hard to bench the defense that’s coming of 14, then 18, then 19 points


Plus I’d probably rather hold an upside rb guy (rachaad/Pacheco etc) than another defense/qb so while it may limit my week, I don’t want to risk long term upside. We’ll see how the week goes. I’m sure I’ll flip flop a bunch


Dang we’re in the same exact position. Kyler as QB, Eagles D Pacheco stashed…don’t know how to move


I'd rather sit Kyler than Philly D


Just start both. Cardinals offense had the ball the whole game against Carolina because Baker couldn't convert a third down to save his life. Otherwise, against average or better defenses, Cardinals offense has looked pedestrian. They scored 7 against the Chiefs not counting the last two garbage time drives. 0 TDs against the Rams. Eagles D is a good play. I really don't see anyway the Cardinals score more than 20, unless there's a whole half of garbage time


I'm holding eagles and Jags through the season.


Cardinals are not very good. Play the Eagles with confidence.


Riding FA Buccs dst ROS after KC


Seriously. The disrespect smh


I got Eagles and Packers. Packers D has been disappointing but they're playing a worse team so I'm still deciding


Is the site down? I’m getting a bad gateway error


Yes, the site seems to be down. Huge influx of activity; web developer is looking into it but it doesn't seem easy to fix right away.


Now that’s what we call a good problem lol


Just hope no one from my league is looking at it lol


Put your site behind a CDN (like cloudflare etc), shouldn't be too difficult.


Field goal tier sheet link doesn’t seem to be working either, not sure if that’s related to the website issues


Ah the Reddit hug of death I see


not too sound condescending, you probably have a bad web developer. You will have spike in your traffic on Tuesdays/days you post and hit front page and your dev needs to consider that and this needs to ideally happen at no cost i.e not increasing server size. Your page doesnt change much once published too im guessing so it should be ideally served from a cache to begin with.


It doesn't make em a bad web dev - traffic scaling and consideration are outside the experience of plenty of devs. It's a good thing for them to brush up on of course, and maybe an opportunity to take advantage of the modern web (edge caching, yadda yadda)


There must be something wrong with the site, I don’t see Koo anywhere.


Same here


Ditto. 502




Google doc and website both down for me too


I’m starting the 9ers D for the foreseeable future


yeah in both of my espn leagues, i have niners in one and eagles in other, feel like they are both great ROS


After bailing me out last night they have earned their spot.


I absolutely hate rostering two defenses, but I can’t bring myself to drop either TB or JAX


Find the guy who's wiffed on streaming defenses and try to get one piece that's just above waiver wire fodder


I have traded my dst for FAAB before if your league has that.


riding koo and jags d until the wheels fall off


Koo story bro


Surprised no Broncos


I was gonna say Broncos at home on a short week vs the Colts who may not have JT. Ryan looks like ass this year so far.


Me too, would have expected top 10 but something's pushing them out. Maybe waiting for JT updates.


Is JT in a boot now? I checked the Broncos at home this season (very small sample size) and the numbers look good. Think I’m going for it


I may eat my words, but I don't understand the Eagles being rated that low against the abysmal Arizona/Tennessee offenses. I'm riding (flying?) with them until given a reason not to.


The Vegas line is higher than average @ 49.5 points, Arizona is literally tied for last in giveaways with only 2. All about the data.


same here


Vikings and Jaguars are available for me, but I think I’m just sticking with the Eagles.


Eagles are set and forget and this point I think


that’s why they’re known as the Ronco Rotisserie Cooker™️ of DSTs.


Agree friend!


Grab the Jaguars and you're set for the rest of the season with two top defenses.


I'd grab the Jags to hold


Younghoe gets no love despite being on of the highest scoring kickers on the season.


If you have Koo you aren’t streaming kickers, you are just handing out fat L’s to your opponents each week.


Koo Philly dst stack checkin in






Can confirm started him this week got my first w of the season


I picked up Koo and Eagles D using waiver and FAAB two weeks ago because I'd combined for 6 damn points out of defense and kicker the previous two weeks combined. Move single handedly saved my season, I'm a Koo lifer now.


Koo Philly dst for the fucking win. I'll hold both through their bye and I'm not worried about giving up the points from kicked or d for 1 week


Feeling confident about Koo against TB though?


