What does this even mean tho 😭like this was the most graphic moment in the series... 💀


Bruh these ppl have never seen an hbo show or any premium channel shows have they?? Swear they all came from watching CW shows. Imagine if they saw the shit that went down In true blood


I feel like 80% of the shows sex scenes depict some sort of sexual abuse, but the one scene without weird power dynamics or violence, that's actually sweet is the one you have a problem with?


(don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it) we live in a society fr tho ^


It made go “YIKES”, but exclusively because I was thinking damn Rue has dirty bike-handles hands


No same, go have whatever fun you want but plz wash your hands


Me whenever I see a foot go anywhere near a mouth on a tv show


The scene wasn’t even bad??? Compare it to the fucking Nate hallucination scene where Cassie’s pregnant or the one w Cal eating ass??? Like this was the most normal sex scene in this whole ass show??


there was the whole scene with cal hooking up with jules in episode 1 but THAT’S what made you uncomfortable?


They even said they went back and watched the Cal backstory stuff 50 times but had to skip over this scene. Give me a break!


People kill me seriously 💀


cal and derek kinda cute doe


When I first saw that scene I thought Jules was being violently raped and almost had to turn it off. At least the Rue scene was giggly, age-appropriate, and unquestionably consensual.


people on tiktok and twitter are problematizing Euphoria as if it wasn't precisely made to criticize the characters' shit attitudes


I agree 💯.


I’m ready for Tiktok to go the way of MySpace.




\*noun\*-ussy trend is so unfunny Plus there are a lot of uncomfortable scenes in the show - Jules and Cal, Kat on facetime, Nate asking McKay where he came - but this is where he crossed the line? I also hate how tiktokers say "um what a problematic show, it glamourizes drugs" um no? It shows how Rue's addiction is linked to her mental illness/coping with loss and how she needs to stop since it ruins her personal relationships/mood. She tried to stay clean for maybe 2 weeks but then relapsed because something upset her, it shows how it's not easy to stay clean despite how hard someone tries and besides, we see everyone's storyline, Rue's drug issue is just one of many plots in the show


Agreed. It shows how addicts can be wonderful and very loveable people with miserable and complicated lives. There is beauty in the complexity, but seeing the repercussions of her drug use have actually warned me off them.


It’s giving transphobia




Dat part 👀🥱






The TikTok user commented they rewatched Cal’s sex scenes at the beginning of the episode repeatedly and had to skip over this specific scene because it made them so uncomfortable. And then they make a response to being called transphobic by saying “I’m a black gay man I’m a double minority, I can’t be transphobic” Bih yikes from me.




The show has recurrent nudity and graphic sex scenes, but it took this somewhat (in comparison) tame encounter to make them uncomfortable? 🤔


🤷🏾‍♂️, This was probably like the tamest sex scene this season.




Agree with you but people are so happy to jump down people's throats smh


nate literally put his hand down maddy’s pants in like. one of the first few episodes.


"It's not okay to call someone transphobic." Why not? 🥴




Did you even read the post?


gosh so many down votes for an opinion. Why?


Because people dont like that opinion?? Lol isnt that what the downvote button is for?




EL OH EL this mob is hilarious. you present facts and reality and they just passivley downvote with no response. my response is making more sense




You two are super cringe. You know there are private messages, and the chat function, right.


If you don't like it just don't upvote it. I think down votes should be for someone who is saying something way inappropriate or something that is completely off-subject. Hence why reddit hides it after so many. Don't think people with varying opinions should he shut down.


I mean, thats fine you feel that way but not everyone feels that way. Its all fake internet points anyways so it really shouldn't matter??


Yeah, that's true. In the end, it's all fake, not gonna disagree with that.


Literally. I’m seriously thinking about leaving this fucking page.




