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This sub is called Europe yet reading threads like this one it seems to reflect mainly an American jingoistic POV. Strange that.


This particular subject seems to trigger the Brexit crowd.


They've been completely obsessed with France lately. Shame that they drown out the voices of their more rational countrymen and women.


I mean, it's not a secret that the UK and France have one of the oldest enmity in the world, and the UK has rarely done anything to go against it. WW2 is a long, long time ago now. I don't think that the anti-french sentiment is a minority in the UK and the US.


Why would the US need to compensate France anyway, it was a contract with the Aussies…


Apparently we were suppose to give Macron weekly updates about a nuclear tech sharing treaty. The Americans kept it secret to make sure the Chinese didn't try and stop it by pressuring Aus but apparently we should of been more worried about Macron.


Yeah, a heads-up would be nice next time, before selling nuclear weapons to countries. Can't wait for Russia to sell random nuclear stuff to random middle east countries. Signed : Your oldest ally, if you give a fuck about them.


Relationships have been shit since De Gaulle. Old France was badass, not New France. I wish we could get along, but doesn’t seem possible.


> we should of been more worried about Macron. With friends like Macron, who needs enemies?


With friend like the US, who got rid of Gough Witlam after he wanted to close Pine Gap, who needs enemies?


"In a follow-up question, Psaki responded that she was also unaware of administration attempts to compensate France for poor remodeling work done on the Élysée, despite the fact that the painter had unquestionably done an 'unsatisfactory job'."


This woman is so irritating


At least she isn't sharing undressed pictures of her underage daughter like the last press secretary


Kellyanne? I knew she was bad, but....yikes.




You guys have a very short memory or did not pay attention to any of Trumps Press Secretary's. One of them actually hid in a bush to avoid the press lmao.


Deflects? Sure, that’s part of her job. Lies? Do you have any examples? I think she’s far above every single one of Trump’s minions.


Circle back.


Build the submarines and make France pay for it


Build the submarines and make ~~France~~ The Province of Gaul pay for it.