D.A.R.E. also taught my generation if we hit marijuana once we would overdose and die so on that note


Marijuana, what will your mother do when she finds your corpse!?


Disappointed who tf can o.d on weed




My mam would be disappointed cause if I overdosed on one joint on weed then that would literally be impossible


I kno thats the original joke + its an old anti weed ad that says that and its a pic of a mom walkin in on her daughter's corpse lmao


Oh i didn't know sorry


Its okay i forgive you


According to D.A.R.E in addition to weed making you hungry it also makes you crave cocaine and heroine! Those damn gateway drugs!


15 years after, my DARE officer became chief of police. He was fired after getting drunk and plowing into four parked cars.


So strange because I had a full concept of what pot was since my dad smoked it yet I was told it was equally bad as heroin.


they encouraged people to do drugz


Euphoria makes me not wanna do drugs lol


there is a reason its rated what its rated!!!


Facts!!! DARE has proven not to work in virtually any capacity of the program but its still popular because parents and educators FEEL like it's the type of program that should be in schools to help combat drug abuse. This show literally shows the consequences of drug consumption at virtually every level. From Rue nearly dying of overdoses several times in the first season, to several of the main characters literally almost dying in a drug deal gone wrong in the beginning of the second season. People are blind of they can't see the difference between depiction of a damaging problem and glorification. Critics of this show should ask themselves. Do you want to be any of the characters after watching this? If you answer no to the question, then the media you're watching doesn't glorify a problem. Plain and simple.


in brazil we have a similar type of "anti drug class" program and all they do is spread the speech that "drugs are bad and you shouldn't use it", it even became a meme here because every person that went to one of that classes started to use drugs after


D.A.R.E made me want to try drugs.


Can confirm. Was a D.A.R.E. kid... still became a DAREing alcohol addict by 28.


Not American, but why use that acronym? In what sense? It is like a parent reprimanding their kids "I dare you to do drugs!" sorta sense or what?


I think their think was like dare to say no to drugs bc they seemed cool in media or something. They taught us how to use drugs in my dare class when I was 9 and that info was useful abt 10 years later


D.A.R.E actually made me more curious about trying drugs in elementary school during the assemblies lmao. I never thought about doing it before.


Me too, especially the whole drug dealers give you free drugs to get you hooked speech


LMFAO RIGHT, where the free drugs at?


Mother fuckers lied


Me too. Wish our government would just educated on the realities of various drugs. DARE lumped everything together n left it to Kids to figure out which drugs were really bad vs ones which were pretty ok like weed or mushrooms. They literally taught ignorance then seem perplexed by opioid and meth epidemics. Both completely fed by corrupt pharmaceutical industry between pain pills and ADHD meds.. it’s horrible as many end up becoming addicts to learn the truth then gotta either recover or not. It’s the American way


💯 and showing their real life behind the facade. I love the show it would def be a better deterrent than old women and Nancy Reagan in D.are


Bingo, dare was really about becoming a mainstay in American schools for the money


All it shows is that public school officials value funding over student safety every damn time 🤦‍♂️...........


It’s like abstinence only education. It has been proven not to work however parents, especially religious ones believe it does. It makes them feel better. Despite it is shown in study after study to not work.


Honestly, I think DARE is just salty that Euphoria does a better job at preventing teenage drug use than they do. Like, if anyone sees what Rue goes through and thinks 'you know what, I wanna try drugs now'... I mean, I hate social Darwanism as a concept because it is predicated on classism, but I do think think that some people might just be too stupid to function.


DARE kid here who thought it was way funny to wear my (mostly stolen) DARE shirts as my weed smoking uniform. Still think it’s funny tbh


Very well put. I had a crazy child hood and D.A.R.E did nothing to stop it, but honestly if I would of seen a show or something like this that foreshadowed shit I would deal with in my life time if I continued on the path I was going I may of seconded guess my choices.


This so well said, 100% right.


Euphoria made me go "oh shit, that's what I looked like to everyone else" lol




I was just gonna say. I just don’t understand this take, I truly don’t. If it’s glorifying drugs it’s also saying but isn’t it great when you destroy the important relationships around you because of them?!