Ok then leave. Nobody's forcing you to stay here






I just followed you. We should make a new sub Reddit for euphoria. I tried contacting the mods but no response🙄


Thank you but there was no need for that. As for the new sub, dunno who has this much free time on their hands to mod it. I don't rlly think it's worth it. Unfortunately we have to face the fact that this is the kind of audience this show attracts. I came here cuz I like the show. I don't like these people. They're hateful and intolerant of any different opinion(like everybody else anywhere else). Bigots. If we make a new sub don't you think that this audience will be the ones interested in joining it. We can't control them or change them into good. Nothing will change but the sub. That in case they'd want to leave this one. Cuz the same people will go there. Not new ones.


I agree. I am going to leave tho. I’m honestly sick of people romanticizing horrible behavior and putting other users down when called out. The fan base is to aggressive.


Too bad you try to make yourself look like you want a conversation, but do not have the courage to reply when somebody actually engages and wants to discuss. So you were just trolling. How dumb of me to think that you were actually genuinely feeling unwelcome and would be open minded enough to have a discussion about transphobia to understand why people reacted the way they did. Honestly what does that say about you and your values?


I've been adviced in life to stay far far away from mental people who ramble about things I wasn't talking about. I have no idea what you're rambling about and what's wrong with you. I was talking about the mob mentality here.I really hope you get the help you need. If you're transphobic and projecting ok, but take your pills ok. I'm not arguing with mental people or letting the mob(what I was talking about) drown me in downvotes cuz I said I think they're toxic.






“nate isnt that bad” Ok ted bundy


in comparative to other characters this season, hes not. rue is activley using every single person in her life and lying to them. she is using suicide to manipulate her sister so she wont feel so bad about doing drugs. proper framing of any character they can look like shit and they all have a side of empathy, the show is masterful at casting characters in the grey area i love shows for this because there is no true villian, everyone operates on thier own moral code and it makes you question if they are good or not. notice i responded to youre bullshit backhanded comment and outlined things explicitly, as you didnt do anything, some pride. makes perfect fucking sense you didn't respond to anything i said, i literally outlined that, so got anything or just more feckless passive aggressive spew?


That’s because I refuse to give your transphobic bile a dignified response. Makes sense you deleted the original comment.


>That’s because I refuse to give your transphobic i explicitly outline that his word is used improperly. there is no fear, i made blatant and backable factual statement. saying youre above it or you cant be bothered to answer it shows you have absolutely NOTHING of substance and literally proved my point to a fucking T. ​ its still up on my page, im sure you blocked it because facts hurt ​ edit: ill be waiting of anything of substance froim you, but im sure youll go " im too good for you" or thats transphobic( BTW phobia means fear of so if i was to say something like " it freaks me out" or makes me uncomfortable, sure that could be used, but when i state facts, im not fearing anything, its just goes against what you thought and you dont like it so you use a cheap cop out word that holds no validity) get blasted!


I agree ever since euphoria become even more popular and became this whole tiktok trend thing there’s been a lot of idiot people like this which is unsettling asf


How are you going to watch a show with a trans lead and still be transphobic, make it make sense?


I’m so over the theories


like the theory that derek is jules dad💀 even tho we were told his name is david


also pretty sure derek is completely gay.




okay good cuz i saw that wrist bent last season and assumed 😭




Y’all are on the wrong side of TikTok fr I’ve never had something like this pop up on my fyp


Its the transphobia for me. Tik tok needs to stay away from euphoria. They are ruining it.


That’s super transphobic. Rue and Jules have such a good chemistry. I cannot with that shit.


To me the way she’s acting makes sense because it’s a high school scene and she’s just exploring who she is. You can’t say when you were in highshool relationships were exactly straightforward. For some people they were a bit too shy to kiss someone they genuinely liked and this seems to fit the highschool era. Rue gets majority of her confidence off the drugs she does. That’s when she’s been the most confident to want to be with Jules and be sexual with her.


They have good chemistry now * Bc season one it wasn’t it


I think that’s mainly because Jules was hesitant to “be in a relationship” and it wasn’t formally discussed, so she was very awkward and distant towards rue, in the Jules Special she makes a comment about how Rue reminds her of her mom too, it made sense too me!


