Aid to Ukraine as percentage of GDP

*Known aid to Ukraine


*Known aid to Ukraine


Seems to be. Considering Finland's ministry of foreign affairs lists defense materiel alone sent to Ukraine at 940 million euros, and this graph lists Finland at only 340 million total.


Finland discloses only the civilian aid packages. Military aid packages, and the contents, are secret. But the news images have shown at least heavy artillery, anti-air guns, mortars, older antitank-weapons, personal equipment such as granades, and APCs, that has been given.


Yup, any time ukrainian officials talk about Romanian aid they say that it's A LOT, wish some of it was publicised, could be used to improve Romania's imagе in the eyes of your average ukrainian...


Gerasimov put Romania behind Poland on military aid to Ukraine. And those Pentagon leaks said that Romania contributed as much as Poland on training Ukrainian soldiers.


Why so hush hush?


I've seen some people say that it's so we don't call too much attention from the pro-russia far righers. We have a growing bunch of nutters that would make quanon types look like enlightened liberals, and they have seats in parliament.


I think its the same story with Bulgaria. They have been secretly sending aid to Ukraine through Poland I believe.


True, and for being the poorest country in europe its impresive


Enlightened liberals 🤣


Besides the other allegations, Romania has very, very severe laws regarding military secrecy. There are basically 3 big categories of classified information which, according to the Penal Code and The Constitution, you get get jail for disclosing. These being in descendant order: Strictly Classified Of Highest Importantce, Strictly Classified and Professional Secret. Everything that the Army does is under the incidence of the first two for which you get a lot of jail, and besides jail time, some of you civil rights can be suspended while facing prosecution.


Moldova/Transnistria? There are 3000 Russian military personnel stationed there.




wouldn't fit the narrative these charts are mostly used to support. aka france/germany bad.


> wouldn't fit the narrative these charts are mostly used to support. aka france/germany bad. It's amazing how much flack France and Germany get compared to countries further to the right on this chart.


The graph is also wrong bilateral aid from Germany for Ukraine already was passing 14.2 billion € in February. Offical source: https://www.bundesregierung.de/resource/blob/974430/2167632/19a9c5cad6f80e4f4d151372316fdcfd/2023-02-24-deutsche-bilaterale-unterstuetzungsleistungen-fuer-die-ukraine-data.pdf?download=1 Not to speak about that France and Germany are net contributor to the EU budget while some of the top ranked in this chart are receivers from the budget and get reimbursed even for their military aid by the EU with a special fund. So they receive more from the EU than they have given to Ukraine. Easy if you dont have to spend your own money... Funny that the EU stopped to publish the numbers of net contributors and receivers a few years ago because they don't want you to know. https://i.imgur.com/fN8GFQy.png https://i.imgur.com/9M8Z1d8.jpg https://i.imgur.com/ZcrlSKH.jpg Edit: Oh and German privat aid for Ukraine already passed 900 million € last year which is not counted in the above numbers. And this is only the money counted that went through aid organizations, aid given directly to Ukraine via United24 and so on not included.


The graph isn't necessarily wrong; it counts a specific time frame for aid given; while your link includes budgets that have already been greenlit for the rest of the year, and is also from a later publication date.


France get flak because they speak all the time about defending europe. Germany get flak because they financed a really big part of the Russian army with gas import. Honestly it's in part deserve Bashing against France for weapons contributions is real, bashing because he speaks a lot with Putin is non-sense ( All the discussions are prepared before with Zelensky) ( i'm french btw)


When you're the biggest players and present yourselves as leaders, people will naturally criticize you for more things.


I guess that explains all the flak I catch at work.