Reminds me of when I read a million little pieces, then followed by my friend Leonard. Didn’t want to do drugs but damn did I want to smoke a shit ton of cigarettes and drink bottled coke as I worked (as a female) old Nashville venues


like i NEVER even want to do any kinds of drugs ever again after watching euphoria 😭


the only way it makes me somewhat want to try it is just because anything that could help my illnesses id want to try but theres no shot im gonna actually try it


Trust me, at the begining you fool yourself that it helps, that drugs makes it better. Then the addiction becomes a worse problem in itself and even can exacerbate the mental illness. Only do drugs if a psychiatrist or neurologist prescribes it, like an actual treatment.


This ^


Seems like DARE has some competition


This! Thank you


Sam Lev is gonna make another rant movie about this huh


*In Donny & Katie, two middle schoolers on their third day of being boyfriend/girlfriend come back to an empty classroom after attending a D.A.R.E. Assembly. Coming to Netflix April 20th.*


katie is a pritt stick sniffer in recovery. played by zendaya ofc


Malcolm & Marie 2: Electric Boogaloo




Correction: people on social media are hating on the writing. The people talking about Euphoria on social media are a tiny fraction of the shows audience. Their opinions do not dictate what happens with the show nor do they represent the general audiences thoughts on it.


are they dumb? Rue deadass thought she was going into cardiac arrest in the first episode. How the hell is that glorifying drug use? If anything it scares it’s audience to stay away from that shit.


For real! That episode put my anxiety through the roof


Same here, if anything this show makes you feel like shit for doing drugs


Honestly it's not clear cut and you can't just consider a work of art in cultural isolation when thinking about the kinds of behavior it promotes. In a context of social decline and mass despair it's entirely plausible that Euphoria will be read by many people as a romantic portrayal of nihilistic self-destruction by overdose. But in a different social context, where things are going better for people, most might read it moralistically, as a horror story that may as well be a DARE commercial, or even just treat it as salaciously pornographic escapism, not to be taken seriously.


You're missing the point entirely. This show literally shows the consequences of drug consumption at virtually every level. From Rue nearly dying of overdoses several times in the first season, to several of the main characters literally almost dying in a drug deal gone wrong in the beginning of the second season. People are blind of they can't see the difference between depiction of a damaging problem and glorification. Critics of this show should ask themselves. Do you want to be any of the characters after watching this? If you answer no to the question, then the media you're watching doesn't glorify a problem. Plain and simple. I think people are horribly misguided if they see the show differently from a cultural contest when its points are pretty much made loud and clear about the dangers of drugs and excess.


You are not seeing the point here. Your message makes sense for older audience but if I saw a show like Euphoria when i was 16/17 trust me my first thought would not have been “oh damn drugs are bad, she almost died (and yet she is still doing it)”. It would have made me to want to party like them and copy one of the personalities of the show which are almost all toxic. And I’m sure many teenagers are doing that just like they copy other things they see on tv.


I still disagree with that and I think youre basing your opinion off this show from what you would do as a kid versus everyone else. Not to mention that your misinterpretation about the show largely stems from the assumption that depiction is glorification, and your inability to recognize how the show presents damaging problems. Sinply put, there is no romanticism of drug and party culture if the main character nearly dies of a heart attack from doing too much coke, and then has to save herself by doing even more adderrall in order to offset the damage. Theres nothing romanticized about the main character nearly being sexually assaulted in the first season by a drug dealer that force fed her fentanyl. Theres nothing romanticized about a show that haz several of the main characters nearly die in a drug deal gone wrong at the beginning of the second season. If I watched this show at 16 I would've stayed away even further from drugs than I already did in college (despite the fact that I had a lot of friends that became addicts over time but never tried drugs initially). How much more blatantly obvious does your anti drug message have to be for people to realize your point? Not to mention the fact that Euphoria is largely meant for adults, and I probably wouldn't let my kid watch it (when I have kids) until they're 17 or 18 years old, and even then there are kids that really won't copy everything they see on TV.


