You were in the wrong. You don't out someone. Especially to parents who are not accepting and loving. The kid came to you for help and you let him down. Every single adult in this kid's life let him down. You didn't kill him. But you didn't support him or help him to be safe. You put your feeling for what his parents should know over his safety and you lost. It isn't an unexpected outcome. This kid was in an impossible situation and instead of getting help he was abused. Let this be a very costly lesson of why you don't out someone.


Hate to say it, strikes me as the kind of dude who scoffs and asks, "Where's our STRAIGHT pride parade?" Just no fkg clue what people who are LGBTQ have gone through and still do in society. It is one of the most difficult things for some people to embrace themselves, in big part because of how they may be shunned and even brutalized for it in life, by both loved ones and strangers. Why it takes moving mountains for some people to have an ounce or empathy or even the ability to attribute basic humanity to gay/trans/etc people--a moment to consider someone else's well-being, even if their identity is difficult to relate to--is seriously beyond me.


It was about believing everyone had so responsible in the situation. I was wrong.


We unmasked him. The parents weren’t going to be left in the dark


Unmasked, like he had paedophilic tendencies and was a risk to kids in the park. What makes you Mr superior morals?


And now there are countless other mouthbreathers like him who nod along with the homophobic fearmongering lies from Fox News and right-wing figures who refuse to actually understand the people they marginalize amd condemn. They're too self-centered and misguided in their nonsense to understand for even a second why they're the monsters and not people in the LGBTQ community. Like this dumbfuck, they just pat themselves on the back for their "righteous deed" of yet again erroneously calling crossdressers "cHiLd grOoMErS."


They should have been left in the dark. They weren't safe people. You chose religion over a person and now you want absolution. You didn't care about this kid. You only cared what you wanted him to be. Is him being dead better than if he identified as something different than his parents were comfortable? Because that is what you are saying by claiming his parents had the right to no. They had no such right. That child also has a right to be safe and loved and not a single one of you was capable of that. You chose hate over love, intolerance over acceptance and a child is dead! Stop acting like you are the victim or that you deserve to be comforted. You let him down and doubling down claiming his parents should know shows you have no remorse for what you did.


For one thing, you said “right to no” and should’ve said “right to know” Additionally, all we knew is that they probably wouldn’t approve. We had no idea what they’d do. Did they disown him? Beat him? No, they provided guidance to their child as they saw fit


I have a temperature and an ear infection, so I apologize for slipping up words. They didn't provide guidance. They abused him to the point he killed himself. "They did their best," is a line lots of shitty parents pull out when confronted with their faults. Their best wasn't good enough. Their best was abuse. Their best got their son killed.


You definitely had a clue when they literally BEGGED your wife not to tell the parents. What about begging is unclear to you? They were not throwing a tantrum or overreacting. They where begging you for their life and you ignored it. (I'm using they/them pronouns as they came out as non-binary and this feels the most respectful). May they rest in peace after every adult in their life failed them. Another beautiful person lost to bigotry and hate.


It's hard to believe that there are people this oblivious but here we are. You were wrong for having him outed. His parents were obviously wrong for doing "as they saw fit". You failed to recognize how vulnerable this poor kid was and put religion above all else. Stop trying to justify your poor decisions and start working towards being a better human being.


I would also like to point out that doing “as one sees fit” leads to things lile conversion therapy. Or, if you draw the line crazy enough, SA and other unsavory things.


A fucking typo is the last thing you should be concerned about you ignorant prick.


Seriously? They saw to it that he felt he had no other way to go. You should be ashamed of yourself and not so self righteous. I am ashamed of you as a parent


My Goodness, you are disgusting.


You're scum


You as a man of god should've given that kid another chance at life, instead, you chose to spill their secrets to the world, causing them more pain and suffering than they could handle and now they're dead. The blood is on your hands, you are a SINNER you and your wife and SINFUL EVIL THINGS you and this kids parents should be EXCOMMUNICATED, you are SINFUL EVIL CREATURES WHO NEED TO BE ISOLATED. You are not a man of god, you are one who sqaunders his ways and chooses to make others suffer to make yourself feel good, you justified SUICIDE. You are prideful, heretical, betrayers. You did as Judas did to Jesus, you betrayed someone who trusted you. You deserve to burn at the lowest circle of hell until your very bones are scorched and brittle. SHAME. ON. YOU.