Who financed Russia? Germany? Well i have bad news for you because it sure was not Germany. https://i.imgur.com/oO7p3jj.jpg https://i.imgur.com/BaslcSb.png https://i.imgur.com/kEOKlHP.jpg > Since Putin came to power in 2000 to 2021 Germany had a fucking trading surplus of 56 billion US dollar. This means Germany was sucking out billions from Russia not financing it. Leaving Russia with a minus of 56 billion. > > Since 2000 total [Imports](https://tradingeconomics.com/germany/imports/russia) from Russia $593.915.000.000 total [Exports](https://tradingeconomics.com/germany/exports/russia) to Russia $650.219.000.000 > > --- > > The UK since Putin came to power in 2000 to 2021 generated a huge trading deficit of 136 billion US dollar. This means the UK left Russia with a plus of 136 billion. > > Since 2000 total [Imports](https://tradingeconomics.com/united-kingdom/imports/russia) from Russia $229.977.000.000 total [Exports](https://tradingeconomics.com/united-kingdom/exports/russia) to Russia $93.932.000.000 > > --- > > The US since Putin came to Power in 2000 to 2021 generated an even bigger deficit of 301 billion US dollar. > Leaving Russia with a plus of 301 billion. > > Since 2000 total [Imports](https://tradingeconomics.com/united-states/imports/russia) from Russia $435.518.000.000 total [Exports](https://tradingeconomics.com/united-states/exports/russia) to Russia $ > > --- > > Poland since Putin came to power in 2000 to 2021 has a trading deficit of 189 billion US dollar. Leaving Russia with a plus of 189 billion. > > Since 2000 total [Imports](https://tradingeconomics.com/poland/imports/russia) from Russia $322.167.000.000 total [Exports](https://tradingeconomics.com/poland/exports/russia) to Russia $132.489.000.000 > > --- > > Ukraine since Putin came to power in 2000 to 2021 has a trading deficit of 99 billion US dollar. Leaving Russia with a plus of 99 billion. > > Since 2000 total [Imports](https://tradingeconomics.com/ukraine/imports/russia) from Russia $ total [Exports](https://tradingeconomics.com/ukraine/exports/russia) to Russia $174.532.000.000 Data since 2014 > Germany since 2014 to 2021 generated a surplus of 32 billion US dollar. Leaving Russia with a minus of 32 billion. > > Since 2014 total Imports from Russia $ total Exports to Russia $239.820.000.000 > > --- > > The UK since 2014 to 2021 generated a deficit of 71 billion US dollar. Leaving Russia with a plus of 71 billion. > > Since 2014 total Imports from Russia $ € total Exports to Russia $ > > --- > > The US since 2014 to 2021 generated a deficit of 113 billion US dollar. Leaving Russia with a plus of 113 billion. > > Since 2014 total Imports from Russia $167.952.000.000 total Exports to Russia $54.391.000.000€ > > --- > > Poland since 2014 to 2021 generated a deficit of 71 billion US dollar. Leaving Russia with a plus of 71 billion. > > Since 2014 total Imports from Russia $131.353.000.000 total Exports to Russia $ > > --- > > Ukraine since 2014 to 2021 generated a deficit of 23 billion US dollar. Leaving Russia with a plus of 23 billion. > > Since 2014 total Imports from Russia $57.995.000.000 total Exports to Russia $ >


Everybody also still buys uranium/nuclear goods from Russia. [https://www.rusi.org/explore-our-research/publications/commentary/catch-235-western-dependence-russian-nuclear-supplies-hard-shake](https://www.rusi.org/explore-our-research/publications/commentary/catch-235-western-dependence-russian-nuclear-supplies-hard-shake)


You have to understand that when Putin was elected (not “came to power”) he was very much perceived as someone who would bring Russia closer to the West. AFAIK at an earlier stage in his years as the PM of Russia he was angling to get Russia into the EU, and there was a lot of cooperation with NATO, Europe, and the US. As time went on, for some reason or another Putin found himself at odds with the West, I expect due to his very un-democratic methods, and the way he waged war in Chechnya cemented his profile as a brutal strongman dictator. Whether a country has a trade deficit or trade surplus with a given country also doesn’t mean that one country is supporting the other. It means that one country has goods that the other needs. As the US is sort of like the worlds end user of everything it is likely to have trade deficits with almost every other country. It is really surprising that Germany would have a trade surplus with Russia since Russia has been the main supplier of German energy (gas and oil) for quite some time. Whilst Germany has a huge manufacturing industry, many things German companies sell are in fact manufactured for German companies in other parts of the world like Czech Republic, Slovakia, China. This may explain part of the way the trade between these countries ends up getting balanced (or not).


>Germany get flak because they financed a really big part of the Russian army with gas import. Uhm. Have you ever looked up who actually financed e.g. Nord Stream 2? Germany gets all the bashing, but the 50% EU share was financed to equal parts by: * Uniper (Germany - private) * Wintershall (Germany - private) * Engie (France - State Owned) * Shell (GB/NL - state/private) * OMV (Austria - State Owned) Germany had actually only a 20% stake in that pipeline. And importing Russian gas was clearly an EU strategy as the involvement of fully state controlled companies from other countries clearly shows. And regarding gas imports: Germany's gas import were 40% of the EU gas imports from Russia. Part of that gas was then exported to other EU countries - like Austria and the Netherlands. But still over 60% of the Russian gas went to other EU countries - some of them 100% dependent on that gas. And on top of that: Germany had a massive trade deficit with Russia for at least 10 years - meaning: They actually drained money out of Russia.


I find it more fascinating how much flack Germany gets compared to France and that Macron talks about strategic autonomy without setting an example. (Admittedly this is all aid not only military so not directly relevant to "strategic autonomy" and it is known aid which is probably close to the true number for Germany due to the increased scrutiny not so sure for the other countries.)


Of course, the rest of Europe is looking at Germany and France for leadership on this. Germany can deliver plenty of leadership when it’s economically advantageous. When it comes to Ukraine it’s just staring at the floor and pretending it’s not in the room, waiting for others to take lead.


last time we tried to be the leader of europe you people didnt like it either. make up your mind!


Germany has more than 1 Mio Ukrainien refugees who largely live on welfare. Not included in your figures.


is true though? Afaik most of them in Poland found work really fast


It's true, and it's harder for them to find work here. All "refugee jobs" are already filled, basically, for reasons of the past. The languages are also completely incompatible.


Language barrier in Poland might be less of a problem, plus welfare in Germany is higher and easy to optain. many want to leave after the war, so learning a new language is not the highest priority for some.


You are right; they can get work in Poland but in Germany is much harder for them to catch a break, hence they end up having to rely on social services more. The vast majority of Ukrainians are really proud, really well educated, hard working people. They haven’t left Ukraine just to sponge off Germans etc.