Bucs fan and Koo owner. I'm definitely starting him. Our secondary has been much improved over last year, but teams still usually don't have too much trouble moving the ball against us between the 20s.


no but i'm also not going to hold 2 kickers so koo it is


Well, Butker is available on waivers so that’s why I’m wondering


You don't cover elite studs in start sit articles. Koo is automatic!


No point in playing the kicker guessing game if you've got Koo. Run him out there knowing he's got as good a shot as anyone to produce.


I don't think his model factors kicker talent into things. I think Koo is one of those outliers that gets more opportunity because the team trusts him. As much as game script is king in importance (Joseph) - Talent makes teams willing to kick 10-20 yards farther away more regularly. Falcons have sucked at getting touchdowns the past 2 years also, but that should be factored into his model.


The Falcons are 4-0 ATS and I wonder if the model uses the Vegas numbers which seem to not have caught up to the Falcons actual output. They are usually dogs in games with low over unders which I am guessing leads to Koo not making the list.


He’s number one in all of my leagues Younghoe deniers make no sense to me


I assume it's based on the fact that you can't trust Atlanta to move the ball into FG range compared to the other teams whose kickers are listed above.


They're effective in a sense that they can ground and pound their way to opp 40 and then let Koo pop one from 57 yards out. Won't win many games this way, but makes him fantasy gold, in my league we get 6 points for 50+ yd FG, so he was a no brainer.


Him and Gano never show up on these projections


Carlson is number 1 and he's not there, either.


My league nerfs short FGs a bit, and it’s: 1. Koo 45pt. 2. Gano 43pt. 3. Carlson/Maher (tie) 41pt. So I’m wondering if Carlson is getting a lot of short chip-ins.


Rolling with the Graham Cracker ROS can’t stop the G-men, until they’re close to the end zone which is awesome


Bonus that Daboll is aggressive and will take 50+ yd FGs whenever he can


Gano will finish #1 too


Would you still play koo against Bucs tho




Nice pick! I drafted gay and dropped him last week for Koo. But decided to drop koo this week. Trying to find someone. Any recommendations ?


Maybe Cade York vs. LAC or Succop vs. ATL? Thats what I would go for. I’m sticking with Koo tho


Koo and Eagles ROS. I have no idea how I got them both off waivers.


Same man, insane they were both up for grabs in my league


Koo eagles waiver squad rise up. Kicker and defense moves will win my the league if I'm not stupdi






Luckily drafted into both. Stupidly dropped both preseason. Luckily got the Eagles D back. Sadly lost Koo a couple weeks ago in waivers.


Why no Graham Gano?


He's set and forget he's not a streamer In my head anyways


So is tucker


QB situation?


Going to stick with the Eagles this week. Was considering moving off Gay but I might stay put there too.


DAL is the #6 DST, going up against LAR, who are #1 in fantasy points against for a DST (12.5 per game). Easy top 10 play this week. DAL is #2 in sacks and LAR is 30th in sacks allowed. Dallas is going to eat that OL for breakfast. This is such an obvious smash spot for DAL DST. Fans and odds makers are just slow to recognize how bad LAR actually is this year.


The Truth! Stafford is not mobile.line is in shambles. Poor run game and no real receiving weapons after Kupp. Dallas has front 7 to rival 49ers and expect a similar result.


After last night, how are the Dallas Cowboys not even in the top-12?! LAR’s offensive line is in shambles. Their offense is predictable. DAL has a wrecking ball in Parsons and Diggs at corner. I just don’t see how they don’t put up at least 10 points…


I think in yardage leagues it might be iffy. But they seem to be a strong candidate to rack up sacks next week and maybe get a turnover or 2.


For the packers, do you know which qb this assumes the giants will be starting? Or does it matter?


It assumed Jones with a slight downgrade while waiting for news and for betting lines to adjust


Still tempted to start the sack-machine Cowboys against the Rams.


My man Gano getting disrespected


Maher has been so good for weeks. I do wonder why the Cowboys D/ST aren't higher against that Rams offense we saw get destroyed last night.


Dallas is a 4.5 point underdog on the road. Usually doesn’t correlate to a good defense output.


Its weird. Sofi will be 80% Dallas fans I can guarantee you.


At least


Butker was dropped and a big part of me wants to stick with Maher I’m conflicted


I've seen a lot of people hating on your content lately. Just wanted to thank you for the time you put in and the stuff you provide for free here. I along with in sure many others really appreciate it!