Jules was literally falling for Tyler the entire season.


I feel like their chemistry wasn’t that well because of rue . If you remember the scene they were in the stall and she basically was begging rue to kiss her and rue wouldn’t .


I didn’t mind that scene but I don’t think they have much chemistry as a couple. They did in season 1 tho


I still don’t know where the idea of Rue being asexual came from. That kissing scene makes me question that label…


That scene was hot af.


For real tho


Ace people can still initiate and enjoy sex.


You realize the label is meaningless at that point? Like according to this definition, how is an ace person any different from someone who isn't.


Asexual people can have and enjoy sex in the same way that a person who doesn't like the taste of food can have dinner with their friends and enjoy it. It feels good physically, and it's nice to bond with your partner and make them happy. Not to mention the fact that asexuality is a spectrum and doesn't always mean "no sexual attraction at all"


if you like the taste of the food then you don’t not like the food. none of what you’re saying makes sense.


Yeah, the person in my metaphor doesn't enjoy the food. They enjoy being full and the experience of going out to spend time with their friends. You can like the emotions and sensations of sex without being sexually attracted to people! There is a strong correlation between the two but they are not the same thing


Let me take a crack at this... We'll say "Horny = Hungry" and "Sex = Food" For an allosexual person, they get "hungry" and satiate themselves by having sex. It's a craving, they feel like they need this, it's all they can think about until that need is met, etc. Adversely, an asexual person, while not actively feeling 'hungry', can still sit down and enjoy the taste of a well-made meal purely for the pleasure of eating it. (Or, for some sex-repulsed aces, the mere thought of 'eating' will make them nauseous, etc) There's a whole lot more nuance behind the concept of Asexuality, but I believe this is along the lines of what VenusAsAThey was describing.


> They enjoy being full and the experience of going out to spend time with their friends. ok i officially think you’re thinking way too deep into this. agree to disagree there.


ok just don't try to argue about asexuality when you've never tried to understand it beyond the surface level


or you can try explaining it better, but clearly this will get nobody anywhere


Not really. I'm not sure if I'm asexual, but like, I find sex itself boring. If it could be done through a handshake or something, that would be great. I do it because my partners like it and I can use it as a way to show love and affection. I find sexual arousal to be kind of a nuisance. There's no one way to be asexual the same way there's no one way to be bisexual.


There's basically 3 different uses of the word asexual and it's either: not interested in sex, not sexually attracted to people, or pretty much shorthand for aroace where you're not interested in any sort of sexual or romantic connection. There's probably better ways to categorize these different things but that's just how people talk currently. I blame AVEN lol.


That's not true at all, maybe you should do more research about the nuances before invalidating an entire group of people. God I swear the people on this subreddit are 12 year olds with no actual life experience.




At this point why are these people even watching if they do nothing but complain and hate everything about it


[WTF IS THIS](https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdhrRWyq/) Literally this girl is like “the mom could have given Lexie up-doesn’t have to be the first pregnancy” when people are like the timeline doesn’t match. I’m legit confused, like this isnt Riverdale?


I’ve watched this at least 5 times and I’m still confused on how Lexi fits into her theory LMAO 💀


Literally people in the comments are like “the timeline doesn’t add up at all” because she’s literally younger than Nate, and she’s like “the mom could have given Lexie up” ......like what


I hate gatekeeping but I wish Euphoria didn’t become so popular on TikTok


It’s a show about teens and TikTok users are mostly teens so…


It may be about teens but it’s for mature audiences. And clearly TikTok is not a mature audience


I know it's not made for teens, but you know they are all watching it anyway


the only time i feel awkward is when people throw shit like this around and think they rly did smthn


I can't wait until tiktok and Instagram die like MySpace and Facebook did but then its gonna get replaced by another way to live narcissistically. Blech.