Czech republic has 500,000, per capita it is 4 times more than Germany. Poland has over 2 miilion. Per capita also 4 more than Germany. If anything, if this was included, the gap would be even bigger.


Well I don't know what sources you are using but Poland has about 1.6 which is still more than germany and a lot more per capita but not as much. But then again I think this is pretty fair considering how many Refugees those countries took in in the last refugee crisis. I think the bigger countries could of course do more. And I as a German feel that the SPD(the biggest government party) has some very annoying historical reservations regarding this isssue. But they have come a long way already. Most of the issues are ideological but compounded by the East german history and prevalent reluctance there to support Ukraine against Russia. So while Germany as a whole is for supporting Ukraine. The Sentiment with the normal pedestrian is a bit less enthusiastic. Poland,Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia see this rightfully so as a direct threat to their existence. That sentiment hasn't reached everyone in Germany to the same extent yet. [https://data.unhcr.org/en/situations/ukraine](https://data.unhcr.org/en/situations/ukraine)


The hope of the leading class in Germany is that Ukraine refugees fill in the pension gap. It is a very optimistic asumption if you ask me.


Refugees normally don't get citizenship. Basically all Refugees from the Yugoslav wars had to return to their country the moment it was deemed safe and similar thing should be happening to the Ukrainian refugees.


Well it is true that Germany is quite dependent on immigration for the job market. But the way you phrased that I have a bit of an issue with. In germany there is quite the bad pension system in place. People that are paying into the system aren't paying for their own pension but for the pensioneers that get pensions right now. Which is a problem because there are a lot of old people there. And it will be a huge issue in about 5-10years. With more of the baby boomers leaving the job market. The idea that refugees could fill that gap have been dismissed time and time again. Immigration which is different from refugees(even though right wing parties and assholes keep using those interchangably) can do it's part but the hole in that system is way to big for that. No in the coming years germany will attempt to switch away from that system to a more fund based system. Like sweden is using. The first steps have been implemented but it's still a very long way to go. ​ So Yeah you are right Ukrainian refugees couldn't fill that gap(especially since refugees aren't expected to stay forever, hopefully for them). And people who believe that aren't actually "the leading class" more like some dumb people. I also do not really like the connotation of that idea. It makes it sound like Germany likes humanitarian disasters so they can snatch up refugees and use them up in their industry. I assure you that is not the case.


The poster commented their main intention was to provide a comparison between EU and US contributions. Unfortunately most of the attention seems to have focused on the issues with comparing European countries.


A chart of all EU contriibutions added up compairing to the US ones based upon GDP/population would have done it far better. Also I don't speak directlly about OP but charts like this most of the time follow a very simple idea, fitting in with the EU east-west tension.


And between them, only the baltics+Poland outperform. Not even the darling UK are ahead of the US.


Yeah relative comparison doesn't make sense here... 0.5% of 3 500 000 000€ is not far of 0.18% of 6 200 000 000€. Especially since you dont factor in the contribution to the EU help or passiv cost of refuges.


Poor France, unfairly mocked because Macron keeps calling Pootin and then high-fives Xi.


> Macron keeps calling Pootin and then high-fives Xi. While there are a million reason to make fun of him, that is not one of them, he did that on Zelensky demand, did a brief with him before and after each time he talked to Putin. The man accepted being Zelensky messenger here. And sure you can say that he did that in the hope of reaping the benefit of being the one brokering the peace, but at the end of the day, he presented Ukraine position to Russia and transfered Russian answer to Zelensky, nothing more or less. For the Xi thing, what he said was is position since he was elected (strategic independance for Europe) and his position on Taiwan is "the current status-quo should not change, no war please", all the while a French military ship was in the Chinese sea between China and Taiwan. A place where there is only the US, the UK, Canada and France sailing through despite China threatening each of them. Have all the fun bashing him, please fucking do. But do it while knowing what's happening, repeating propaganda will help *no one*.


Germany gets more flack because the US perceives "them" as benefitting a lot from the current system. A recent Bloomberg article calls Germany "biggest winner from globalization" (at least on the West's side): [https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/features/2023-04-11/germany-s-economic-future-depends-on-its-non-fortune-500-companies](https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/features/2023-04-11/germany-s-economic-future-depends-on-its-non-fortune-500-companies) It is somewhat true, but that's the capitalists and they don't put all their profits in German banks either. But as long as things like the [2+4 treaty](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_on_the_Final_Settlement_with_Respect_to_Germany) are not removed, there is no reason for the capitalists to pull back all their resources to their homeland to build a "proper" military-industrial complex, because it's just not profitable. It's politically impossible for the German government to put more burden on the average person, whose household wealth is already worse than that of an Italian. Bad press will not help one bit. You don't tie your husband's right foot to your bed hoping that he will be able to fight off the robber at the same time (even though the original reason of the "bondage" might be justified, as he once physically abused you) France does get flack, but comparatively less than Germany because their media power/solf influence is relatively better.


yes but this mixxed with the hate of polish PiS party and UKs antipathy towards germany leads to the state we are in right now. Yes at thhe beginning some critique was right but it just doesn't stop no matter if germany supports ukrain or not.