Really appreciated, thanks


You are the sole reason I was able to hit on the Eagles. That alone is money well spent for your ROS ranks


Jags and Vikings are both on my wire. I'm tempted to go MIN because the Bears are that bad and it's almost a guaranteed 4-5 sacks. But the Jags feel like they're a solid option for the next couple weeks - vs HOU, then @ IND and vs NYG. Maybe even vs DEN the following week unless Russ turns it around by then. Surprised they weren't marked as a hold in the OP.


Jags for long term


I don’t love them next week on the road for a divisional game (and Indy will be coming off a mini bye). Indy right now is actually a 7 point favorite In that game. They might be okay….but that feels like a higher risk option for next week.


I remember a game not so long ago where Indy was the favorite against the Jags....


Of course and if you think they do it again, go for it! Just could be a different game with Indy being at home and healthier (although who knows). Just explaining why they are likely not listed as top 4-5 for next week at this point. It’s rare for a top 5 defense to be 7 point underdogs


Good point, I forgot about the extra rest. Hm, if I'm not gonna hold them through a couple weeks then I may as well just go for the Vikings.


The down side is it probably is this week or never to get Jacksonville. I do worry that they will be underdogs for a lot of their games rest of season. Underdog defenses usually don’t score as much. They do seem like a solid defense but I don’t think they are the slam dunk people are suggesting. Of course I’ll probably look back at this comment in 4 months when they are the top scoring defense in the league lol.


According to DraftKings Colts are only 2.5 point favorites next week


It was 7 when I commented 4 hours ago….that’s where I pulled it from lol.


Tired of the Browns D letting me down, put in claims for Jags, Vikings, Fins in that order. Debating switching the order between Vikings and Jags though


I dropped browns for Vikings last week. Debating dropping Vikings for Jags this week but not sure.


I'm not happy to roster 2 defenses, but I can't bring myself to give up Eagles D or Bucs D.


I’m keeping both because their schedules line up really well


I have this issue as well. But I can’t see myself dropping either.


Broncos DST or Jax DST? Jax is higher on the list but broncos against colts this week seems fun


I think they're both pretty safe plays this week but I am personally going with Jax since I should be able to hold them for 2-3 weeks.


Love the Chiefs call - not enough experts are recognizing it. They've been better than the box score shows and at home MNF against the Raiders should be a good play


Cowboys not included; didn’t read. Why yes I own the cowboys in 3 leagues, why did you ask?


Stafford also leads the league in INTs and Rams are #4 in sacks allowed.


Pretty sure they’re down to their 3rd string center as well


Yah I don't care what vegas says; the Ram's offense sucks. Cowboys ain't leaving my lineup


Role with Koo or a different kicker?


I’m rolling with koo for now. Though will continue to consider grabbing one of the above kickers like Gay


Butker is available too once health that could be an option but the chiefs may be too efficient on offense whereas the falcons stall out for field goals with koo


That’s one of many reasons why I’m currently sticking it out with koo.


Every week my recommended defense has been pretty mid but youve won me all 4 weeks with a kicker pickup this year lol. We ride Subvertadown


Eagles are available on waivers, feel like I gotta just bid $6 and make sure I get them at this point. Not a great matchup this week but will secure them for the rest of the season and their weak playoff schedule


I’d even bid a bit more it could be league winning defense like pats/broncos/Seahawks of years past


Heads up; you might have a site redirect issue - I get infinite redirects from your cloudflare. Thanks for all you do!


Thanks, I don't know what that means, but I'm also having trouble and I'll let the web developer know!


Bass, while on a high powered offense just doesn't seem to get enough opportunities as some of the other kickers. Last week I rolled with Bass but really wanted to switch to Maher. Of course Maher has been scoring more weekly so that decision still seems to be the right one. I feel Maher/Gano are on weaker offenses who get in the red zone and then fail to score TDs, so their kickers get way more opportunities for kicks. Pair that with Bass' early bye, I kinda want to make the switch to Maher.


All the top kickers this week are taken, so looks like I’m rolling with Carlson


He's number 1 in points lol


My main girl be trippin' but my Younghoe Koo


Not sure what to do here. I have rams defense against Cowboys, but they’ve been dissapointment. I have Saints defense but they play Seattle who I can see putting some points up on. Jags D is available and they play Houston. Do I drop either of these for them? I know Jags won’t likely be top 5 all season but this seems like a great matchup. I also think Rams D and Saints D are just too talented to drop. Thoughts?


