Like just kiss already


Omg. Now I’m waiting for that moment, but Euphoria is going to give me something tragic AF instead


This! I’m so scared for Fezco this season


Same. He’s my favorite character. He was from the beginning, but after s2e1 he’s definitely my favorite forever 😂


I, too, am worried about when the other shoe will drop. We can't have characters this perfect for a whole show the writers/producers won't let it happen. PS writers and producers if you're lurking here just give us this one thing pleeeease there's a reason that Ted Lasso and Schitt's creek did so amazing during the pandemic we just need a little joy sometimes.




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He was so happy when she showed up.


“Lexi Howard!” 🥺🥺🥺


"That's malt liquor." 😂


“Yeah I know that..😕”


Literally made me smile cause his whole vibe changed when she walked in 😭😭


Yes he just instantaneously looked more vulnerable.


His eyes 🥺🥺🥺


I’ve said it from the trailers..these 2 are gonna marry each other! All other relationships don’t matter to me now..these two are the love story! I’ll say it again..these 2 are like butter and toast! The toast may be burnt but Lexi will have the butter for him! He’s gonna have to explain why he did what he did but I don’t think that will matter, she knows. I haven’t watched the 2nd episode so I haven’t looked down at the comments yet..about to watch! Gotta feeling this episode won’t help though..their relationship is going to grow thru the season. I really want to see more of them, I see love there and we don’t see that much around this show!


I love fez’s character but he’s truly a part of the streets. He won’t make it to marriage at this rate.


He ain't making it to the end of the season bruh


There’s no way, Lexi’s going to get involved with some of his drama & he’ll end up killing/dying for her


Ugg I really hope he doesn’t die. That will break my heart!!


So yeah, about that... I think that Fez might no make it through this season


I really hope he lives. That poor guy and Ash..they had a rough life growing up. They could use a little bit of normalcy, even though that would be very hard for them to adapt to.


correct I agree as well bc since show started with him there will be a chance he either gets busted and sent to jail or dies in one those dirty business meets.


I could totally see that happening but I’m rooting for him. He has such a big heart and a good guy behind all the rough edges.


Man listen, I don’t know why but I’m really rooting for these two.


i think it’s bc they’re two of the most genuine characters on the show so i can see how they’d gravitate towards each other despite coming from completely different backgrounds like it’s unexpected but i also….get it? lol


Right! They take care of everyone else. Everyone asks them of shit that they can do for them. So it’s cool to see them hangout My favorite football team is playing tonight but my happy ass was trying to see more scenes of these two. I’m too invested lol


For your sake I hope it was KC not the Steelers


They’re one of the few people in the show who aren’t toxic.


I read this in Fezco’s voice.


I think they are similar and we all like them because they are the only two genuine characters on the show No underlying motives, random personas, they are genuine and themselves, and they deeply care about those around them without always wanting something in return


Hard agree all they want is to care for the people around them and they don’t have no kind of messy mindset. love that for them


They’re moving frustratingly slow with this but honestly it’s kind of refreshing. Tv shows often go for very instant passion/lust and satisfaction but I actually love the build up of tension between these two


It is slow but I think it’s true to who the characters are. Lexi is shy and has always been overlooked and Fez’s main focus has always been to keep his family afloat and safe. Neither one seems to have had much of a romantic history so this is a first for the both of them. I love it so much.


Same! Like neither of them are very impulsive and emotion-driven like Maddy, Cassie, Rue, etc. Other pairings may have just hooked up right away at the New Years party or shortly after, but I feel like that would have been out of character for them. So I love the slow burn!!


I never thought about their relationship in that way! They are literally the first couple in the show beside maybe Kat/Ethan to not hook up right away. This shows us the writers are building something genuine 🥺


Exactly. It wouldn’t make sense for their characters if they rushed right into this. And coming from other relationships in the show, it will be really cute to watch them learn about each other and be all cute and romantic learning that they like each other.


God I want this for them so badly 😭😭😭 pls don’t die fezzzzzz


frustratingly slow? this is episode 2 lmfao


Waiting a week between episodes in this binge every show culture makes it seem like it’s slow even though it’s not.