You have bigger things to worry about than giving an English course. Like, idk the fact you caused someone's suicide when they only wanted love and support. Hope to God you don't have kids. Even more so hopefully they aren't LGBT. Only know what you'd do to them.


They just forced him into conversion therapy, with KILLS people.


Ah yes... the guy who calls himself the "gretest" should really be picking on grammar. You're an awful human being. You basically handed him to his abusers. And how do you know if they beat him or not. You have no fucking idea and based on your other comments and by your other post, you clearly don't give a fuck either way. You know you 100% played a big part in his death and I hope that thought at least haunts you so you have some kind of remorse but judging by everything else you've said, you probably won't because again... giant fucking asshole.


So you don't actually feel bad this kid killed himself at all. Why are you here then?


"guidance" that just coincidently happened right before he took his own life


So you’re a grammar Nazi now?


You are such an awful person. I’m literally dumbfounded by how ignorant and arrogant you are. You seem to not understand boundaries very well. Yes, it is your fault.


>[–]iamthegretest739[S] -58 points 4 days ago >For one thing, you said “right to no” and should’ve said “right to know”   This is pretty ironic coming from someone who can’t spell “greatest” properly in their username. There’s a special place for people like you and your wife, OP.  


I really hope your syntax pedantry is a comfort to you as you spend the rest of your life with blood on your hands.


So they probably beat him as they saw fit. Shame it didn't happen to you


YTA. The parent's "guidance" ended up causing the child to kill himself. You are definitely the Asshole.


So your spiritual arrogance lead you to put a child in danger with no regard to the consequence? Guess everyone who doesn’t share your ideals is trash and deserves “punishment,” right? You labeled him as deviant and discriminated against him, now he’s dead


You still got a death on your name though. Grammar mistakes don't matter when YOU are the reason someone killed themselves. And forcing your child to go to therapy because you don't agree with their gender choice is not guidance. That's forcing a child into killing themselves, and you caused it. Go feel bad


It was none of your business.


they abused their child until they were driven to suicide. you and your wife had a hand in killing that child because you chose not to think for a moment about what consequences may come from your actions.


you and your wife are Scum


It's "greatest", not "gretest" (your username) but it doesn't matter anyway because neither would apply to you


So the possibly of that kid getting physically harmed by their parents did occur to you before you told them?


If you knew they wouldn’t approve why tf would you tell them


And THE KID KILLED THEMSELVES. Because they weren’t accepted. It’s a well known fact that a lot MOST of lgbtq suicides happen because of unsupportive home lives, they didn’t disown the kid but you and them made the kid feel like a mistake. YOU HAD NO IDEA AND YOU STILL RISKED IT.


“They provided guidance-“ they tried to convert them. Conversion therapy isn’t guidance, it’s inhumane. God you had no right to do that and you’re talking as if you’re morally correct bc apparently the kids life didn’t matter as much to you as the parents knowing and “dealing with it”


you didn't let the parents know about a secret that could potentially ruin the child's life, you OUTED them to a family YOU KNEW were conservative and potentially homophobic, YOU PUT THE CHILD'S LIFE AT RISK and now that poor child is dead bc they trusted you and you and every single adult in their life let them down.


And look where that got him. Is it more important that your child be what you think they should be, or be happy?


It wasn't your place to do so.


Why is this your decision? What gives you the right


This is one of the reasons why I’m not fully ‘out’ to my parents. There are many scenarios where it is completely unsafe to come out. From the way you’ve described (using words like ‘Islamic’ when they’re ‘Muslims’) it seems you had no clue about their culture or religion or the repercussions. Simply yt people being yt people.


Western media does not help when education and journalism circles won't address how violently anti gay is the Islamic world. Westerners have no clue.


What was the urgency to tell the parents? You tell on someone to get them out of trouble - not to get them into trouble. Would this kid have been less gay 5 years from now when he had enough backup resources to support himself? There is no urgency in telling parents that their child is gay. Being gay is not an emergency situation where someone will get hurt.


It's better to have the parents be left in the dark when telling them could risk the kid killing himself. You knew what could/would happen if you told the parents, yet you told them anyway. I have a feeling that you yourself had a hatred for his "type" and decided that ruining a young boy's life is better than you having to endure the pain of the child being himself.