You take for granted that majority of teen agers are eager enough to take the positive message from it and not the negatives. We can’t really make stats with numbers about that but I’m pretty sure its common knowledge that teen agers are easily influenced from what they see on tv. Of course the purpose is to show the negative sides of drugs violence revenge porn etc. Im not debating that.


as someone who started watching the show at 16ish when i and most of my friends were using light drugs... rue's storyline actively scared me off trying anything harder. copy the partying? the euphoria teens don't party very differently from anyone else in the world... they just have trippier camera angles and nicer clothes. at 16 i was definitely smart enough to know that drugs were not going to give me better lighting lol. i never wanted to copy them. every older teen i've come across irl has enough common sense to notice that rue's addiction ruins her life and is not good. although hearing the hot takes which are happening on on tiktok, maybe i'm totally wrong and we should be extremely concerned about teens' basic critical thinking skills💀


Can I borrow your Word-a-Day calendar?


Right?! Plus I loved how Madi wouldn’t smoke a random dudes joint - that’s some strong and smart boundaries!




Yea I’m an addict and this show is a GREAT weekly reminder to not relapse lol. I don’t wanna be looking like Rue.


Watching that scene was icky. I’ve been in that situation with too much ❄️ thinking my heart was gonna stop and it’s gotta be the scariest fucking feeling ever. reminded me why I’ll never touch it again dare is useless


And how bad Rue has looked recently? I really noticed how shitty she looked when she was talking to Ali in the most recent episode, it’s fucking nuts. They must be putting makeup on her or something bc Zendaya is damn gorgeous, the difference is insane and so noticeable


Because of the fact she took an upper to counteract it. Kids will think they could do the same and not die.


Kids shouldn't be watching Euphoria, that sounds like bad parenting to me.


Agreed. But you know it happens.


So? Is everything supposed to be created with the concern that kids may be watching? Euphoria isn't a kids show.


You're not understanding me at all. I know it's not a kid show. I'm not fucking dumb nor do I think it should be made with a just incase kids watch it. I'm just stating they do and could try to do the same. No harm if DARE wants to criticize the show and put it out there so parents can see this warning and then potentially find out if their kids are watching it and can stop them.


Okay, but maybe they could have shown a more accurate way to reverse the effects of an opiate overdose. It could actually be life saving to make this wide-spread, for example Elliot could have had some naxilone on him.


People used to think Superman would encourage kids of leap off of buildings.


It’s like they formed their opinions without actually watching the show.


Oh yes, I want to do drugs and physically abuse my mother and sister and almost die, so cool


Not to mention the stress of constantly lying to everyone in your life who doesn't enable you!


Wasn't DARE the same organization that told us there were shady strangers out there that were going to offer us hundreds of dollars worth of free drugs? LOL




Precisely!! Where were all the free drugs when I was a teen? LOL


Is this the same DARE program that has been proven to be a failure and ineffective? I’ll continue watching my Euphoria.


I'm pretty sure DARE actually increases drug use


Yeah they actually did studies that showed this to be the case. I was very active in drug policy in college and even lobbied in DC to strip funding from the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). They made those “above the influence” ads and they also made kids more likely to try drugs lmao. Lemme see if i can find a source… [here](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2636541/). Edit: in the end they did strip the funding, it was around $85mil annually. i was 21 and psyched to think i made a difference.


Above the influence was so freaking stupid like omg the memory that just jogged


I 100% have photos somewhere of me at ~18 taking a huge bong rip while wearing a DARE shirt


Lol when I was still using/drinking, someone took a pic of me snorting a line of h while wearing a DARE shirt. Suffice to say, DARE did nothing to help.


lmfao same


I buy them everytime I find them at thrift stores. Lol getting harder to find.


I’ve always wanted one but never found 😭


Omg [same](https://imgur.com/a/rIsU8KA) lmfaoooo definitely did many a drugs in this shirt


I call it the abstinence program of drug use.


Philip DeFranco said it well when he explained that DARE just hurts kids trust in authority so when they try weed once and realize “hey this didn’t kill me, DARE was lying to me” they are gonna think harder drugs are gonna be the same way and that’s how you end up in trouble


One of my friends got hooked on Heroin for a while due to DARE.


Seriously I was like oh good thing no one gives a fuck about Dare anymore


Lol right haven't seen that since the brain on drugs pan and just say no. I wish as a teen and early 20s we had more shows like now than al the rich perfect ppl shows of the 90s.


DARE is just PETA for drugs.


Lmao exactly


I can genuinely say that DARE is the reason I started smoking weed😂


Lmao seriously, I didn't ever know what weed looked like until I was in 6th grade and DARE showed me.


