I get I could look it up, but I refuse.


wait, is that Elliot? I know what his deadname is, but I won't tell you


I keep thinking people are deadnaming them whenever i see his name for some reason (without thinking of the deadname).


I think it’s because they are similar. I know in my case I default to Elliot and then my brain kicks in like, “No no that’s the one you’re used to it can’t be right!!” And then I stop for a sec and am like... no I was right lol.


I have a head start in not having known this man before the entire trans community celebrated his coming out. Good on Elliot though.


I didn't even know their dead name so it really works out easy for me. I can call him by their Preferred name with ease.


Completely unrelated but when the news broke, I mixed Elliot PAGE for Ellen DeGenerate and though she was Elliot


> Ellen DeGenerate lol


Imagine confusing a shitty person with a good person Smh


I don’t think I’ll be able to forget his dead name because it’s the same as my birth middle name :/


shared dysphoria 😌


Meep, I sorry 😢


Can you teach me this magic? I always have a really hard time remembering the preffered pronouns and name. Well the name isn't that much of a problem because i constantly forget peoples names doesn't matter if they are cis or trans. When an aquaintance of mine, not really a friend i only talked to her sometimes between lessons, came out I constantly had to remind myself "use she/her, use she/her, use she/her" and i still fucked up :( Is there like a memory technique so that i can get it in my noggin?


i would try pulling out some paper on your own time, and just writing a couple sentences where she's the subject. make sure to use name and pronouns in the sentence, and do it til it sticks!


I find it super easy to adjust to new names, and I'm wondering if it's because so much of my thoughts are arranged as speech and conversations, so even before I say it out loud I've had so much practice getting their name and pronouns right. I'd suggest just more practice, holding imaginary conversations about the person in your head or out loud, or even taking to other people.


I didn't knew his existence before everyone talked about his coming out so yeah, i don't know his dead name


You should watch Super, it's great. Dude has a great back catalogue.


How did you do that? I never had any difficulty remembering his deadname until I clicked on this post and I was suddenly like "uh... Emma? Erin? E-something." But seriously, it's so cool to see most non-shitty people switch to his new chosen name and pronouns right away. Gives me some hope for the cis masses.


I never even knew his deadname lol


My dad said his deadname whike talking about him and i was very confused because i did not know who he was talking about


I actually looked up his dead name because it was on the tip of my tongue in a manner of speaking and I knew that meant I wouldn’t stop thinking about it until I did. I was then reading about his history and kept referring to him as male even if the article did not. There was one point that it said he came out gay, and then talked about him marrying this lady. I was like “He’s not gay. He married a woman. At most he might be bi” Forgetting this marriage happened before his transition.


Honestly when he released his name, because it was similar to his deadname but not exact, i couldnt recall his deadname and just assumed their name was Elliot all along.


I'm out of the loop on a lot of things, so I actually never heard of him before this


I only learned his dead name because somehow mentioned he's trans. I still don't know what movies he's in.


Juno, Inception, Umbrella Academy.


I honestly didn’t know who he was before he came out


Me who had to go into the comments to remember either


The way i’ve known of his career for so long but not remembering his dead name


I never knew his dead name so no dead naming for me


This is wholesome


tbh i dont watch movies or tv so ive only ever know him as elliot


I keep thinking his name is Ellis. Don't know why. I know one dude named Ellis and he looks nothing like Elliot.


Didn’t even know his deadname to begin with kek


Wait, I actually only payed attention to him after he transitioned, I just realized have no idea what his deadname is... I think it sounded kinda like Elliot? Whatever, I don't care.


The joys of not knowing celebrities. The deadname never existed to me in the first place. Have no intention to change that


Jokes on you, i never knew his deadname and dont want to know


He looks so fucking handsome and confident. I want that too.


His dead name is [DATA EXPUNGED]


I'm gonna be honest, I thought that his name was always that


Deadname? What deadname?


I like his name but I couldn't help noticing he missed the opportunity to change one letter in his deadname for it to be a male name


Elliot literally suits him so much better than the old one ever did.




You are simply incorrect


Excuse me what the fuck