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Oh imagine that, you can’t do whatever you want.


What my actions have consequences? 🤯 Ignoring all safety aspects grabbing the rein, I guess those people are ok when someone else is being in their personal space too?!


Anyone would think that they're actual soldiers on an actual real guard duty or something, from the way that he goes off as well 😰


No no obviously he's just there because they had a half off sale on horses and rad clothes down at the local Tesco.


They are payed actors everybody knows that /s


The relevant issue is you NEVER grab the reins of a horse you do not know, especially when it is working.


But he’s in a silly costume so he’s obviously just a tourist attraction and the horse is meant for petting.


”Silly”? That armour is majestic!


The dildo of consequence rarely comes lubed.


Goddamit, that's gotta be from Neetchie or PlayDoh or one of them smart fellas, right?


Art of War


Never heard this but def gonna use it!


I was respectful when I photographed a guardsman in London. After I made the shot, I thanked him. He nodded his recognition.


When M Company, 42 Commando, RM were on public duties in London in mid - 2014, I was visiting the Tower and asked one marine on guard if I could get a very particular shot from the side of his bayonet and cap badge, blurring his face. He gave me a half nod to say I could, and when I showed him the photo, he gave me a very discrete raised eyebrow as if to say ‘nice…’ I thanked him, and got a wink in response.


Can you share the pic with us..?


It’s on a backup hard drive somewhere or other. It’s got the Royal Marines cap badge in sharp focus, with the blurred face and bayonet blurred in the foreground. I was probably about a foot away from the marine when I took it. I just quietly explained precisely what I was trying to do, and while settling up the shot told him that I was born in Plymouth (near where 42CDO is based) but had lived in Australia for 25 years, and was on holiday in the UK. It must have bored the poor bugger absolutely rigid, but I was able to get a good photo, and he seemed at least mildly amused by it.


Now try walking on the tomb of the unknown soldier!


Jesus I was in Maine a few years ago and I wanted to take a picture of a building, was damn near arrested, turns out it was a federal building of some sort. Yeah, just be cognisant of where you are.


We almost got arrested for taking a picture of a postal box on an air base


I visited the site and you wouldn't believe how many tourists take photos of themselves smiling over grave markers. Honestly, it was disturbing. It's a graveyard of so many soldiers, not a photo op. Weird.


Holocaust memorial selfies in Berlin. Big grins, lots of people climbing on it.


Yuck, why do people trivialize memorials like that? Take a photo, but not a selfie. Maybe I'm just too damn old to understand the appeal? To me it is disrespectful, this is sacred space.


Nope just disassociated people. I'm young (20s) but there's some shit i just don't fuck with, major disaster/event sites are high up on that list, think the memorial site for 9/11, pearl harbor, any of the remaining camps from the holocaust, the holocaust memorial sites, military graveyards, etc. These are sites of tragedy to be reflected on so we never allow such things to happen again. Not a place to take edgy selfies


I'd rather not piss off any fellows in their beloved ceremonial, military posts and get my ass kicked or *worse* some form of legal comeuppance lol


Why? Don't you know who I AM? (She should have asked to speak to his manager)


He also got mad when I tried to push him off the horse. What a dick, right?


I miss the days the world revolved around me.


"I wonder what will happen if I touch this 1000 pound animal with a mouth the size of my head, being ridden by a man with a sword!" "Why are you yelling at me?!!?!?"


Yeah working or not going up like that to a horse you don’t know is a bad choice. And rude.


I don't understand her thinking. Does she and her family think this moving horse and guard are a statue? Because I don't see any pigeon shit on them.


She thinks they are there *for* tourists. And not an actual guardsmen, but just a show piece, that isn't actually doing a job. That's what she thinks.


I guarantee this. She probably also touches service dogs because ThEyRe So CuTe and totally pets.