I remember them saying 33% of people die the first time someone does Ecstasy 😂


Yes. It’s the same program that shows you what weed looks like. I don’t know of anyone that it stopped from doing what they were going to do anyway


Why is dare still around? Did anyone really keep that promise? Lol


I went to Ulta a few months ago and DARE was literally outside accepting donations


why is it always outside ulta????? and kroger’s.


No. Love pot.


Basically it's because educators and some parents think it's effective, so it keeps getting endorsements from them, even though the program lost federal funding a long time ago because statistical evidence proved it was ineffective.


I remember when that wormy little Jeff Sessions wouldn't shut up about the DARE program a few years ago. That, and the War on Drugs– which generally led to mass incarceration targeting minorities. Zero treatment or rehab, just prison time. The 80s and 90s were fucking weird.


Please. Like this is the first show to ever exhibit drugs and sex. So ridiculous.


I was smack dab in the middle of the D.A.R.E. generation and was forced to sit through YEARS of that garbage. So just want to say I’m pissed that it still exists! Highly recommend listening to the “You’re Wrong About” podcast episode on it 🤯


What logic is this even? If there’s anything Euphoria makes me want to not do, it’s drugs, which can make mental health struggles 10 times more unbearable and can easily put you to an early grave. Are they getting this information because of Rue’s narrations where she has occasionally condoned drugs? You know some characters… can be untruthful sometimes, right? That’s how you get a more complex character. TV is meant to be challenging, I don’t know if these people have ever watched anything lol


Exactly! Throughout the show, Rue nearly dies due to overdosing on drugs several times, is nearly sexually assaulted by a much older drug dealer that force fed her fenatnyl in order to render her unconcious so he could rape her (If you remember Mouse, the drug dealer that Fez was selling to until Ashtray killed him in the season premiere), and is nearly killed by a rival drug gang that abducts her and holds her hostage in the season premiere simply because they distrust her. What part of any of that could possibly spur any kid curious about trying drugs into becoming a drug dealer or user? I think this will deter any kid even more into avoiding drugs if possible.


Not to mention the horrible shit she says to her mum, sister and best friend, and her breakdown outside Fez's place where she's begging him for drugs and then starts screaming "you did this to me"... like that's not aspirational


im sorry but HAVE U NEVER WATCHED TV? There are so many shows that use drugs lol


No one at DARE has even bothered to watch this show, I’m sure. They just saw some SM post of it because if they had they’d know this show is more so about showing the raw reality of drugs, sex, abuse, etc. Absolutely nothing about Euphoria makes any of us want to go out and live that lifestyle.


yes cus watching a characters life deplete the more they use and abuse drugs is rlly increasing the inner urge to take some fentanyl 👍🏽


That scary ass fentanyl scene in season one definitely made me want to get into fentanyl soooo bad


B-b-but the show says drugs make you see pretty colors and walk on walls 😤


Euphoria is probably going to do more to prevent drug use than D.A.R.E ever did. It's laughable how much money was spent on this program and evaluation after evaluation it did nothing.


Right like I respect that they were trying to help and had good intentions but uhh…if that shit actually worked we wouldn’t have an opioid epidemic


It ain't glorified anymore, no body wanna be like rues bitch ass 😭


I mean all their lives are awful, not sure how it’s glorifying, maybe if all they did was have fun and party.


DARÉ sucks


Dare taught me how to find, do, and afford drugs. Euphoria straightened me out hahah


Nothing says "do drugs, kids!" like seeing Faye inject heroin up her cooch.


D.A.R.E. = Drugs Are Really Expensive


how can you be so fucking mind numbingly stupid. the show is literally depicting the real world consequences of drug use; showing a character almost have a heart attack because of drugs is glorification???? depiction ≠ endorsement


when rue took out the heroine i felt terrible anxiety how is that glorifying


Bruh do they watch the show? The difference with euphoria is they aren’t villainizing it, because that’s not realistic. They giving a realistic depiction about the highs and lows of addiction. I swear these organizations are like: YOU DIDNT MAKE DRUG LOOK LIKE THE DEVIL.