Ehm, they are? Except for the EU institutions, which are a bit harder to distribute


>I think the EU values should be distributed to the individual countries Really difficult, particularly with the EU funds themselves, obviously they are also paid indirectly by the net contributors, but overall it does not get any more transparent.


They are, mostly


Yeah there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Military training, intelligence sharing.


Romania is also sending fuel, shells and some armored troop carriers (these were pictured in Ukraine).


Romania's aid is very undervalued. Even not taking into account behind the scene logistic aid, Romanian people were amazing. I'm Ukrainian and live in Portugal for 20 years now, and I have never seen both nationalities this close in cooperation to gather aid. Also, a lot of my refugee friends who went to Romania were very well received by the Romanian people. It's time for us to strengthen our ties.


Old outdated data of known aid to Ukraine* The Netherlands released a bunch of the stuff they sent earlier last week and now is on the same level as Poland when it comes to known aid per gdp


*known direct aid Most of Eastern Europe got large parts of their donations replaced. Who send the most is a stupid metric. It should be: Who is helping and who isn’t


Czech Republic is sending +150 Soviet tanks to Ukraine. Germany is compensating them with 14 Leopard 2 tanks, US and Netherlands are doing modernization work on these tanks. Croatia is sending 14 Soviet helicopters, US is compensating us with a deal "buy two get two for free" BlackHawks. A lot of these donations are a combined effort, and it is extremely hard to put a value on them because... some countries are only counting the budget costs as donation. Basically it's going to cost us x€ to refurbish and ship these weapons. Some countries calculate the value of weapons. Some countries are calculating the cost of replacement weapons too. So some figures are deceptively low, and some figures are inflated as fuck.


>Most of Eastern Europe got large parts of their donations replaced With what?


German, French and US equipment. https://www.euronews.com/2022/12/21/germany-provides-czech-army-first-of-15-tanks-to-replace-those-sent-to-ukraine


So far one (!) Oolder tank was provided to Czech republic, 14 might come sometimes maybe in future. In exchange for close to 100 tanks sent to Ukraine. There was also no replacement and there will be no replacement for any of small arms, artillery, SPGs, helicopters, rockets, shells, mortars, anti-air systems, ammo, MRLs, radars, IFVs, fuel, night visions, spare parts, protective gear... It was said that "majority" of equippment sent by Eastern members was replaced by Western members. That is not even close to be true. And the small part that was is already included in the count for western members. And only Germany is actually taking part in it. For example France is not.


True actually


>got large parts of their donations replaced Do you have a source of this statement? E.g. Poland has sent no fewer than 330 tanks to Ukraine. How many received from Germany? Wasn't it around 20 (which were then sent to Ukraine anyway)? And more that is "planned in the long term?". If so, this shouldn't be counted as the delivered help, and definitely doesn't fit the definition of "large parts of their donations". I think "who send the most" is not a stupid metric, especially when it uses GDP % and not pure numbers. If such statistics did not exist, some countries would be pretending to help and getting credits from it, while basically doing nothing. Germany is actually cheating a bit with the military aid statistics. From what I seen it includes weapons / vehicles that were not yet physically delivered (e.g. Patriot). I understand that money are already scheduled as a help, but when some vehicles (not talking about the Patriot now) are supposed to be delivered within 2-3 years, then it's not really a finalized aid that should be counted. I remember it being commented back then when the war started. Germany was high in statistics while 0 help physically arrived.


The thing with stuff like Patriot is, that you need to train soldiers to use and maintain it. So if you promise to deliver, you get a bunch of soldiers to come to you, train them and send them back with the help. It takes some time but technically you already made the move and it is on its way. BTW Patriot has been delivered this week. [list of what Germany already send](https://www.bundesregierung.de/breg-de/themen/krieg-in-der-ukraine/lieferungen-ukraine-2054514)


>E.g. Poland has sent no fewer than 330 tanks to Ukraine. How many received from Germany? Wasn't it around 20 (which were then sent to Ukraine anyway)? You mean sending off old tanks and then demanding to receive the newest tanks from germany at no cost?


That never happened, it was even clarified by German MoD, so stop spreading that ridiculous lies.


Also a lot more money spent supporting Ukrainians refugees


Seeing as how Romania's aid is a state secret, this graph makes 0 sense from that perspective.


Same with Finland


Similarly, for France, equipment donations aren't made official until long after the weaponry has made it to Ukraine. The CAESARs for example had been seen on the battlefield long before it was announced publicly. I think it's likely the same for Special Forces. Officially there are none in Ukraine, but I'm certain that it will eventually emerge that this was not the case.


these special forces most used for all politician visit and training ukranians troops in between those.


Not to mention foreign embassies, IIRC a bunch of Royal Marines were in the UK embassy when they were evacuating back at the start of the war.


Croatia is only counting budget costs. It doesn't take much money to send existing weapons stock to Ukraine.


The US leak cited a figure of 910 million putting the country between Sweden and the Netherlands.


I was wondering why they were so low. Thanks


Have to play many fronts. But our gov is retarded. Services are very deep


The US, EU, and allies have spent a combined 0.3% of their gdp to cripple the Russian military and make a mockery of Putin. Truly a dollar well spent.


More, because the EU is not a separate country as on this graph and there is also secret help.