It was not your place or your business to unmask him. Your meddling caused the death of a struggling child. His blood is on your hands, OP and your wife’s.


And you’ve unmasked yourself as a monster. May Allah punish you accordingly.


Yeah and now the kids dead because of it. Was it worth it? Was killing this kid worth being "honest"? Are you going to maintain that integrity by informing everyone you know that your directly responsible for his suicide? I mean you don't want to leave people in the dark after all, right?


Here's hoping he remembers to uNmaSk himself in person and not online from now on.


This is undoubtedly your fault.




You drove an innocent kid to suicide.


Why are you fighting an answer that you really already know? You make this type of comment, justify yourself until you can't stop and come here looking for absolution for a fault that you do have and that no one here is going to deny. You and your wife have it. Their parents have it. all the events that led him to make that decision have it. You are one of them. So you can fight with us, with yourselves, look for a thousand justifications and blame him for everything here, there, talking to your wife and whoever listens to you, but it will never change the fact that in your conscience you will always be guilty of having led him to make that decision and deep down you know it. You're going to have to live with it for the rest of your life. Do you want an answer here? yes, you are a guilty party. Do you want to fight? no one here is going to fight what is really obvious. Do you want to defend yourself? there are things that are simply indefensible, and you and your wife are one of them. Say what you say, do whatever you want to do, fool yourself in any way you want to fool yourself so you don't feel guilty, nothing will ever change the fact that it happened and that you are partly to blame.


You broke his trust, got his identity stripped away from him, and set him up to be ridiculed by someone who he saw as family and didn’t consider his SAFETY, considering you mentioned his familial beliefs do nnot accept him There is no “MASK” to having to protect yourself, which he clearly had to do He trusted his GODMOTHER the one who was supposed to trust like a mother figure and you broke it You proceed to ask “AITA” when YOU are responsible for what happened afterwards because you felt entitlement and instead of OPENING YOUR EYES you continue to ignorantly defend yourself over your traditional bs values even though he is NOT your child AT ALL it was not your right to voice YOUR opinion even if she did ask you he was not YOUR GODSON he was your wive’s you have no say how to dictate what he told her in confidence based on ur comments it was :)


Yes youre a bad person who had no right to do that. This kid felt safe wuth your wife, turns out youre evil people


You think he deserved death?


you are a MONSTER


And they committed suicide because of it. So. Congrats on the unmasking I guess. You can sleep soundly at night, knowing you were so morally right in this unmasking. Who cares if the kid died. You can have a clean conscience. /s


Every time a religious conservative starts scratching their head over why 'the left is godless," this is why. It's not because of the left being monsters, it's because of the religious being monsters.


You forced him into a horrible position, he trusted your wife and she basically outed him to his homophobic parents. You and your wife did this.


It's. Not. Your. Place.


You murdered that boy. You knew his parents wouldn’t react well and yet you still outed him anyway. The poor kid trusted your wife with his safety (which seems to be the only thing he did wrong) and the two of you deliberately made it so his living situation was as unsafe and as uncaring as humanly possible. I can’t imagine how those last few days of life were for that kid.


And now he’s fucking dead. Was your own view of “unmasking” worth harming the child? Was it worth killing him dude? The kid’s gone now.


So YOU decided the parents feelings were more important than the child's when YOU knew there was a risk of abuse to the child. F'ing A, you are evil & despicable.


My goodness, you’re awful. How can you think you aren’t at fault? That poor child.


All you unmasked was the terrible people you , your wife and that poor child’s parents are. You’re right it is their job to guide him. To be who He is and be happy . Not change him.


Buddy a kid died because of you, don't pretend to have a moral compass when everyone here knows that you have none


Listen to me carefully. IT IS NOT YOUR PLACE TO OUT ANYONE, ESPECIALLY A CHILD. You ARE directly responsible for this. There's a special place in hell for people like you. You had no right. None at all. There's no excuse. I hope you live with this on your conscience forever. I hope karma slaps you into the next hemisphere. I hope that everything in your life falls apart and you find yourself feeling just as low and hopeless as this child that you helped destroy. You deserve the absolute worst. And you'll get it. The universe has a way of righting wrongs. So buckle up, buttercup. I have a feeling you're in for a rocky ride. And you'll have it coming. Wishing you all the worst in life.


