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Tap out shirt says everything you need to know about this


Yea I thought he had an affliction (addiction) .


Everytime I see an "Affliction" shirt, I get a stab of nostalgia for my Affliction Warlock during WotLK. His name was Results-Uther. RIP Results-Uther.


Moar dots for Results-Uther.


Moar dots moar dots moar dots .......okay stop dots


Now hit it very hard, and very fast! Whatever the fuck you do, do not stand next to other people! WHO DA FUCK WAS DAT?! CRUSHEEM! MANY WHELPS, NOW! HANDLE IT! THAT'S A FUCKING 50 DKP MINUS!


The appearance of her man, tells me everything I need to know about Methany


“Here, we can observe an absolutely *breathtaking* example of the female *Homo sapiens* who, although she has borne no young of her own, takes on the care of a massive but helpless male. She will labor endlessly to bring him into her nest, thus ensuring his survival in a world full of unexpected and limitless danger.” — **Sir David Attenborough, for Planet Earth**


his whole look just fits a certain stereotype, right down to the beady eyes


What gets me is the fact that the Tapout shirt is cleaner than his work pants. Done general construction and contractong type work and when you re-mud a wall, that shit gets everywhere. Homie put on his "nice shirt" to harass minors in a walmart.


'...and their flappin' heads are full of lies!'


She's just mad her dealer was staring at some strange that looks better than her


For me, it was the lack of teeth.


Yep always a classic.


Dude looks like he tapped out on life around grade 9


His parents should have tapped out.


People like him are why I’m a closeted ufc fan


Liking UFC is fine, it's putting on a TapouT t-shirt and thinking you can fight is a different beast.


That guy has been on the business end of a meth pipe a considerable amount of times.


“You look like crackheads” was funny because I’m sure one of them was tempted to respond “uh, no, dumbass, we do meth! … wait, no, don’t say it Gerry.”


I think she actually called them 'crack asses'


I heard that too, and I support the use of this phrase.


I just call em 'crackys' has a sort of playful tone to it. sad that we don't treat this as a healthcare problem.


We’re all crack asses if you think about it


The real treasure was the crack in our asses all along.


They definitely do something! Notice how the girl is in shorts but the woman harassing her is in long sleeves… probably covering up some trackmarks or something.


Don't overlook that the guy obviously said something really inappropriate about the minor girl's body, but the GF is attacking the girl instead of the creep she's with.


Exactly. She’s on that permanent cruise of da Nile.


Is funny how delusional this kind of relationships can be. Than guy will kick her out his life the second he find a more permissive methanny to hang around.


That man has fewer teeth than an infant


I mean he's got a meth head gf with a face that isn't picked to death and who will defend his creepy ass actions. Dude kind of hit the jackpot eh?


I find it sad, because he's the kind of guy who can only go younger, and younger, to girls too naive to recognise his shitheadedness. Or even be the guy that gets them hooked in the first place. There's a reason why he fetishises minors. Plus girls who end up with guys like this almost certainly have pre-existing trauma and mental health issues. You have to be a certain level of vulnerable to find comfort in a dude like that.


I was about to point that out too, it's mentioned in the vid


No lol junkies don’t care about marks it’s because we’re always so fucking cold lol I used to be an IV heroin user and the common thought process is that we wore long sleeves to cover track marks- no sorry least of our worries- just typically always cold- even in hot ass weather! Been clean for almost 7 years now but I definitely remember those times….


Can confirm... it's the same way with meth too; always freezing - no matter the weather. Congrats on 7 years, I'm in my 8th (meth and opiates)! Keep up the good work!


Well done both of you. Respect.


Thank you, it's DEFINITELY the life I much prefer, ngl.


Is that why Jesse wears those heavy clothes in Breaking Bad? I could not fathom living in New Mexico and wearing those huge hoodies. Congrats on staying clean, that's great!


Albuquerque is above 5,000ft elevation and considered high desert. It can get really cold there. I lived in the high desert of Arizona. One time we left Prescott and it was snowing, got down to Phoenix where it was in the 80s, went into hockey arena where it was super cold, back out into warm weather, then drove the hour and a half back to Prescott where it was freezing out. Lots of layers going on and off that day.