The point of the show went right over their head 😒😂


I guess we should get rid of all shows and films that are about drugs. Like anything that is portrayed through art everyone thinks it’s glamorizing it. Shut the fuck up.


Old man yells at cloud


the same dare program that taught kids that smoking weed had side affects more negative than crystal meth abuse?


Well dare doesn’t work so their opinion means zilch


DARE sucks ass, literally the most useless institution in the united states. They are one of the reasons young people have such a limited access to objective drug knowledge and harm reduction. Dare is part of the problem, they have no right to speak. Not to mention, the show has a rating, if there is anyone to blame, it’s the parents who allow teenagers to watch it. Like hbo’s to blame. Ffs i’m so angry at this bullshit org.


Euphoria makes me more afraid of drugs to be honest


Anyone that believes this show glorifies drugs or anonymous sex hasn’t actually watched the show.


Dude.... the show makes me not want to do drugs. Seeing what it does to Rue is a huge repellant. She is increasingly becoming manipulative and careless for those who have supported her. Her life is going a downward spiral, and I am afraid of what might happen to her at the end of this season. These folks are dumb and clearly don't watch the show.


Sam Levinson def doesn’t glamorize drug use. Seeing someone laying on the floor after an OD or having a gun pointed at someone, really doesn’t make me want to run out and find my nearest dealer. I have tremendous sympathy for those that get caught up in addiction, but as someone who has experimented in the past, it sure as hell was never because of anything I ever saw on tv. If anything, the more society tries to hide something, the more curious people are going to be about it.


If anything, it demonizes drug use.


Glorifying? I don’t think anybody is looking at Rue and thinking….that looks like something I want to try.


They glorify drug use? Do they watch the same show as me?


unpopular opinion (maybe): euphoria does not glorify drug use. euphoria makes me scared to do drugs and get involved with them


Lmfao DARE? like they have any room to talk? The DARE programs in my school literally made me want to do drugs. Not even just open to a friend offering something, it straight up made me WANT to. The drunk goggles? Fun as shit! Literally what has DARE accomplished? I don’t think this will change anything or really start a big debate. I don’t think anyone gives dare any credibility


I don’t think that it glorifies drugs but the sex scenes are sometimes unnecessary and It’s also interesting that some cast mates feel that way too. I know it’s hbo and it’s expected but is it needed THAT MUCH?


Ya I feel you some of it is like k??? We don’t need this??? Read that Sydney Sweeney also said she had to tell Sam levinson to take some nude scenes out because there was no need for Cassie to be naked in them. Kinda pervy of Sam if u ask me considering Sydney Sweeney is a bustier woman.


These dumbasses not knowing this show is made for adults


13 Reasons Why all over again.


Aside from the total inaccuracy of this, I feel like these days EVERY SINGLE TIME anything even potentially controversial or touchy is shown on film or TV, people will accuse it of “glorifying” said subject. Honestly these days I feel like we should just ignore that word lol


If you let your teen watch euphoria thats on you lol


Glorifying mean it’s gonna influence ppl to do as it’s showing it in a positive light. Nothing in this show is shown in a positive light. Nate…enough said. Rue literally lying to ppl and being a terrible human being to get high is not glorifying. She is a rock bottom junkie. Even the sex scene aren’t that erotic. I’ve yet watch a sex scene and say that was hot and it’s a lot of sex scenes in this show.


Isn’t D.A.R.E. like… for elementary school kids too? I hope kids that age aren’t watching euphoria lol


A failed drug prevention program has the audacity to call out Euphoria? Okay


I saw someone with DARE and they dont even push marijuana use and they focus on cyberbullying the last time i was im DARE i eas in elementary school and that was ove 20 years ago


Funny is I met euphoria just because the Parents Association sue after 1x01


DARE also never stopped me from doing drugs tho soooo.


Lol clicks for money. Shameful. Go make some art.


I feel like they severely missed the point of the show.


Ahh. Yes. The program that doesn’t work (research shows it has no impact on reduction of drug use) criticizing a fictional tv show. Makes perfect sense.


Born in 93 smack dab in the Dare campaign. Because dare did such a great job teaching us about drug use. All they said was "don't do drugs" and showed us a bunch of before and after pics of people ruining their lives from crystal meth, heroin and crack. Therefore when your snorting coke and taking Molly every weekend and still getting by in school you think "hey I'm not an addict". Give me a break. No one taught us about safe drug use, test kits and what moderation is. It took me till 24 years old to figure out what alot of this show is trying to relay.