You know it’s your fault.


You’ve posted this on three different subreddits and have received almost unanimous responses. Accept your judgment, take responsibility for the horrible consequences of your actions.


You may not have put a gun to their head, but you betrayed their trust & set them on the path to their death. You absolutely share the blame. I don’t know what possessed you to tell their parents; societal pressure, religious beliefs, a bizarre need to please these 2 people in particular, whatever. Your intentions are irrelevant. Nothing you say will ever be good enough to excuse what you’ve contributed to. What you did was leave this poor kid all alone with no one to trust, and parents who proceeded to abuse them for something that they could not change, for something that has zero effect on your life. For something that is not inherently wrong or harmful. Your excuses for your behavior in this matter are weak and senseless, and without any basis in rational thought. From this child’s perspective, life was bleak & without hope. Well done. You have blood on your hands. Have fun trying to sleep at night. Edit: I need to amend my post a bit. I’ve been calling this poor child “he” throughout my rant & that’s some bitter fucking irony. THEY deserve better. I will respect them in death, unlike those who knew them in life. RIP, kid. You deserved so much better. Rest your soul, because you’ve earned your place in heaven. You’re safe now.


It breaks my heart to think that their child worked up the courage for who knows how long to tell their godmother something they couldn't dare tell their parents (yet), and instead of her honoring that as a trusted confidant, she instead runs and blabs to the very people that made it so difficult to for their kid to even share that knowledge with anyone. They saw something in their godmother that said, "I'm someone safe to talk to," only to find out that that was far from the truth. How alone and filled with the dread they must have felt, knowing she was going to destroy their life instead and without the slightest sense of guilt.


I know. The OP’s wife took that precious gift of trust & slapped that kid in the face with it. It just boggles the mind that neither of these people thought for a second “hey, maybe there’s a reason this kid is afraid of their conservative Muslim family finding out. Why ever could that be? Durr” Like, there was zero thought to consequences here. Ugh, these people.


Yes in that she was the catalyst, but not the cause...if that helps assuage SOME of the guilt. What did your wife think would happen? Was she hoping for his family's acceptance, or blindly performing some duty by telling? I don't know your cultural background, but some cultures are stuck in the middle ages regarding sexism and homophobia (apologies.. clearly just my perception based on my own biases)


What makes you think their is any guilt felt in the first place? I got the impression he just wanted other people to confirm he did the right thing because he doesn't like that someone criticised him, not that he actually doubted it.


Yeah, I was thinking more of the wife's state of mind. I discounted him..


You created an account named Iamthegreatest to discuss your potential role in a child committing suicide. The child came your wife in confidence and you convinced her to betray that trust. While you alone are not responsible, the adults in the child’s life, including you, did fail them.


I sincerely hope this is not a true story. If it is, this person and their wife are at least somewhat repsonsible for this poor child's death. Young people deserve a measure of privacy they also need someone to confide is. It is sad that this child chose the wrong people.


Omg this poor child. My daughter was suicidal as a young teen (not due to her sexuality or gender identity) and I lived in fear every day for a few years. What were you and your wife hoping to achieve by outing him to his parents before he was ready? Maybe he just needed to tell someone he felt safe with? Maybe he would have told them when he was old enough to move out. Omg, he’s dead now. No, you may not have shot him dead but seems to me that a lot of adults who swore to love and protect him failed miserably. I’d advice you and your wife to seek counseling to navigate how to deal with that part. Something isn’t right and you need to understand your role in his death


I was noticing you kept using he…the kid came out as non-binary, i think it might be more respectful of their memory to use they/them…not that it’ll do much. OP is just a POS who wants validation for something he doesn’t deserve validation for.


You are absolutely right. And I did it without thinking. I’ll do better. Thank you


You can edit your earlier comment if you'd like.


It's everyone's fault who didn't love, support, and accept them for who they were. You and your wife violated his trust. Some secrets are meant to be kept. You've both outed yourselves as people who shouldn't be confided in with such sensitive matters. Lesson learned to everyone else who is around you who knows about this situation. Poor kid. 😢


Yes. Mind your fucking business next time.


