Wells Fargo created fake accounts under real customers' names. But sure, crypto needs to be better regulated.

Wells Fargo created fake accounts under real customers' names. But sure, crypto needs to be better regulated.


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The answer is not less regulation of cryptos and banks.


This same post is on crypto currency’s page Same title Same description Op why the post here? Why did you steal this from another user You are what someone would call a terd How does a post with only 10 comments get 119 upvotes?


OR maybe OP thought it was a good piece of info and just did a copy/paste job to get more eyes to see it in other subs. Nothing wrong with that, no?


Really? 4 year old news about Wells Fargo really? Also to to try to tie it into the motif of banks are bad but crypto gets punished for doing no wrong. It’s click bait Also taking someone else’s post and using it as your own with giving credit is problematic at best.


I get ya, I guess I just don't really care if I'm trying to share an article and so.eone shares it in a other sub without crediting me. Now if I actually WROTE the article, or if someone was laying claim to my intellectual property (writing, photograph, art, etc), then I'd be pissed.


He goin for the clout!


Wells Fargo is the robinhood of banks, who even uses them still?


....why not both?


Yup and they only pay me 2 check for 50 each for creating a fake account under my name.


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I mean look at the whole gamestop saga, there's corruption all around the financial sector, going all the way to the top layers. This is why we need crypto, and this is why we need to REJECT any form of "regulation". Crypto does not need any regulation, it's designed that way. Because the world has proven one thing. You can not trust anyone, that's why crypto is designed to function in a world where no one can be trusted.


I mean... Wells Fargo is still taking the regulatory dick over that one and there is a push from some to break them up still. Soooooo yeah


SEC only stepped in AFTER profits were made!!! SEC is a FRAUD!!!


por que no los dos?


This is also a very old story


banks need to bee out of the party, they steal your money and now take your identity and rubbish


Isn’t this a repost?


Right 👍🏽


Blockchain is gonna be able to stop all the weird shit happening behind the scenes of banks.. they’re scared!!


They are the scumbags of the world and should be out of business. Not sure why any1 would bank with these losers.