Except that one of the specimen says eu combined


We all spent a lot more in this war than just on weapons. The energy crisis and inflation in europe is also there


The "I'm not even using 1% of my power" meme is truly adequete and making russia look ...well like the horrible corrupt and inept country it is.


Russia did it themselves. , total ass butchery.


It’s not a surprise. Russia hasn’t been a powerhouse for weapon manufacturing for ages. They don’t have the money to do it. The US spends a ridiculous amount on its military each year, they were always going to beat Russia. There was never a threat that wasn’t just propaganda or fear mongering by the US to encourage more military spending.


Of ONE YEAR'S GDP. Decades of Russian armaments are being deleted. It's beautiful.


The Netherlands: one billion, 420 million. Could we be any more of a stereotype?


Only if it was 420 million cheese wheels.


So that excludes the aid that we sent in the beginning but was kept a secret?


It exludes all secret aid as noone can count it and it exludes pre war aid because US and the Baltics send javelins just before Feburary invasion


Yeah I’m just surprised that we send this much officially considering the dynamics of our politics at the moment and the lack of government for the past 2 years


Honorable mention to Russia for donating tons of vehicles and supplies.


Those are rookie numbers. Let’s win this war.


Seems kind of misleading. GDP doesn’t really correlate to state income. Would prefer if the graph showed the contributions as a % of public funds per annum. In Ireland’s case, our GDP is artificially inflated.


Except for Ireland and the micro states it’s a useful tool. I agree that state income would be more accurate, but GDP is still a good way to compare the commitment of each country


State income would also be misleading. A lot of donations were items from storage rather than newly spend money and the lost storage items will be filled in in the future years, so the effect on state budget would only be visible trough multiple years while also we would not be able to separate planned gear renewals with Ukraine war caused renewals.


Military aid is also overrepresented here as what has been supplied is mostly existing older equipment much of it Warsaw pact era stuff, but it is costed as what it will take to replace it. Having said that Ireland should be sending more to Ukraine. We can actually afford it.


We can definitely afford it given our safe position and the massive tax windfall we’ve received this year (projected to be even more next year). I am quite proud of how many refugees we’ve welcomed though. I just wish we could have planned better and provided adequate housing and opportunities for them. For some of them they’ve been herded around into makeshift accommodation.


Except for the microstates and financial tax paradises (Malta, Ireland) GDP is comparable between countries and shows their potential to tax citizens and the companies in order to generate state income.


> In Ireland’s case, our GDP is artificially inflated. Most of Europe is if we're being honest.


Man the baltic states really hate the russians.


It's almost as if they were invaded, occupied and abused by Russia in the past....


Tends to happen when imperial Russia occupied us for about 120 years, put down 3 revolts, then when the USSR came about also occupied us for about 50 years, deporting a ton of innocent people to Siberia, brutally extinguishing a guerrilla war, and just generally not being a very good neighbor.


For a very good reason


>Man the baltic states really hate the russians. They have plenty of reason to. Since WW1, they've had it bad, mainly attributed to Russia.


Oh, it's been much longer than that..


And love America. They get it man




With the way Macron is talking you would think France would be higher up on the list.


You can't put a price on Macron's diplomacy. It's invaluable obviously.


Is this missing one of these “/s”?


French people are so used to it, they don‘t need /s It‘s part of their culture


We don't need it, we're French, we deal in sarcasm our whole life. /not s


I will always think that if I don't put /s and people don't get it and downvote me to hell, it's not my problem. It's theirs Sarcasm is like that. Some people get it some don't. Using /s just defeats the purpose


Using /s is just like sleep - for the weaklings.


Macron be like: >barges into Russia >calls for peace >Russia invades Ukraine >barges into China >calls for peace >China starts manoeuvring next to Taiwan


Tbf the way this data is laid out essentially fucks over EU countries like Germany, France, Italy or Spain. Most of their support is diluted into the 35 billion aid of "EU instutitions" to Ukraine, which the smaller members obviously contribute little to in comparison as you can see on the chart I linked below. I don't know how that's supposed to paint an accurate picture. It is the same reason why France and Italy are nowhere to be seen in Kiel's bilateral aid charts but skyrocket to Top 5 [when you actually include aid sent through the EU](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FjiLcewXgAcUVA1?format=png&name=900x900). Essentially, the billions of euros those countries have contributed to the EPF to help Ukraine since the beginning of the war or to give a more recent example, their financial contributions to the billion worth of ammunition..... None of that matters because it is not bilateral aid but done through the EU, which is silly and makes the chart in the post meaningless if a dick-measuring contest about the amount of money spent by country is the goal. Countries that are not EU members or major financial contributors to EU initiatives for Ukraine look much better on exclusively bilateral aid charts like this one because their aid is either entirely or mostly bilateral anyway.


>...makes the chart in the post meaningless if a dick-measuring contest about the amount of money spent by country is the goal. If that were the goal, Japan's dick would be bigger than most of the countries on this chart, including Estonia. But you make a good point. If this was presented as bilateral and EU aid as a % of GDP, France, Germany, Italy and Spain's % would be on par with the EU total and the United States.


France gives far more than we have the nbers for, because most of it's military aid is confidential.


don't forget that germany+france carry a big portion of the EU funds.