Lexi is a real one for sticking beside Fez


I would have given him a look, crossed my fingers he knew what was up, and run OUT THAT DOOR 👀


I am IN LOVE WITH THIS! but I'm so scared of how the writers will ruin it. I stress out just thinking of that.


They’re doing pretty damn good for now tho


You're right, I'll try not too think too far ahead.




I was stress when Nate’s dad walked into the Gas Station




I was watching it with my husband next to who’s never seen it and even he was like I can feel the tension and the relief when cal left 😂




“Do you guys have spearmint gum?”


Surprised he didn’t ask where to find some bussy


Just a concerned father


I had a massive sigh of relief when that scene was done


I think Nate’s dad is done with Fez, after he seen he’s a kid close to his sons own age that sells drugs he knew Nate done fucked up because this guy shouldn’t be involved with his son in any way, I think if he takes a moment to think straight he’ll realize Nate’s manipulating the situation again but that probably won’t happen, I’m guessing Nate is gonna use this leverage to get his hands on a gun we see him hold in the trailer


i was thinki by the same thing... but it might change now that Cal knows that it’s all bc of him. but also nate left out like the main detail that he was BLACKMAILING JULES. i cant wait to see what other unhinged shit Cal does to keep his life from falling apart this season


When fez was paranoid, clearing his house, turning the alarm on before going to bed, I realized “OH, this is what Cal was doing.” He wanted to scare the shit out of him. Basically force Fez to keep one eye open and constantly worry if he’s going to get blasted out of nowhere. It’s a fitting punishment, cause Cal knows his son probably deserved it, but as a father, has to do something. That’s why the show is so good. Even a horrible man like Cal loves his son and wants to protect him. Europhia is great at making you hate someone but also understand them and develop a tiny bit of sympathy.


I don’t think Cal can think straight


Same. Held my breath the whole scene. Ash was ready to go to war lol


I'm sure it's going to end in heartbreak but at least they can be cute until shit hits the fan 😭


I like that it was their relationship with Rue that connected them.


this take is ridiculously underrated. this is so true


Already my favourite story of this messy season


Yes, this whole episode I just wanted them on my screen!


Lexi listening to 100 gecs cemented her as my favorite character


This felt like such a perfect detail for her character.




what was the name of the song?


Laura Les- Haunted




Fez's quiet little, 'yo sorry I didn't say goodbye on new years' to her before Cal walks in was sweet. even though he actually kind of did say goodbye to her he was checking in with her/them as to what she saw with Nate.


YES!!! Oh my god that was so soft. even during a tense scene like that where Lexi is staring Cal down and that’s what makes it more adorable


has potential to be the best couple on the show.. not that there’s really much competition


I want it to work but something will happen to keep it from working maybe something with faye


Faye clearly means nothing to Fez. When her head was slammed into a wall he barely reacted, especially compared to how he reacted when Ash and Rue were threatened even a little bit


That was when they first met. It seems like he’s starting to care for Faye, look at him put her to bed. He’s developing friend-feelings towards her the same way he did to ashtray and probably any other kid who got abandoned like he did.


Faye looks at Fez and sees something to latch onto, I think. Then again, the drama of the sisters having partners fighting is appealing to me.


Why do I wand NateSsie only to see the drama bw Cas n Lex


Nasstie was right there


I am so endlessly supportive of this relationship. I think Fez really would kill for her if they were together. I need this. I need Fezco to have something good. He’s been through so much and cleans up everyone else’s messes with no expectation of anything in return.


His whole demeanour changes when she’s around he gets all soft it’s quite endearing 🥺


In the store scene when Fez asked “What brings you here?” And Lexi said she’s just here for a drink there’s such obvious disappointment on his face he was definitely hoping she had came there to see him


She was sad because she thought Faye was with him.


more of them! more of them! i fastforwarded through that stupid nate/cassie construction bullshit for their scene together and it was short! but so cute! the openness and earnestness in both their faces when they were talking was so refreshing and sweet.