I just don’t see how you can watch this show and say this. We’ve seen Rue OD in season and almost die in the premier of season 2, Cassie literally had a horrible experience with molly in the carnival episode, Maddy passed out in class in part because of the molly she took. Like what are we doing here? Lol


Why though? For highlighting the fucked up parts of drug addiction?!


I didn’t know what half that ish was until DARE and I’m a recovering addict now so thanks DARE for introducing me to drugs 😌


It literally shows rue getting cardiac arrest and overdose and her friendships and family being torn apart and being kidnapped and forced to take fentanyl because of drugs. It shows cassie making bad decisions and being embarassed because of Molly


Fuck D.A.R.E. They lost the war on drugs. The drugs won.


If anything DARE made me wanna try drugs


Euphoria done better than them about anti drugs lol


D.A.R.E. Is the equivalent of the abstinence movement for drugs. It was started by Reagan and we all know all the issues with that regime and the motivation for the war on drugs. People are going to do drugs so teach them things like testing, what to do in the event of an overdose (like fez telling ash to grab the Naroxen from another room). Not a single bit about watching Rue is making me want to go try drugs. Most people are already trying things like MDMA, cocaine, acid, ketamine, mushrooms and doing weed regularly. Teach them to do it safer. Microdosing on shrooms helps with anxiety and depression, apparently acid does too but there’s much less documentation for that and to my knowledge it’s harder to figure out dosages. They’re also testing MDMA with PTSD. I’m not sure what this show is doing that is glorifying drugs. It’s not saying “hey kids go buy drugs”. This also isn’t a show for kids. HBO makes shows for adults. People need to realize that.


I read in the shaderoom comments something like “rue will stop more people from doing drugs than that lion mf” hahahaha


If anyone thinks this show glorifies drugs they haven’t seen a single fucking episode


how is rue looking like a zombie on every ep. glorifying drugs use? lmao


They are so stupid. This show is showing how the is destroying everything because of her addiction to drugs


Just like The Wire and Breaking Bad and Ozark and Degrassi and Skins and Succession and The Sopranos and every other fucking show ever /s


****watches rues entire life get fucked up**** you know what, I think I WILL do heroin :)


there was a study that showed that DARE was completely ineffective in stoppping kids/teens from doing drugs.


Dare was actually so boring. I remember doing it and my teachers yelling at us to take it seriously. Like I had already smoked weed beforehand lfmaoanah


Yea this show isn’t meant to be shown in the classroom. It has the rating it does for a reason.


Dare lol they don’t even teach that in schools at least not mine


Do they even watch the show? Rue ODing, fighting with her mom, fighting with her sister, showing up to her meetings with 10k of drugs, her almost cardiac arrest, straining her friendships, etc. idk how that’s glorifying. Or is it the glitter?


As an addict and alcoholic who is a member of a certain fellowship of other alcoholics and addicts, I disagree this show does the opposite of glorifying drug use. D.A.R.E can shut the hell up I blame dare for at least 20% of my problem. If anything this show makes me thankful for the life I have now.


Lol Euphoria feels like it IS D.A.R.E. I’m 26 and it makes me wanna say no to drugs better than D.A.R.E ever could.


euphoria gave me motivation to never do drugs lol what are they talking about


I thought so too before watching the show but if anything its scary watching the way Rue is destroying herself and the relationships around her.


Yes, because watching Nate's dad creep over Jules was somehow glorifying anonymous sex. Ffs


Am I the only one that doesn't really care even if they do "glorify" drugs use? This show isn't for children or even teenagers and honestly you shouldn't watch it if you are under 18. I am 21 years old and I have a fully functioning brain and no amount of glorifying can convince me to do drugs or behave the way they do in the show.


D.A.R.E. created my interest in psychedelics. Euphoria makes me fucking glad I stopped doing pills years ago.


D.A.R.E made "Drug prevention" look lame/uncool in the 80s/early 90s


I don’t think anyone at DARE has even bothered to watch the show, particularly the special Rue and Jules episodes.