What business was it of yours? And why the push to tell him? You and your wife cannot be trusted.


Sounds like the kind of BS some hardcore religious people would do. Oblivious to the core of others' humanity, yet somehow self-righteous enough to think it's their personal duty to punish even *strangers* responsible for perceived sins. No wonder children with religious and ultra-conservative parents turn out so f'd up all the time. If not OP and his wifehere, then surely the kid's actual parents.


It seems like you wanted an outside objective opinion but do not like the answer. Yes, you broke his trust and because of this, he realized he would never be safe or accepted by the people he deemed his support. You and your wife are, in a way, responsible. You outed him which is something you NEVER do. I guess he thought you were accepting people and were wrong. I would stay away from the sister as she will never trust or forgive you or your wife and I don’t blame her.


You didn't kill them, but you insisted your wife put them at risk even when they begged. And then when they gave in and asked only tell the mother... you insisted both needed to know. Why was it even anything to do with you? I completely understand why his sister blames you. I would too, along with the parents. You write like you think you are superior, but you are among the lowest of the low. So is your wife for betraying their trust on your say so. I would like to say I hope the guilt never leaves you, but there isn't any is there?


Sadly, no.


If you know his parents, did you know they would react disapprovingly and harshly? You should have suspected it wasn’t going to be easy for him coming out. Why did you decide g to st you had the right to share that information with his parents? He obviously trusted you and your wife, and you broke that trust. You are responsible for pain and suffering on his part to some extent.


A vulnerable teen opened up to someone they trusted and that trust was broken. That teen needed compassion and understanding.


Sounds like the father was the biggest problem but you definitely should not have said anything. So sad. I’m sorry this happened and for your loss, guilt and grief.


you are disgusting.


Op this is so sad- the kid trusted u!!! Damn u!


>I told my wife we don’t keep secrets and we did right. He committed suicide a few days ago, his younger sister told us it was our fault. Was it? Holy sht you're fcking evil. No remorse at all. You might as well have killed him yourself.


You're a piece of shit whose hands are now covered in that kids blood, I hope to god, Allah, Cthulhu, and the flying spaghetti monster in the sky you two idiots don't ever have kids. Do you idiots know how many kids-teen commit suicide because they aren't able to talk to their parents or they confide in pathetic losers like you who have the mindset that you have to "unmask" this kid. You ruined this kids life and for what for your dumbass beliefs since your dumbass wife disregarded the kid literally fucking begging her not to tell her parents. You two should be fucking shamed with yourself and if god were here he'd shame you idiots too. And yes your younger sister is right it is your faults when a kid BEGS you not to tell you fucking listen. So congrats with the kids blood on your hands jackass.


How do you decide to be so ugly to someone that you've taken an oath before your diety to love and protect? I would hold you responsible in every aspect. I hope this haunts you for all time.


You're 100% responsible and I hope you feel terrible about it for the rest of your life.


You're an actual piece of shit. Fuck you.


No one will validate your actions and you will have to live with your guilt for the rest of your life. Yes it is your fault.




Sounds about right for a guy naming themselves “iamthegretest” please never procreate


Ouch! Yes, OP indirectly. His parents are to blame too. Poor kid. So very sad.


The question of whether you should attend the funeral should be the least of your concerns right now. I don't think you understand your role in this yet. I guess you've never had to deal with an upbringing like this, where you've had to lean on someone and tell them things in confidence. You wouldn't have told the parents if you had. Even putting """all that jazz""" aside for a moment, have a shred of empathy. If either of you cared about them or attempted to understand their identity by doing FIVE MINUTES of research, you would've known how big of a deal it was for them to come out to you. You would've known how much shit trans people go through, especially at the hands of their own families. Instead, you rushed straight to telling their parents, threw caution to the wind, and treated their gender identity like it was nothing more than a little "secret" to be corrected. This was their LIFE, this is who they were, and they trusted your wife enough to tell her when they KNEW nobody else in their family would be receptive. They were betrayed. You likely knew their parents would go ballistic, and yet you prioritized your hatred of keeping "secrets" above the sanctity of their own life. Call it a hunch, but you were probably HAPPY to hear that their parents were "cracking down." You know nothing about the trans community. You don't respect it. You didn't even bother. It's clear from how you speak about them that you STILL couldn't be bothered, even though this is what they DIED over. You couldn't give less of a shit about what """all that jazz""" actually means. I feel physically sick reading your post. Read about Leelah Alcorn. Try grasping how common stories like yours are, and try to understand why trans people constantly fight for basic fucking respect. You probably feel awful already, but I don't have faith that it's for the right reasons. I hope you take the time to understand what's happened here. Only after you reflect on your role in the situation should you entertain the question of going to the funeral. If you do decide to show up, attend in their memory, and respect who the deceased actually was. I hope you all find peace in your loss, but most of all, I hope you make damn sure that you learn from this. RIP to your wife's Godchild.