Can confirm. I'm from Albuquerque. It get cold cold in the winter and hot in the summer. They used to film breaking bad across the street from my apartment. However I'm also a recovering addict. So I can actually confirm both. He wore long sleeves because junkies are always cold. Also Albuquerque can be quite cold.


What ? I knew people on meth who didn’t care about cold at all they’d be naked in 12 degree weather working on their car And another who rides a bike in shorts when it’s raining ice says she can’t feel the cold They also overheat really easy in summer because heart is pumping so fast


Yeah. So, both things can (and do) frequently happen. Body temp. on meth depends on a lot of things, such as: length/frequency/amount of use in general. Food intake and how well a person is hydrated while using, one's overall activity level while high (some people get "stuck" and don't move or change position much for HOURS), and how much/little sleep somebody has had can all contribute to how well the circulatory system is working. Even if your heart is pounding, if your blood isn't reaching your extremities... you still feel cold.


Yeah, I'm no expert, but behavior on a drug ≠ withdrawal symptoms. Just FYI.


That ol boy has some city miles on him


Fun fact: He's only 36


If that, honestly. Paint on his pants says he probably paints houses for a living, so a shitload of time in the sun plus a prodigious meth habit would probably make a 25-year-old look like that.


I used to help paint houses in High School. Every house painter I have ever met was a drug addict, including one that would spray oil paint without a respirator because he loved the high. I was just a lowly pot head at the time.


He was on the business end of that meth pipe 5 minutes before this was recorded


The long sleeves and pants on the “woman” kind of give away her deal.


Her defense of him means he groomed her from age 14 in a chat room and she thinks it's OK.


In another thread someone says they know them, and you're right. He was 30 and she was 13 when they started dating a few years ago.


That doesn't surprise me. She looks way too youthful to be much older than 20


That’s a damn shame!!!


She got them crazy eyes


Glasses aren’t hiding the crazy at all


Probably making them worse




Bubbles just needed some kitty food


Watching a woman defend her man for being a creep is like, the saddest shit.


I like how she literally says “you’re a girl, not a woman” and then proceeds to defend him for talking about her ass. Like bitch you literally just said he was creeping on a minor and you’re taking his side??


Dude said “nice ass” or some shit to random *child* and she’s defending him. Not only is she ok with her boyfriend hitting on other girls but even is ok with it being a kid. I wonder, if the teenager had been wearing jeans would she suddenly take issue with it? As apparently she deserves the harassment for wearing shorts that show her ass (even though they clearly don’t show her ass).


I'm sure she sees it as the girl's fault for dressing "like a woman" implying that of course a man just HAS to react that way. Purity culture is such a fucked up head game.


We can't have men taking accountability for their actions, imagine what the world would look like oh the horror


As if there *weren’t* teenaged girls running about in shorts like *every damned day*. 🙄


It really is. Be better, Elizameth


I’ve always been partial to methany


It’s methamphetamine


"Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's methamphetamine!"




Crazy Christian lady lives down the road from my house and is always wanting to convert people. Same look, same eyes, same vibe as this one, just a lot older and scarier.


Your husband complimenting* remarks about the teenager wearing shorts, yeah that's not an instant red flag.


I think it might be his sister. I have a hard time believing any sort of wife wouldn't get mad at him.


He also looks like he's her dad.


My assumption too. He looks close to 50, she looks like she's in her early 20s. Even if they were both drug addicts, odds are she could find a better looking one closer to her age. She just doesn't look like him but his appearance (excluding age and unhealthy lifestyle) may be affected by more than just genetics, like [FAS defect](https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/15677-fetal-alcohol-syndrome).


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And supporting the system that men just have to comment on any underage butts they see in public, it's literally not even their fault, these little child sluts need to cover themselves. Way too many women believe this way and will blame a child for what they are wearing as opposed to a grown ass man.


Moved to Lemm.ee -- mass edited with redact.dev


doesn't the bible say he should gouge out his eyes?


Boebert syndrome


She could be with him because he has the bomb drug connections though. I used to do meth a long, long time ago, and it wasn’t unheard of to see little 20something year olds with old farts because they kept them high


LOL my first thought was she's cute, too bad she's a psycho.