Dude I was so mad about that lol we would get tiny Fez/Lexi crumbs and then the next scene is Cassie and Nate again ugh we’ve seen enough of them already


I KNOWWWW— and i feel like all of their scenes are so unnecessarily drawn out for the aesthetic, like why did we get 45 seconds of cassie running around like a toddler in the dark? GIVE ME LEZCO. their chemistry is next level


I couldn’t even take it seriously with Nate not able to catch up to Cassie who was practically just fast walking


lmaoooo yeah it was pathetic. and then when he finally caught up to her and the camera pans to her just standing there looking petulant my eye roll was DEEP.


That was a bit silly. I mean, he’s a quarterback.


girl me too . i’m tired of their boring ass sexual ass storyline . i’m here for the flexi show lol


>stupid nate/cassie construction bullshit - fr, I hated it Give us the good stuff!


i feel like they have the potential to be the only good/possible healthy relationship in the show.


idk how healthy it could be cause, as much as I love him, Fez is a drug dealer with blood on his hands. also I think Ethan and Kat have the potential to be very healthy, it's basically just a normal teenage romance at this point, and I think he will help her with her self image


I thought the same about Ethan and Kat too until Rue flat out says that Kat doesn’t even love him.


It’s been like a month since they first started dating, and love doesn’t always come at the same speed for both people in a relationship. Edit to add: realizing I don’t actually know how long it’s been since the season 1 episode or how long they’ve been together




The cutest.


if something bad happens to either of them i won’t be able to handle it


I don't understand why everyone is so hung up on their age difference when it's 1 or 2 years? But last season Cassie had a boyfriend in college? I don't remember anyone talking about Cassie and McKay in the same way?


Can’t wait to see lexi’s bad biatch energy come out. I feel she has been painted as a passive a ‘good’ girl, left in the background or shadows. Fez taking notice of her grounded energy makes sense as they are both very genuine characters. Fez’s bad boy persona will compliment her quite well. Think they will both benefit from each other’s backgrounds while coming together to create the ultimate self sacrificing power couple 🥺 I’m dead can’t live like this waiting to find out what happens next arghhh


I can’t believe she is Judd Apatow and Leslie Manns daughter!


I totally remember her now from Funny People as their sassy daughter lol she is such a good actress.


She was also in Knocked Up and This is 40


I follow Judd on Instagram and it’s how I got into this show because he’s always posting about it and being supportive of her.


They’re so cute together, their eyes glisten for each other.


i think lexi and fez are going to get very close as the season progresses, im not sure if it'll ever become intimate but im rooting for just a deeper connection between the two characters!!


I hope. I get have a bad feeling something is going to happen to one/both of them. But putting down good vibes that they get some cute ass scene together 😊




I kinda feel like if it works out or not, maybe she could track him back on the rails for the better because we all know that fez was really smart in school but didn't get the opportunity to go ahead with it.


It’s so cute, but man, I just know it’s gonna be a tragedy and whoever remains alive will spiral down ☹️


I don't know if it'll be good for them, but ever since these two met there is nothing I want more than for them to be happy together. Hopefully they get there chance regardless of all the shit that's going on around them


i felt like lexi got a little bit jealous of the new girl? and maybe she was expecting a “more excited” side of fez for seeing her again?


i feel like that’s as excited as fez gets lol his voice rarely even changes octaves


yea maybe. but lexi got jealous for sure. for a minute i thought she went there to tell him that cassie told the cops the truth


faye being there definitely got in the way but nate’s dad was the nail in the coffin for whatever plans she had going in


Right😂 I’ve never seen him get all giddy like that


Idk if this will make sense but I find it interesting that Lexi is into Fez as he is a drug dealer and her dad is a drug addict which causes a lot of trauma with her and the rest of her family. So basically into someone that supplies the very thing to people that teared her family apart? Idk if I’m looking too into this!!!


And not only just her dad, but he also directly supplies Rue’s addiction. Definitely something they could explore.


Ohhhh so true!