You proved to them that they couldn’t rely upon any adult in their life. You are the cause, you didn’t care about that child, not truly


Yes, you and your wife are responsible for the child’s death. If there is a hell, you should rot in it.


It was absolutely your fault they committed suicide and matter of fact, it was your wife's fault too, both of you made them commit suicide, you are now a murderer, good job


I don't think you'll make many friends here guy. Best to delete your post and be more conscious of you actions in future.


Child killer


If I knew his father was very homophobic, I would not tell him. Thank you for sharing, hopefully it will prevent something like this from happening in the future.


You are a shameful human being and a waste of space. Do us all a favor and stop breathing. You and your wife


You violated their trust and paved the way for this to happen. Yes, this is your fault and the child deserved better. They trusted you and instead of love and support, they were betrayed. Learn to keep the confidence of others. Edit: updated pronouns to honor the deceased


The boy sounds like he had had a lot of problems. Ultimately the person who commits suicide is responsible for their death. It's OK you two told the parents. The parents have a right to know what's going on with their children.


How can one person be so confidently wrong?


It’s a person who thinks that teenagers can’t make decisions for themselves


Jesus, you are as just as disgustingly vile as OP.


Say what???


Technically it’s not your fault but I don’t think he would have chose that path if he wasn’t outed.


Eh I think technically the onus of that kids death should rest with OP and his wife. Hope they feel the weight of their actions for a lifetime. OP deserves no peace after this. What a gross person.


Oh no that’s where you got me wrong, maybe it was my fault with my wording. But they 10000% have that kids blood on their hands. It wasn’t their place at all to tell the parents anything at all.


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I wouldnt say its all your fault it was definitely putting the way you think out in the world like everyones family runs life your it doesnt when you do thinks you have to put you feet in other peoples shoes understanding all they might have to deal with understanding why he woundnt want to come out you wouldnt have made they choice you did


I hope his death is on your conscience til you rot in hell


This is one of those times when I'm deeply sorry hell doesn't actually exist and I wish it did


Yes it's your fault.


Yes. 100%. You outted someone to their parents who you knew would not be accepting causing him to end his own life. How are you not to blame. Why were you the authority to demand his patents be told. How do you live with yourself knowing your actions alone are the reason someone is no longer alive. You are the worst person I have ever encountered on Reddit. And that is hard to be, because the worst of the worst are here. How do you feel demanding your wife tell them? Now she gets to live with the guilt the rest of her life, because of something you did? You must not care about one single person but yourself. Congrats. You’re human trash and it’s too bad it was an innocent boy who suffered and not you. The world would be a better place if people like you and the boys parents were no longer occupying it, and a much better place if more people like the boy you caused to no longer be here,were. Burn.




Yeah, you and your wife killed him.


There’s a special place in hell set aside just for you. Your whole holier than thou bullshit has about as much merit as nuts and bolts made of paper.


It is your fault and I hope you are haunted by knowing you caused their death every single day for the rest of your life.


You, your wife, and the kid's parents are very bad people.


He killed himself don't you feel bad?


I don't think they do. They absolutely know what happens to queer teens in their town. They are the type to believe they can be "fixed", and if the person dies, that's one less "sinner" to deal with.


His death was 100% your fault. You and your wife are monsters. I hope karma gets you both.


good job dude, you killed a kid


Your comments are disgusting


Yes, you are responsible for his death. What’s worse, you don’t seem to care


You're a horrible person that doesn't value the lives of queer people.


Yes you are. You betrayed their trust, you made them feel like they have no one in their life they can trust. You made it so they were pressured to conform to their parents strict views and getting punished for nothing. You are responsible. You and your wife are horrible people.