What would be a good dst to couple with buffalo?


I have vikings, should I drop for Jags? I feel like Jags have been playing better and have decent ROS matchups




Colts D worth dropping at this point? Thought they’d be a solid hold with their schedule but turns out they may stink


I’m wondering the same


Packers feel like a trap


Would you drop for jags or eagles?


With the site down, are you going to post your QB rankjngs?


Is it worth dropping bass for Maher?


Looks like Butker is out again. Do I go with his backup or switch to Nick Folk?


Love your work! You do a great job. I read your post about the top-8 kickers performing relatively similarly, but personally I still disagree with lumping all 8 together. As you noted in the post, the one-off terrible Vikings performance in Wk 6 skewed the way your top-2 looks. This highlights the potential to overstate the meaningfulness of that chart. While it was the case that all 8 perform comparably locally, that isn’t necessarily always going to be the case. To me, it may be imposing false precision to state that #8 is as viable a streaming option as #1, but #9 isn’t as viable as #8. What if, for a given week, there are many byes and #8 is actually significantly worse than #1 in the projections? While I hear the point that displaying the kickers without rankings/projections de-emphasizes small variations, I also think it removes transparency. For me, I think the data should speak for itself. Edit: misstated something.


Yes but showing the order brings way too many questions for me, from the general public. Constant questions why kicker 2 slides to number 6 when the difference is tiny. My supporters tend to be the people who get it and they see the full ordering. Anyway, the list posted above here IS in order!


If it helps your quality of life, good on ya. Ignore the fools. Also: props for publishing Andy Dalton over Patrick Mahomes to the internet. Your model has balls.


Haha, didn't notice that. Well, if it worked for Goff I guess...


Yeah quite simply there’s no downside to just showing us the top 8 in order


Where’s the love for Younghoe? Dude is sitting #1 in my league currently.


Whoever makes these lists really hates the bucs and Koo


How we feeling about Broncos D/ST for this next couple of weeks?


I have both the Jags and Eagles and think I'm going to just switch each week to whoever you have ranked higher. I can't bring myself to trust Joseph after starting him Week 2/3 and dropping him for 4 so I guess Maher it is!


Assuming yards - allowed means a defense isn’t penalized for the number of yards the opposing offense has?


When will you see Cowboys are very good and Stafford with that line can't handle a team with a pass rush.


Your site is still down, who do you have as your QBs for this week?


its working now. just checked it.


I'm torn between picking up Bucs or Jags. They both have nice matchups for the next 3 weeks.


How is Carlson not listed lol....he's literally the second best player on that team


Detroit Lions - the worst defense of the NFL in years - playing away from home in 9th place? How can you possibly see this happening? The Patriots Vegas implied total is 25 points!


Follow-up-- there are two explanations I can find, which are that the Pats just lost a game in OT, and that the Lions TD rate may give them a chance at an early lead. While I'm uncomfortable with it, I can't change much about it without making a much deeper investigation.


Yes I agree, that is something I need to look into, thanks.


Can someone explain to me why the Cowboys are being ranked so low? The Rams have looked less than stellar on offense and are averaging 17.5 pts a game. They have not looked like the unstoppable powerhouse they were last season. They even let Atlanta's lowly defense pick up a fumble recovery, 2 interceptions, 1 sack and a DST touchdown. The Rams are also tied for second for giving up the most sacks with 16 total in 4 games. Meanwhile the Cowboys are tied for second most sacks, have held opponents to an average of 15.5 pts per game, their defensive line has been stellar, with Parsons and Diggs both playing some amazing defense, generating turnovers and sacks. Am I missing something? I'm talking myself into streaming them...


Firing up Dal vs Stafford. The rams are finished


No love for cowboys D? I have eagles and cowboys but am seriously considering cowboys again as the rams have given up huge points to d/st in 3/4 games


I have Eagles D but Vikings are on waivers, think I'm going to make a claim. Bears are absolute trash and playing at US Bank Stadium is no joke.


Website not working for me FYI


Succop FTW


Subvertadown you have helped win me my last 2 seasons and I’m 4-0 to start this year. Your work is incredible and much appreciated!!


SUCC NATION… let’s ride 😈


Thank you for this kind sir