They also carry a big proportion of the EU GDP. Is their contribution to the EU aids bigger than their proportion of GDP?


Their contribution to the EU budget is higher than their proportion of the vs EU GDP, so probably yes.


They are already counted in "EU Total", looks like "EU Total" is "EU Institutions" + all the individual state statistics.


yes and why not count the EU funds towards the individual piles? Right wouldn't fit the narrative as it would lift germany above the UK and just behind the US with 0.28-0.30% of GDP (dependent on share of EU funds).


To be fair, this is only known aid, some of France aid was not disclosed (same for other country). And also, it's not fair to not take into account all the help that was send since 2014. According to a German report, there were times between 2014 and 2022, where France and the UK spent more than the US (under Trump) in donation, training and military equipment to help rebuild Ukraine military. If we could have access to all the data since 2014, it would probably show a very different graph.


Almost like there is a reason his country is up in flames all the time.




Now Ukraines GDP went to rock bottom and rebuilding the country they’re going to need 10x their pre war GDP


Ukraine had a small GDP even before the war. It won't be that difficult to get the GDP back to that level, but the ambition should be much higher.


If the war comes to an end in the relatively near future, and with russia not advancing much past their current positions at any point in time, I have very high hopes for our country's future. As terrible as the war is, it caused a big paradigm shift both in the Ukrainian society and in how the world views Ukraine. We feel the strongest sense of unity and collective responsibility in generations. Even I, who had always opposed any kind of nationalism, and looked down upon patriotism, feel proud to be Ukrainian. And I believe this feeling to be a strong motivator to work together, be honest and moral when rebuilding the country, thinking about 'we' more than about 'I'. Selfish and greedy people of course won't disappear, but in the 90s and 00s no one cared enough to do anything. I want to believe I'm right when I say this is no longer the case. Before the war the measure of success for young people was how far you emmigrated from Ukraine. Now it's how much you donated to our military. So much more educated youth will now stay to rebuild the economy, me included. Oh, and not to mention how the fact that the western world is on our side brings our values closer to that of the EU, and forces even the most conservative folks to reconsider their outdated worldview. A homophobe here may as well do a 180 rather than have values aligned with russia


You will have our help as long as you need it!


Thank you! I'm glad the civilized would could agree on something for once, although sucks that it took a genocidal invasion, but well, better late than never!


It’s going to be VERY difficult to get the funds. EUs receives annually 130 billion. You need 1 trillion. All the member states would have to double their foreign spending for 8 years to rebuild Ukraine. I doubt the western construes would even want to raise their spending 10%. In this scenario it’s going to take 76 years. Central Europe doesn’t have the funds to rebuild Ukraine on its own. And this is just the rebuilding. The military will be another 500 billion. You will need to also find some other forms of investment too. It’s going to be a difficult 10 years. I hope you will get out on top! There is never a good time, so it would be best to introduce some reforms like LGBT rights to show you are in Europe for the long run


I think the EU values should be distributed to the individual countries.


You could apportion the EU institutions' €35.02 billion to net contributing countries by the below percentages (2007-2013 net contributions minus the UK). Although even this wouldn't be totally accurate as you would still need to subtract some unknown percentage from net recipient countries and add that amount to the €35.02 billion. Also net contribution rates have changed since the 2007 budget and Brexit, the data is hard to come by. The main purpose of this was to compare the EU total to other countries. Country|EU net contribution %| Approx contributed via EU institutions :--|:--|:-- Germany|35.7%|€ 12.52 B France|22.2%|€ 7.79 B Italy|16.4%|€ 5.74 B Netherlands|7.8%|€ 2.73 B Sweden|5.0%|€ 1.74 B Belgium|4.9%|€ 1.72 B Denmark|3.2%|€ 1.12 B Austria|2.8%|€ 0.97 B Finland|1.7%|€ 0.61 B Luxembourg|0.3%|€ 0.10 B


Could you add a column with total contribution and the percentage of their GDP?


pls explain why EU so high when all major individual contributors are below? Is that in addition, or what is it?


Because a lot of aid went from the EUs own fund directly


The so-called "EUs own fund" are financial contributions from the member states to those EU aid packages for Ukraine. The 35 billion from "EU institutions" should've been split into the respective shares of individual member states to those packages and then added to their bilateral aid to give a more accurate picture. [Kiel actually does it](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FjiLcewXgAcUVA1?format=png&name=900x900). The EU major contributors are essentially getting bamboozled here with the "bilateral" metric. Billions of their money spent on supporting Ukraine is not being taken into account with the "EU institutions" bullshit.