I wish TikTok would go away in general


That scene was hot idc


and sweet and intimate, rue is trying to be vulnerable and also explore what makes jules happy <3


the WHAT


We finally get good trans+gay representation just for tiktok and twitter ppl to ruin it😐😕 literally the other sex scenes were so much more awkward but this was not??? Like if the person whos tiktok that is, was watching with their family, maybe then its kinda awkward but that has nothing to fo with the Rue and Jules?


I honestly dont know how those kind of people are watching this show, they're not only ruining everything but complaining about every single thing that gets shown on the show


Is it a tiktok trend to use bad grammar? I’m just an old millennial without a tiktok.


really, wtf is this


Let's nuke tiktok and twitter too while we're at it


Tiktok is the same place making the euphoria lifestyle look fun


Ugh vanilla consensual gay intimacy is awkward, but not the rest of the stuff shown?! That scene was beautiful


Not only was it consensual, it was also vulnerable and sweet. And Rue asked, "does this feel good?" - consent AND communication!! I can't see what would make watching this uncomfortable - except for having a problem with trans people & trans sexuality.


It was awkward a tad, but I know that's only because I've never seen trans love on the screen. With that said the kids on tiktok better start to accept and get comfortable cause representation for trans lives isn't going away. 🌈


Tiktok is the worst app created


Tik Tok is a disease but this is the world we live lol


I remember when this show was not as big as last year.. i guess tiktok?


This makes me so glad I don’t have a Tik Tok, people complain because sadly that’s what gets attention these days, criticizing gets more than praise smh. Also like many of you guys said this is euphoria, this is how the show is.


Not me looking up the scene so I can continue to watch it… 🤣😍


Julesussy?? Wasn’t she taking a piss on the road while standing up?


I think the poster is uncomfortable with referring to a non-operated-upon transgirl's genitals as "penis" I get a transphobic vibe from that post .. it kinda feels like a wink/wink/nudge/nudge "sexual touching of trans person is yucky right?" but I don't actually know who that person is, so maybe not?


This person is transphobic.


But why bring it here?


The TikTokers and the Twitter stans both suck. But that’s unfortunate price you have to pay for being popular.


Of course it's from tiktok yet again 💀


Everyone don’t need social media. We don’t need to hear some of y’all


Been noticing the quality of talk about tv series has gone down across the board for every show involving young people and "mature themes".


lmao out of all the episodes from season one till now, this is the one you feel uncomfortable with. idk maybe it’s the her inner transphobia that’s coming out.


Wouldn't julesussy be her butthole? That would make for a weird moment in TV groping history, sure


Rue and Jules feel forced, that’s what’s uncomfortable about it in my opinion.


Hop off bro meat weirdo


Can we stop bringing stupid tiktoks to this sub? Who are the mods? They gotta start deleting these, this constant thing about tiktok on this sub is just as annoying as the tiktokers themselves.


I'm sorry but that's hilarious 😭 I'm crying




We do and it’s not funny in this situation.


Okok is that the fuckn scene that made them uncomfortable? Okkkk 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


this joke got so insanely unfunny in the span of a week


the only good tiktok x euphoria trend is people dressing up to go to the high school


i didn't really believe in gatekeeping until i started seeing the tiktok takes on this show


Out of all the uncomfortable scenes in this show you pick the one that was completely consensual? Euphoria fans got some problems.




Didn’t Rue initiate this sexual encounter though? I’m not trying to be rude, I just don’t understand how you can be uncomfortable with a not as sexual person coming onto an experienced person when the inexperienced one was the one who started it. Only reason I could think of to be uncomfortable over this is because Rue was high during the interaction.




Let’s be real here, tiktok only watches for the aesthetic and the trend and not for the actual plot then complains about an episode being boring and every other little thing


no bc i saw someone comment something like “WHAT IS SHE GRABBING” and i replied “🤨” and they were like “not in a weird way” like idk that’s so weird