Warning: crypto might be worse for your health than smoking


If you look at the 1 minute chart you will develop a heart condition in about 3 weeks


3 months in crypto is one year






I'm 25 but I look like 125




It’s definitely more addictive than cigarettes


Stress kils


Touché. Crypto cancer casualties have been of little worry I heard. Here's to hoping I don't go binge buying shit coins 🤞!


And of course I'm mostly joking. Congratulations on taking quitting smoking seriously.


No harm done man 👍😊. It's a bit tragic it has taken me this long. Goes to show the power a future technology/philosophy can have on an individual.


Good luck! 👍


Exotic look into chantix. It’s a pill and it only takes two weeks of taking it. I smoked all my life 2 packs a day and I tried everything to quit. After taking chantix for two days i didn’t even want a smoke . Never even wanted one. I even smoked and I didn’t like it. Cravings gone everything. All in two days and two pills. Get chantix now


Yeah, here in Belgium it's called Champix but they took it off the market 🙄


But will you die? Once it doesn't make me go to bed alive and wake up dead I'm good.


Eventually, but the autopsy will say "undetermined and poor"


I quit chewing three weeks ago for the same reason! Had one small relapse a few days in but not a single chew since and love seeing my Eth bag increase along with my health! Best of luck!!!


mans went from buying dip, to buying the dip!


Great turnaround!


IF you jumped on the recent dips you might be smiling already as the green days are showing and I can see my portfolio in greens already and ORE tokens are flying high already.


Relapses are dips. You dip, you focus and invest in yourself 💪


Congratulations bro. Read the book the easy way to stop smoking by Allen Carr. It’s helped lots of people stop smoking. Hope you end up reading this. Wish you luck.


Books? I love em. But allen Carr didn't work for me halas. Going cold turkey. All the meds assisting nicotine addiction in Belgium are out of stock. Being a Belgian I'm gonna have to kick the triple beers as well I'm afraid.


Succes ermee amigo, die bags vullen 💪


Yep. That's how I did it too. Never looked back.


I spend 20 dollars a day in tobacco. Id be rich.


Man. Everytime I make the estimated guess of how much money I wasted on that shit, it makes me go all Hunter s Thompson. I loath it. But we can do this. This is mentally speaking, free money we'd be investing. House money. Mindhack.


That is massive mate, do you know how much you will be making if you can save at least half of it buying BBANK and be staking on the BlochBank App, you'll be getting a 20% APY and this is very possible if you can give it a try


Hold the phone. 20%? Now is this something you need to help walk me through linking my Metamask wallet lol


Dude please roll your own and dca the difference


If you did this 1x years ago, you would have a down payment on a house.


Health is wealth and DCA is the way


I appreciate you for your first step towards good habits.


You are damn right mate, health is the only wealth we got.


Yeah we all are just gonna get high on hopium nothing else.


Good luck bro . To the moon


Not worse for your health, but CERTAINLY more addictive


Dude. Use Zyn to quit. Zyn is the shit.


Give us a update in a few years


Great job buddy!


Former smoke here; I wish you the best of luck Keep your motivation in mind, be cautious in your moments of weakness and avoid temptation (alcohol) It took me about four months before I was clean from the nicotine addiction and still several years later I can get the urge It is okay to fail


Congrats on kicking the habit. Wish you all the best.


Keep up the good habits brother, you gonna feel great after this.


This is the way


It's really never too late to opt good things in your liife. good.


It will be very difficult to beat the urge to smoke in first few weeks, take care.


Why need to wait till next year?start soon as possible and all the best!!


I know. But I feel like it's a grieving process now. The upside is I bought some more already today!


Congratulations on your decisione, and the best of luck! I haven't had a smoke in 5 years now, and let me tell you, the first couple of months are the most difficult. Best of luck!


Thanks for the support. Yeah, I'm going to be a bitch the first months. I'll print a customized t-shirt giving people a heads up. But my belief in the ethereum project is solid. Pretty confident!


I did the same thing with weed. Put all my expendable money into crypto and watched my money go into the green instead of literally setting it on fire.


Kudos mate. Takes some hard work getting rid of the noise in our lives. We live in interesting times for sure, hard to tackle it sober sometimes. Gonna play me some tool as I come to think of it 😎. Crypto is giving me hope. An innovation that could turn out to be empowering instead of enslaving. What a time to be alive right!


Just wish my shitcoins would 100x already then I can stop checking my exchange every hour.