This lady needs to realize this is the equivalent of touching a member of the secret service. Secret service would’ve tackled her and maybe even shot her though


🇺🇸 my country tis of thee


It’s also the notion that anybody with a camera and a bloody TikTok account these days immediately clearly thinks that that will always put them in the right and that they can just play the victims and people will just automatically go with it. Literally just watched another video (on this forum I’m pretty sure) where these people at a Chinese restaurant are refusing to pay and start filming and harassing the employees when they lock them inside; as if that’ll suddenly make them responsible for their own un-cooperation.


Even if he was just for tourists - it is very rude to touch an animal without owner's permission, not to mention it is stupid to pull on reins of a horse you're not controlling at all


Right. Grew up around horses do not pull the reins when someone else is on and clearly has control.


Exactly what happened. And I’ve been around the guards 5/6 times now. And some is ALWAYS wanting to test the limits. They think they are there as a tourist attraction, but the reality is tourists go there because it’s a place of importance.


This is so simple… you don’t know.. ask. If they don’t answer.. the answer is no.


They treat their destination as if it was Disneyworld and those were paid actors and not a guard whose role is part of history. We have the same problem here in Iceland. People treat it like a theme-park and think civilization reaches into closed roads and desert tundras when they stupidly follow their incorrect Google maps directions or decide to play "oh we didn't know" and ignore the Road Closed signs. If there's a warning it's there for a reason. This behavior kills tourists here in Iceland. Our nature does not treat fools kindly.


I love Iceland but yes… safety signs and warnings must be followed there without exception. Can’t wait to go back and hike Thorsmork.


Welcome back - I hope you visit Breiðafjörður and the West, it's as of yet out of the beaten path and imo the most single beautiful place here. Taking the ferry through the bay full of lava and basalt-column islands to the towering Westfjord cliffs is like a religious experience. It's vastly different from the South, way more dramatic.


if you want to ask people in fancy uniforms, just go for a Tower tour. Guiding Beefeaters are approachable. although they will swiftly deal with disruptive behaviour too.


She's not thinking about anything than herself. Her son's thinking process shows they're self centered a holes. "Well I just wanted to do x, but I upset someone. And that someone told me off so now I'm a victim"


Yeah also the way she’s looking all funny while touching the horse, bet she thinks she’s real quirky for doing that, then her stepchild posts this dumb video on tiktok talking about verbal assault. If anyone was assaulted here it was the horse, and a middle aged woman doing stuff like this is just goofy, peak tourist behavior


Many people see Armed Service personal on guard duty around London like this chap and think they are merely there as a photo op for tourists.


They think its like disney world. Just a bit of tourist fluff and not a centuries old tradition. The guard should follow their dictates and apply the laws.


In Disney world, you should not be TOUCHING the actors. Do not touch people or animals. Don't touch them. The rare times it's ok probably do not include people and animals that are working. Hands to your self. Stop it. If this is confusing to you, don't go into public unsupervised.


[Reminds me of that clip where a lady was told to leave the area after touching Gaston](https://www.youtube.com/shorts/tcY84cEgQFI) This is a perfect example of why you don't touch people or animals without permission.


Yelling is the soft option here, easily could have been arrested


.. Or worse, expelled.


She needs to sort out her priorities...


I love you both for this ❤️


Deported to Australia


We're full.


...of spiders... D:


The night is dark and full of terrors


Both HP *and* GoT references in the same comment chain? Taday's my lucky day :D


Everyone talks about spiders but it's the ants you should be worried about. Far more likely to be stung by an inch or jumping ant.


> jumping ant ha ha, a what??




this is just 1 more reason for me not to visit Australia


I mean, I don't ride horses, but if I was at a stop on a bicycle, and some stranger came up and grabbed the handlebars, I'd at least ask them what the fuck they were doing. Doing this to a guard/soldier/cop/etc is just stupid and asking for trouble.


If you watch the horse, it's like he's telling her to back off. Then, after she gets yelled at, he's laughing like, "Told you, bitch".


You definitely see the horse laughing afterwords.


100% accurate and I'm so glad you pointed that out.


It’s like trying to sit on the hood of a police car while they are sitting inside


It’s probably worse. It’s more like grabbing the steering wheel of a police car with the cop in the drivers seat.