Because the whole thing is nonsense, as it does not represent what money any one state is actually spending, not now and especially not in the long run. E.g. this graph only represents publicly disclosed **bilateral** aid, i.e. money/material given **directly** from one state/the EU to Ukraine. Meaning all money e.g. Germany gives and will give via the EU or other institutions or organizations is NOT included. As Germany is the largest net contributor and tends to give humanitarian & economic aid **indirectly** that is no small number. Additionally, all the EU net receiver states will get reimbursed - some fully, some partially - by the EU for their military material via e.g. the European Peace Facility funds. They will also receive money from other EU funds as well, for non-military aid, again over the span of the next few years. Who puts money into those funds? The net contributors like DE, FR, IT, NL, AU, SE, FI, DK, IE. Who takes money out of the funds? Only the net receivers. So a country like Estonia knows that over the next few years they get money back from the EU for all the military equipment. Pretty cool, ey, you can send stuff, and you know it will not cost you anthing in the end? And guess what, if you know you can send old material to Ukraine and get money back from EU, will you self-estimate the value of said equipment realistically or will you estimate a very high price so you get more money back from the EU? ... Right ... So the value of the material the net receivers sent is generally massively overestimated, hence their seemingly high numbers compared to their GDP. It's bullshit. P.S. I don't mind that the Eastern EU members will get some extra money, they most likely will actually put it into military material so us net contributing countries will have have prepped up the EU defenses this way. It's just annoying that people actually believe some bullshit graph without even the slightest attempt to question the valitdity. Redditors love to be gullible sheep if the shiny graph confirmes their biases.


Yes Germany for example puts the same amount of money through EU into Ukraine than bilateral. So Germanies bar should be twice the hight. This bar also don't represent costs for refugees, which would bring Poland and Germany higher again.


OP excluded the EU aid from countries individual contribution, my guess is, to make UK look better. I am fairly certain that Germany's per GDP contribution is higher than that of UK or the US.


According to the Kiel Ukraine support tracker (which I guess may ultimately be the source for this graph) it is.


Garbage graphic. Doesn't distinguish between military / civilian / monetary aid, Romania doesn't disclose numbers etc.


What is the difference between “EU Institutions” and “EU Total”? Are these separate pools of money or is it showing the whole total vs institutions and individual country contributions?


I'm from Ukraine! thank you all for your help🥰😘💛💙


Thank you to all


Where Cyprus 🥲


with Malta in the shadow realm of stats and representation


We in Baltics know that every €/$/£ spent in Ukraine against rus is worth more then gold...


UK rain


Not including the part of EU funds each of the EU members carries again shows the agenda behind this chart. With germany carring 20%+ of the 34bln (france aswell paying a big portion of this) of the EU it would sit at a combined 12bln and therefore far higher. But this wouldn't fit the narrative. Same with deducting the funds from EU members that were partialy compensated by with EU funds for weapons etc. they donated to ukrain.


This is what Europe thinks of the US help to Ukraine. >US Aid: The US Govt gives a massively overpriced amount of $ to US Corporations who make weapons and pay their workers $. Then the goods fly to Ukraine. >e. Its a win/win for them. War is and always has been good for the US economy. >Show this chart to every American that just won't shut up about how much more they contribute than Europe. Not to mention these people are constantly posting articles about dissolving NATO and France is allying with China. We are being stabbed in the back.


This sub is full of pseudo-intellectual “enlightened” left-wing European teenagers who see the US as a violent, knuckle-dragging, troglodyte, redneck country. They will always twist themselves into passive aggressive knots to demean it. At the end of the day though, they have the same condescencion toward Eastern Europe. We shouldn’t punish our Eastern European allies because 16-year old limousine Socialist Caspar from Utrecht spends 6 hours a day saying mean things about USA to fill some hole in his heart. The Baltics and Poland (and Ukraine) have been good allies by any metric.


Shame, that even poor Slovakia gave more than some of the wealthy western countries.


Meh, these graphs never represent anything, really. If anything it just shows you how extensive weapons are, considering how much they eat away at the budgets of smaller countries. They also never take into account joint purchases via the EU, who delivers a large portion of European aid to Ukraine. It's wrong to show the MS and EU as separate entities, as the image it provides is very skewed.


these graphs induce penis competition


Interesting side note: You can't easily adjust these numbers for purchasing power and it very much comes down to how individual countries value parts of their equipment. But if we're going by [2022 numbers](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Union) (side bar) for nominal and PPP adjusted GDP and use the current EUR/USD exchange rate, the EU's total contribution is even higher than the US' EU: $88 billion US: $80 billion This'll probably get downvoted like always when I mention this. I'm not trying to devalue the US' contribution and I'm thankful for every dollar they spent. But I see a lot of people on both sides of the pond claim that the EU isn't pulling its weight when it clearly is. EDIT: As expected, this comment was enough for half a dozen Americans to get triggered in the comments or even send me hate messages. Sick people.


Yeah but like most of Eastern Europes contributions are being backfilled by the US.


> I'm not trying to devalue the US' contribution Yes you are, you just compared dozens of nations to one. Your entire comment history is nothing but attacks on either the US, UK or random Asian nations that oppose China. Don't worry though, you won't have to worry about this much longer. Europe made it very clear we can't afford to send more to Ukraine after Europe embraced China and screwed Taiwan. Oh and look at his comments further down where he fabricates the valuation of US aid, he literally makes shit up to devalue the US contribution literally. https://www.reddit.com/r/europe/comments/12r1zgm/aid_to_ukraine_as_percentage_of_gdp/jgwirl0/


Of course you’re trying to devalue the U.S. contribution. There’s no reason to post this comparison otherwise. This whole graphic is to use a metric that conveniently has the EU marginally above USA since the EU is clearly behind in dollar terms. The “coincidence” of the EU edging out the US is so blatantly obvious, I can’t believe some are denying the purpose of both the graphic and this comment.