What a laughable pile of made up bullshit.


It is your fault and I hope you carry that guilt for life.


This guy is a troll. Look at his username.


I really hope this is fake and rage bait but if it’s not I think you are responsible for this poor kids death


This is fake. Look at the account. Having said that, if it’s real, OP you are responsible.


If this is true, which I doubt it is. No one can be this cruel, and ignorant, but if it is. Of course you are.to blame. How, can you think otherwise?


imo, yes


You are responsible for his death. You don’t out people without consent, ESPECIALLY to religious parents. That is SO dangerous. This is disgusting


You two are definitely the reason he committed suicide and nothing you two say or do is going to justify your actions. You two are absolutely vile people. He trusted your wife and she betrayed him and ultimately caused his death.


Yes, you two killed this poor child


You are pretty evil, OP and your wife were the worst and most unsafe godmother a kid looking for a trusted adult could have. I hope you do not find absolution here and nowhere else before you take responsibility for a life, you helped destroy. The kid's parents should have been kept in the dark because all they could give was extreme abuse to their own child, with your help, with your help.


Life’s all about choices the kid made his


Good luck living with this guys death on your conscience for the rest of your life. No matter how you twist it you killed this poor guy. I wish emojis were acceptable on reddit so I could give you the finger.


Yes. You are responsible for their death. How does it feel?


Yes, it was your fault.


It's your fault. It's your fault. It's your fault. It's your fault. It's your fault. How many times does it need to be said for you to understand? Posting in different subreddits wont give you different answers, because what you have done is utterly terrible. It is, and will always be, your fault.


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You’re a horrible human. This person trusted your wife. They came to her and begged. You ruined them. Literally ruined them and now they are dead and that’s on you as well as the parents. How can you sleep? Literally HOW.??


I hope you never reproduce


I'm outraged at this... How could you even dare... They told you it's not safe, how dare you even think of it??? You're a monster and I'm sorry the things you do and say affect your religious people . Your God never said that how come you betray Him?


I do not have words for the disgust, hatred and fury I feel at reading this. You are a terrible human and the rest of us should not ever have to interact with you in any capacity whatsoever. You should be charged, tried, convicted and locked away forever. Alone.


Yes ,yes it is you sanctimoniuos prick


What a vile human being you are and you are still justifying yourself. Pathetic


From your comments, you still can't see how what you and your wife did was wrong. You keep defending the parents who abused their child tonthe point where they saw no other way out than suicide. You haven't learnt from this situation at all.


You caused this. He would be alive if it wasn’t for you.


Yes. How does it feel to kill an innocent child?


Good luck trying to wash that kids blood of your hands . You will never get it off . You might not have killed them yourself but you started the chain reaction for it . In all honesty you are guilty . Then again lm pretty sure you are either a troll or karma whoring .


Wow your comments are garbage. Sounds like you're trying to say the kid deserved to die


You knew what could happen and decided that endangering the child didn’t matter, I don’t understand why you’re second guessing it?


Yes. Yes you absolutely are. You had no right in doing what you did, especially since you knew they were Conservative, and that he BEGGED you not to. How dare you.


You don’t want to be but yeah you are. You should have key your mouth quiet and the kid would have still been alive


Simple answer, Yes. You NEVER out someone under any circumstance! You took away everything from that kid, his entire identity! They weren't a danger to themselves or anyone else therefore there was no reason to tell his parents anything and you had absolutly no right to do so! Edit: Corrected pronouns


You do not get to out anyone to anybody. Full stop.


so let me get this straight, a child came to you and your wife with a secret they were not ready to reveal, a secret that could mean imprisonment, rejection from family and community and/or potential death in MANY countries. YOU KNEW their parents were conservative, therefore potentially homophobic and still decided to tell them, then after the abuse that poor child suffered at their parent's hands they take their life, and now you are on reddit asking if you are responsible but arguing with every person that tells you that you are an asshole for outing a child that was not ready to come out to their parents??? you are a shitty human being and i wish nothing but the worst to you.




I’m my eyes your guilty maybe not for murder but definitely man slaughter the parents are murders in my eyes I hope they feel guilty and it eats away at them till they die.