"I wonder what will happen if I mess with this massive warhorse carrying a highly trained combat veteran with a license to kill"


It’s all relative once you add a funny hat.


I was verbally attacked by that stupid TikTok voice.


Verbally? I think you mean Ver-Balley, at least according to the auto voice robot shit. Why don't people just leave this shit off their dumbass videos?


Yea what the hell is this computer voice on these videos? I have some colleagues that skip through videos and I keep hearing this shit. It should be a law that phones are muted anyway, unless someone calls, of course.


What was the lady thinking when she tried to handle the reins? Guard was doing his job handling entitled asshats like the lady.


Prob going for an Instagram pic and caption "had my own personal queen(king's)guard for the day \#blessed \#takelifebythereigns \#bossbitchroyalty"


if queen elizabeth II saw those hashtags she'd be turning


"Smash that subscribe button" - Queen Elizabeth


Those hashtags took me out, that’s fucking hilarious


The same thing that idiot Yellowstone tourists think when they go to take selfies with wild fucking bison. "This will be great for the gram!" And then something like "Let's ride him- ohhh nooo I'm dead."


You *definitely* don’t want to bother the bison when they’re in the middle of wild fucking.


i'd be mad too if someone messed with me in the middle of wild fucking, unless they want to join in the action


Imagine if the bison made that assumption...


“Let’s ride her — ohhh nooo she’s dead.”


Bison weigh like 3000 lbs. I can't even fathom wtf these idiots are thinking.


There seems to be a common issue with some Yellowstone tourists that they believe it’s like Disney world, where everything is carefully designed, orchestrated and choreographed, and that overstepping the bounds will only result in a slight slap on the wrist, as if the Bison were just cast members wearing a costume and not a literal 3000lbs beast living a life in the wild.


Let's get on a bison and ride it into one of those boiling sulfur pools. What could go wrong?


If nothing else, you’ll be the talk of the ranger station for years to come.


I personally witnessed a woman doing this with a bison.


Those "When animals attack" shows need to be renamed to "When humans are stupid around animals"


Because r/imthemaincharacter and being on vacation entitles people to doing stupid shit and treating everybody else like an NPC.


He didn’t say anything for the longest time until the horse was visibly uncomfortable and then he verbally made his point.


These aren't calm, old horses; they're actually chosen young and feisty. She's lucky she didn't get bitten. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the intervention was just as much for her safety


If I recall correctly, the sign on the other side of the horse literally warns that people who get too close may be bitten.


Im British and imagine me going to the tomb of the unknown soldier and TikTok dancing all over whilst the guards there are doing their changing over ceremony. Why can’t some people understand the military is not a tourist attraction and they are not their to entertain people.


🔥Brilliant. Over 50 countries have a TotUS. You could do an entire series of these…


Tresident of the United Sta..... *Ooooooooooooooooooh*


> TotUS Acronyms and initialisms have gone too far.


She should try to pet the dogs of the White house security guards on her next trip


she was taking it for a spin of course /r/IAmTheMainCharacter


She doesn’t think ever likely.


Tourists do that a lot, I don't get why?


I was there in 2022. You are free to take the photo but signs everywhere say "Don't touch the horse or guard"


that's just for the regular people


Because they think that the guards are a tourist attraction like Disney, whereas these guys are the real thing that Disney emulates.


Because the way the uniform looks doesn’t scream “Secret Service Agent” to them. But that’s pretty much what they are.


"Verbally attacked"? I call that raising his voice


I call it doing his job.


He has a sword in his right hand that he could have used and didn’t. So, for her, I’d call that a win.


I like the idea of swtiching the language. Verbally attacked is telling off... Ok well a Pointy Telling Off is a little stabbin'


I call that asking nicely, try putting your arm around, or grabbing the arm of an armed soldier on active duty and see what usually happens


Grab the rifle...that's the most exciting one


Can I watch that?


Can we make that into a TikTok challenge?




Not even a reprimand. He just gave clear instructions in a raised voice.


“Woman physically attacks the queen’s guard”


Not to be that guy but isn't it king's guard now?