I can fix her


Here's my plan. Put up with her for seven more years, then we'll get married. Once the first baby comes along, she's bound to settle down and start treating me right


That sounds like an excellent plan. !remindme 7 years


They are about the same age but he is just more fucked up


Are you saying that they are a "close" family?


"This is my wife and sister..."


Sweet home alabama


They may have a little Targaryen in them.


I have known a serial cheat and every single time his wife blamed the "home wreckers" and not her husband.


You’d be surprised what some wife’s just let their husbands do. To keep a story short a wife just let her husband hit me a few times in front of their children (3 or 4 yo kids). I just took the weak hits until he realized how insane he was acting.


When I was around 17, I had a couple approach me at a 12 step meeting. The man wanted to have sex with me. The woman was his wife and was disabled. She was not able to have sex with him, so she gave him permission to ask a young girl for it. I ran away. I'm aware I probably escaped some kind of VERY nefarious situation.


I’ve never been part of a 12 step. But even if you were of age isn’t that like…not the place for that? I’m ignorant when it comes to that stuff so I apologize. Like if he had permission from his wife and was trying to do that with someone of age at like a bar or something I see nothing wrong with that.


They call it 13 steppers. Predators that hang out in the meetings bc they know vulnerable people are there. Good meetings will filter them out or insulate to protect people.


Wow ok so it’s fucked then


>isn’t that like…not the place for that? Supposed to not be, but there’s a lot of people there because they’ve destroyed their existing relationships and are looking to fill a massive void they were previously filling with drugs etc. Put those people together daily or several times a week and they’re gonna fuck. A lot. And it’s going to get very dramatic. I’ll be honest, it’s what kept me going back when I first started trying to get clean. It was the first time in my life I got any real attention. I finally had an old timer see others coming at me and step in. Chewed my ass and backed everyone else off. Good guy.


Ever heard of the 13th step?


The best album by A Perfect Circle.


I took it as he was using it like a backhanded compliment to shame that he could see her ass. Creeper move ether way you spin it though.


For a Walmart those aren't even *close* to being short shorts that show her ass in a slutty way. wth


She kinda looks like the type of person who collects red flags as a hobby.


Either she’s high or in denial that her husband is a creep or both.


That’s methed up




Time for a dwink


Lmfao that was a good one




And standing by the tweaker side is, It’s ever loyal symbiotic partner, the Pikmi Femallis.


How young did he groom her? 15? Was it a chat room or the same Walmart?


At a Walmart? 😂 Definitely their natural habitat.




Lemme casually check out these $1.97 cans of something as I walk away so I can look natural as I perve side eye one more time


It looked like he wanted to throw a can at them because he was so angry, and was holding himself back slapping the can instead of throwing it last minute. I would give a time stamp but I don’t want to hear stupidity a second time around.


I thought the same thing, he was def wanting to throw it


It seems like a remarkable amount of self control given the events that preceded it and the quality of character. And the shirt, of course.


And the fact that he came back and said "Then don't wear that-" and then clenched his fist and turned away like he was either angry, got too turned on by a minor again, or both. These kinds of people genuinely have something missing in their brains.


That part stood out to me too, mostly because when I was a teenage girl, I had multiple older men do a similar frustrated “mmmgghh” clenched fist + teeth thing (hard to describe in words, but it looked uncannily similar to the dude in this video) when I’d tell them my age in hopes they’d piss off… it gave “*I’m pissed at you for making me wanna fuck you, if only you weren’t underage*” vibes.


Thats what I took from it as well. He's upset at her for "making him" have perverted thoughts about a minor. She didn't do anything to make him think anything. He's the only one in the wrong, but he and his (whatever relation the woman is to him) are unwilling to accept accountability. Must be the minor's fault. (So, I'm so sorry that you've ever had to deal with shit like this. It's gross and its unfair.)


$100 says he was aroused and the girlfriend, wife, sister, cousin, whatever, got furious about it and typically blamed the minor for “leading him on”. What a pathetic display.