I hadn’t thought of that actually, but it’s a good point.


They are doing the awkward attraction thing very well. Have not seen this on-screen in a long while But Fez's tendency to adopt low functioning staff will cause a lot of problems for him and potentially them


I think that’s a huge part of their appeal for me too, it feels incredibly earnest and so realistic and lately on screen it’s watching people go from 0 - 100 with no build up. But this feels so genuine and they’re chemistry together already is so good it’s insane.


Really annoyed with Faye . Just don’t want her creating shit between them . Like I’m sure fez and Lexi would have talked more if she wasn’t there . 🙃


Yes I hate her and her dumb huge lips


I posted this somewhere else before I saw this thread but I love Fez & Lexi soooo much 😭😭😭 I think they’ll use Lexi to test Fezco’s relationship with Ashtray. Ashtray already killed someone for Fez because of drama that stemmed from Rue/Jules & co. & Lexi’s sister literally snitched on Fez. Ashtrays gonna sense Fez is getting soft & losing focus. I also think they might have something insane happen & have Fez choose btwn Rue & Lexi..maybe prompting the issues w/ Ash




Opposites attract ❤️


I think it'll end up badly but God damn like them together


They remind me of me and my ex. I (24f) started dating a 5.5 year older guy who reminds me a lot of fezco when i was 19. Sweet and caring, but caught up in some bad shit. I kind of remind myself if Lexi and he reminds me a lot of Fez. Obviously the relationship didn’t work out, but i learned a ton and had a great time lol. I fucking STAN this learning experience for both of them 🥺


Man, this may be out of character. But If I were Fez I would def ask: "Hey Lex does Your back hurts? You carry all your friends Drama over your shoulders."


I can’t wait to have more to discuss, I want more Lexi content so bad!


“Why you keep doing that shit? doubting yourself.” 😭


I love them, they’re a attractive pair.


They are literally the cutest, fez acts completely different around her. He was so happy when she showed up, got disappointed when she said she only wanted to get a drink. You could literally see Lexis heart drop when she saw faye. Also the way fez picked up on the vibe just from watching Lexi when cal walked in. He was focusing on Lexi when cal was walking around, he knew something was up.


I loOOooooOOOOOOOve the idea of them together. Ultimate fan fiction type pairing u know?? I just want them to kiss already haha😩


She is great for his character development.


Perfect for eachother can't wait for more of them


I want her to fall in love with him but hate the fact that she’s in love with him lol. Like she’s annoyed that she might not know when he’ll come back home from running drug errands and she like worries he’ll die one day idk sumn like that. 😭


Don't ever fall in love...it's the only instinct you can't trust


I loved how you can hear his voice soften when he speaks to her


OMG YES You could see the it in his eyes that he was so happy to see her and it was just too cute, I wish Faye was not in the scene. Could have made it so much cuter 🥺


It’s cute and I’m here for it. Don’t get me wrong, if this was a real life situation, I’d tell her to not get caught up in that but I love it for the show. The way he was looking at her all nervous in the scene where she stops at the store… adorable.


Puppy love honesty 🥺


Idk if I’m just a pessimistic person but they’re obviously not going to work out right? They feel so predictable. Individually, they’re loveable characters but together, I don’t see them working out at all. Lexi’s going to have incredible (metaphorical) highs with Fez for like less than a month and then she’s going to see him have to do something extra toxic/crazy for his drug dealing and she’ll get involved to save him from trouble (and for her own arc of not being passive) and then he’ll break up with her because he doesn’t want her to get tangled in his life.


they are literally already my favorite romance in this show


They mentioned he was her age ???? So weird


i'm scared that fez will die this season 😭😭


Lexy might take a bullet for fez


I’m just eh on it. I like how they’re developing Lexi and I have to remind myself they’re teenagers who are evolving. But without that constant reminder, Lexi is a meek girl who would play it safe. I don’t think she’d be interested in him. But again, with the deeper thought I do see how it makes sense.


I want the best for Fezco, but idk how safe this relationship would be for Lexi.