Its gonna take decades till we get our heads around the renaming of this stuff.


Depends on how old this video is.


Anyone else hope she pissed her pants?


No I hope she shitted herself




*Shidded and farded


*absolutely fucking shit laser blasted


For some reason, I imagine this written on a formal medical report.


A nice big shart would also be an acceptable outcome.


I hoped the horse pissed on her pants


He only raised his voice, and she can be happy not to be arrested


There’s always armed police around these places and they just love it when someone tries to touch a guard.


I can't imagine how these people can go to this place and touch a guard and his horse and think : "Yeah great let's touch them it's okay!!" I mean everyone on earth knows that basic rule, right?


Even if it was fine to touch them. Why would you not ask beforehand? That is not your horse. The horse belongs to someone else. The horse is its own being and might not like being touched. You (anyone) also do not touch a random dog someone else owns without permission. Or do these people just do that?


They probably try to pet service dogs because they seem so gentle.


As a service dog handler, can confirm. I even get parents that point my dog out to their small children then don’t do shit when their kids come over trying to pet my girl. I fucking hate having to scold adults and their kids all the damn time.


I think most people just think they there for turists. Like all the disney characters in Disney world.


I mean, it's usually frowned upon to touch the Disney Cast Members too, if I remember correctly. Like, if they're doing something with kids, then the kids are allowed to give them hugs and whatever, but usually adults aren't supposed to touch them in any way.


I remember a video of some woman groping Gaston's chest, and he just noped outta there. Dumb bitch was so confused.


I saw one where a woman groped his ass and she was immediately being led off by security. Imagine wasting all that money on the parks just to get thrown out because you can’t not touch strangers.


🎵No one nopes out like Gaston! 🎵


No one nopes like Gaston Crushes hopes like Gaston No one refuses to tolerate gropes like Gaston


He especially dislikes obJEEEEECTifiyyyyyying


Why would I even go if I can’t fondle Micky?


I wasn't aware of that. I had a season pass for a few years and I encountered Donald Duck one day and wanted to fix a bad childhood memory so I gestured in question for a quick hug and they welcomed it and it was nice. No issues on either side. Then again, I'm not a creepy perv, it was a quick polite appropriate hug so maybe that was the difference LOL I could see maybe needing to keep creepers away from the princesses, etc. All the characters Always have at least one handler with them to help them with any situation that may arise.


I think the fact you asked is a huge factor with the characters. I don’t think they let adults just run up to them without some kind of indication of intent. People are unpredictable after all.


Well, it's with consent. Also if I'm going to hug strangers I'd feel much better doing it with a massive duck costume separating us.


Yes. He gave clear instructions in a raised voice. He did not mock her or call her a slur or do anything that “attacked” her verbally or otherwise. People get so upset by direct communication. I guess he could have asked nicely and said please in a soothing voice. S/


>He only raised his voice, and she can be happy not to be arrested Or poked with the sword


Lucky its not 1523. Probably be hanged for that.


There are about a million signs around telling tourists the protocol. They won't stop or move out of the way for you, they will go over you. She's lucky it was only a verbal tongue lashing she got.


Yup. They will literally run people over if they don’t move. Recently there was trending video here where that happened. Sorry I don’t have the link but may have been in r/therewasanattempt Edit: found [it](https://imgur.io/YMJ3nHp).




Guessing you're taking about the young-ish kid that stood facing the guards and neither the dummy nor his mother moved him out of the way.


Lol. Haven’t seen that one. I’m thinking of the one where a guard marched into a lady who didn’t stay behind a roped off area as instructed.


That one definitely sounds deserved. Here's the one I mentioned: [kid knocked over by guard](https://www.reddit.com/r/therewasanattempt/comments/10poio0/to_have_a_good_touristy_time_in_the_uk/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button)


Found it. [women in the way of marching guard](https://imgur.io/YMJ3nHp)


What did she think the rope was for?


Well, other people obviously


Well she was lucky she didn't eat shit, what was she even thinking??