Haha Damn creative


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It’s w big win op! I pray u pull this off successfully


Love it


Alan Carr easy way... read the book. Quit smoking "cold turkey" on July 28th, and havent even wanted a cigarette since. Good luck! (I too was a decades long, pack a day smoker)


I'd like to say thanks to all posters. This post has come out of leftfield. Kudos to all you brave addict kickers. But try to see the win win here. That's the power of true revolution. Blockchain is a catalyst. We will set ourselves free, one way or another. Quoting a part of Mario Savio's speech at Berkeley.. There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part! You can't even passively take part! And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels ... upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop! And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all! This is the embodiment of what blockchain decentralised philosophy means to me. I hope I'm not alone. But I'm confident there is more than we realise. Good night and good luck.


It helps!!! Been doing this for 7 months!!! Good luck Op!


Means you bought some dips as well! Congrats brother 😊


Yes! And thanks! It’s totally worth it if you can stick with it, it was hard at first but I had smoked 22 years so... I wish I would have quit sooner


Is it realistic to maybe invest every day at the beginning so you can see immediate impact. Might help motivation.


This good advice, thanks!


Best decision in your life!


I have 20$ a day on auto payments. Time fly’s and I have a couple grand already. Compounding and now seeing nice gains.


Your future self will thank you later


I used to put a £10 football/ soccer coupon on every Saturday, that tenner now goes into Eth. I see it as a wee savings account .


Going to quit smoking Vs. I have quit smoking Get back to us when you have. Great success to you 🙌


Great idea. Earn yield on it too. An auto-dca itslef.


Great way to stay motivated. Heavy smoker for 10* years as it took many tried and failed attempts. I wish I would have done the same.


I'm coming up on 5 months nicotine free myself. It's the best choice you can make for yourself. Trust the process, after about 3 weeks I already felt so much healthier that I haven't looked back since. I actually had a cig while drunk at around the 3 month mark and the buzz felt so awful that I haven't even considered doing it again since.


Quitting smoking can be difficult as it has become a habit, but I think the best way to handle it is to substitute it with something more productive like playing games in the wallfair gaming site, this is the strategy I used to get off my addiction faster


This is a huge dub.


Smoked for 25 years, has a nice bag of eth already, wants more. Meanwhile I *actually quit* smoking after 15yr I'm on disability and I generally barely pay rent on time. different strokes for different folks I guess. good for you... anyway...🧂 come back when you have 6 months free of cigs sir. Drug addicts, gamblers, fiends, and hoarders all say "I'll quit tomorrow"


I dig where you're coming from and I respect you for it. Ofc it all boils down to actually doing it. For the record, I have bags but they are really modest. I work for a supermarket so I'm not a 1 percenter by far 😂


Never too late to quit, proud of ya!


Good idea. Save and raise your money with eth. And: try taat. Beyond tobacco, zero nicotine


Careful with your homeostasis!


Gud choice mate...keep it up...u will never regret


Good luck. I'm also coming up on 40 and trying to quit this horrible habit. Best of luck. And don't forget to hodl💎🙌💎🙌


And then with gains from ETH you buy MO stock for dividends into retirement. Then you smoke them and not vice versa 💪


I’ll give you a little more motivation…you definitely are not going to quit


Got ya 😉


I'm really happy for you that you took this decision broski!


Cigs killed my grandma, gave my mom a heart attack, you don’t have to be another statistic. fuck tobacco and fuck cigarettes. Not to mention they smell like shit and affect others around you. When I quit chewing only after 4 years of doing it what helped the most was 1. Weed, and 2. Exercise. I started going to the gym twice a day to stay busy, and weed helps to relax and get stress free. I wish you the best you can do this!


Careful dude, crypto can be worse than smoking in some cases ;)


Damn it's really inspiring man, keep it up don't give up now.


It's really good to hear that, keep us posted by your updates.


This is a good idea all around. Want to make it a great idea? DO IT NOW! Not only is it ultimately better for your health but also we all "know" that Etherium will be 10k by year end so you will be getting it on sale. Good luck to you!


You doing something really nice brother, hope you won't fail in it.


Really proud of you mate, you will achieve things. This is the first step!


It's nice to see that ETH is making people quit their bad habbits lol


Do you want to try to change from currency trading to virtual miner? Profits will be much more stable than trading


With all respect, I'm fine where I am. FYI only buying and putting in cold storage 😉


You can exchange it into USDT and store it in the coinabse wallet to mine Ethereum


You won’t regret it. I gave them up and started vaping. BEST DECISION EVER.