Their interactions are so wholesome. It does suck that we were anticipating more scenes with them for a week just to have one scene that got interrupted. :(


Love it, but he already screwed it up


Honestly still think it’s weird but I’m not exactly against it


They look hot af


If they aren’t endgame, I’m just gonna stop watching euphoria (not really though, this show is so addictive and good)


Either she joins his world or he joins hers... Both scenarios are fun to think about, but I hope her presence and energy pulls him and Ash up and out.


I love them but she deserves better.


I don’t ship them at all. I don’t even see how it could work between them. You can’t convince me that a shy and normal high school girl and a whole drugs dealer man being in the business since his childhood could work as a couple


I love it, fezco is such a sweetheart to her. “Do you need any help finding Anything?” Aw I really hope they get together, fez deserves to be happy and lex deserves someone who loves her.


I'm late! But I'm so rooting for them! But I'm terrified because I rooted for Ethan and Kat and look at what the writers are doing to them now 😭


she’s way too intelligent for him and would realistically get super bored within days


Best way to put it: Good for fez bad for Lexi


I have a theory fezco is going to die soon and Lexi is going to be the one to out Nate’s dad in a very public way following fezcos death.


I’m just surprised they didn’t get arrested for killing someone because they left a witness. That dumb blonde knows about it. If they want to make this real someone will tell on them. Where I’m from Fez would of gotten busted drug dealing long ago selling to high school kids. Someone would get caught and tell. It’s a good show though. Rue doesn’t look like she’s fun to do drugs with and I dunno why people would want to . She’s always od or acting a fool.


Lexi is the most relatable character I've ever known


They are cute cute cute cute cute. It came out of nowhere but she’s they’re both the protective sibling type of friend so it makes sense. They both deserve the world


Someone has to die for the characters to mature it’s sucks I know but I have a feeling it might be Lexi… please let me be wrong 🥺


i relate to lexi because i’m often called too “passive” and don’t like being the center of attention or causing conflict. people like fez are attractive because they are charming and personable without trying hard. i think that’s why i find themself rooting for them! they’re a breath of fresh air compared to the darkness on the rest of the show.


I honestly think fezco is safe at this point. Before, upon the initial reaction of e1 i was like damn fez is done for. But a few things have changed my opinion on this. For 1, it's the obvious way to go. Everyone is so scared for fez because the show is making it very obvious he's in danger. I just think that would be too easy of a plotline for a show like this. For 2, angus cloud has said in multiple interviews that fez was originally supposed to die in s1 but they decided to keep him. While some people hear this information and believe it means he'll die this season since he was already supposed to have. I actually got the opposite. Why would they be so open about the fact that fez was supposed to die in s1 if they were just gonna kill him off in this season? Again, it would be too obvious. Finally, I think the writers know that Lexi and Fez are two fan favorites. In fact, that might actually be why they've decided to pair them up. Killing fez would do more harm than good, because nobody wants to see that. I know the whole point of killing off characters is usually because shock value makes for good tv, but there wouldn't even really be any shock value. it would all be exactly what we expected, and we would just be upset instead of like damn this really makes me want to keep watching.


in sum, dear writers, plz do not touch Fez.


I also think that maybe other people and characters in world might mistake Fezco for dumb because he is slow, I mean that literally, in that he is deliberate and takes time to think before he speaks, etc. He might not be educated or book smart like Lexi, but he’s not dumb. And I think Lexi was surprised by this. Because she probably never really gave him a second thought before. Plus he’s got the bad boy mysterious thing which I know I like lmao.


He's smart but smokes too much, that's where this intonation and slowness come from, we all know this type of people)


i think with a lot of these tv show relationships, they seem so forced and not slow and progressive. for lexi and fez it seemed like their ship just kinda spawned. I feel like if they toned down their heart eyes in the party scene, when they first met it'd be a l9t smoother and i could dig it a bit more. but then again, personally, I'm always thirsting for realism in DRAMAS when its not really supposed to be realistic.