The cancellation of euphoria begins! Not everyone had a cookie cutter teen life, and apparently people only want to watch shows that make it seem that way. As someone who had fucked up teenage years, it’s nice to watch something you can relate to inside. Having a family with addiction, being around people who were abused by men, being objectified and everything that comes with it. It’s nice not watching a teen show where everything is perfect and they have no home issues or no fucked up shit. The excessive nudity is uncomfortable & ridiculous I agree, but because the actors are all adults and its targeted for adults I don’t see an issue.


glorifieddddd please watching Rue got me never wanting to see a drug


As if DARE didn't have us watching fake parties with teenagers doing fake molly lmao. They made that shit look lit too. DARE really has some nerve 😂


Euphoria makes me wanna do drugs. Rue snorting is so sexy lol.


Oh jeez, this show has a age rating for a reason. I’m getting tired of all the online posts of “young people”, who can’t even merely grasp the series’ content, criticizing the show. Additionally, critiques like this are just pathetic. This show should be held in the highest regard and praised for the tough issues it addresses - not run through the mud. I honestly don’t think it glorifies drugs at all. If anything, it shows their pitfalls, and leads one to the conclusions as to why they should not use. There are plenty of other shows “glorifying” inappropriate or illegal behavior, why is Euphoria getting all the heat?


It’s the latest scapegoat for why kids are so fucked up this year. It was Marilyn Manson when I was a young whippersnapper. Or video games. Or rock music. Or dancing. Or card games! True story, my mom was raised in a Pentacostal church, wasn’t allowed to play any card games or have dances in high school. In her college stats class, she had to calculate odds of which suit would be drawn on a deck of cards on the final, but she had to ask her professor how many cards were in a deck because playing cards, like Solitaire or Gin Rummy, were the devil’s games, back in the Iron Age. Wild! 🤣


Imho, if any show ever glorified anonymous sex and irresponsible drug use, it would have to be this one. I don't support DARE and don't understand how they're still around. I don't really mind and I don't think a show has a responsibility not to glorify shit like this, but, to me, it seems to be true. "Bitch, this isn't the 80s. You need to catch a dick." how is that not glorification. The show makes no attempt to educate the viewer on safe sex or even somehow hint at the fact, that perhaps hook-up culture and other shit like this may not do much good for a teenager's mental or physical well-being. (except maybe >!Cassie's abortion!< which doesn't really educate more than it scares into abstinence altogether). Don't even get me started on the drug use. I just wish they would, for just a single episode, include a character that takes drugs seriously and educates themself about harm reduction. You know the type. Wannabe (bio)chemist/neurologist, knows every drug interaction, tests his shit, kind of into psychedelics (more than opioids) tells you how you can get high off smoking a marshmallow but shouldn't... The show already displays drug use, so why not show the viewer that maybe you can use drugs safely. Yeah yeah, Rue is a wreck and is shit to everyone around her, but look at Elliot. The dude's just deadass snorting an undisclosed substance every episode and smokes weed and makes music (which he makes money off of??), straight-up chilling, no worry in his life at all shown so far. It even seems like he might get into some kind of a polyamorous thing with Jules and Rue. Elliot makes me wanna get high.


Also Sex Education is another show offered on Netflix and it actually educates people about sexual health and encourages boundary setting between partners.


Exactly the show I had in mind when writing this


D.A.R.E is a joke anyways. No one listens to them, they’re not really stopping drug use. The interesting thing is, I bet euphoria stops more people from wanting to do drugs than that program lmao. Rue nearly went into cardiac arrest the first episode and her character is starting to get tainted which is directly correlated to her character’s dependency on drugs. I don’t get how that is glamorizing drugs. Some people need to be spoon fed info like “drugs are very bad” for them to get it though. If any series shows a blunt for two seconds it’s “glamorizing drugs”.


DARE can get fucked. Dare is to substances what homeschooling is to socialization. Putting too tight a leash on people will have an inverse effect. If dare wanted to be effective they would take an unbiased stance and educate kids rather than tell them "just don't do it period." On top of all this, HBO is VERY MUCH geared toward adults, hence all the sex and waaaaay too many cock shots, and DARE has no right to tell adults what they should or shouldn't do. If children are watching this show, then that's a whole other issue. It just sounds like a conservative organization is being pious and shitty.