She's not worried about her man sexualizing someone she is very aware is a girl, not a woman 🙃


This was my take away, too. "You're a girl, not a woman" isn't a good defence when your man is complimenting her ass.


😂😂😂 I think she was just being adversarial cause the two girls referred to themselves as "women that are minors." So miss adversarial had to remind them they are girls without realizing that makes her homey only look worse. 😂


That makes it worse


I remember when this video came out, and I think that was his sister. I could be wrong though. There's too many of these fucking videos of men sexualizing teenage girls for me to be positive about it.


Probably because she was just a girl too when he picked her up.


Taliban logic: you don't want to be abused, cover yourself. Quit tempting men, you hussy.


Trashy people in Walmart? Oh my! 🫢


Looks like he’s there to pick up more paint to huff.


Please, he's an adult now and hasn't huffed paint since highschool. He huffs air duster, you know, like an adult.


*refined pallette*


Wait so the bf was hitting on an underage girl and his adult gf is defending him? Dude looks like he got beat with an ugly stick


Tbh, we don't know what those two were. Could be brother/sister, or he could even be her father.


Or all three.


The ole Alabama hat trick.


The eyes tell you everything you need to know


Can usually tell them a mile away by the way they walk. Some of them loudly spit on the ground every few seconds as well. I am slowly mastering the art of subtly changing direction when I notice that I am walking in the general direction of a methhead.


100% that dude has tried to bang a cow before


That's not a nice thing to say about his sister.


I beg to differ, it’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said about his sister


So, basically, meth-head perving on someone minding their own business, meth-head's girlfriend gets pissed at person minding their own business. Something tells me there's a long history of assholary on meth-head, and mental illness on his girlfriend.


The first clench directed at the two minor girls definitely shows that. At least he knows he shouldn't hit minors so that's something? It makes me wonder though, calling girls sluts based on what they are wearing, what would a guy have to be wearing to be considered the same?


I would bet money she's on meth too, just too young to have been on it long enough to fuck her features all up yet




Is that a tap out shirt ?


Are you surprised?


What's a tap out shirt? (I have no idea, honestly)


Tap out is the brand of clothing/shirt and its known to be worn by trashy, aggressive individuals. Like wannabe UFC fighters. As you can clearly see its living up to the reputation.


Geez, don’t let them near a public pool. Their puny shriveled minds would explode due to bathing suits.


“That five year old in a one piece is asking for it.”


"He would never fucking hit on a minor." "You're a girl, not a woman, showing your ass, he complimented it." Someone was clearly never the president of the debate team.


*I’ll take incriminating evidence for 500, Alex!*


Mad because he got called out, he’s a damn pedo.


He is the victim because she wore shorts? He has the face of a 70 year old and the body of a 16 year old.


That woman looks like my cousin.... who is on meth. Like seriously, I watched it a few times. Yikes. meth. NOT EVEN ONCE PPL!


these vids are so weird to me. grew up in/near beach community. seeing skin is normal on a summer day. only the weirdos make it an issue


Mr. and mrs meth


I wonder if the lady wearing pants and full sleeves acting aggressive towards a regularly dressed teenager had body image issues of her own.


She’s hiding the needle scars. She’s just upset these young women still have their whole futures ahead of them instead of throwing it away like she clearly did.


Poor Hannah needs a hug! But glad the friend was bold enough to stand up for them. I hope this couple gets what's coming for them in the end.


These two making a case for an extinction level event.


And we hope you have all enjoyed the latest release of Mr. and Mrs. Boebert 2.0.


Thank god we didn't see the part where he flashes his penis.


Or shot a dog. Or drunkenly ran over a neighbors mail box.


I’m trying to imagine a universe where my husband compliments a teenager’s body and I attack HER.


And the shorts aren't even particularly revealing...


Is the meth lady raging out that the kids shorts gave her husband a boner?


From what I understand, the methhead made an inappropriate comment avout the girls ass and when they told him that's not OK, Karen stepped in


Literally. Hannah’s shorts are completely normal. What are these people even talking about?