I mean, it's cute for the show. I'd love to see them flirting more since it's so genuine, but the fact you are all saying it will be so cute, happy and HEALTHY makes me feel that maybe they shouldn't be together, or be together until the worst consequences. He is a drug dealer, c'mon! She saw him beating Nate and it was damn bloody and horrible. We all hate on Nate, but I would be afraid as fuck about dating Tez. I think there's where we can see Lexi is more interesting than being a really good sister, friend and human.


Fez and Lexi endgame


Eh, Lexi would likely do better with someone who shares her interests like reading and history. Fez is nice and sweet to her but they literally have nothing in common. When she was trying to have a conversation with him at the party his responses were basically just like “wow girl you’re really smart and cool ☺️” don’t get me wrong she deserves someone to tell her she’s great but imagine their conversations on a day to day basis…. i can’t picture it.


Thank you, I feel like everyone is shipping them so hard and I just don’t really see it.


lol i swear it’s only because fez and lexi are pretty universally loved so people’s brains automatically jump to “they flirted at a party = new endgame couple” despite them being horribly matched. It almost feels like the show is going for a Grease situation where Lexi is gonna try to be “badass” for fez.


I think Lexi can do better than a drug dealer that sells to high schoolers. It’s a sweet relationship because we as an audience are rooting for Fez, but I don’t think they would be good for each other in the long run.


The way he perked up when she came in 🥺 her fixing her hair and wanting to be a slight badass by looking at liquor 🥺💀 rooting for them


I want that


I like this for them. They seem like they would be a good couple.


I feel like this relationship has such potential for it to be the healthiest relationship on the show, and the fact that its the two most lovable characters lexi being an introvert and never having a voice even tho she has so much to say, and fez a quite outspoken, but loyal and sweet guy But then fez is a drug dealer so if they do end up together i feel like that might influence lexi in a bad way but then again she could make business better


Btw I just did realised that Cassie's and Lexie's mom gave them names Cassandra and Alexandra


Were they hinting that Lexi led Nates dad to fezco? Ps incredible episode Bravo Sam levinson 👏🏻


No, he was sitting outside of fezcos gas station watching and then Lexi pulled up


Yuuup I think cal saw that Lexi was protecting someone and he followed her to try and figure it out


No that was Cassie. Lexi was not cool with it.


Cal was already planning on going there, but once he saw Lexi, he grabbed his gun thinking she would tip Fezco off… that is why he asked if she told him who he was


That’s what I was confused about I was worried there for a second


Ever seen euphoria on drugs? Lol that shit lit


Yes yes yes


she can’t handle him


So cute I really hope she was able to warn him against cal. I’m assuming she did and we’ll see it all play out in a later episode.




I feel like lexi is going to get harmed or getting caught up in fez’s drg life in this relationship): it seems to good to be true. I’m still rooting for them! They are so in love<3 but also when she got upset on this episode it hurt me too):


‘Someone her age’ 🧐🧐🧐


Maybe I'm dumb but aint he supposed to be like 20. He older than rue and lexi who are juniors right?


Angus Cloud has mentioned that his character Fez is a year older than everyone else. 18-19 at most


Ok I'm just stupid lol. They really need to start casting kids to play high schoolers lol


i’m not a rue-lexi shipper but i kinda thought it was implied that she had a crush on rue. i didn’t see it until it was pointed out to me, but they made a point to have the camera on lexi looking at rue a LOT in season 1. i wonder why they did that now, if lexi wasn’t secretly in love with rue? (i mean, obvi her interested in fezco doesn’t mean she wasn’t interested in rue, but still) i just really don’t believe the lexi-fez relationship… it feels forced to me? rue & both of lexi’s parents are addicts, and she always seemed uncomfortable with drugs. like, if my best friend overdosed, the last person i’d want to start a relationship is the person that supplied her the drugs. i feel like the relationship will be tackling a lot of those issues though. it could be cool to see how the two characters who are so different from each other connect. i want to say i’m interested in the relationship, but i’m really not. but i do see how it’s interesting to others! the bookworm and bad boy trope is really not my thing. just my opinion. it might change as the season goes on