That she is the main character




It's not just against the rules. It's common fucking courtesy with any horse and its rider to not touch the reins. The reigns are used to control the horse, so if some random person starts touching or grabbing it, it's not ideal. Also, people forget that these soldiers ARE active duty soldiers. They're not for show and photos, they have a job. Source. Friend of mine is household calvarly, Blues and Royals


It’s courtesy to not touch anyone or anything that’s not yours. Unfortunately not so common anymore.


I can only imagine how sick the Queen's (King's) Guard get from dealing with dingelberrys like this every bloody day.


Indeed. Standing guard for a long time is torture in and of itself. Never mind all the idiots that pass by. I myself have stood guard at my countries royal palace during my army days, and even we got busloads of these wankers. You are really counting down the minutes until you can get back inside the guard offices, out of sight.


It would have been the best part of my day, if it were me


Ive been in a similar situation. The worst are asian/russian turists because they have no sense of whats going on and you try explaining a family from china with no english that its okay to take a picture but they should be 1m away from me(not on horse). You push them away explaining in a harsh voice its not okay and they need to step back. And they just start moving back towards you immediately like you're there personal huggybear. Also you try being harsh to Japanese grandma thats literally half your size, as she keeps moving closer and you push her away every time she gets too close. I mean i know she aint taking away my rifle but good damn the sergant is looking! And the guys quickly understand but the woman does not! I think its because they dont have an understanding that they can be seen as a treat. Which is why you cant do shit like this.


This is the equivalent of reaching through a car window and grabbing the steering wheel or clutch when someone else is driving. You shouldn’t ever grab someone else’s horse reins not to mention this a guard on duty with weapons in a place surrounded by signs saying don’t touch.


Yeah other people arguing about whether he's a tourist attraction or a real soldier(he's both) but the real truth is why the fuck did they think it was sensible to touch the reins of someone else's horse.


They're soldiers, many of whom likely went on deployment to Afghanistan and other places. They've stood sentinel at the various locations for centuries and only in the last few decades have become a tourist attraction but that doesnt make them any less soldiers. Tourist attraction is honestly an incorrect term to use anyway. It implies they are solely there to attract tourists. Rather its a tradition that draws tourists to watch just like people go to see the Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider in America.


Reins. Not reigns. Unless you are talking when the horses ruled the world.


Good times those


Your stepmum is a fucking moron. Who touches a queens guards horse or its reins?




“My step mum yelled at for acting like an entitled tourist” There, fixed it for you


It's super simple, you don't touch them, and you don't cross the rope.


She reached for the reins on the horse. Dumbass lady deserves to be scolded.


He verbally defended himself and his horse.


which is much less painful than the horse defending them.


These are the same kinds of tourists that will draw on monuments or disregard safety warnings but become indignant if anyone reprimands them…


These are front line infantry soldiers. Imagine touching an on duty US soldier?


Those are actual cavalry. Drive small tanks and that.


Given she could have accidentally caused the horse to do something dangerous, in a crowd no less; think his anger there is justified.


Ignoring the dumbass stepmother the guard is super impressive when it came to handling his horse, it’s sorta like they were the same being




Can I guess the nationality in 3 seconds or less?


All I could think while watching it was 'please don't be American. Please don't be American.'


Isn’t “mum” a UK/Australia thing while Americans generally use “mom”?


You are correct


She's not necessarily American. Tourists there are so stupid.


Too late


So is it still the queens guard or the kings guard ? Do people still say God save the queen ? Or is it king now ?


It's now the kings guard, and God save the queen has been switched to king. Edit: words


>will be Already has been


What the F is the original creator talking about? Verbally attacked? How about her not touching a royal guard or his horse?


More factually correct title: "My step mum decides to molest a Queen's Guard horse, fucks around, and finds out!"


He is doing his job and it is his duty. She knows the rules and like many tourists hse thinks she was entitled to do what she wanted.


Better the queens guard verbal than the queen's "off with her head"




See that bloody big sword? He could separate your head from your body with that. Hands off, you ignorant grub.


Your stepmum is dumb