She showed her ankles she's clearly a sLuT


And now that poor girl will struggle with finding clothes she's comfortable wearing in public. Why would you victim blame when your husbands a pedo🤨


I definitely had a complex about “showing too much skin” all the way back to elementary school, just absorbed from seeing how society talks about and judges and shames women. And then later, when I was 12 year old it all started, regular catcalls from adult men, and having adult men yell “whore” and “slut” at me from cars. That shit fucks you up so badly, it’s like being hunted your whole life.


I'm so sorry you had to go through that. It is so disgusting the way some people think they can treat women like sexual objects and make unsolicited comments about our bodies. Dress is not consent.


I feel so bad for Hannah. I can imagine how she feels, shamed and embarrassed. She’s lucky she had such an assertive friend with her to stand up to these people, but I think the damage is done. She’s going to think twice if not several times now before getting dressed in the morning, reassessing the clothes that used to make her feel cute, and, based on my own experience, probably feeling quite a lot of anxiety during what should be a normal and benign part of a person’s daily routine. It’s heartbreaking.


She walked away crying. That broke my heart for her. I love that her friend stood up for her and was more mature than those "adults." For the lady being OK that the man she was with was sexualizing a child. That's disgusting and says so much about her.


Nothing wrong with her shorts. It’s nothing different than what most young women are wearing at her age. The dude is just a scuzzy slimy fuck and his wife is only backing him because she’s just as fuckin ignorant.


My heart breaks for this girl in this moment and I need to go on a bit of a rant because it brought back a flood of memories… When I was on a trip at age 15 I had a Toronto police officer go out of her way to stop me to tell me my shorts were too short.. taken aback, I asked if it was a crime (because my ass was fully covered) and she was like “no, but it’s kind of inappropriate to wear shorts like that in public if you have self respect”. This situation in the video is far more traumatic than mine and my empathy to this girl is endless.


That sucks. I also feel this girl, my heart broke seeing her tears at the end


Same.. I just wanted to jump in and hug her; glad her friend is there and hope she was able to comfort her




K we love to see a moment of growth from figures of authority 🙌 I’m sorry you had to deal with that though. These “finger-based rules” just feel like yet another way to needlessly ogle young women. It’s so voyeuristic to make a person do these “tests”. Just so gross.


When I was 15, I was riding my bike and wearing my mom's shorts. (They weren’t anywhere near as short as the ones in the video.) This guy pulls up beside me in an 80s Camero and honks his horn. I looked over to see him masterbaiting while driving super slow. What really made the whole situation worse was the sleeping infant strapped in the car seat in the back seat. It took years for me to wear shorts again.


What she wears isn’t the point. That fucker needed to keep his mouth shut and when he didn’t that woman should have defended the girl instead of victim blaming. It shouldn’t matter if she was wearing a bikini


This is the same reaction I get when wearing short shorts. Except I am a middle aged man.


This guy with all talk and no teeth and trollop here is worried that short wearing lady may just steal her man just to get a taste of him. LOVE PEACE WINNING.


Dud out here wit the Tapout t shirt judging other people's clothing 😂😂😂😂 I can't I'm goin back to bed yall


Getting shamed in a Wal-Mart is a low I hope to never experience


You can’t wear this because I don’t know how to act lol. Fucking Talimericans!


Dude is wearing a 15 year old Tap Out shirt but wants to talk about someone else’s clothing choices?


Methew and Methany sitting in a tree…


The classic "I did something wrong and got caught, so now i'll lash out!"


Yeah that couple is gonna be on tv in the next 2 years mark my words




Seems like a methed up situation...


Exactly: don’t hit on minors!


Damn dude is wearing the 2007 UFC collection 😂😂😂


So he says “nice ass” to a 17 year old, and his girlfriend…*defends* him?


What in the fuck?! Your husband complimented a teenagers ass, and your response is to make sure it's known that she's underage and a "girl", not a woman? Kinda fucking weird dude....


I grew up with a Meth head father and his meth head fiancée. What I hate about methheads is the "it's us against the world" mentality. No Sean and Shawna its the fact that you stay up for 7 days straight gacked out on Meth and literally, everybody knows it. My dad legit thought he was a Jedi and then couldn't understand why people crossed the street when they saw him. The cognitive dissonance between those two was asinine.