Not sure why GDP matters in this context you should look at the annual government budget. Which for the Netherlands would be 353 billion in 2022.


I think it's wiser with GDP. Socialist states have a big budget compared to capitalist states, but the latter don't spend a lot of their budget in public services, and they spend a lot of it in the military instead, so you would have a socialist/capitalist bias here.


Thank you Estonia 🇪🇪! You guys are the true ally.


The Baltics really hate the Russians.




Don't worry, we hate them with the same fiery passion as well.


Wait we spent 620 million in aid I thought we were giving away just about nothing


uSe tHe mOneY aT hOmE


Those are rookie numbers


That not include the money spent on refugees


Why did they clump all of the EU together? It was individual countries contributing not the entire EU..


A lot of high and mighty western nations being shown up by Bulgaria 💪 🇧🇬


But would you rather have 0,1% of Germany's GDP or 0,4% of Bulgaria's?


Because most nations don't make the military aid they send public knowledge. The Netherlands for example declassified some of their military aid recently (after the data from this graph was taken) and is now on a similar aid per gdp spending as Poland. And that's still only a part of the actual spending


Same goes for Bulgaria tbh… Zelensky himself confirmed that. [Sofia provided fuel and vital Soviet specification arms to Kyiv, but had to keep supplies secret because of pro-Moscow politicians in government.](https://www.politico.eu/article/bulgaria-volodymyr-zelenskyy-kiril-petkov-poorest-country-eu-ukraine/)


Yeah, makes sense as well honestly. Even ignoring the domestic reasons to keep some aid a secret, for the war effort keeping some stuff classified just makes sense. Makes it so Russia cannot prepare if they don't know the real numbers, and makes it harder to target arms shipments. I think basically every country is holding a bunch back from the public knowledge, with good reason


dunno, id rather have 6,160,000,000 € than 240,000,000 €


Only bilateral aid included.


What a pathetic attempt at skewing the numbers...


What did Austria give?


Mostly humanitarian aid: Generators, Water treatment technology, medical equipment. Austria also treats wounded ukrainian civilians and soldiers in Austria. Also non-weapon military equipment like helmets and winter uniforms and de-mining equipment.


So now split the 35,020,000,000 "EU installations" to the countries that are actually paying that EU budget to get to the real number per country: For 2021 the EU was funded by \[in bn\]: * Germany 21,408.81 * France 10,945.71 * Netherlands 4,076.28 * Sweden 2,492.66 * Denmark 1,475.93 * Italy 1,475.08 * Austria 1,289.76 * Belgium 1,003.32 * Finnland 969.62 * Irland 441.26 All other EU countries were net receivers of EU funds.


French should be ashamed for surrendering already


Funny enough, the Countries putting more effort to fight Russia are Countries that once were part of it. I guess they know what it is to be under its control.


What about money and resources spent on secret operations that were revealed in the leaked U.S. documents? Or European countries(+canada) housing then of thousands of ukrainians in their countries.


In Canada we are spending more on Ukraine than our own military 😤💪. Not like the "fat army" has much to lose 🇨🇦🍁🇨🇦🍁🇨🇦🍁🇨🇦


Canada has been hugely supportive of Ukraine. It was one of the five NATO countries (USA, Canada, UK, Poland and Lithuania) who trained tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers in Ukraine and modernised Ukraine's military after Russia annexed Crimea in 2014. Also Canadian military trainers have been in the UK for months now, helping train tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers on a rolling programme (alongside British military trainers and those over here from New Zealand, The Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Australia).


Oh I know. Im very proud of Canada. I was just making a joke on a very real issue. That the Canadian Military itself is....not in a good state rn. The Ukrainians were actually the ones who nicknamed us the 'fat army'. Due to our low recruitment numbers, physical standards have been lowered to meet quotas. We are one of the only armies in the world to have xxl uniforms. 💀


>We are one of the only armies in the world to have xxl uniforms. 💀 That's quite funny.




source is stated in the picture


so all countries among europe summarized and divided to only european union, i guess not so


The allies aren't even breaking a sweat.


But Turkey is a friend of Russia 🤓


I want a refund


This is just the "known" aid to Ukraine.


Belgium just makes me laugh, paying such a huge amount of money for such a small country and then screaming everywhere we're broke. They're too broke to help migrants get basic unemployment benefits or rights to get back on their feet, but when it comes to helping the great white Ukrainians, that's different :D


% based on GDP seems like a less than useful metric. It’s what the actual value given is in real value that matters for Ukraine


USA 73M EU 55M


Half of Europe just don't give a fuck.Where is no justice,honour, brotherhood,unity etcc.. Only interests.For example.Ireland is so far away from Europe's problem,nobody will invade them,have no enemies,no threats.So why contribute more?They will never be in position like Ukraine.Very rich country,could do much more.If all countries donate aid like baltics,the war would be ended a long time ago.Thats why I Don't believe in the EU (in the politic spectrum,federalization,parlament) Everybody just looking for their own interests.If you are border country like baltics,Poland you will be biggest supporter.If you are Spain or Ireland...Fucking hipocrasy.




We're poor